By the way, Can You Survive SCP Containment Breach? (ft. JoCat)

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
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    Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and Jocat get hired in the SCP Foundation! However, a containment breach occurs and they must survive through different SCP monsters. Secure, Contain, Protect.
    Joe the cat:
    Animator: Bella - Hourglass34_
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  • MuriloXD _br
    MuriloXD _br 38 minutes ago +1

    "the screaming people"


  • Goth PinkCatMeow
    Goth PinkCatMeow 11 hours ago +1

    I have a friend with a scp foundation hoodie

  • Wacky Heart
    Wacky Heart 16 hours ago

    In the merch plug picture at the beginning I don't know who's going the knife; Jay or Stephen and it's really scaring me

  • Foxyonatan101 Foxyonatan101

    Happy face huh? Too bad not anymore

  • worthless fajita
    worthless fajita 17 hours ago +2

    Daam im really sad that it had to end like this im really going to miss the channel
    I guess ill just watch old videos to pretend it isn't happening

  • bacon_ lettuce_tomato
    bacon_ lettuce_tomato 17 hours ago +1

    "is this that creepypasta?"
    *"nah, its a scary spaghetti."*

  • Keller Beauregard
    Keller Beauregard 18 hours ago

    I though jay was just casually slipping the skull into his shirt 2:18

  • Bridgette Warren
    Bridgette Warren 19 hours ago

    All the proof in this video that a Joe X Jay actually exists
    0:17 - 0:23 - Jay stares a Jocat and looks uncomfortable despite Joe being a very comforting guy.
    0:29 - Jay looks like he's mad at Hosuh who just happens to be right beside Joe. Coincidence, I think not.
    0:41 - 0:43 - Jay looks upset and is LOOKING TOWARDS JOE
    0:47 - 0:50 - Joe is staring at Jay and his face says it all and I don't feel the need to explain this one
    1:57 - Joe looks like he is slightly looking sideways which would mean he is staring towards Jay

  • memesforsell ಠ_ಠ
    memesforsell ಠ_ಠ 20 hours ago

    Oof after all the drama i can now spot were Stephen almost lost his cool

  • Spartyyn
    Spartyyn 20 hours ago +2

    It's so sad to now know what Stephen never thought of Daniel as a friend and only as a boss.

  • the spoon maker
    the spoon maker 21 hour ago

    What's your favourite scp.mine is scp 049

  • Red- Eyed AsianDemon

    |< 9 f 97

  • kittypaws 663
    kittypaws 663 Day ago

    Nice MHA part

  • Time Animals
    Time Animals Day ago

    The eyepods dont fly

  • Save the Trees
    Save the Trees Day ago +4


    *2 mil merch*

  • dive bomb
    dive bomb Day ago +1

    6:21 you addressed me incorrectly
    I can only be spoken about in the first person
    I am scp- 476

  • Makimodo Kamida
    Makimodo Kamida Day ago

    Is it me or is 1:47 a my hero academia reference

  • Renee Yan
    Renee Yan Day ago

    Before you people unsubscribe to danplan because Stephen left, check out YuAim Dream’s Channel cause even though this person only has 2 videos so far, they were good and emotional videos

  • I don't know how to life

    THX MORE 2MIL lol

  • Maggie Carter
    Maggie Carter Day ago

    It's not creepypasta this is *Scary Spaghetti*

  • Jelly Slime
    Jelly Slime Day ago +1

    7:10 my favorite 😂

    • Sara Loney
      Sara Loney Day ago

      7:46 Stephen throws the tweezers at Jay's face. Oh, JAY LOSES A LIFE lol

    • Jelly Slime
      Jelly Slime Day ago


  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 days ago

    Me: **sees this video**
    Also Me: *ugly scp tato*

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu 2 days ago

    Ugly scp Tato. Ugly scp tato

  • Maggie ZM
    Maggie ZM 2 days ago

    Jay is too smart to fit in 😂

  • Some person named blyat

    Seeing these guys make me believe that they were a family
    Oh boi I was wrong thanks to the recent news that Stephen quit

  • Fanatica Feax
    Fanatica Feax 2 days ago +1

    That picture has a whole knew meaning now 😰

  • Jade RiverRun
    Jade RiverRun 2 days ago +2

    5:41 looks a lot more accurate now.

  • Sofia Araujo
    Sofia Araujo 2 days ago

    11:36 my favorite part

  • Magic Creek Gacha :3

    1:47 aww mha reference

  • litty o.o
    litty o.o 3 days ago

    SCP 999 THE TICLE MOSTER!!!!!!!!!

  • Raika-chan
    Raika-chan 3 days ago

    I didn't think Jay's joke about being a loner in the woods at 1:32 would be true..

  • Peter Smythe
    Peter Smythe 3 days ago

    "Why wouldn't all the doors shut immediately?"
    Because you're at a Euclid containment facility. If you can keep it in a relatively normal low-maintenance box, and it won't escape, it's Safe. Even a nuclear bomb would be safe assuming you wouldn't attract anyone to the place asking about "Freedom and democracy" or something.
    By definition, the objects contained there require maintainance, perhaps constant maintainance, in order to stop them from escaping. Locking the doors automatically could CAUSE additional containment breaches.

  • - M i d n i g h t S k y -

    God i wish it could be like this again, danplan is breaking apart and im disapointed and sad at the same time. This is my childhood, jay and stephen were my favourite characters and im nsad to see them go.

  • Conner Addison
    Conner Addison 3 days ago +2


  • Willbenki Plays
    Willbenki Plays 3 days ago

    I had a nightmare about this and I was running in a hallway and the thing bit my hand off.

  • CLGYT Crab Master Gaming

    Rare sight: hosuh swearing

  • KUkU PiO
    KUkU PiO 3 days ago +10

    "trying to get rid of child poverty" why don't you donate Stephen first

    • Teruya Ōtori
      Teruya Ōtori 2 days ago

      KUkU PiO Stephen said not to attack Daniel.

  • Uganda Warrior
    Uganda Warrior 3 days ago +5

    Fuck you Dan you selfish prick how dare you do that to Steven why, you should have paid him more

  • cecelia rose
    cecelia rose 3 days ago +2

    lol i love how or the really good person the animator picked dan instead of the obvious answer; hosuh.

  • Dymonx TFW
    Dymonx TFW 3 days ago +3

    Even everything that happened in my opinion *his videos are still funny*

  • Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha
    Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha 3 days ago +1

    This made me laugh to the Point where my ribs hurt!! You all are Amazing!!!

    • Alexis Fiaseu
      Alexis Fiaseu 3 days ago

      @Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha everyone left dan plan because of what he did I used to love dan plan but he isn't defending himself and he really needs to I want to give him one but after everything I've heard and how he treats everyone i'm not giving him one

    • Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha
      Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha 3 days ago

      I know :) Dan Done wrong but everyone deserves a second Chance

    • Alexis Fiaseu
      Alexis Fiaseu 3 days ago

      Do you even know what happen and what Dan did to his friends if he even thought of them in that way at all

  • Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha

    ❤️❤️❤️ 💕💕💕

  • Mr. Cheese Stick
    Mr. Cheese Stick 4 days ago

    It’s painful seeing how oblivious they are to the bad things, like the blood pond.

  • Tamago the Eggo
    Tamago the Eggo 4 days ago +1

    Even thought the drama happened I just-
    If anyone is here, wtf is this background music called? I need it 1:09

  • Riskay Raven
    Riskay Raven 4 days ago

    Ok I'm obsessing over this and I'm so glad Jay knows about SCP's thank you

  • Riskay Raven
    Riskay Raven 4 days ago +2

    I love how Jay is the only one that knows what's up as soon as 173 is mentioned

  • The Glitches
    The Glitches 4 days ago +1


  • Tanner Doronski
    Tanner Doronski 4 days ago +1

    Steven my guy, it's Toni Riggitoni(atch your service). I'm Amberoni Riggitoni's older brother. She moved back home to be closer to her family. She misses you.

  • Riyuu Mi / Crystal Reiner


  • suqaraiin
    suqaraiin 4 days ago +2

    "i don't like its badonkadonk" 3:58

  • Tin Nguyen
    Tin Nguyen 4 days ago +4

    0:51 sounds like a familiar situation

  • Gacha Alex and Draga GX

    Hosuh: “****”
    Stephen: “SUCK A ****”
    Dan: “****”
    Jay: “You kill me, you loose an ENCYCLOPEDIA”

  • Cristian Vega
    Cristian Vega 4 days ago

    I would take an eye ball with me to warn me if the fire man is bad.

  • Rose Aizune
    Rose Aizune 5 days ago


  • Hour Glass
    Hour Glass 5 days ago +2

    Can someone tell me what the musics/sound effects are called?

  • DayDream
    DayDream 5 days ago +4

    It feels weird to watch it kinda. Especially knowing what happen, *Jocat is still perfect and great though.*

  • v c
    v c 5 days ago

    Ive been watching Joca for 2 years ive been watching you guys for 1 year

  • Sasxha 444
    Sasxha 444 5 days ago +1

    Fun fact: the real statue for scp-173(untitled 2004) has a _dong_

  • Emma James
    Emma James 5 days ago

    "charity events"

  • Puggo Pasta
    Puggo Pasta 6 days ago

    This scp might not be the one I’m going to talk about but aren’t there only 2 of those creatures and don’t they roll around instead of floating about?