Tips For School Play/Musical Theatre Auditions! Ft. Libby

  • HEY GUYS! This week I'm back with my awesome theatre buddy Libby to talk about our tips for school play and musical auditions! I hope this helped all of you that have requested this video, it was so much fun to film! Thanks to Libby for being in it with me!
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    "Going into auditions, there is a wonderful butterfly feeling in your stomach - an equal balance of being utterly terrified and exhilarated that this is your chance" ~Rose Leslie
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  • Saturn iix
    Saturn iix 14 days ago


  • Imogen Dayton
    Imogen Dayton 24 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Catherine Faircloth

    I have an audition for into the wood tomorrow and I am so excited!! I hope I get a good part!

  • 「autumnesque」
    「autumnesque」 2 months ago

    I watched this earlier this year before auditions started, and now I have the lead role (Mary Poppins) in Mary Poppins Jr. at my school! Thank you so much for helping me!

  • The Shy Turtle
    The Shy Turtle 2 months ago +1

    My first highschool audition for my musical is in an hour and im watching this instead of practicing

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 2 months ago

    Ahhh my audition is today in like 3 hours kinda s ared nit going to lie

  • itsactuallyamanda
    itsactuallyamanda 2 months ago

    thank you! I have an audition for a local production coming up and this helped a lot! :)

  • I'm a big fat lesbian
    I'm a big fat lesbian 2 months ago

    Oop my middle school is doing the lion king Jr and we get our parts chosen. I'm nervous but excited for the auditions this week. Its on January 8th and we get casted on the same day.

  • Spirit of the Breeze
    Spirit of the Breeze 3 months ago

    I have to be bob cratchit
    I am good

  • Julia McFalls
    Julia McFalls 3 months ago +1

    no wonder i got ensemble this year

    i wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants at auditions

  • Yva Joy
    Yva Joy 3 months ago

    How do I theme freaking morticia aadams

  • YunoMatrix AJ
    YunoMatrix AJ 3 months ago +1

    Im auditioning for Cinderella in the musical :) shes been my dream role for so long! wish me luck 😅

    • jessie nas
      jessie nas 3 months ago

      Good luck!! Break a leg 😀🎭

  • sophia !
    sophia ! 4 months ago

    my school musical audition process was a bunch of dancing, singing and acting workshops and now i've been selected for callbacks!

  • Kaila Lynch
    Kaila Lynch 4 months ago

    My school is doing the play les miserables and I'm going to audition for Fantine on Thursday and I'm really excited and nervous, I haven't done a play in so many years, but I hope I get the part. Thank you for doing this video!!

  • Monkalina 1
    Monkalina 1 4 months ago

    I’m auditioning for Daddy Warbuck’s secretary from Annie soon! I really hope I get it. I’ve never really done theater before, but I think it will be a great experience.

  • Lily Regan
    Lily Regan 4 months ago

    My school hasn’t decided the musical yet, we usually start auditions in November so the drama departments slacking, but people think it’s gonna be Charlie and the chocolate factory which I love. I’m going for willy Wonka if it is that coz my teacher doesn’t care about gender as they’re non binary but idk what to do if it’s not Charlie

  • Jade
    Jade 4 months ago

    Yee my school is doing peter pan

  • Kiana Porr
    Kiana Porr 4 months ago

    Thank you for this, I'm definitely taking it into consideration. Next week I'm auditioning for my school musical, The Addams Family: The Musical, as Wednesday. So much people have auditioned for the role, I hope I get it!

  • Eliza_is _da_best
    Eliza_is _da_best 5 months ago

    After I watched this I got a better role in my school play. I got moved up from the ensemble to an important role.

  • Lily Fincher
    Lily Fincher 5 months ago +2

    I'm contemplating about auditioning for my school musical when I've never done theater or singing before. Should I do it?

    • A A
      A A 5 months ago

      Lily Fincher yes definitely it’s such a rewarding and enjoyable experience!!!

  • Nicole Kiewel
    Nicole Kiewel 5 months ago +1

    Hi there, I know I am verrry late. I just wanna say I most likely got 1 play and 1 musical coming up, youve helped me alot with stage fright and such, I thank you,

  • Beagles
    Beagles 5 months ago +1

    I want anna in Frozen but there are people who get the main parts every year. I’ve been ensemble every year even with my 6 years at that school and my 4 years at another acting company.
    Edit: ensemble is really fun, I’m just looking to try something new. Anna is my dream role.

    • Nicole Kiewel
      Nicole Kiewel 5 months ago +1

      Ok so this seems like a BIG problem, so you should try harder and be nicer to people so they think you are like the character, sweet and kind. So I hope you do well, since I have 1 play and 1 musical coming up.

  • Guinea Pig Central
    Guinea Pig Central 5 months ago +1

    Thank you for these tips! Also I recommend looking up online songs for that certain part. Like if you sing a belting song for an audition for Alice you probably won’t get that part, but if you sing a song like Wendy’s song in Peter Pan you’re more likely to get the part

    • Nicole Kiewel
      Nicole Kiewel 5 months ago +1

      Mhm, I gotta do a Hamilton Play and the songs are so hard!

  • Guinea Pig Central
    Guinea Pig Central 5 months ago

    Hi I was wondering if you could write subtitles for your videos, my friend got a bad ear infection last year and she watches your videos a lot but sometimes the auto generated subtitles aren’t correct. She loves your vids but she went deaf in one ear and partially in the other so she had a hard time understanding

  • Isabella Barrett
    Isabella Barrett 5 months ago

    I love this video!! and yes, it is very true that sometimes your just not right for the part. That happens to a lot of people. At my school they really only cut people if they weren’t right, or they couldn’t fit them onto the stage

  • Etn Pandacorn
    Etn Pandacorn 5 months ago +1

    Tomorrow is my audition for elf.jr and I want to be Santa or Charlie

  • Ryan Petner
    Ryan Petner 5 months ago +1

    Ye, I’m a guy, auditioning for Sebastian the crab from little mermaid, what should I wear? I was thinking about wearing some black jeans and a red shirt, but I’m not too sure if that’s good.

    • UWUx2
      UWUx2 5 months ago

      That sounds great. Just remember to take deep breaths and to not rush through your lines. Whether or not you get the part isn't too much of a big deal, just try your best. Good luck! :))

  • Scarlet R
    Scarlet R 5 months ago

    I signed up for a musical yesterday. Workshop is on Wednesday (where we learn the song and dance) and auditions are on Friday. I’m honestly soooo nervous. It’s only 6 days until auditions. Haven’t even got the script yet and already having second thoughts 😂😂😂

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    I somehow got viola in my schools production of 12th night, last year at the middle school I didnt get a role originally, and I'm a freshman, so beleive me I was so suprised and excited and i was so greatful

  • LPS Lex
    LPS Lex 6 months ago

    Want Jemima in cats but there is no way 😢

  • The Misfits Club
    The Misfits Club 6 months ago +1

    I GOT THE LEAD IN THE MUSICAL! We did alice in wonderland!!!

  • BroadwayLoves Kat
    BroadwayLoves Kat 6 months ago

    (RANT WARNING) I'm in middle school (7th grade) and my school is doing The Little Mermaid this year, I want to get Ursula (so does my best friend, but she doesn't know I do) and I have only done one production before. It was a two-week camp this past summer (youngest was 11 oldest was probably 15/16 with a cast of 15 people) where we put on the whole show of Shrek and it was run by the same people in charge of my school play, and I got Fiona. The show turned out well but I'm still nervous for TLM because I recently got a sinus infection (Ew, I know) which led to LOTS of coughing and congestion, it's started to clear but there are times where I have slight coughing fits and my voice kind of dies.

  • Star
    Star 6 months ago

    9th grader auditioning for The Curious Savage in my high school play. There’s only 12 spots and it’s highly unlikely for a freshie to be in it but I’ll still try! Wish me luck please :))

  • Dalia Ruiz-Holt
    Dalia Ruiz-Holt 6 months ago

    Auditioning for Kathy in singing in the rain! Wish me luck! ❤️

  • Diamond Vlogs
    Diamond Vlogs 6 months ago

    I’m only in 8th grade and auditioning for Goldilocks in Goldilocks on trial in only a few days.. help!!

    • TheGreatPaw 1
      TheGreatPaw 1 6 months ago

      Be confident! You got this!

    • Star
      Star 6 months ago

      Diamond Vlogs good luck!

  • Texroy
    Texroy 6 months ago

    i started acting in 8th grade. my first role was a play in middle school. i did alright. then got to high school and did another play in 9th. many more lines and actions. i was scared lol. moved onto a musical the same year. only ensemble but it was really fun... then i did another small play that same year and ended up on a tv commercial somehow (our scene was cut but i was still apart of it) and now i just got the biggest role in 10th. excited.

  • FabulousArmadillo
    FabulousArmadillo 6 months ago +5

    I've never auditioned before and I don't know what to say to introduce myself-of course I know to say my name and grade but I'm not sure what else you're supposed to say

    • um anyways
      um anyways 5 months ago

      This is so late- but like it could be like ‘Hi, my name is _____. And this is *Monologue name*’ or something like that

    • Nicole Kiewel
      Nicole Kiewel 5 months ago +1

      Exactly, try to say your hobbies and whats important to you.

  • avakinlifeleah
    avakinlifeleah 7 months ago

    Thanks girls!!!!! Finally landed the role of one of the girls in joesphs coat in Joesph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

  • Oinkiepie
    Oinkiepie 7 months ago +1

    Auditions are next week for my schools fall play so thanks!

  • LockeC
    LockeC 7 months ago

    I always get ensemble while I know it isn’t a small role it really feels like it like I’m less important than the leads especially when the same actors get cast as leads every time and I feel irrelevant

    • Gucchi Monkey
      Gucchi Monkey 2 months ago

      same. its like the director favors some people. we were doing frozen jr once, and a girl, im just gonna use the name ava, got anna. then, during shrek, she got princes fiona. and i wasent there but apperently for a different play she got the lead too. and like she cant even sing and they were all musicals. its really anoying to me. i just feel like i dont have a chance

  • CowgirlAtHeart 1234
    CowgirlAtHeart 1234 7 months ago +1

    Okay so... I'm going to audition for my first ever high school play in two days and holy heck I'm so nervous. There are only 7 people in the play so I guess they all count as leads and heckkkkkk. They give you the lines for the audition a few freaking minutes before the actual audition.

    • Oinkiepie
      Oinkiepie 7 months ago

      CowgirlAtHeart 1234 How did it go?

  • Lydia Robinson
    Lydia Robinson 7 months ago

    It's my first time in the older age group in my Acting Place 😂 And I am very scared I'm trying out for Anna in Frozen Jr and just looking for tips I'm also not very confident so I need to look for ways to be confident

  • Sophie Keefe
    Sophie Keefe 7 months ago +2

    In a few months I'm going to audiction for Mary Poppins for Mary Poppins Jr., wish me luck!

    • Christina K.
      Christina K. 2 months ago

      Hey I have an audition tomorrow .Were doing the same play.But I'm probably not going to do it because I'm scared to sing.

  • TypeDaNameRock
    TypeDaNameRock 7 months ago

    My best friend always gets the role I want when I work Millions times better then her and if I don't get this role for year 6 I'm going to die and give up on my dream on acting...

  • hay hay
    hay hay 7 months ago

    Auditions are in a few hours, so nervous yet excited

  • Olivia._
    Olivia._ 8 months ago

    i’m auditioning for a performing arts school soon !!!

  • Shinso Hitoshi
    Shinso Hitoshi 8 months ago

    Thanks this helped I got a big/small role which I kinda laughed at one of my lines it was we aint got no princess which also the audience laughed to so i was really happy to

  • Peyjam1
    Peyjam1 8 months ago +1

    I’m just on time, my audition is tommorow, I’ll update tommorow :)

  • Abby Rose
    Abby Rose 9 months ago +4

    im auditioning for Sharpay from High School Musical.

  • kazuichi is baby
    kazuichi is baby 9 months ago +2

    I was born to be discouraged.

  • That random person LOL
    That random person LOL 9 months ago

    I’m auditioning for the Cat in the Hat in Suessical the Musical tomorrow!!!!

    • Nat Elle II-//
      Nat Elle II-// 8 months ago +1

      That random person LOL good job! I just asked because Center Stage auditions were the exact day you said they’d be lol.

    • That random person LOL
      That random person LOL 8 months ago

      No. It’s at my school in NJ, but I got the part! 😁

    • Nat Elle II-//
      Nat Elle II-// 8 months ago

      That random person LOL Wait... was it center stage productions?

  • Kaylee Prine
    Kaylee Prine 9 months ago

    lol i'm not gonna be in any play soon but in 9th grade (i'm in 8th) i'll be doing drama club. i'm super into musicals and acting in general and movies. the whole bit XD imma super geek, man. but i have literally no clue if i'm good at any of it, ya know? like i have zero experience with acting at all but im intrigued... maybe i'll audition for a play at my local theatre one day.... it's scary to think about thoooo

    BTS ARMY 10 months ago

    I'm still in primary school but my high school is gonna let u in and make up characters so that everyone that auditions gets a part
    Soooo exited

  • Erin Heyes
    Erin Heyes 10 months ago

    Hey I helped you hit 7100!!!

  • Shelly Oberg
    Shelly Oberg 10 months ago +2

    But please do an elementary school audition vid.

  • Shelly Oberg
    Shelly Oberg 10 months ago +2

    Thanks to you guys I got.....ANNIE✨😃😃😃✨✨

  • Constancia Gomez
    Constancia Gomez 10 months ago

    Thank you so much for the tips❤️❤️❤️

  • M C Mize
    M C Mize 11 months ago

    Well I wish I had an audition

  • SlimeyToons
    SlimeyToons 11 months ago

    My audition is tomorrow after school and we are doing "Sorry, Wrong Number!" and the main character is Mrs. Stevenson and I really wanna try out for her but, a lot of people are gonna trying out for her. I really hope I get the role because I want to be an actress and i'm gonna try with the best of my ability. Wish me luck! :)

  • Kaity Allen
    Kaity Allen Year ago

    My audition is in 1 week. Ahhh so scared

  • xchloe_ singsx
    xchloe_ singsx Year ago +1

    Your face looks smushed 😂

    • Tips trips and DIY
      Tips trips and DIY 11 months ago +1

      That's so rude. Not ok. If you haven't anything good to say, then simply DON'T SAY IT. This happens to be a great and informative video , and it's quite easy to find something good to say about it. I think she is beautiful.

  • Lily Howell
    Lily Howell Year ago

    Im about to do Aristocats, wish me luck!

  • Sky j
    Sky j Year ago

    I am going to do ANNIE i really want to be Annie, Molly, or Tessa

  • Olivia Mason
    Olivia Mason Year ago

    Hi I love your videos I am just really worried because we have our school play auditions tomorrow and I got a main part in our last play and everyone hated me when I got it. But the thing is I really love acting and singing and I love this part even more and I want to to give other people a chance cus I feel awful but I just want this so bad but I feel awful
    Any advice ??
    (Sorry for the rant am just worried and idk what to do)

  • Maggie T
    Maggie T Year ago +2

    I had my audition today, my school is doing the lion king and I REALLY want Simba!

  • Grace66
    Grace66 Year ago

    My audition is tommorow......😱

  • Coaster Thirst
    Coaster Thirst Year ago

    Were doing mama mia i wanna be harry,i was brad in hairspray last year and an extra t bird the year before

  • Musical Theatre Addict

    I got Ryan Evans In my schools production of high school musical!

  • Ryan Petner
    Ryan Petner Year ago

    my next school audition is so long from now... 8 MONTHS! My play nxt year is the lion king, now ik I don't always have to go for a lead role, but ive always wanted to be simba.

  • With Chloé
    With Chloé Year ago +2

    Thank you for this video. I’m auditioning for my school play today after school. It’s an adaptation of Steel Magnolias. I’m sooo nervous because I’ve never auditioned before.

  • Ernestina Dos Anjos Tati

    My school's audition is tomorrow? The 08/02😱

  • Peyjam1
    Peyjam1 Year ago

    I NEED THIS! this is my first year doing a REAL LIFE PLAY I’m only in 2nd grade, so people still say like “it’s your first year so you won’t get a very good role” but I dont listen to that. I always had high hopes for a living I know what they say is true, but I believe that I will have fun. ( the play is Willy wonka) so if your scared, it’s gonna be ok🙂

  • Adryÿanaa Collinss
    Adryÿanaa Collinss Year ago +1

    Ugh I’m so nervous we’re doing Willy wonka jr and I’m trying out as veruca

  • RL - 07GD - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)

    UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why did I watch this AFTER I audition!

  • Silviana A
    Silviana A Year ago

    I started theatre last year (7th grade) by starting with stage crew, then the same school year, I got in to the musical with ensemble, then the following year I started the year with advanced theatre (skipped a theatre class) then auditioned for a high school and middle school production of Elf and didn’t get in but then. I got into Inherit the Wind as ensemble but then moved up to a supporting role that had lines then in theatre 3 I got the opportunity to do a theaspians competition and got to move on to states for the one act I was in. Now I got my first callback then I got into James and the Giant Peach and I got a featured vocalist. But now I’m choosing high school classes and I’m so nervous.

  • Jon Ward
    Jon Ward Year ago +1

    This is life changing how cringy this is

  • Charisma Robbins
    Charisma Robbins Year ago


  • Nursen Akilli
    Nursen Akilli Year ago

    I didn’t get the part I wanted I found out today at school we are doin chitty chitty bang bang

  • Emily Evelyn June

    We’re doing Alice In Wonderland this year and I’m so excited! I came right to your channel and knew there would be a good video

  • Matt Animations
    Matt Animations Year ago

    I wanna be a lion