Brazy9 & Lo Militant 100k (official video)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2013
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    [BOKC] PANDA 6 days ago

    Dat intro though 🤔😂

  • Parham entrepreneur Journey


  • Paul Wayne
    Paul Wayne 4 months ago

    Judge faith

  • Forbidden UK
    Forbidden UK 5 months ago +1

    This shit slap 🚫🧢

  • Anxiousjah
    Anxiousjah 8 months ago +1


  • FunnyFortnite
    FunnyFortnite 8 months ago +2


  • Gideon Brock
    Gideon Brock 9 months ago +12

    Back after 9 years and this shit still slap

    • T G
      T G 6 months ago

      Gideon Brock few more years til its 9 years

    • Brando bee
      Brando bee 8 months ago +2

      I had a weird ass dream last night and this song was playing in the dream😂😂😂

  • ToomuchworktorateApp Smh

    Nephew made a slapper

  • Curlyhead Gaming
    Curlyhead Gaming Year ago +3

    30k bitch 👍🏾🖕🏾

  • Lil Non
    Lil Non Year ago

    Fuck the mozzy what’s the move it’s Mk 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alyssa Velasquez
    Alyssa Velasquez Year ago

    Go craaazzyy then 😛

  • Nas Inc.
    Nas Inc. Year ago

    Yoo this was a slapper🤩

  • Joseph Deleon
    Joseph Deleon Year ago

    still slap 2018 !

  • the critic
    the critic 2 years ago

    He look like 600 breazy

  • Ajp Yadamean
    Ajp Yadamean 2 years ago

    U niggas suck dixk and yall niggaz is my f.a.b niggaz gunz all the wayy up starz grave deep all the way down......aimt even from. O.P but u niggaz blades

  • YungYeev
    YungYeev 2 years ago

    All y'all saying y'all like the song but still fw Mozzy. Gtfoh

  • Esmeralda Martinez
    Esmeralda Martinez 2 years ago

    fuck mozzy

  • MakeItEasy ForMeDeezy
    MakeItEasy ForMeDeezy 2 years ago

    5th Ave

  • MakeItEasy ForMeDeezy
    MakeItEasy ForMeDeezy 2 years ago

    Song slap but I fuks wit Mozzy

  • Issac Williams
    Issac Williams 2 years ago

    fuck mozzy

  • Ashton Snook
    Ashton Snook 2 years ago

    we're y'all stay city wise

  • Aldo Chavez
    Aldo Chavez 2 years ago +11

    I've listened to mozzy before it's ok but this song is 💯, I can't stand the Mexicans who think they gangster because they listen to mozzy Mann smh.

    • Aldo Chavez
      Aldo Chavez 6 months ago

      Lion Ribs shut up bitch

    • LaVeni Marley
      LaVeni Marley 10 months ago

      @Lion Ribs 36K RIPiss Flaks 😂😂😂

    • Brando bee
      Brando bee Year ago +4

      Aldo Chavez it ain't just Mexicans it's mainly white kids who think they hard

    • gmane63
      gmane63 Year ago

      Lion Ribs internet thug but hardly anyone outside doin what yall say on the net. Sac is where niggas from oakland go to retire i bet 😂 yall aint that dangerous now

    • Lion Ribs
      Lion Ribs 2 years ago

      U dumb bitch Mexicans fuk with MOZZY 3600 fuk niggah 42k 29k 30k

  • chopstixx Illa 30k
    chopstixx Illa 30k 2 years ago +3

    100 roundz when we bounce out Fuck a 30 whats the movement Guttak

    • Eli Gabe
      Eli Gabe Year ago

      chopstixx Illa stunnak

  • Xavier Threat
    Xavier Threat 2 years ago

    fuck this song cause i like mozzy but wtf this nigga like 30 dick lol

    • Jhae J
      Jhae J 2 years ago

      Xavier Threat He's talking about extended mags. 30 dick is slang for a 30 round clip

  • Dacism
    Dacism 2 years ago +1


    JCSQUAD VLOGS 2 years ago

    Hell gang nigga fuck with it nigga

    RYAN GEISSLER 2 years ago +4

    Love how 4 years ago they put this out callin out Mozzy & now his fake ass made it big smh dumb how that shit works but ironic af tho. Idrc ya'll puttin our city on the map fr this a banger 💯

  • Alonso Martinez
    Alonso Martinez 2 years ago

    crip life sur13 muerte

  • Trout 82463
    Trout 82463 2 years ago

    fuck mozzy

  • Trout 82463
    Trout 82463 2 years ago

    fuck f*** Mozzy foot up Mozzy

  • Issac Williams
    Issac Williams 2 years ago +8

    fuck mozzzy

  • Issac Williams
    Issac Williams 2 years ago

    i suskribd

  • Enduro_kangs
    Enduro_kangs 2 years ago

    Why this whistle Dick hating on mozzy

  • Jorge Montalvo
    Jorge Montalvo 2 years ago


  • Sacresident 916
    Sacresident 916 2 years ago

    This shit weak as hell

  • eric stewart
    eric stewart 2 years ago


  • Epic Water Bottle Flips

    fuck mozzy

  • Jan Doe
    Jan Doe 2 years ago

    THE P BITch. stars have to hook up with crips BLOODs to take on the P oak park is the biggest blood gang in sac and run the jail and the branch

    • Yung King
      Yung King Year ago

      No. Oak park just run the branch. U niggas dont run the county. Its too many team niggas in there 👌. N if you really from the south yu got family from both sides 💯.

  • D Mackin
    D Mackin 2 years ago +4

    guttak 30k gunz p bankd down

  • MaccTay
    MaccTay 2 years ago +4

    Lol he has an Abandon All Ships shirt on

  • getyoshitsmacked
    getyoshitsmacked 2 years ago

    so is it funk or na?

  • Northern Savage
    Northern Savage 2 years ago

    instrumental ?

    • BandGods
      BandGods  2 years ago

      Northern Savage this beat is original Brazy 9 made it


    100 round in klip,make u run the otha way ""

  • Zachary Gray
    Zachary Gray 2 years ago

    fuck so funny

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez 3 years ago

    This shiet wack

  • Laura S.
    Laura S. 3 years ago +1

    fuck mozzy

  • Pure Jokes
    Pure Jokes 3 years ago

    Thought the beat was great n drop, it woulda kilt

  • none Moa
    none Moa 3 years ago

    I swear ever since this ugly nigga mozzy came out y'all think he be in the field. lol bladadah my ass

  • tpuma takeover
    tpuma takeover 3 years ago +1

    fuck Dweez

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 3 years ago

    fuk 30k

  • lul4nbaby
    lul4nbaby 3 years ago

    brazy9 is so motherfuckin fine

  • Vince Hardy
    Vince Hardy 3 years ago

    I just realized I'm the first person with my real name on here. so....... first.

  • itz poppn
    itz poppn 3 years ago

    dis like dis shit real quick

  • Shawn Seig
    Shawn Seig 3 years ago

  • Munu LaaIka
    Munu LaaIka 3 years ago

    what would happen if Brazy9 actually seen Mozzy ? or vice versa 😂💀

  • Munu LaaIka
    Munu LaaIka 3 years ago

    if this ain't no mozzy this and bruh talking about a car. then why is he saying StunnaK and throwing Gunzdown ???? 😂😂😂 make no sense

  • antoinio Wellington
    antoinio Wellington 3 years ago

    lol all yall sum bitch soft ass niggaz. hella suckas in this video not ready for the killa city. omm mozzy be smackin shyt fucks all tha 30 niggaz blud itz 30k. .

  • Imani
    Imani 3 years ago

    mozzy dont mean the rapper mozzy mean money.

  • Paul Reyes
    Paul Reyes 3 years ago +2

    I only like this song because it says "fuck a mozzy" he taken a L for tryna beef with Ritch The Kid smh

    • Kev GG
      Kev GG 2 years ago +2

      Paul Reyes rich the kid trash as fuck tho😂 lil goofy ass nigga

    • Paul Reyes
      Paul Reyes 2 years ago +1

      catch me slippen i be on stockton bruh

  • Ray Daniel
    Ray Daniel 3 years ago

    You niggas funny af 30k fuck starz guttah,trigga k an all dat 23 shit too.⬆🔫😷👎⭐💨👼👎👎