the prank you asked for...

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • the prank you asked for...
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  • Yiggy
    Yiggy Day ago +1

    bro badboyhalo is honestly the best. he’s so caring and supportive even though skeppy trolls him all the time

  • Pachimo
    Pachimo 2 days ago

    I swear BBH likes him

  • Activvity ツ
    Activvity ツ 3 days ago

    Poop channel

  • OmerGamez
    OmerGamez 5 days ago

    1:07 lmao h-haniya haniya

  • TerriRblx
    TerriRblx 10 days ago

    Skep licked yu
    lick to undo

  • Mr Toast
    Mr Toast 10 days ago

    intro is perfoct

  • Life Of Alisa
    Life Of Alisa 12 days ago

    poop server

  • Universal World
    Universal World 13 days ago

    Lickkk me daddy~ 😜😜

  • Dr. ZaneK
    Dr. ZaneK 15 days ago

    hart or di tmr

  • goloqp
    goloqp 16 days ago +1

    Can u lickk me pls

  • _ Yigit819 _
    _ Yigit819 _ 16 days ago


  • SpaceSmarto 16
    SpaceSmarto 16 24 days ago

    that intro

    and outro

  • Kami Kamikadze
    Kami Kamikadze 25 days ago

    "Like and sub or I will lick you"
    Me: *Doesn't sub and like to get licked*
    Skeppy: *Confused Skeppy noises*

  • ッXxthief68xX
    ッXxthief68xX 26 days ago

    Why would u troll bah by destroying your own server?

  • Henry Ham
    Henry Ham 26 days ago

    Lol haha oof

  • Nicole Pancakezzz
    Nicole Pancakezzz 26 days ago



    • Nicole Pancakezzz
      Nicole Pancakezzz 19 days ago

      Sorry, I meant the video.
      The video is now at 29K but when I commented that it was at 28K.

    • EtlaX
      EtlaX 19 days ago

      nope, 0 likes

  • Skylar Beasley
    Skylar Beasley 27 days ago

    dude bbh is such a cinnamon roll ✿♡

  • Fire Arrow
    Fire Arrow 27 days ago


  • inderjit dhillon
    inderjit dhillon 27 days ago

    poop vid

  • JRockJam
    JRockJam 28 days ago

    Lick me where exactly? 😏

  • [ADMIN] Raven
    [ADMIN] Raven Month ago


  • Holy Awesome55
    Holy Awesome55 Month ago

    Question: what’s with the purple skin¿¡

    DIXIENORMUS Month ago

    Skeppy,Skippy,Skoppy,Geppy, and my own fan name "Skippy"

  • EpicGamer123
    EpicGamer123 Month ago

    Wtf u had 23k subs last time I watched u tf

  • Captain Alieth
    Captain Alieth Month ago

    lol trying to get to 10 minutes i see

  • Big Tings
    Big Tings Month ago


  • Justin Forster
    Justin Forster Month ago

    Please come to my house and lick my crawl fish! They like to be licked!!!! U PROMISED, MY BRAIN HURTS PLEASE AT LEAST SAY MAREK! AHHHHHHH

  • Abir Ray
    Abir Ray Month ago

    Poop server

  • yeah.
    yeah. Month ago +1

    bbh still cares for you so much and its so heartwarming to watch

  • Scary Bagel
    Scary Bagel Month ago

    well thats why i didnt like the vid

  • johnni n
    johnni n Month ago +1

    This proves badboyhalo is actually a good guy

  • salmonella poundcake

    can bbh be my mom pls

  • dpend
    dpend Month ago

    SUBSCRIBE 2 FASTER! and Skeppy, of course ;-)

  • Landon Bonomini
    Landon Bonomini Month ago

    I just realized

    He is almost at 1.4 subs 😂

  • Miss Pancake
    Miss Pancake Month ago

    Plz don't lickk me. I liccked

  • superkinglo lo
    superkinglo lo Month ago


  • AwesomestGamer
    AwesomestGamer Month ago

    this intro...

  • AnuelHD 64
    AnuelHD 64 Month ago


  • AnuelHD 64
    AnuelHD 64 Month ago +1

    no jk i love your vids

    • AnuelHD 64
      AnuelHD 64 Month ago

      lick this videoand sub to skippy

  • thedarksami
    thedarksami Month ago

    One day, he will really feel like this and bbh wont believe him

  • NoCommentaryGaming
    NoCommentaryGaming Month ago

    0:13 mc donalds cheese fries??

  • That_One_Guy_Named_Jay

    I can't believe how sweet BadBoyHalo is. Skeppy, keep him around. He's a real one, you can tell just how sweet of a guy he is by this video

  • Willow
    Willow Month ago

    Who else didn’t like this just so skeppy would lik u...

  • 200cc
    200cc Month ago

    Bro really stretched the vid out to ten minutes smh.

  • Joe Swanson -ii_possumz-

    this is poop channel

  • Joe Swanson -ii_possumz-

    can we start a poop channel chain for every vid?

  • korina x
    korina x Month ago

    this is one of the main reasons why i love bbh so much he is just so supportive and nice i cant-

  • VeryBritish Tea&Biscuit

    I’m a ping spoofr

  • Vize_ Abyss
    Vize_ Abyss Month ago

    Am I the only one who plays on console but would cry if he deleted his server?

  • Fortnite Helpz
    Fortnite Helpz Month ago

    Stil lilck ma plaese

  • Hazard
    Hazard Month ago


  • Lvl30Dragon Enchanter

    Skeppy: they wont Skeppys one good brain cell, (cause im telling them too)

  • Potatoes
    Potatoes Month ago

    Is it me or the captions is korean.

  • grace F
    grace F Month ago

    Bbh is so supportive aww

  • Lucas Vargas
    Lucas Vargas Month ago

    bbh is such a nice guy

  • Fraserr2165
    Fraserr2165 Month ago

    Chicago IL

  • Microscopic E
    Microscopic E Month ago

    Poop server

    CHANTAI Month ago +1

    I sometimes like bbh when he I mad ,but I love bbh when he cares for skeppy and i find bbh adorable.....

  • Luk3
    Luk3 Month ago


  • A Random Viewer
    A Random Viewer Month ago

    U owe bbh so much...he is such a nice guy