Animated PowerPoint Slide Design Tutorial

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • In this PowerPoint tutorial, I have showed how to design an animated PowerPoint presentation slide. Here, I have used only a single slide to represent four with infographic view.
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    Used elements:
    Software: PowerPoint 2013 or 2016
    Animation: Motion Paths (Lines)
    Shape: Rectangles
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    Idea Credits:
    The idea of this template is inspired from another great work!
    Credit link:
    Creator: 臭喷蛆
    Background Music Credits:
    Life of Riley Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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  • PowerPoint School
    PowerPoint School  Year ago +85

    Hey Guys! Do you want to get more works?
    Then please take our PowerPoint course and show us your kind support!
    You can download this animated PowerPoint template for free:

    • Biruk mihret
      Biruk mihret Month ago

      I do not know how to prepare power points which have dates on it- automatic dating(every day you open the power point it displays that day it is opened) can you work on that?

    • madi Khan
      madi Khan Month ago

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      April Nantiza 4 months ago


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      piya m 5 months ago

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  • Treska
    Treska Day ago

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    siti Hajar 3 days ago +8

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    Malha Ahmed Malha 3 days ago

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  • Princess Sarah David

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    VS2P STUDIO 3 days ago

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  • Dhwanil Patel
    Dhwanil Patel 5 days ago

    Hi, thank you for this video. I have one question. How you record your voice during presentation in video.

  • Bhawani Adhikari
    Bhawani Adhikari 7 days ago

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    Mirza Azmy 7 days ago

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  • Aman Rautela
    Aman Rautela 11 days ago

    hey need help the text in the first slide is not overlapping by slide A B and C Kindly help

  • Runjhun Agarwal
    Runjhun Agarwal 12 days ago +1

    I have tried it. It is looking nice but it is not appearing in the slideshow.
    Can you help please me?

  • Karina Kolpaczek
    Karina Kolpaczek 12 days ago +1

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    venkat ramreddy 12 days ago

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    Edinson Diaz 19 days ago

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  • Laxmi Kumari
    Laxmi Kumari 19 days ago

    Amazing tutorial ........nice and attractive presentation.....thank you for sharing

  • Mafer Martínez
    Mafer Martínez 26 days ago

    Is it possible to export it, including videos, photos, graphics, and everything you have added to your presentation?

  • Keith Angelo Bacus
    Keith Angelo Bacus 26 days ago

    Very well said plus demonstration is superior

  • Federica Simona
    Federica Simona 26 days ago +1

    😍😍 Such a great explanation!!
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  • shaik Mukthiyar
    shaik Mukthiyar Month ago

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    Faris Ariffin Month ago

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    Paulin Bill Month ago

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  • Deepu Shome
    Deepu Shome Month ago

    Dear sir, in my ppt software, there is no "Merge Shape" command. How to get it.

  • Salma Didi
    Salma Didi Month ago

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  • Manas Banerjee
    Manas Banerjee Month ago

    4:06 When i send it to backward once again, the D slide is not coming

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago

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    aeri' icecream Month ago

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    umesh bhanu Kumar Month ago +1

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    Afaq Mughal Month ago

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    ydana theju Month ago

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  • Maria Zainab Gardezi

    do you have website ? where can i find these tamplets?

    • PowerPoint School
      PowerPoint School  Month ago

      Yes we have our website. Please visit there you will get these templates with written documentation.

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    I don’t have a single Microsoft product on my data systems. Period. I refuse to help Microsoft do anything. I refuse to learn to use any tool they build.
    Enjoy tour service to Microsoft.

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    Itz_alice_ Chan Month ago

    Thank you now I can make other and different PowerPoints for school idk why does my school says whenever we have presentations we must make a PowerPoint I mean I’m just a grader edit:can you show how to make that chat bubble

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    Thanh D. Le 2 months ago

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    Arun Kama 2 months ago

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    Kat Pinto 2 months ago

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