Never Buy Chain Lube Again? Comparison Test

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Could the answer be so simple? Are we really overcomplicating it? Find out as we slide into the slippery world of motorcycle chain lubes armed with rigorous tests and our typically non-lubricated sense of humour.
    Gear breakdown:
    Gear Oil :
    Oxford Mint Dry Weather Lube :
    Motul C5 Chain Lube Paste :
    Muc-Off All-Weather Chain Lube :
    Maxima Chain Wax -
    Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube -
    WD-40 Multi-Purpose Lubricant :

    Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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Comments • 2 713

  • FortNine
    FortNine  2 months ago +416

    Full disclosure: I used a half-empty bottle of Canadian Tire gear oil because I had one lying around and never expected it to win. *Oops.* If you actually decide to buy some, it behooves us to mention that F9 and RZ also sell gear oil. Link in description. ~RF9

    • Life On Nature's Lap
      Life On Nature's Lap 2 days ago

      Motul is the best one in this...

    • Tee Mac
      Tee Mac 3 days ago

      FortNine Hi great video, so what you are saying is........ just clean your chain regularly and forget about lube???

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob 9 days ago

      @user1914 but the lube keeping the temperature low is sealed in from the manufacturer by the o rings......not what you're spraying on the outside (which is to keep o-rings soft and pliable vs cracked and leaking and is also to prevent corrosion).

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob 9 days ago

      @Kawasaki Fan Favourite yes about the only thing he missed, unfortunately, but at least all were tested under the same conditions. Hopefully that doesn't change the rankings for the penetration portion of the test.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 3 hours ago

    I tried WD40 for about 10,000 km on my bike some time ago. It basically killed the chain. Some of the rollers broke off and it was making a clunk-clunk sound whenever I rode!
    You’re better off using no chain lube than using WD40.

  • Duo Motovlog
    Duo Motovlog 6 hours ago +1

    Great video! Science matters ✌️

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan 12 hours ago

    Good effort. Thanks for your work on this

  • Dani on Tour
    Dani on Tour 20 hours ago

    great video

  • Madidafist Naruto
    Madidafist Naruto 21 hour ago

    Skid plate for honda xr 190 n which bike rear disc wheel is suitable for it .its rear wheel size is 110/90/17 inch.

  • Henry Hawk
    Henry Hawk 23 hours ago

    After watching this vid, I'd go with a good chain cleaning, dry, WD40, wipe off, then finish with LUCAS HUB OIL and wipe off excess.

  • Henry Hawk
    Henry Hawk 23 hours ago

    After watching this vid, I'd go with a good chain cleaning, dry, WD40, wipe off, then finish with LUCAS HUB OIL and wipe off excess.

  • Nick Rijke
    Nick Rijke Day ago

    I'd use WD-40 with caution. It softens and expands rubber. Which could be bad for chain seals. Unless the manufacturer says it's OK, I'd steer clear, for this purpose...

  • Nixxion _
    Nixxion _ Day ago

    i use maxima chainwax and i never ever get anything on my rims. and ive tried alot of chain lubes..alot. and they all rusted a little. the chainwax from maxima have not failed in keeping rust away. But if you clean the chain. you should drive a few minutes to get it warm ( i do this on my stand) you also get rid of water / chain clean product and the chain is dry and a little warm. then you apply the chain wax or chainlube on the inside, and even out the rest of the chain whit your hands and rubber gloves! when it dryes it wont fling of the chain! you have not given them enough time to dry/settle. some chainlubes have to dry for hours(motorex to the day after). the maxima chain wax is sticky after a few minutes and it holds. the minus side is that it sticks dirt, but i clean my chain often so its not a problem for me.

  • Wade Sirekis
    Wade Sirekis Day ago

    What about Lucas chain lube?

  • Gary Sletcher
    Gary Sletcher Day ago

    The 551 dislikes can only be from the chain lube gang! Nice video.

  • Mike's Workshop
    Mike's Workshop Day ago

    I'm a bit confused as to why you used the general use WD-40 and not their Specialist line. The other products in the video (besides cooking oil) are designed for applications like this. Could you please try WD-40 White Lithium; Dry Lube and of course, Motorcycle Chain Lube?

  • XeroFailGames
    XeroFailGames Day ago

    I use white lithium grease

  • multisomebodyelse notme

    WD40 WIPE OFF THEN WD40 PTFE WIPE SOME OF IT OFF THEN THE MUCK OFF ALL WEATHER CHAIN LUBE WIPE SOME OFF THEN APPLY ACF 50 AND WIPE SOME OFF...=NO SPATTERING PERFECTLY IMMACULATE CONDITION CHAIN FOR ABOUT A WEEK OR 2...RINSE REPEAT 😉...also if keep doin this as needed not even tar can stick to it or milkshake...virtually nothin touches it and the acf keeps o or x rings chain has done 10000 miles and still has less than 20mm of play in it.
    And u feel the drive chain giving much better responsiveness and faster smoother shifts ;)

  • radu
    radu 2 days ago +2

    Kerosene (or diesel) and motor oil is all that u need to clean and lubricate.

  • biggixer
    biggixer 2 days ago

    The scottoiler on gsxr1000 has only ever had engine oil in it, 24 thousand miles on this chain and I only changed it because I felt the chain had been on long enough. My BMW s1000rr chain has only ever been soaked with wd40 and that has 9 thousand miles on it with no wear at all

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 2 days ago

    WD40 in Australia has a different recipe to North America, so not sure if it's applicable for anything you've found.

  • Addy Thakur
    Addy Thakur 2 days ago

    Good work buddy

  • Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts 2 days ago +1

    This is sheer genius! Thanks for making such a brilliant effort. Having just bought my first chain-drive bike in over thirty years, I need to know this stuff!

    MR GHOSTER 2 days ago

    The only reason i see fot lubing a chain is to ensure that friction on the sprocket teeth is lubed and this is pretty much cleared up with proper chain adjustment?

    MR GHOSTER 2 days ago

    I use standard EP80/90 or even 110 Gear oil. It is viscous enough not to spray all over your back wheel and thin enough to get into the link's, never let me down yet.

  • Frogtalkin
    Frogtalkin 2 days ago

    Amazing how an unlubed chain is worn out 300 times faster.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 3 days ago

    When you say engine oil at some points, I assume you meant engine TRANSMISSION lube, as in automatic (though could be manual) transmission fluid. Not sure what weights are best like 70, 80 or 90 weight but assume 90 weight would fling off less but penetrate less. The one you showed was 75-90 or something but you just happened to grab that so not necessarily what is best. Perhaps the owners manual will say if manual or automatic is best, if it matters, and what weight or dual-grade is best for lubing the chain. There is also mineral vs synthetic and no name or cheap brand and name brand high quality. To be safe and considering its still a lot cheaper than dedicated chain lube, I'll assume synthetic name brand automatic transmission fluid is best (of some viscosity the manual may elaborate upon). I'm also very curious about chainsaw lube as it won't fling off and will stick, but chainsaw lube may not be the same as gear oil or transmission fluid in its lubricating properties.

  • Hoss's Dualsport Adventures

    I didn't see PJ1 Black Label in your test, is there a possibility you could research this big name chain lube and release a video on it also? One more thing completely different topic but very important please investigate climate engineering if you haven't already it's very serious is a good place to start. Thanks

  • Cool Water
    Cool Water 3 days ago

    FortNine, when Hollywood finds you we will all be at a loss. Thanks.

  • TreaHuggs
    TreaHuggs 3 days ago +8

    Belt drive riders laughing in the background, quietly though, in hopes our belt doesnt snap on the way home.

  • Spectre
    Spectre 3 days ago

    Hello Ryan/Fortnine, after watching the video and having finished my previous chain lube I bought gear oil (~10 euros for 1kg of 75w90) ad started using it on a EK chain like yours. So far so good, I just noticed that the oil flings off easily, I'm not worried about it getting my bike dirty but I noticed some oil ended on the side of my rear tire. Now I assume that the quantify of oil on the chain wouldn't be enough to be dangerous, but what do you think about it? Do you also have some oil drops on the rear tire?

  • Swampbutt Stinson
    Swampbutt Stinson 3 days ago

    I'm a fan of graphite lubes.

  • ADB 223
    ADB 223 3 days ago

    But rust...

  • guily6669
    guily6669 4 days ago

    Well here I just buy a cheap chain-lube and it sticks like glue for many time and make it mostly waterproof, but anyway it clearly states that almost every big trip you do you should wash the chain, fully clean it and re-apply the lube, its purpose its not to just spray and keep doing thousands of miles, they are meant to be used mostly as a protective layer and you should keep washing the chain and re-apply specially because the one I use is very thick and keeps in it like glue and attracts a lot of dust so you just wash it and re-apply from time to time.

    But for me the 1st chain original from my Yamaha WR 125 X I never lubed and it didnt actually lasted much (it actually had a catastrophic failure that could even have ripped my feets, it even ripped the chain guard and broke the metal cover from the motor and engine oil started coming out), the 2nd one keeps lasting me 4 ever and I lubed it only from time to time, but its also probably a better chain than the stock one or at least looks better :).

  • Lo Rider
    Lo Rider 4 days ago

    I just use s*x lube

  • crashtestdummy929
    crashtestdummy929 4 days ago

    Fortnight, your videos are entertaining and informative. TY

  • Mike Delgadillo
    Mike Delgadillo 5 days ago

    This is some talent at work!

  • Spoth Ra
    Spoth Ra 5 days ago

    White Lightning works awesome for bicycle chains if you ride in a lot of dirt and mud... been using it for the last 15 years or so

  • guloguloguy
    guloguloguy 6 days ago +1

    .....but, what about the "metal-to-metal" contact surfaces between the chain, and sprockets?!....

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob 3 days ago

      That's what rollers are for - they roll so don't wear that badly. Because they spin, they don't spin relative to the sprocket but relative to the pin or whatever on the INSIDE of the rollers. Or something like that. He mentioned that in the video or maybe another video I saw and said it's not a big deal and nothing you can do about it as oil will not stay on the outside for long. But again, 'rollers'.

  • JustABike
    JustABike 6 days ago

    Do you know is Muc-Off C3 is any good ?

  • Duncan Fraser
    Duncan Fraser 6 days ago

    anyone else get triggered when he sprays the stuff into the air?

  • Eli In the Wolverine State

    3 in 1 household oil to clean and keep from rusting. Watched testing on freshly forged knives and rust preventing waxes and oils. 3 in 1 was towards the top beating most. It was originally for bicycle lubricant. Made for chains. Cleans lubricates and protects since 1894 give it a try next time. See how the oldest competes with the newest on the market.

    POLRR 6 days ago

    Great quality video research, gear oil with brush works for dusty adventure

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith 6 days ago

    I tried this weight of gear oil. I'm so glad that during the next day I didn't take any fast sharp left hand corners as the tyre was slick with oil splatter and might have lost traction. I really want to use gear oil as it looks like it penetrates and lubricates well but have a stronger preference for staying alive so will either stay using wurth dry chain lube or try find some motul. Aside from their well known water displacer you featured, WD40 do a line of specialist motorcycle chain lubes, I will take a look at them. It would be good if there was a thicker gear oil product that didn't fling off the chain, however, I suspect that gear oil thicker than the weight you used wouldnt penetrate and lubricate as well. Is gear oil and engine oil the same? I could look for a thicker fully synthetic engine oil if I could find one? 🙄

  • Charles Angell
    Charles Angell 7 days ago

    COVERS??? A roller chain SHOULD NEVER be exposed to the elements!!! Just another cheap ass them to death money grubbing ploy......

  • Tommy
    Tommy 7 days ago

    Suzuki Kikoh Co., Ltd. LS BELLHAMMER GOLD Please try to use a LS bell hammer.

  • Doc Samson
    Doc Samson 8 days ago

    Put this into effect several months ago! The only downside of using gear oil vs. a dedicated lube is that I do have to apply it more frequently. With the DuPont Teflon I had been usig, I could go 5-600 miles before needing to re-apply. The gear oil seems to need it about every 3-400 miles...

  • levi arellano
    levi arellano 8 days ago

    Too much personality 😂 your great tho

  • Mr Mac
    Mr Mac 9 days ago

    The chain starts to rust on the outside and they do get rusted so what the hell are you talking about?!
    Obviously there's some kind of seal inside the chain but the outside need to be lubricated,when it in contact with the teeth on the gear.
    People really are stupid,make america think again!

  • James Jammie Jam
    James Jammie Jam 9 days ago

    May I ask have a lot of red dirt in my area, my chain has picked up a lot of dirt in only two weeks. What would be the best for that? That may have been answered but I've had a few to drink...

  • big visk
    big visk 9 days ago

    Since these vids I use iPhone to clean and oil to lube in the garage and carry wd40 for on the road/off the road applications

  • Gautam Bose
    Gautam Bose 10 days ago +1

    Why the NRA ads? This is a motorcycle video!!

  • Benji Banks
    Benji Banks 10 days ago

    Dirtbike chains will rust and wear out quick without lube.

  • TH3_V1k1ng
    TH3_V1k1ng 10 days ago

    Never used chain lube on my bike in 12 years!!!! bike runs perfect.... no issues... its a yamaha xj900s diversion.. shaft drive... lmfao
    Also.. you forgot to put scott oiler in there.... THE BEST!!

  • Geh DuKuh
    Geh DuKuh 10 days ago +2

    oh my god. 5th time i watched the video and i realized " Fortnine Advanced Research & Testing" or in short... FART. Well played Ryan, well played

  • HdtvTh
    HdtvTh 10 days ago

    Wax works best for any chain, it may not be easy to bathe your chain in hot wax and will not do much about noise, it will actually protect any chain from rust and grit.

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare 10 days ago +4

    I'm surprised Ipone lube didn't make a return here after doing so well in the chain cleaner video.

  • Henrique Bucher
    Henrique Bucher 10 days ago

    Aren't you supposed to let the Maxima Wax to settle and dry?

  • Nicholas Cherry
    Nicholas Cherry 11 days ago

    I just used the Chain Wax, I was hoping you'd run Dupont through the test. Cool video

  • nonameinfl
    nonameinfl 11 days ago +3

    If you let Maxima Chain Wax dry on the chain overnight before riding, it won't fling off at all.

  • SBPilot54
    SBPilot54 11 days ago

    So for racers or guys with dedicated track bikes it's Muc-Off all the way. Assuming of course you take care of your race bike properly aka, wash, compress air dry after every race (or session if you're in a team). Also assuming their Dry lube is even better at reducing resistance in the rollers. Great video man. Keep em coming!

  • Lorenzo Gutierrez
    Lorenzo Gutierrez 11 days ago

    "Ventilated condom" got me to hit that subscribe button.

  • Carlo Pirola
    Carlo Pirola 12 days ago

    I would suggest to make a test with wax. But in this case you shoud soak the chain in hot melted wax.

  • Abhishek Biswas
    Abhishek Biswas 12 days ago

    I just wish that this test is not fake...
    Bcoz i just lubed my new bike chain with Engine oil..

    • Abhishek Biswas
      Abhishek Biswas 10 days ago

      @Alexander Kartushin yes thanks.. i will do the exact same.. 👍🏼

    • Alexander Kartushin
      Alexander Kartushin 10 days ago +1

      @Abhishek Biswas engine oil is ok, but transmission (gear) oil is better, because its more viscous. But in results, just lube it sometimes, and forget about rust.

    • Abhishek Biswas
      Abhishek Biswas 10 days ago

      @Alexander Kartushin Transmission oil u mean Gear oil?
      And i have new yamaha r15 v3 and just lubed it with engine oil and so far so good.. bt from next time i will use gear oil.. it is raining these days so that's why im more curious..
      1st Day after a ride i saw rust on my Chain so i lubed it with engine oil..

    • Alexander Kartushin
      Alexander Kartushin 10 days ago +1

      I lube my bike chain by transmission oil - 4 years, more than 35 000km. And chain still good condition) Bike FZS 1000, chain DID 530 ZVMX

  • Casa Del Amo
    Casa Del Amo 12 days ago

    just go shaft drive and get on with your life...

  • urano1988
    urano1988 12 days ago

    One crucial aspect of lubricating the chain is to keep the o/x/k/whatever-rings wet. If they dry, even just on the outside, they are way more likely to break with pretty catastrophic consequences. I learnt this the hard way (albeit on a pretty old chain) some years ago, while getting familiar with my GPS-controlled (www) pro-oiler (dot net), the ultimate solution to chain lubrication IMHO.

  • AoToGo
    AoToGo 12 days ago

    You missed a trick, you should have included a sample of chain which had nothing done to it to compare with the others!

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 12 days ago

    Would application of Muc-Off first then Oxford, after the Muc-off has soaked in/set, give you the benefits of both - 8/8 for rollers, splatter and 6/8 for rust and grit? Would be a interesting follow-up test.

  • Quebec Patriot
    Quebec Patriot 13 days ago

    we touched this subject in the past and I still say the same thing; best is using your used engine oil; use those multi-faceted brushes ...I just pour old engine oil on the faces and scrub the chain then wipe it clean...minimal flinging and no rust.

  • QT TV
    QT TV 13 days ago

    Dommage qui n'y as pas la pâte elf chain paste qui est le top (utiliser en compétition)

  • Stewart Smith
    Stewart Smith 13 days ago

    Excellent video! Yup, I believe most of the manuals on my bikes all said to use a heavy oil like gear oil. I never stuck with that though, because it seemed to make too much of a mess. I switched to ATF for a couple of years because I heard it was good for keeping the o rings in good shape. Again though, messy in the long run. The last few years I just used WD40 and regular riding to keep the rust away. Surprisingly, my chains all seem to have about the same lifespan regardless of what I use.

  • chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes

    I just use nimber 10 oil. Is it the right thing? No do i care? No. Will you calling me a dumbass change my mind? No

  • Boobster Woods
    Boobster Woods 14 days ago

    Great video loved it but what about a plain chain or unsealed with no o or x ring chain