GoPro Hero 6 Black Unboxing and Setup

  • Published on Sep 28, 2017
  • GoPro Hero 6 Black (USA)
    GoPro Hero 6 Black (CAN)
    Here is an uboxing video of the new GoPro Hero 6 Black that was released today. I go over the contents of the box and the simple steps of setting it up for the first time. I briefly touch base and show some examples of the nice new features of the Hero 6 Black.
    Filmed on iPhone 8 Plus:
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  • Air Photography
    Air Photography  2 years ago +5

    GoPro Hero 6 Black (USA)
    GoPro Hero 6 Black (CAN)

    • Francis Vlog2005
      Francis Vlog2005 Year ago

      Air Photography i

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  2 years ago

      +K Binge Even though it looks visually the same it is quite an upgrade :) I think they did a great job in executing the hero 6

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  2 years ago

      +firebolt2310 yes it could.

    • firebolt2310
      firebolt2310 2 years ago

      Can it be used as a dash cam ?

  • daniel 97
    daniel 97 Month ago

    Does it need a SD card?

  • Spidy Job
    Spidy Job 2 months ago

    Stupid and careless unbox teaching when you remove that piece. You should remove screw first so it wouldnt break !

  • G B
    G B 3 months ago

    You make awesome videos for newbies!! Keep up the good work!! There are many out there who just don't know about tech they buy and you make it Very Helpful!! Appreciate It!!

  • Andy Richey
    Andy Richey 5 months ago

    I appreciate you sharing, I am new to go pro I got the six black got it around the end of last summer just been waiting on spring to get here finally sort here in Manchester Michigan didn't read know how to work it when I first got it I've just learned a couple things about it so again I appreciate you sharing i'll be watching for a more

  • Westside Bmx
    Westside Bmx 5 months ago +1

    I'm getting one tomorrow

    YOUSIF ASHKN 6 months ago +5

    Who is here after being afraid of breaking the cover because it wont open easy

  • Harry Stuart Humble
    Harry Stuart Humble 8 months ago

    Ok, I’ve just realised how bad they grey colour looks in the frame. I’m not saying that because I’ve got a HERO7 Black.

  • Mohd Salehuddin bin Yusoff

    Hey guys. Did all the previous gopro accessories compatible with gopro hero 6?

  • zach way
    zach way 10 months ago

    God you are freakishly slow

  • enderpus
    enderpus 11 months ago

    I'm watching this one year later on 9/28/18

  • islam djmaia
    islam djmaia Year ago

    Wawwwwwwwww lits à midi

  • David Mtb
    David Mtb Year ago

    I dont care if it is hero 6 or 5 Black just give me one

  • Laurishe Posche
    Laurishe Posche Year ago

    Why you open that so easily 😫😫😫why cant i?

  • Icep Cakep
    Icep Cakep Year ago

    Cut your nail !!! 😰😰

  • Jean- Marc Boucher

    I just buy my GoPro hero 6 and I am going to return it back because I can't turn it on

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago +1

      Yes that is very strange maybe you got a defective unit.

  • Scorpion King
    Scorpion King Year ago

    Do gopro have playback option?

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      Yes you can preview videos and view photos that you have recorded

  • STM_Stef
    STM_Stef Year ago

    bro 28 .09 is my birthday

  • Mamdeen Nizam
    Mamdeen Nizam Year ago

    is it waterproof?😃

  • Patrick Guerrisi
    Patrick Guerrisi Year ago

    Hi I'm in Australia and thinking of buying it from Amazon in US. I didn't see a wall socket plug so I should be ok with buying it from the US right?
    What about region stuff? I know the US is ntsc and Australia is pal but not sure if that matters I'm with the go pro

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago +1

      It just plugs into any traditional USB. So if you have a phone charger it will work with that

  • Cedrick Ward
    Cedrick Ward Year ago

    what is the point of the screen on the front of the camera?

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago +1

      It’s not needed as much nowadays with the LCD screen on the back. Some older go pros did not have a screen and use the front LCD to change settings. It can still be done on the newer go pros and comes in handy in situations where you have the go Pro mounted and the back touch screen is not accessible. And also just gives you a quick view of settings When the go Pro is mounted

  • aker
    aker Year ago


  • Will Ster
    Will Ster Year ago

    Great video. Is there an alternate video camera to GoPro you would recommend? I hate the klunky button interface.

  • waleed ashraf
    waleed ashraf Year ago

    Battery time?

  • Jeffery Mercer
    Jeffery Mercer Year ago

    Newbie subscriber! My name is Jeff Mercer I reside in Mentor on the Lake (Erie)Ohio

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Year ago

    Which memory card would be perfect for hero 6

  • Rich_ Nurmatov
    Rich_ Nurmatov Year ago

    It doesn’t come with the underwear case ?

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      It’s waterproof on its own. However if you want the extra waterproof case for extra protection it is a separate purchase

  • Sarasota Experience

    Good video only thing it is missing is how to charge the battery. More than likely common sense with how to do that but I have not figured it out yet.
    I think that information may be a little bit more helpful for a future video. Just a respectable way to give you some feedback. The rest of your video was awesome! Very detailed!

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      Thanks 🙂

    • Sarasota Experience
      Sarasota Experience Year ago

      Awesome!!! My comment was only meant to be helpful. You have a great page!

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago +1

      Thanks for the feedback and yes that’s a good idea for the next time around. I have made other videos with the information you’re looking for.
      I hope they help out :)

  • Mazafaka as
    Mazafaka as Year ago

    Where the fuck is the adapter for the charging cable??????

  • Sam sung
    Sam sung Year ago

    Thanks for this video I learned how to unbox it lol this is my first gopro

  • ItsDragonTime 2
    ItsDragonTime 2 Year ago

    I really want a go pro! To make better videos!

  • Peter O’Brien
    Peter O’Brien Year ago

    I just bought my very first GoPro and I’m in the middle setting it up, I can’t do the update because I need get memory card, but do you know if I need a case for it, I bought it for scuba diving course I’m doing, I just need to know what I can do to waterproof it, I bought a little pack but no case with it,

  • Linh Mang
    Linh Mang Year ago

    My (Gopro 6) 4 square decal under lens are color. your Gopro is all black. BTW-what is your camera using for this video? it's looking good. thanks

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      Are use an iPhone 8 Plus to film all my RU-clip videos. And yes go pro recently changed the logo on the front of the hero 6 to color. I’m not sure if that’s going to be a new thing with all the new cameras, but it does look nice.

  • krishna murari Adhikari

    Thanks for the video..I am from Nepal . I am thinking to buy new go pro hero 6. I want to what are the acceries we should buy to use this camera properly i have some of the qurries...Do we need to buy extra battery charger or it can be charged with the data cable connecting laptop or data cable connecting to other charger adapter? Memory card is available with Go pro 6 box or we have to buy it separately? Do we need to buy hemet mount separately or the available mount in the go pro box will also work..!!?

    BILAL HUSSAIN Year ago


  • Aizen Sousuke
    Aizen Sousuke Year ago

    Can you zoom in while recording?

  • DanTheMan2007
    DanTheMan2007 Year ago +1

    I already have it

    • Backgammon 88
      Backgammon 88 7 months ago +1

      Maybe try charging it?

    • Gizem Gökmen
      Gizem Gökmen Year ago

      DanTheMan2007 can you help me with something? I just purchased this GoPro but it won’t turn on, what am I doing wrong?

  • Exploring Norway
    Exploring Norway Year ago

    Clearly it was not worth USD 500 since the price droped to USD 400 in january. Also the performance only come to life with the 2.01 firmware in late february 2018! Like 6 months after release GoPro finally ironed out the most obvious bugs.

  • Gabriele Ranucci
    Gabriele Ranucci Year ago

    When the case is mounted, is it possible to access the USB port to charge the camera? For example during a long time lapse this would be useful

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      Yes you can. You just remove the charging door (it is designed for this purpose) there is a cut out in the case that lines up with the charging port so you can plug in a charging cable.

  • Awesome Andrew
    Awesome Andrew Year ago

    Hero 6 sucks

  • Marvin Debattista

    Im thinking to buy a GoPro 6 How much Video Normally takes Video with a 32 GB Sd Card ? Quality 4 k

  • RainDel
    RainDel Year ago

    I really wish I could get one. Good video dude, keep it up!

  • Tyrone
    Tyrone Year ago

    I'll probably get it in the next few months so I can record some for my friends n stuff when I go on vacation

  • Swoop7777777
    Swoop7777777 Year ago

    wait, some vids are saying the IS is available during 4K video and you're saying it isn't....hmmm

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      it is when shooting at 30fps just not when shooting at 60fps

  • Nancy Crosby
    Nancy Crosby Year ago

    I need help getting back to english setting it somehow is japanese

  • UpstateArms1
    UpstateArms1 Year ago

    Ok I am super stoked I found this video! Just bought the 6 last night, have some concerns. First was the initial 12hr charge time,second when the light went off this morning I picked the camera up and the red light flickered twice as it came back on....feels almost like the USB charging cable is a little loose at the camera connection point or is this a normal thing for go pro? Second is the voice commands or Wi-Fi direct upload from the camera because so far the app has been horrible and likes to crash 😤 at this point iam not sure if I have a defective go pro that was made on a no fucks Friday or just being a little illiterate with the camera since this is my first go pro. It's odd where the mavic PRO took less time to understand and figure out that a camera lol HELP MEEEEE 😁👍👍

  • Tech Overdose
    Tech Overdose Year ago

    this costs 35 thousand ruppess its a waste .you can buy ekens H9R which has the same features and costs only 3500 ruppeess

  • john Freeman
    john Freeman Year ago

    If you are going to ASSUME that I know which features you are setting, then why are you going so fast without explaining what you are doing? Im outa here. I bet you get alot of blank stares when you try to explain stuff to your kids. You're an idiot. There are many other setup videos.

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      You may want to watch this video of ours as it is more a step-by-step from beginning to end

  • Kathi T
    Kathi T Year ago +1

    Too much unnecessary information. Get to the point next time. I could care less whether the battery is the same size as a Hero5, all I want to do is set up my camera

    • Emotionally_Stable_Lemon
      Emotionally_Stable_Lemon Year ago

      Kathi T it’s a review and overview, not a setup guide only. If you wanted that, go to a different video

  • shubdeepsingh
    shubdeepsingh Year ago +1

    if i purchase a hero6 battery plus charger for hero 5 does it works ???

  • Mersuharrastaja
    Mersuharrastaja Year ago

    I'm buying my first action-camera and thinking, does hero 5 be good enough or should I buy hero 6? I mean are features of 6 be worth the price difference. Or should I buy totally orher brand camera such as Garmin or Sony etc

  • Uvindu Salgado
    Uvindu Salgado Year ago

    Definitely buying it! It is amazing ✌️

  • Anthony Daou
    Anthony Daou Year ago

    Hero 6 bought it yesterday and it turns on by itself after I turn it off! Is it faulty? I noticed many had this issue on youtube..

  • KingBreakTalent
    KingBreakTalent Year ago

    I Will be buying a go pro hero 6 tomorrow however I do not want to buy if the go pro hero 7 is coming out soon not so sure!? Do you know

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago +1

      GoPro generally releases new cameras in September or early October

  • Patrick Curran
    Patrick Curran Year ago

    You titled this exactly what I searched for. Great SEO lol.

    • Air Photography
      Air Photography  Year ago

      👍 I try to label the videos in ways that make sense to me on how I would search for something

  • Angela Stiles
    Angela Stiles Year ago

    I got a hero 5 used in okay condition but the battery always ran out in the flick of a wrist I've tried using other batteries but did not work. Any advice?.

  • Angela Stiles
    Angela Stiles Year ago

    Where can you get one for less than 499 even maybe 10 20 bucks

  • Hafis Dani Wicaksono

    I WANT!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Richard G
    Richard G Year ago

    Do you know if the zoom on this can be access from the app on the iphone