What Is The Point Of Hexadecimal? (GCSE)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
  • Quick whiteboard tutorial showing which explains what the point of using hexadecimal in computing is, and why we use it, for students studying GCSE Computer Science

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  • Robert Sparkman
    Robert Sparkman 3 months ago +1

    This video caused me to subscribe!

  • Landon S
    Landon S 5 months ago +1

    Yeah Hexadecimals are killing my test scores man -_-. fine with binary and changing to decimals. Yet, hexadecimals really i don`t get, mostly when i`m working with multiple place holders.

    If i`m changing 17 to HEX, i understand its (1*16)+(1*7)=23.... Yet why am i not doing (1*16)+(1*17) to get 33?
    what would happen if i worked with 349 or something crazy, how would i solve?

    P.S. i am self studying all this and learning from the bottom to hopefully self-learn programming with a solid base. Don`t be to harsh.

    • Landon S
      Landon S 5 months ago

      @The Tech Train I'll look for it thank you.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train  5 months ago

      I will produce a simple guide to converting to and from hexadecimal numbers using the same method I teach my students. They can now convert to and from hex in their heads - it's become a game of sorts. There are various ways of doing it, but the way I teach it is the simplest. Make sure you're subscribed and click the notification bell so you know when I've uploaded it for you. 🔔

  • Sashimi is bad
    Sashimi is bad 7 months ago

    Fucking sick intro I love it- sorry for my cursing

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train  6 months ago

      I'm glad you liked it, although it's been replaced now with a shorter one.

  • Pugweed
    Pugweed 8 months ago

    3rd row, got it right woop

  • Chryoyo
    Chryoyo Year ago +1

    A good example of where this is used, is RGB charts. Red Green Blue.
    FF0000 = Red The first two digits being read
    FFFF00 = Orange and yellow A mixture of red and green
    00FF00 = Green Second digits being green
    00FFFF = Cyan A mixture of green and blue
    0000FF = Blue The last two digits
    FF00FF = Purple A mixture of red and blue
    So that's what controls the hue, and these just control the saturation.
    I like to use this site anytime I need to find the right code to use on things. www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.html

  • chicken lickin
    chicken lickin Year ago +1

    So useful! can you do a video explaining binary shifts?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train  Year ago +1

      It's on my list! My Year 11 students are busy revising so I'm putting together a whole series for them.