Asus Zenfone 5z Review 😄🔥 | Pros & Cons - Finally !

  • Published on Jul 15, 2018
  • Asus Zenfone 5z | India Review | Pros & Cons | oneplus 6 vs zenfone 5z | Zenfone 5z Heating | Retail unit | Silver | Zenfone 5z camera | Zenfone 5z Gaming
    In this " Asus Zenfone 5z " review with pros & Cons , I explain the features , battery , performance , specifications , gaming , camera and as said the pros and cons of Asus Zenfone 5z . After using Asus Zenfone 5z smartphone here are my thoughts on if you should it. Also I talk about oneplus 6 vs zenfone 5z .
    Watch this completely to get the idea if you should buy this " Asus Zenfone 5z " or one plus 6 smartphone in india
    Please do ask if any queries about the Asus Zenfone 5z smartphone and I will answer them
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  • Tech Shan
    Tech Shan  Year ago +35


  • Anas Shaikh
    Anas Shaikh Year ago

    Thinking Of buying 8GB / 256GB version...
    Which will be like 6-7k off on this week sale on flipkart...30-32k ..
    Worth it ?

  • Aamod V
    Aamod V Year ago

    loved your style of presentation, Currently own this device and all u say is absolutely correct

  • visakh viswam
    visakh viswam Year ago

    Theme name?

  • Aditya Chakraborty

    Good informative video. Thanks for uploading

    JISHNU Year ago

    Great video, i bought 2 days back, got 5z for 22500₹ on Flipkart bigbillon sale😍🔥

  • Vish Tomar
    Vish Tomar Year ago

    Shan bhai u make really owesome videos
    Love them

    • Vish Tomar
      Vish Tomar Year ago

      @Tech Shan can u plz look into I all brace xj tab and essentials. Thanks

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      Glad you love the video 😀❤️

  • Hitesh Jadhav
    Hitesh Jadhav Year ago

    I am confused about buying Zenfone 5z , is it good video recording phone??? & what features is it offer on its pro mode for video recording???

  • Pradeep Kumar Sundararaman

    ASU’s had given a camera software update. Pl review the same. But now value for money is Honor play not even OP 6 or Zenphone 5Z

  • sangamesh rk
    sangamesh rk Year ago

    camera is fantastic

  • Shoaib Ali
    Shoaib Ali Year ago

    very nice vedio..

  • kamal yadav
    kamal yadav Year ago

    Is the zenfone 5z have tha screen flash for front camera

    • kamal yadav
      kamal yadav Year ago

      Tech Shan is it have tha screen brigtness option while using face unlock in night time as one plua 6 have

    • kamal yadav
      kamal yadav Year ago

      Tech Shan it wont work while click ing with volume keys so i m unable to find it now i founf it use the button on screen to click

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago



    Kudos man.. Fantastic video... Wait for more

  • Sri Ram
    Sri Ram Year ago

    Now waiting for Zenfone 5 😋
    Same features except change in Processor so it would be best cam below 20k 😎.....

  • Aniket Bahulekar
    Aniket Bahulekar Year ago

    Bro, 6gb 128gb or 8gb 256gb...Though i am a gamer, music listener i hav more than 1k + songs on my playlist Which Variant u will Suggest?

    • Aniket Bahulekar
      Aniket Bahulekar Year ago

      Tech Shan okkz, thanks a ton bro 😊👍

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      silver , ram usage i cant predict depends on how your usage is gonna be. min around 2 gb u can expect to be free

    • Aniket Bahulekar
      Aniket Bahulekar Year ago

      Tech Shan okk bro, Which Color will be the best? & How much % of ram usage we will get in actual?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      128 would be just fine

  • Mudrit
    Mudrit Year ago


  • Ryuk Gill
    Ryuk Gill Year ago

    AI charging is the best option !!👌👌👍

  • rahul lakshminarayanan

    How about gaming of mortal kombat and injustice 2

  • karun kumar
    karun kumar Year ago

    great editing skills....detailed and crisp reviewwww....keep it up bro

  • James Log
    James Log Year ago

    Hey Shan, answer my query please. Why are there 3 dots on the status bar, next to the battery percentage??

    • James Log
      James Log Year ago

      Tech Shan.
      That's done by the 3 dots on the left side (users left) near the wifi symbol.
      But you pointed me in the right direction... 😉
      Thanks to you, I went ahead and pressed those dots on the right side(user's right) next to the battery percentage.
      Voila... They show status text that cannot fit on the status bar because of the notch eating up space... 😊
      And so... On pressing those dots... the "VOLTE " symbol gets displayed on the expanded status👍👍👍🏻
      Thanks Shan

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      when there are lot of notifications on click it expands to show the icons

    ADJIEGISAN Year ago

    Nice review. Very entertaining and informative.

  • Tech Slog
    Tech Slog Year ago

    Best review ever


    This is what expected from asus .... great device from asus to shoot out op6 & h10 .....
    good video from u shan .... respect your efforts
    Salute 👍🏽

  • Girish Kumar
    Girish Kumar Year ago

    Thank you it was awesome a review

  • Ryan Tee
    Ryan Tee Year ago


  • James Log
    James Log Year ago

    Ma Baad. You're right, i can see it flashing yellow in your Video. Loved the "notch club" comedy :) and as always thanks for showing live demo of the sound output. Bravo.

  • Exotixel BeatS
    Exotixel BeatS Year ago

    anyphones here in which i can play pubg smoothly under 10000

    ASHOK SINGH Year ago

    itne jyada zenfone 5z ke youtube video dekhe
    bt aapki video mai hi metro silver colour dekhne ko mila
    kounsa colour best hai iska midnite blue ya yeh metro silver
    plz suggest

  • Jeremy Sagpang
    Jeremy Sagpang Year ago

    Dude your video is very entertaining hahaha nice review 👍🏻

  • Anirban Halder
    Anirban Halder Year ago

    the device looking awesome
    will give great competition for many device
    fantastic video

  • Inayatullah Khan Basti,uttar pradesh

    bhaijaan ap se pyaar ho gya jo khicha hua apka channel pe le aata hai.

  • amarnath kulasekaran

    Nice video! There are two cons I identified:
    It doesn't support native video calling yet. I'm hoping they would fix in future updates.
    Face recognition could have front flash assist to help in dim light (it does works only in bright areas)
    Barring that it's a wonderful phone to buy!

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      well i assume video call will be enabled via software update and yes inclusion of front flash would be good. however given the setup i wont recommend using faceunlock unless you have a apple like setup.

  • Venkatachalam Karuppusamy

    As always, nice review.... The quality of your videos makes it to watch again and again.. Keep it up Shan.

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      Glad to hear that .. cheers ❤️

  • Spike626721
    Spike626721 Year ago

    Zenfone 5z or mi 8?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      cant comment on mi8 now. lets wait for it to get launched

  • muralidhar m.
    muralidhar m. Year ago +2

    If you are looking for a powerhouse on a budget you can choose the ZenFone 5Z, and you won’t feel like you’re settling.

  • Exotixel BeatS
    Exotixel BeatS Year ago

    sir,can i play pubg in 10.or g 3gb variant please reply

  • sumanta bora
    sumanta bora Year ago

    at last an honest review ..

  • Jack CJ
    Jack CJ Year ago

    Thanks for this nice review that cover for zenfone 5z. Cant' wait to get one for myself.

  • Sayeed Sohail Sazzad

    Don't you think the company's are making us fool by saying wide angle shot and cutting the normal shot a lil bit thn just making a bit wide I mean look at the non wide angle shots and check some previous phns with no wide angle lens aren't the pictures lil bit similar any how?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      wide angle shot uses only the wide angle lens and not the primary

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh Year ago

    Asus Zenfone 5z best Flagship with killer pricing🔥🔥🔥...Great review 👌

  • Onish Rachwani
    Onish Rachwani Year ago +1

    As Always an Awesome One😎😋

  • Onish Rachwani
    Onish Rachwani Year ago +1

    Nice Video Shan


    Love your videos.. You are better than most of the renowned RU-cliprs having millions of subscribers.
    Sir kindly do a giveaway of this amazing mobile.. I really need this ☺️☺️

  • Karthik Real
    Karthik Real Year ago

    Hi #MightyShan
    Starting to Watch ur Zenfone 5Z Video.
    Both English & Tamil

  • Ankit dodiya
    Ankit dodiya Year ago

    Great specs...superb editing of video as always btw missing minimy...

  • itz rahul
    itz rahul Year ago

    Was quite good ...not a flagship

  • Vishal Giri
    Vishal Giri Year ago +1

    awesome review SHAN got everything I need to know about the phone, really loved it, amazing job as always

  • Sagar Basnet
    Sagar Basnet Year ago +1

    asus is awesome and shan your review and overview is lit

  • vaibhav choudhary
    vaibhav choudhary Year ago +1

    Finally a phone which competes with oneplus 6 under 35k . You covered everything in the video. Keep it up👍. I have installed led lights on my desk today only and i wish i could review this phone on my desk like you😊🤔.Love you bro😎❤️.

  • Gurvinder Singh
    Gurvinder Singh Year ago

    Asus has been playing aggressively with pricing and good specifications, good for users 👌, very well made video

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      right .. competition is growing

  • MN Hemant
    MN Hemant Year ago +2

    Nice Video #mnhemant

  • Emayavaramban N.A

    Good and detailed review🔥

  • K h a m a e l
    K h a m a e l Year ago

    As always awesome and inspiring review 👊🏻
    I just can't wait for @JerryRigEverything put his hands on this model.

  • Papu Borah
    Papu Borah Year ago

    wow nice phone, super with fast charging tech and type C usb with easy & fast to transfer files and the notch becomes too common nowadays. And SD845 is super solid fantastic fast. 👍 great. Great product by ASUS. Nice video @TechShan

  • Anto Mysterio
    Anto Mysterio Year ago

    Nice Mobile looks Good

  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav Year ago +1

    all the AI features r the best part of this phone specially the AI charging.

  • akshay kadam
    akshay kadam Year ago +1

    If I had to give an award for the best looking smartphone...this phone will win it until the next decade or so, hands down.👌

  • prashanth amanchi

    Asus Zenfone 5z best Flagship with killer pricing🔥🔥🔥...Great review 👌

  • delhi boy
    delhi boy Year ago

    Brother i cant change my google assistants voice... When i open setting = preferences... I dont see the assistant voice changing option... What will i do

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      just say "ok google, change voice". and click voice settings

    • delhi boy
      delhi boy Year ago

      Tech Shan honor 9 lite.... My phone

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      which phone are you talking about

  • Ghoghari Sanjay
    Ghoghari Sanjay Year ago

    At 21k price point .
    How's the deal?