Thoughty2, Bad Music & The Decline of the Pop Song - My Response

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
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    Watch as I respond to 'The TRUTH Why Modern Music is Awful' by Thoughty2. It's the most viewed video on the topic of popular musical decline. It's a complete rehash of the study: 'Measuring the Evolution of Contemporary Western Popular Music' which came out a few years ago.
    My response calls into question the importance of the musical properties being discussed: harmonic complexity, timbral diversity and loudness and I also point out some basic logical flaws too. All in all, Thoughty2 has done a terrible job of informing the public and I'm attempting to do my part in order to set things right.
    So if your a music fan or a person interested in alternative music who thinks the world is moving on without them, you may find some solace in this video.
    The horror music at the end of the video was created by GowlerMusic:
    The violin & guitar icons in the 'Let's Talk Timber' section were by Grégory Montigny from the Noun Project
    Special thanks to Luke Knight and Savith Wadasinghe.
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  • Ze Rubenator
    Ze Rubenator 2 hours ago

    I wonder what the counterculture to today's pop music is going to be. What will be tomorrow's classicism to today's baroque; tomorrow's punk to today's prog; tomorrow's hangover to today's binge? I'm looking forward to it.

  • xdcountry
    xdcountry 9 hours ago +1

    You're incredible -- I wish I had you in my ears while I was at Juilliard. You had me from the very beginning but when you dropped some Aphex on me -- I was in heaven. Amazing stuff.

  • Bruno Corrêa
    Bruno Corrêa 10 hours ago +1

    Also, Mr. "Foughty" seems to ignore that all the "good" music from the past was considered garbage in those days. Jazz, Rock, Punk Rock, all those genre were considered a threat to moral and social values when they came up. Nowadays we consider it as "good old music", but it's just a pont of view, not reality per se.

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds 21 hour ago +1

    It’s definitely different. And I find less that I like, so for me it is worse. But I can’t make an argument that it’s actually worse. So I won’t. But I also don’t care. There’s still lots of good music every year and masses of great music from the past to discover or re-discover.

  • Dulk9
    Dulk9 Day ago

    And yet he is right, you are wrong.

  • Becca Makin
    Becca Makin Day ago +1

    Ohhhhh - I was wondering why that video was in my recommended. It just felt... Wrong.

  • an8248
    an8248 2 days ago


  • Classy Compositions
    Classy Compositions 2 days ago

    Certainly dancing skills have declined, since those moves at 15:48 can't possibly be topped.

  • n todd
    n todd 2 days ago

    Even IF science had the capability to make a meaningful judgement about which music was "best", that judgement would be irrelevant. Tantacrul is completely justified to ridicule this notion. RU-clip videos that proclaim some "objective" evidence that some music is better than other are nothing but a waste of time.

  • Martijn Hover
    Martijn Hover 3 days ago

    For "songs", there is such a thing as "lyrics"...

  • Mr. Handsome
    Mr. Handsome 3 days ago +1

    your impression of Thoughty 2 is dead spot on

  • Nick
    Nick 3 days ago +2

    I swear you and SovietWomble have the best videos on the internet. So much quality, so infrequent.

  • tom emody
    tom emody 3 days ago

    Well done.!! But that’s what I told Aaron a while back. It seems you are both trying very hard to help the public. Thank you very much. Tom.

  • Nick
    Nick 3 days ago

    Oh, you're Irish. That explains why you replaced his head with beer.

  • Mobbs
    Mobbs 3 days ago

    Hey I basically got bullied in University for not knowing my music word pronunciations... I pronounced Shostakovic , Shoss - TAK- o' vich, Everybody pompously laughed =( But I got higher grades in the end to screw 'em

  • Irn Bru Boy
    Irn Bru Boy 3 days ago

    I liked some of your diatribe - the stuff about actual music - but there does seem to be a growing trend on youtube of direct attacks on other users. Not that it was particularly savage (I doubt Thoughty2 is crying himself to sleep) but some of it seemed a little unnecessary, when really it was this study and a whole mess of people talking about it that were the significant point.

  • PML - Star Wars
    PML - Star Wars 3 days ago

    you probably listen to mumble rap

  • Nicefisher
    Nicefisher 4 days ago

    Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

  • Jetpack Guy
    Jetpack Guy 4 days ago

    damn it! now I gotta unsubscribe to one of my favorite creators...

  • NewGoldStandard
    NewGoldStandard 4 days ago +1

    I don't want to crap on anyone, and I have a lot of respect for ALL musicians, but have you actually gone back and listened to the stuff Dylan was recording live in NY in the 70s? I'd hate to say I'd take Brittany Spears (well, if it was her in the red leather outfit...) but a lot of the "hallowed works" are barely listenable. edit- sorry for being pedantic, but Napster wasn't a streaming service. also, what a gd smackdown.

  • Charlie Alonso de Florida Ceballos

    Dude you have to admit pop music does kinda sucks nowadays

    • Joe Miller
      Joe Miller 3 days ago +2

      It's all in your head. It's not objective

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 4 days ago +2

    Music has not died “a long time ago.” Mainstream music has been, and always will be bad. You have to grow a brain and search harder for good stuff. When you do, you’ll realize that music is still really good.

  • Xiao Shenjing
    Xiao Shenjing 4 days ago

    45 declared communist takeover goals.
    The destruction of the music industry was listed.
    Today you have performers.
    Back in the days you had musicians that could play instruments.
    You had singers that could sing.
    Now you have rappers that talk fast.. While spend records of other people's music from back in the day..
    And what is being said goes right over your head..
    Perhaps you're just too young or ignorant, lacking the knowledge of being able to compare it all together..
    What do you have today that compares to Sammy Davis's juniors, My Valentine ?
    Where is the diversity in modern music?
    Let's compare everything from the year 2000 to the year 2019, and compare all that against the year to 1984..
    There's more diversity in the styles of music of 1984.. there are more hit songs.
    More recognizable music and songs then has been created in the last 19 years ©_© .
    Name a band that has came out since the year 2000 ? ©_©
    Did a record label put them together?
    Name a rememberable band out of the 90s...
    For everyone one rememberable band out of the 90s, there are at least 10 bands that could be named of out of the 80s..
    How many of these new songs are nothing but bad version of Old covers ?©_© well there is Disturbed, with the Sound of Silence..
    I believe Paul Simon wrote that back in the winter of 1965.
    Don't speak of history when you have no understanding of it..
    And for a none musician to speak of music is just as ignorant..

  • Kaari McBride
    Kaari McBride 4 days ago

    Can we all appreciate that Tant got a similar shirt for his thoughty parody.

  • LongSchlong Silver
    LongSchlong Silver 5 days ago

    Why do your clefs look so weird?

  • LongSchlong Silver
    LongSchlong Silver 5 days ago

    Thanks for clearing things up Tant. But I think I'll continue sticking to folk music

  • J Lew
    J Lew 5 days ago +3

    You really mopped the floor with this guy

  • Calen Crawford
    Calen Crawford 5 days ago

    Your art joke in minute 6 was severely misplaced. Just look at Jacob's Ladder, Broadway Boogie Woogie, or even Mountains and Sea, which all look strange and disconcerted compared to earlier pieces like The Desperate Man, (this is the real cannon) Starry Night, or artwork that literally curves the earth, like the Leshan Giant Buddha (of course, that last one is kind-of cheating, so I'll select another piece), or artwork which depicts the earth to look better than itself, like Looking Down the Yosemite Valley, by Bierstadt. The difference between art and music is that bad art actually exists, and can be seen as bad across all people. For example, no-one's going to tell you that a sloppy-made stick-figure is more appealing to their eyes than Andrea Appiani's Napoleon Bonaparte. I digress.

    • Tantacrul
      Tantacrul  5 days ago +1

      I like this comment, although I don't quite get what you mean, or what you're objecting to.

  • albinotron
    albinotron 5 days ago +4

    You've gained a subscriber, funny music boy.

  • Steven Guy
    Steven Guy 5 days ago +1

    "Tambre" LOL

  • Nick GC
    Nick GC 5 days ago


    ACADIA COPIA 6 days ago

    he truly is deluded by wisdom

  • Lester Stein
    Lester Stein 6 days ago

    as always, Tantacrul's got me laughing my ass off alone in my studio. quite a rare thing i very much enjoy.
    The recurring timbre joke is funny, though both of you are saying the french word wrong hehe

  • donutmaster
    donutmaster 7 days ago +1

    Yeah you sound like the kind of guy who likes Eminem. Top of the mornin to ya I talk quickly and nitpick inaccurate shit Gary Barlow's unsuccessful little brother published on RU-clip in a bid to raise money to buy his own council house. What's the point man? It's not like he took your lucky charms so why bother? We get it: Armed with Wikipedia you can pass yourself off as understanding a little music theory...but you're no Adam Neely dude, you're just yet another quick-talking rant channel passing off snark as substance. Quick Tentacrul! let's do another 2 second cutaway pun to really sneer at a rival! 2.4 million subscribers like it's a mystery... Yeah apparently Tentacrul people subscribe to RU-cliprs who aren't cunts. Mystery solved.

  • Doneandgone
    Doneandgone 7 days ago

    Right, so this video is obviously trying to ride on the wave of another video that's collecting millions of views, and it's trying to do so by using technical rhetoric. OK, so according to this biased analysis, today's hits have the same quality as yesteryear's hits, which is like claiming that the Beatles have got the same musical quality as jazz, or that jazz has got the same musical quality as classical music(?) I will check out other videos from this channel though because the guy seems to have good knowledge of the technical aspects of music. But please, don't try to make popular videos... Honestly, if you don't agree with the gloss analysis of the Thoughty2 video, you should have gone more in depth as to WHY modern music is getting worse instead of pretending it's not!

  • Lightbath
    Lightbath 7 days ago +11

    This channel is the perfect combination of music theory and sarcasm

  • BeBop Blues
    BeBop Blues 8 days ago

    Hey there Taint...I've seen 3 of your videos. In your efforts to present yourself as an "I know better than everyone" expert you manage to come across not as an insightful analytical musicologist but only, at best, a desperate & sanctimonious prick. Your analysis are weak.

  • Nishi Jochiro
    Nishi Jochiro 8 days ago +1

    Actually there can be a case made for this if only comparing something like the hot 100 today to the classical of the past. Since what is popular must appeal to a lowest common denominator to be labeled as such and the masses vote with their wallets, we find popular music today reminiscent of very popular carcinogenic junk sold by your local supermarket. Besides this we notice a increase in degenerate lyrics, rhythmic music over melodic music, severely limited dynamic range, and subversive negro influences (rock was originally black music).

  • Epideli
    Epideli 8 days ago +1

    Modern music is garbage.

    • James
      James 2 days ago

      I strongly disagree. I would go as far as to say there is modern music YOU would enjoy

  • Claurio Neves
    Claurio Neves 8 days ago

    Didn't anyone notice the *HAMONIC COMPLEXITY?* Is it related in any way to HOW MANY COMPONENTS CAN BE FOUND IN A HAM?

  • Timothy Lam Composer
    Timothy Lam Composer 9 days ago +2

    By the way, tantacrul, did you catch Aaron’s mistake of pronouncing violas as vaiolas?

  • Igor Aguilar
    Igor Aguilar 9 days ago

    Simply perfect.

  • Marcus Jackson
    Marcus Jackson 9 days ago

    No thoughty 2 is right and your a boob.

    • James
      James 2 days ago +2

      @Marcus Jackson well you definitely have some strong subjective opinions you feel about this

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 2 days ago

      No James we rationalize justify and minimize when a situation is irrational, unjustifiable and clearly not minimal. No need for these coping mechanism when we are true and correct. All you have to do is turn on the radio or whatever to today's "pop" genre and its clear as day.. granted the popular genre has always catered to the increasingly dumbed down masses and there are always execptions to every rule and true artist in every genre but the points made in thoughty 2 video are valid and certainly withstood the cheap heckling of this boob.

    • James
      James 2 days ago +1

      @Marcus Jackson Surely you understand that's the worst possible argument a human being can make, right?

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 2 days ago

      No justification is needed because it's true and correct.

    • Dutch Propaganda
      Dutch Propaganda 2 days ago +1

      how do you justify this belief?

  • skeptic moderate
    skeptic moderate 11 days ago

    That Eminem instrumental was absolutely beautiful. You're a degenerate if you don't appreciate it.

  • TaoQiBao
    TaoQiBao 12 days ago

    Alright, you got your like.
    And a subscription.

  • Andrew Richesson
    Andrew Richesson 13 days ago +1

    Well I do enjoy Baroque music more than classical. I find too much classical kind of annoying after awhile.

    • James
      James 2 days ago +1

      I find both annoying after a while, I can listen to late romantic music forever though

  • luigi TheManiAC
    luigi TheManiAC 14 days ago +2

    Can you make a point without attacking the guy personally? What's your problem with his eyebrow? I thought you were talking about music...

  • John Temple
    John Temple 15 days ago

    As a musician I did not see anything Thoughty2 said as being inherently false in regards to composition, the growing similarity in timbre, etc,. It's all fairly fucking obvious stuff and I think you're being a total spastic about it, mate. XD
    And as far at the "portable MP3" player thing.. well, who the fuck remembers Zune? A small group of people. The Ipod revolutionized it, mate, you can't just pretend like that was not the complete climate surrounding it: before the ipod, Mp3 players were small, and generally not as popular. So, don't piss around on the facts just to argue superfluously, come on now.

  • just clouds
    just clouds 16 days ago +1

    While everything you said was true, I feel like his point was more about pop music that everyone listens to and not contemporary music in general. Several of his points are valid when you only look at the crap that is pushed out to the mass majority of the radio stations today.

  • Uncle Mike
    Uncle Mike 16 days ago +2

    I didn't bother watching Thoughty2's video
    Pop music is execrable
    That means "made out of shit"
    End of story

    • James
      James 2 days ago

      @Uncle Mike I wouldn't like to, as I don't like those artists. Pop music exists out that isn't all like that.

    • Uncle Mike
      Uncle Mike 2 days ago

      @James ah, we are at an impasse. No, I can't prove that pop music is all shit. Let's both listen to all of Miley Cyrus' and T-Pain's "hits", then resume this conversation

    • James
      James 2 days ago +1

      @Uncle Mike So if it's a fact, you shouldn't have a problem objectively proving it, right?

      (if you're making a joke about the definition being the fact then I'm sorry I missed it at first)

    • Uncle Mike
      Uncle Mike 2 days ago

      @JamesNo, it's a fact: "execrable" really does mean "made out of shit"

    • James
      James 2 days ago +1

      In your opinion or objectively?

  • Frank Illes
    Frank Illes 17 days ago +1

    Tombrah? Are you fucking serious?

  • Maemi No Yume
    Maemi No Yume 18 days ago +1

    I LOVE YOU TANTACRUL, for making this video. When I watched Thoughty2's video, I almost threw up, the part where he talks about compression was the most bullshit thing I ever saw in my entire life.

  • Zander Barker
    Zander Barker 18 days ago +2

    T I M B E R

  • IDidn'tWantA 2partName
    IDidn'tWantA 2partName 18 days ago +2

    If you like a song, isn’t it a good song? Why can’t you just like what you like? And why do we resent technological development? We are allowed to improve our standard of life.

  • Enzi Gee
    Enzi Gee 19 days ago

    one of the best Em songs

  • G Helldorfer
    G Helldorfer 19 days ago +1

    Did the uploader of this video even watch the original? I doubt it.

    • Maemi No Yume
      Maemi No Yume 18 days ago +1

      I watched both, what do you mean? I feel like the uploader of this video was quite merciful. Because Thoughty2's video is far more dumb.

  • Josh Victor
    Josh Victor 19 days ago

    Never heard of Thoughty2 but, well yt algorithm filters stuff out nicely for once, I guess

  • Jordon Barry
    Jordon Barry 20 days ago

    This video had me in stitches ty 😂

  • shatterwood
    shatterwood 20 days ago

    I'm liking the use of "Europop", one of my favorite Eiffel 65 songs. Even though it isn't Scooter.

  • Spencer Winell
    Spencer Winell 21 day ago

    11:51 - best analogy for this ridiculous study in existence

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K 22 days ago +41

    One of the key flaws of the database is survivourship bias. Nobody remembers the throwaway timber that was cut down 50 years ago, we only remember the ones made into fine pieces of furniture.

  • Max Z.
    Max Z. 22 days ago

    Ok sorry but classical music? (and I mean music from the baroque classic and romantik Era)
    Music in these times were so complex in harmony and dynamics, music told a story/feeling/circumstance only by the music and usually without lyrics, so by that said, music definitely got "worse" when worse means less complex

  • gregory brian
    gregory brian 23 days ago

    Smack. Down.

  • Zack Akai
    Zack Akai 26 days ago

    Thoughty2 is full of shit anyway, I can't believe so many people are dumb enough to that hack seriously.

  • benjamin beam
    benjamin beam 26 days ago

    Dude stop over analyzing! Pop music is garbage and it’s getting more carnal and less innocent along with getting way less complex and the quality is going down as well.

    • Joe Miller
      Joe Miller 3 days ago +2

      It's not over analysis. It's science. If you don't like pop music, then that's fine, but don't expect to have your opinion justified by anything objective. It's all in your head

  • Vanilla Thunder
    Vanilla Thunder 28 days ago +1

    The UX design video led me here and this one wrapped up my subscription.

  • leon hewer
    leon hewer Month ago

    How do you measure the complexity of ham anyways?

  • Phi6er
    Phi6er Month ago

    You don't make a single point that holds up in the context of the video. Tell me, Tant, why do you try so hard to confirm your self-perceived intelligence? Yes, you know how to pronounce 'timbre' correctly unlike this one peasant, and we're all very proud of you. Good job! I wish I was cool like you.

  • Arno van Emmerik
    Arno van Emmerik Month ago +1

    As a woodwind instrumentalist, I have the real timber in my sound. It all makes sense now.

  • Jason Baul
    Jason Baul Month ago

    Nah. pop is sh*t same as this video

  • Vladimir Delta
    Vladimir Delta Month ago +5

    "Hamonic Complexity"
    I am not even kidding, the guy wrote *HAMONIC* in his video

  • Meltoss
    Meltoss Month ago

    I love how you kept Prince as the Background music

  • Damien Lagan
    Damien Lagan Month ago

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Watermelon Man
    Watermelon Man Month ago +1

    Funny video but it doesn't change the fact that pop music these days is utter shite.

  • Gustavo Berocan Veiga

    Did you say a no timber lake?

  • MrFair
    MrFair Month ago +1

    After watching this video, I have now completely forgotten how to correctly pronounce timbre. Help.

  • jef jef
    jef jef Month ago

    Im quite sure Thoughty2 refers to tone quality or tone color when he uses the word timbre which is a term that is quite commonly used when people talk about music. So for now i am not sure how relevant your response is since the timber is indeed not the same thing as a timbre. Maybe you should have done more research since the ignorant timber jokes got pretty old pretty quickly ;(

    • Tantacrul
      Tantacrul  Month ago

      Um... you're the first person to think that I literally meant timber...

  • Kevin Ouellet
    Kevin Ouellet Month ago +1

    Your love of Aphex makes me love you more. must sayin. AND AMON TOBIN I heart your style.

  • h4ntoh4nd
    h4ntoh4nd Month ago

    Brilliant content as always, but why is the voicing in your chord progression examples so awful :(

  • Finn Bjerke
    Finn Bjerke Month ago

    Start of video is silly end of it is rather clever.
    The Timbre sarcasm is not overly clever. Whats said about overtones is plainly wrong. Stop ridiculing the man for the way he looks when you make stop-video. You dont like his eye browes? Well dont be an idiot about it. What you say about harmony at the end of the video is to some extend relevant even clever, but that does not contradict thoughty2. So debate better mate, stop the turfpissing, its too manly, too silly.

  • cq33xx
    cq33xx Month ago +1

    we don't need scientists to tell us that modern music suck

  • Ben Pham
    Ben Pham Month ago

    hahaha nice critique of this, love it

  • Paranormal Banana
    Paranormal Banana Month ago +1

    Music amirite hahah Alexa send tweet

  • Anios Arkhangelisk
    Anios Arkhangelisk Month ago +1

    Honestly I don't think I'd like the 200 most searched music artists.

  • Gallentecitizen1
    Gallentecitizen1 Month ago +2

    ...and they meticulously ran every single song frough a set of complex algorifvms. These algorifvms measured free distinct metrics of each song...

  • Steve Tragg
    Steve Tragg Month ago +1

    The imitation at the end really got me!

    FREAKOUTS TV Month ago +1

    Was going to make a response vid to thoughty2's video. But, seeing as it got rebutted twice we'll leave it alone. But seriously, thoughty2 just tries to justify stereotypical views which is where his content falls apart and add that to the fact that he has little musical background.........its a disaster.

  • nice try167
    nice try167 Month ago

    Contrarian contrarianism.

  • McKampfschnitzel97
    McKampfschnitzel97 Month ago +1

    Aside from the fact that the whole idea of music getting worse over time being dumb and ignorant, it's hilarious to think that the whole music industry came together one day and collectively decided to exclusively make shit music from that point on. Like they all got together in a room and said:
    "Let's completely ignore every convention and advancement made so far and actively make shitty music. Not copy and regurgitate what was successful until now, but put active effort in making it worse."
    "Great idea. I'll just quickly message every musician to make their music as simplistic, bland and ugly as possible. And also make their lyrics really dumb."
    "And we should also hire exactly two people to write the majority of all hits. Making music is really easy anyways, so they should be able to pull it off."
    "And we should also write some weird algorithms to produce all music, because thats totally possible without people noticing. That's what people mean when talking about using software to produce music, right?"

    • dooder
      dooder Month ago

      @McKampfschnitzel97 Np. There's actually a dude who did a documentary on it.
      It's on Amazon Prime
      Also, radio is STILL the most prevalent way people listen to music, despite the advent of streaming:
      So, as a conclusion we can say that radio absolutely has huge influence on public taste in music, and imho....mainstream music is way worse than its ever been.

    • McKampfschnitzel97
      McKampfschnitzel97 Month ago

      ​@dooder Ok wow, that's actually legit. Not quite the cartoonish and sinister scenario I imagined, but still. Really interesting piece of history that I wasn't aware of, thank you.

    • dooder
      dooder Month ago +1

      They did, though. It started with the consolidation of radio in 1996.

  • quitpayload
    quitpayload Month ago +1

    I'm surprised you didn't go harder on him describing timbre as the "colour" of the sound.

  • Sara Stephens
    Sara Stephens Month ago +1

    aaaaack don't give in to the horrible eyebrow! Thanks for this.

  • Leo Nordmann
    Leo Nordmann Month ago +1

    This was hillarious. Really great video!!!

  • Aman Trivedi
    Aman Trivedi Month ago +1

    Funny how he mentions timbrel diversity and it’s importance by using rock music as an example.

  • vv Mako vv
    vv Mako vv Month ago +1

    Sorry but its not an opinion... Its fact.

  • Al XE
    Al XE Month ago

    You could have just posted a Vulfpeck video to disprove Thoughty2.

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert Hunt Month ago

    "Where received wisdom and gullibility collide with a really unrealistic deadline." Gold! His stuff is like Fox News: just enough smarty-sounding information to lead you to a predetermined conclusion.

  • Samuel R
    Samuel R Month ago

    Semi coLAWNS

  • Just Sayin'
    Just Sayin' Month ago +3

    its all taste, you cant prove music is getting worse for everyone, for me - yeah! I hate most modern music! but for a lot of people the stuff i listen too would be crappy. it all depends on your personal taste. and... does it really matter? so what if music isnt complex? I like rock music, and the riff for smoke on the water isnt very complex. a (much) more modern example would be seven nation army. I love that song - but it is far from complicated. So in the end, it doesnt matter how complex music is. all that matters is personal taste.

  • Tersoo Upaa jr
    Tersoo Upaa jr Month ago +3

    Anyone that searches "why modern pop music is so bad" is just looking to have their opinions validated. Cause liking old music is so quirky UwU.

    • Tersoo Upaa jr
      Tersoo Upaa jr Month ago

      @TheVikingGrimm Alright great man, thanks for the clarification. I was almost starting to wonder if you were r/lewronggeneration. :)

    • TheVikingGrimm
      TheVikingGrimm Month ago +1

      @Tersoo Upaa jr Haha hi! I did understand that's what you were saying, I was simply pointing out the lack of creativity and originality, not saying something has a required level of "complexity" to be considered good.
      Edit: Sorry didn't see second message! and I will admit saying "actual artist" was a bit on the nose! Definitely came from irritation over the fact that there are vastly more talented and original artists out there being squashed by the unoriginal mainstream.
      Like comparing the Mona Lisa to my more hobbyist level pictures. Sure we're both "artists" but Da Vinci is definitely a much better one on an objective level.
      I never said I didn't listen to Pop, I can just see how it is objectively of lesser quality from a purely artistic perspective.
      Perhaps I should instead say that the mainstream stuff is more, frustratingly similar and "stagnant" rather than talent-less. So while yes everyone has their own tastes, which is awesome! It is still possible to look at a piece and dissect it as a work of art. 5 pictures of a house with a sun shining down on it, even if the colours vary, are still 5 pictures of a house with the sun shining on it and not unique or original.

    • Tersoo Upaa jr
      Tersoo Upaa jr Month ago

      @TheVikingGrimm Also, having the audacity to say "actual artists" is laughable. Everyone has their own opinions and tastes, just cause you like an artist no one knows doesnt make it inherently better.

    • Tersoo Upaa jr
      Tersoo Upaa jr Month ago

      @TheVikingGrimm Hello internet stranger. I believe you didn't understand the actual message I pit across. I wasn't praising modern music, I was calling out people with a "music is so bad because it is less complex" falacy, like you. Why don't you go listen to Mozart or sum shit, definetly more complex than whatever artist u praised puts out.

    • TheVikingGrimm
      TheVikingGrimm Month ago

      I wouldn't call it "bad" music, just creatively bankrupt. It's damn catchy, has a solid samey rhythm that is comfortable to listen to most of the time. But if you compare it to an actual artist, Estas Tonne for example, it becomes self evident the lack of effort that's gone in to whoever is topping the charts atm. It's just frustrating to see them receive praise when it's pretty lazy what they do.

  • Penguinexpress
    Penguinexpress Month ago +3

    I'd hate to see what happened to thoughty1