The Terrifying, Haunted, and Abandoned Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • The Terrifying, Haunted, and Abandoned Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park in Arlington, Tx
    Welcome to Morty Mouse, in this episode we head to The Terrifying, Haunted, and Abandoned Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park. This haunted bridge is abandoned int he middle of a haunted forest! It's one of multiple haunted bridges throughout the US called The Screaming Bridge. This Screaming Bridge has ghost stories, urban legends, and verified hauntings attached to it. Have you ever been to the Screaming Bridge? How about a Haunted Forest? Join Morty Mouse as he heads on a ghosting hunting, urban legend searching endeavor to The Terrifying, Haunted, and Abandoned Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park.
    The Screaming Bridge in River Legacy Park has amazing graffiti art. It's a beautiful abandoned bridge ripe for urban explorers to check out. Urban exploration at the abandoned Screaming Bridge! A little scary Urban for you guys! Are there any Abandoned bridges near you?
    I'm a beer drinking, theme park loving, ghost chasing, Urban Legend Busting, explorer of the strange and I want you to join my adventures!
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  • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse

    What are some haunted places near where you live?
    Check out our video about Hell's Gate in the same park!

  • vampkllr
    vampkllr 13 days ago

    I'd swear Texas Wolves were extinct? Coyote, cougar, snakes and boar are pretty much our main threats.

    • vampkllr
      vampkllr 11 days ago

      It sure sounds a lot warmer!

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  11 days ago

      Yeah I’d love to get down there. All the way out in cali now!

    • vampkllr
      vampkllr 13 days ago

      Haven't gotten to go through all the videos yet but, you'd have a blast down in Galveston. So much going on there, including a haunted Walmart!

    • vampkllr
      vampkllr 13 days ago

      I'd love if we had wolves in Texas again, I'm a photographer and constantly out hiking.

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  13 days ago

      You are right, I called coyotes wolves haha

  • smtgy0
    smtgy0 19 days ago

    Actually found a dead body on this bridge while mountain biking there one morning. Man who went out and committed suicide on the bridge the night before. Very sad and disturbing.

  • John Tharp
    John Tharp Month ago

    Ok ok there’s no cougars and there’s no wolfs
    There’s bobcats and coyotes lol

  • Penelope Ryholt
    Penelope Ryholt Month ago

    You mentioned wolves. Pretty sure there aren’t wolves in Arlington, but we do have coyotes.

  • Eric Norman
    Eric Norman 2 months ago +1

    The rail road tracks are haunted. I walked down a two lane road at 2am and saw a dog laying down. It was stabbed and barley breathing. It was foggy. I didnt know what to do. Came back the next day and the dog was gone!

  • Luciana Tonetti
    Luciana Tonetti 2 months ago

    That pole thing was something you put poop in

  • Matt K
    Matt K 3 months ago

    I live in this area and these woods are not scary. This is not the real screaming bridge. Also, thanks for creating ruts in our mountain bike trail when it was flooded! Learn the rules of a closed trail man.

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  Month ago

      Tony Leal yeah, I discuss that in the video.

    • Tony Leal
      Tony Leal Month ago

      From the exact spot of that bridge you thought was screaming bridge, you need to go exactly .7 miles to the north northwest where the old road crosses the sulphur branch and the train tracks. The bridge is no longer there, but that’s the location.

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  3 months ago

      Haha you’re welcome!

  • Matthew Curling
    Matthew Curling 3 months ago

    The trail there is 12 miles and only about 8 are open after the flooding around the time this video was made. Please everyone watching the video If the sign at the trail head says closed do not hike or bike the trails.

    I like your disney stuff better though.

  • Junkster
    Junkster 3 months ago

    Been looking on how to get their and found nothing online on how to go but thanks to you I know how to get there!!! Like from me.

  • Jose Gusman
    Jose Gusman 3 months ago

    Go at night

  • Galaxy Gachas uwu
    Galaxy Gachas uwu 3 months ago

    I live in texas man! This video is great, but gave me the chivers

  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie 4 months ago

    I saw a ghostly shadow of a girl

  • jazmin's life
    jazmin's life 4 months ago +2

    Omg never new that the park i go on the daily is haunted. 😬😂

  • Freddy and Mario
    Freddy and Mario 5 months ago

    Bruh that’s just an abandoned bridge from a old highway and I was there a few days ago 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Fishing Life
    Fishing Life 5 months ago +1

    really i live there that is wirded

  • Brooke Davalos
    Brooke Davalos 5 months ago +2

    You took the long way around. My husband and I walk the dogs up there all the time bc we like that nobody is around. You can take the concrete bike trail until it ends then keep going straight onto the dirt bike trail and follow it back to the bridge.

  • Katrina Nizri
    Katrina Nizri 5 months ago

    lol he said Arlington and I was immediately scared... Not of ghosts tho

  • Kayla Garcia
    Kayla Garcia 5 months ago

    I always go to this park and the trails too!but i never knew about this,now im nervous

  • Robert Secrist
    Robert Secrist 6 months ago

    I will be going there today to try and find the bridge and gate area. Paranormal investigator since 2012.

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe 6 months ago

    Wind whistling through those metal opening in concrete

  • Amber Medina
    Amber Medina 6 months ago

    Didn’t know this about this park. I like taking my kids to the park there!

  • Chelsea Torres
    Chelsea Torres 6 months ago

    Leave a camera overnight then review footage

  • Poppy CHITTY
    Poppy CHITTY 6 months ago

    You. Are. Brave

  • Lisa Paquette
    Lisa Paquette 7 months ago

    Jesus Morty be careful you shouldn't go places like this alone be safe #MOUSENATION

  • Legendary Zelda
    Legendary Zelda 7 months ago

    Anything inanimate screams at me..OH HELL NO 😱

  • Bobbie Emery
    Bobbie Emery 8 months ago +1

    I found you because your video came up in my suggested for the Chuck-E-Cheese video. I'm so very glad it did! Your videos have amazing quality you're a great awesome RU-clipr! I wish you were bigger, I will support you I've subscribed! You definitely deserve a big audience your videos are astounding! Thank you

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  8 months ago +1

      We have twitter, instagram, and Facebook. Just search TheMortyMouse

    • Bobbie Emery
      Bobbie Emery 8 months ago

      @The Creepiest with Morty Mouse do you have a Facebook or Instagram? Just wondering how I can follow you and other social media? You really intrigued me, LOL I love the creepy and macabre

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  8 months ago +1

      You are awesome Bobbie! Means the world! Thank you so much!!

  • Zero
    Zero 8 months ago

    Be careful out there..And Your equipment, You are my favorite RU-clipr.

  • Sherrie Abbott
    Sherrie Abbott 8 months ago

    There is one place my neighbor hood the house is haunted because people go there then leave because of the ghost

  • Mikey Cooper
    Mikey Cooper 8 months ago

    the metal thing is the front of a car

  • Ross Beckman
    Ross Beckman 8 months ago +1

    That is the Trammel Davis bridge not the screaming bridge

    • Ross Beckman
      Ross Beckman 7 months ago +1

      @axcellgrease The bridge is next to funtown MTB area . I film bobcats & wild hogs in that area

    • axcellgrease
      axcellgrease 7 months ago +1

      I used to walk out there all the time by myself at night. I grew up in Arlington, Tx. in my teen years. I still live nearby. We used to drive over that bridge by Fun Town MTB area. There are tons of coyotes, wild boar, bobcats, and I even saw a panther once. Anyway I am glad you said that wasn’t the original screaming bridge. Just north of the river are actual homes where newly freed slaves lived, in Mosier Valley.

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  8 months ago +2

      If you watched the whole video, I talk about how this isn't the real screaming bridge,. Clearly you didn't.

  • Davis Bradley
    Davis Bradley 8 months ago +3

    please do more vids where u go to the place please this vid is great i can’t wait till u blow up

  • Bubba Ray Biscuit
    Bubba Ray Biscuit 9 months ago +3

    Well done sir! Very interesting history of the area.

  • jennifer miranda
    jennifer miranda 9 months ago +1

    Me & my friends visited this park at night, we got chased by a tall black figure, heard a girls scream, voices in the background & once we returned to the car there was tiny hand prints on the window

    • Edith Gamez
      Edith Gamez 7 months ago

      Same happens to us some black shadow chased us and we heard a scream. But not the prints tho!

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  9 months ago

      Welcome! Very scary place!! Especially at night!!

  • Halorym
    Halorym 9 months ago +3

    Should have used your phone camera to take a picture of the trail map

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  9 months ago

      Yeah great idea though It ended up dying as well! I'll definitely do that next time. I know the area pretty well, but woods can sometimes disorientate us! I appreciate you coming by! Welcome!

  • Vibe with Klee Baby!!
    Vibe with Klee Baby!! 9 months ago +1

    I live near savannah GA its historically haunted.. Never quite been brave enough to check out any of it... New sub by the way.

    DJ DEADENDZ 9 months ago +1

    Morty Please Grow Back The Mustache

  • Ladonna in Texas
    Ladonna in Texas 9 months ago +1

    Hi Morty. The vultures must thought you were a yummy appetizer for lunch. It takes a lot of courage to face your fears and great video!

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  9 months ago +1

      That's so awesome and we're happy that you are here!! They are here and it's the best haha

    • Ladonna in Texas
      Ladonna in Texas 9 months ago +1

      It was the alton bridge video that you made, which led me to your channel.. I hope your wife and daughter had a great trip and came home safely..

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  9 months ago

      I've done a video about Old Alton Bridge! Very cool spot! I need to check the Victorian out! I've experienced a lot of paranormal experiences. It's only made me more curious! Thank you so much my friend!

    • Ladonna in Texas
      Ladonna in Texas 9 months ago +1

      To answer your question about haunted locales.. I live three miles from Alton bridge and I never go there. I hear that the local Victorian, which is a museum in Denton might be haunted. I have never experienced the paranormal, so I am curious about the topic. But I don't seek it out either for personal beliefs and by choice. Morty keep up the fun activities and positive attitude.

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  9 months ago

      They wanted me bad haha! It was fun!

  • Swifty and Donna
    Swifty and Donna 9 months ago +5

    When you were talking about the battery dying on your device it reminded me of a time about 8 years ago when i went to my grandfathers house in New Hampshire for the first time in over 10 years and i was recording the area. When i reviewed the tapes that night night the only tape that had issues was the tape i used where he used to live and passed away in his home.. All the other tapes I've ever used on the camcorder were totally fine before and after i left the property with the exception of that one tape.. If you ever decide to come to Massachusetts to check out Salem and the witch trials i can give you some good tips on where to go.. Great video as always Morty :)

  • Sara Gentry
    Sara Gentry 9 months ago +2

    I'm officially creeped out. Bridges standing abandoned in forest areas are creepy enough for me, but the whole time I was listening to the story I had goosebumps! If you're ever in southern Indiana, we have a library in Evansville called Willard Library. Haunted by a ghost known as the Grey Lady. Creepy! If you google it you can find they even have a ghost cam. When we were there for a tour in middle school (it's the oldest library around and has all of the genealogy stuff) a book dropped off the shelf as the librarian was talking about her. Ever since then I've been a believer in all things paranormal!

  • Jenfrolics
    Jenfrolics 9 months ago +3

    hail satan omg 😂😂😂

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W 9 months ago +2

    I hate scary things haha but awesome video Morty

  • Mario and Friends
    Mario and Friends 9 months ago +1

    Unless you count Disneyland

  • Mario and Friends
    Mario and Friends 9 months ago +1

    Queen Mary

  • Chris Viso
    Chris Viso 9 months ago +1

    LOL that vulture was like "yea this guy ain't making it, I'll hang here until he doesn't" hahahaha great video buddy, happy that I don't live in Texas so that I don't have to partake in these adventures with you!!!

    • The Creepiest with Morty Mouse
      The Creepiest with Morty Mouse  9 months ago +1

      Haha right!!! He was wanting some Morty the Mouse! Haha you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the wet feet. I’ll buy you rubber boots lol

  • monkeyface YT
    monkeyface YT 9 months ago +1

    That was scary.

  • Chris Viso
    Chris Viso 9 months ago +1

    Wet Socks are the absolute worst!!!!

  • sonya stodghill
    sonya stodghill 9 months ago +6

    😮 Never ever would I do anything so scary haha! This makes me nervous!

  • Disney Dave
    Disney Dave 9 months ago +2

    I with you on not liking heights!! lol Great story Morty

  • Bradly 105
    Bradly 105 9 months ago +2

    Very scary!

  • Jake Whatley
    Jake Whatley 9 months ago +2


  • Acornies
    Acornies 9 months ago +1

    scary is good

  • Bring back etika's account


  • Matrix_SniperYT PS4
    Matrix_SniperYT PS4 9 months ago +2

    Left a like keep the creepy videos going

  • Colby Huggins
    Colby Huggins 9 months ago +1