Most DANGEROUS Natural Phenomena

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Mother Nature can sometimes get scary!
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Comments • 37

  • The KeenTribe
    The KeenTribe Month ago +10

    Just want to mention that it's 300mph, not 3000mph. Great video! Have a great day.

  • B G
    B G 19 days ago

    We seem to only have summer and winter in I miss spring and autumn 😎

  • crystal coughlin
    crystal coughlin Month ago

    # talltanic I love winter. I grew up on a farm and in summer chores winter ay xoxoxo

  • Tina Campbell
    Tina Campbell Month ago

    All of them

  • Liam L.E.
    Liam L.E. Month ago

    #0 Sharknado

  • Heather Duke
    Heather Duke Month ago

    Alexa, play despacito

  • Whiteowl
    Whiteowl Month ago +1

    Spring is OK, but summer is not, because of the sweltering heat. I still prefer the fall and winter. I am NOT a summer person, I love the cooler weather.

  • Carrie Brantley
    Carrie Brantley Month ago


  • Phillip James
    Phillip James Month ago

    I live in central ohio, and people still talk about blizzard of 77. I was not alive for it.. But, very well known. It shut down cities for a week or more. Then last year, wind chill here, made the -15 we had FEEL like -40. No joke. I filmed my radio saying it and uploaded it. With all that being said, i still love winter! These savage Ohio icy winters!
    As for sinkholes, we been having a lot more recently as well. Even a few quakes by Lake Erie!

  • สามกําสิบ ผักไกล้เน่า

    น่ากลัวมาก 😬😰😱👻

  • Emily Jelassi
    Emily Jelassi Month ago

    I like autumn, but winter is my favorite season

  • Don Fields
    Don Fields Month ago +3

    Ya alexa, you guys dropped the ball on some of this info...and its very important you get it right when your only using a couple sentences for each phenomena. 👎sorry 😓

  • Stephen Keefer
    Stephen Keefer Month ago +2

    My favorite is fall. The outdoor smells and colors are intense! ✨

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust Month ago +4

    Anyone else notice that her name was Alexa 😂

    • Angel Dust
      Angel Dust 26 days ago

      @leglessinoz ha! Thats great! 😂

    • leglessinoz
      leglessinoz 27 days ago +1

      Yes she woke up my Amazon Echo when she said her name.

  • Michael Woll
    Michael Woll Month ago +1

    Do You bother Reading your Script, OR do you rely on 2nd Graders?

  • Jake Alter
    Jake Alter Month ago +2

    I’d add that volcanic eruptions are not only one of the most powerful natural disasters the world can unleash but they are one of the only natural disasters that can have a truly global reach

  • Julian Perry
    Julian Perry Month ago +3


  • MS from my Beginning
    MS from my Beginning Month ago +1


  • Underpantsniper
    Underpantsniper Month ago +6

    A 3000 mph Tornado??? Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife, cuz they destroying everything round here!

    • Patrick Cooper
      Patrick Cooper Month ago

      I caught. That's one fast tornado. Maybe on Jupiter???

  • Gary Williamson
    Gary Williamson Month ago +1

    Spring for sure!!

  • ROB P
    ROB P Month ago +1

    F3000 tornados are the most rare on earth but probably common on Jupiter.

  • Santiago Cedillo
    Santiago Cedillo Month ago +1

    Shittt bruhh i saw this vid b4 eating anything and i am starvinggg!! I really can't think of not knowing when im gonna eat again 😔 #stopthehunger

  • Ramona Harrold
    Ramona Harrold Month ago

    Why are meteors heavier than earth rocks?

  • hello there
    hello there Month ago +1


  • MrJaypee
    MrJaypee Month ago +2

    Chance of being struck by lightning 1 in 3000 ? I'm no expert but feel this is very false information.

    • ROB P
      ROB P Month ago

      MrJaypee so is the 3000mph tornado. Number14

  • Yana Garcia
    Yana Garcia Month ago +2

    No earthquake on the list?

  • Robert Mackay
    Robert Mackay Month ago +1

    Winter, I love to fish walleye and perch on the ice.

  • Joe Guilfoyle
    Joe Guilfoyle Month ago +3

    Mother Nature wins every time . You can’t stop her

  • Whiteowl
    Whiteowl Month ago +2

    Fall, then winter.

  • David Prodigy
    David Prodigy Month ago +2

    Great list

  • Taisen's Cool Stuff
    Taisen's Cool Stuff Month ago +1


  • Vaithy
    Vaithy Month ago +1

    Hey Alexa ❤️❤️❤️