• Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Sorry again for my gum lol but uh I love this but I also love everything (G)I-DLE does so 🤷🏻‍♀️GRATATA
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  • John Sekhar
    John Sekhar 13 days ago

    Yuqi’s voice is like the Korean Dua Lipa!

  • Ahmad Fathony
    Ahmad Fathony 2 months ago

    5:16 are you okay? Lmao

  • i unstan
    i unstan 2 months ago

    how about Hann(Alone) by (G)i-dle? is that the whistle song ur talking about?

  • Green Domo
    Green Domo 3 months ago

    Are you going to Kcon this year??

  • sion sko
    sion sko 3 months ago +1

    Can you react to Rebeca blink - itzy, iz*one, blackpink, gidle and red velvet please??? She is so funny ....

  • Starverce
    Starverce 3 months ago


  • Black Wolf Yang
    Black Wolf Yang 4 months ago

    I almost died on the 'London Tipton/No Running in My Lobby' bit, threw me straight back to my childhood, Dani. 💚💚💚

  • lily
    lily 4 months ago

    (g)i-dle is coming back with a digital single called UH OH on June 26th! it would mean a lot to neverland if you would check it out!! thank you for supporting idle

  • 張世旻
    張世旻 5 months ago

    Have you ever watched K/DA ru-clip.com/video/UOxkGD8qRB4/video.html

  • Luzianos
    Luzianos 6 months ago


  • adri2wavy
    adri2wavy 6 months ago

    you should check out Señorita by VAV if you haven't heard of em, good latin-esque bop

  • 형진
    형진 6 months ago

    Thanks you for promoting g-idle. I am also fan of G-idle

  • Keb
    Keb 6 months ago


  • Linde Maes
    Linde Maes 6 months ago

    Can you please react to The Boyz❤️

  • lizzzzy89
    lizzzzy89 6 months ago

    That London Tipton reference had me feeling all nostalgic XD

  • jungkookie
    jungkookie 6 months ago

    omg react to everglow's bon bon chocolat

  • Trivia Love
    Trivia Love 6 months ago

    Okay but like my one of my favorite parts of the song is the ending....maybe because I’m Yuqi biased though lol. (G)-idle remains the only girl group I stan.

  • Elena Moonlight
    Elena Moonlight 6 months ago

    You’re so pretty

  • Bentley's Pawradise!
    Bentley's Pawradise! 6 months ago

    can't focus on ur reaction cuz you're too pretty imma cry

    XOXCUTIE36 6 months ago

    Bon bon chocolat everglow PLS

  • Bye
    Bye 6 months ago +2


  • lulu 42147
    lulu 42147 6 months ago

    Mamamoo gogobebe please

  • Elijah Wyn
    Elijah Wyn 6 months ago

    pls react to DIA WOOWA

  • Stephanie Olguin
    Stephanie Olguin 6 months ago

    Jeon So-yeon writes all her songs and she was on a tv series for rapping she was good

  • YOU
    YOU 6 months ago

    Agree with u about Shuhua
    Even the men who says senorita in the song have more lines than her lol

  • alexander
    alexander 6 months ago

    *You pronounce Yuqi - Ugi and Shuhua - Shua*
    *Loved this reaction as always

  • Angela Quiling
    Angela Quiling 7 months ago

    Hello, can you please react to MIROH TEASER 1 & 2 by Stray Kids, it just came out and I'm really hyped lol looking forward to it! 😍😍💖💖🎊🎊🔥🎊

  • _atinyuwu
    _atinyuwu 7 months ago

    Listen to GWSN- Pinky Star (run) it’s their comeback

  • KPop Eonnie
    KPop Eonnie 7 months ago

    I love your reactions xD you freak out just like me 😂💕

    SVGLNR 7 months ago

    *Hey señor~*

  • Roppp Pisss
    Roppp Pisss 7 months ago

    React to LOONA - Butterfly please 😊

  • oohdianax
    oohdianax 7 months ago

    react to everglow debut - bon bon chocolat 💕

  • oohdianax
    oohdianax 7 months ago

    react to loona - butteefly and dreamcatcher - piri please 💕

  • Amanda Love
    Amanda Love 7 months ago

    Everglow- bon bon chocolat!!!!

  • dora.amateis
    dora.amateis 7 months ago

    please react to ATEEZ HALA HALA, it's their best one!

  • Harumi Regita
    Harumi Regita 7 months ago

    everglow pls

  • keyairauh
    keyairauh 7 months ago

    please react to everglows debut, THE VOCALS & DANCE HAD ME- JUST WATCH 😭

  • suarez Han
    suarez Han 7 months ago

    react to everglow bon bon chocolat please!!

  • Kevin Kuchnia
    Kevin Kuchnia 7 months ago

    Respect for those clips from Wow Thing and I Wanna Be!!!

  • Martin M
    Martin M 7 months ago

    I like G Idle but there’s too much hype on their rapper, Her verses are so short, not as impressive as they hype her up to be.

  • ali c
    ali c 7 months ago

    react to everglow - bon bon chocolat!! i feel like you’ll love them!!!!

  • B
    B 7 months ago

    pls react to bon bon chocolat by everglow they just debuted!

  • Kpop Universe
    Kpop Universe 7 months ago

    React to Zgirls pleaseeee

  • RADLYGAMEZ - gaming
    RADLYGAMEZ - gaming 7 months ago

    Whistle??? WHAT !? I’m confused did u mistake hann for whistle ?

  • Silver Light
    Silver Light 7 months ago +1

    react to g idle blow your mind

  • Sone Selenator
    Sone Selenator 7 months ago


  • Tbhorbit
    Tbhorbit 7 months ago

    React to loona pls omg
    Stan crackheads

  • LordGrokken
    LordGrokken 7 months ago +17

    (G)Idle is quickly becoming one of my favs, beat is catching and the girls seem to work very well together. Senorita is great.

  • Dinomater
    Dinomater 7 months ago

    Yooo you should check out everglow!! Their debut was impressive

  • jencupid ̮̈ ‘
    jencupid ̮̈ ‘ 7 months ago

    do everglow bon bon choclat and loona butterfly and mamamoo gogobebe

  • Alex Park Official
    Alex Park Official 7 months ago

    Red lip?
    You know Soyeon has something seriously special about her.

  • Bo Peradotto
    Bo Peradotto 7 months ago

    Finally someone with the same reaction to Yuqi as me

  • Katie
    Katie 7 months ago

    What shade is your lipstick?

  • Pablo Silva
    Pablo Silva 7 months ago


  • Bri y7
    Bri y7 7 months ago

    Please react to Everglow- Bon Bon Chocolat

  • მყlმ aLi
    მყlმ aLi 7 months ago


  • annia
    annia 7 months ago

    react to loona!!!

  • Jon DiStefano
    Jon DiStefano 7 months ago

    danielle...when will be the next reaction video...cause all ur videos are just great...and any chance will u do any vlogs at all

  • Madison D.
    Madison D. 7 months ago +2

    Oml your makeup is ON POINT! You should for sure react to VAV 'Thrilla Killa'!!

  • Peach Blossoms
    Peach Blossoms 7 months ago

    You’re the biggest mood I’ve ever seen. I also love your hair and makeup. You’re gorgeous!