Harry Potter Real Age and Life Partners 2019

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • Harry Potter Real Age and Life Partners
    In this video I will show you the cast of harry potter, I will show you their age and I will show you their relationship status
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  • dsatt57
    dsatt57 7 hours ago

    Someone has the hots for Daniel and Matt, they have double the photos

  • jordy de belie
    jordy de belie 10 hours ago +1

    I love hou Harry potter.
    Ik heet Laura De Belie en ben 10 jaar in 2019 en verjaar op 29 April.

  • Milany Matos
    Milany Matos 11 hours ago

    I was happy to know that my eternal teacher Minerva has a birthday in the same month and day of my!!

  • Bhupendra mrichanday
    Bhupendra mrichanday 15 hours ago

    Cho Chang

  • Eddie Smith
    Eddie Smith 18 hours ago +1

    Devon Murray and I have same birthday October 28. Awesome 👍👍👍

  • Carol Nash
    Carol Nash Day ago +1

    Luna is f*****g GORGEOUS!!!

  • Carol Nash
    Carol Nash Day ago +1

    Julie Walters.
    Feb. 22nd.

  • MsLemonPeach
    MsLemonPeach Day ago

    Was David Thewlis not married to Anna Friel? But they have a daughter together.

  • Cruel Z
    Cruel Z Day ago +1

    we need Daniel to marry Emma right now

    • Johnny depp is my grindlewald
      Johnny depp is my grindlewald 2 hours ago

      @Cruel Z hunny I'm not being mean I'm staiting facts .

    • Cruel Z
      Cruel Z 2 hours ago +1

      Johnny depp is my grindlewald why you be so mean :(

    • Johnny depp is my grindlewald
      Johnny depp is my grindlewald 3 hours ago

      To Harry ema? 😂😂😂😂 Must be a 6 year old behind this RU-clip account very foolish Tom Felton needs to marry Emma Watson period*

  • aisyah bakri
    aisyah bakri Day ago

    where's the small tom riddle?

  • Michèl Morio
    Michèl Morio Day ago +1

    That picture is NOT Brendan Gleeson‘s wife; it‘s the actress Janet McTeer!
    Have to do a better job at research!!!

  • Kami Edward
    Kami Edward Day ago

    Luna ❤❤❤

  • Geetika geet
    Geetika geet Day ago

    My favorite harry Potter all movie parts...i really missed

  • Wein Fee
    Wein Fee Day ago +1

    Funny. He "is dating" her. Picture shows their marriage

  • Hridoy Hossain
    Hridoy Hossain 2 days ago

    All fake age

  • Savage Drew
    Savage Drew 2 days ago

    RIP Snape

  • Ethan Le
    Ethan Le 2 days ago

    I think Tom Felton is dating Emma watson

  • Nadia Salifu
    Nadia Salifu 2 days ago

    Real life Voldemort is hot

  • Black Obsidian
    Black Obsidian 2 days ago

    11:22 Tom Felton's. My b day is 20th sep
    Though in years, it would be Bonnie Wright, as i am 2007

    • BRUCE Leighton
      BRUCE Leighton 20 hours ago

      Black Obsidian my birthday is the 21 1961

  • Black Obsidian
    Black Obsidian 2 days ago +1

    Is nobody talking about how Aunt Petunia is lesbian? (no hate)

  • Black Obsidian
    Black Obsidian 2 days ago

    Michael Gambon is married *and* dating?
    Plz elaborate

  • hanaa saifi
    hanaa saifi 2 days ago

    my birth day is on voldermorts
    22nd december

  • Alexandra wolfie
    Alexandra wolfie 3 days ago +1

    Okay but why was Voldemort kinda hot when he was in his mid 20’s?

  • Rey Of Light
    Rey Of Light 3 days ago

    Yay, sharing birthday with Dumbledore :3 Only I was born in 1985 hehe

  • AnarchaoS 11
    AnarchaoS 11 3 days ago

    Уизли епт и в жизни уизли..выбрал типичного магла😀😄

  • Ling Zi
    Ling Zi 3 days ago

    why is voldemort so hot in real life???

  • • f l x r a l •
    • f l x r a l • 4 days ago

    So Dumbledore is married and also dating another woman??

  • Kathy Johnston
    Kathy Johnston 4 days ago

    Holy cow! River Song was married to Voldermort!

  • Conscious Liar
    Conscious Liar 4 days ago

    Emma Watson 15th Apr.....closest to mine m soooooooo happpy to the moon

  • Machka0
    Machka0 4 days ago

    Funny how when you were at Robert Pattinson you didn't mention he used to date Kristen Stewart xD

    • Eddie Smith
      Eddie Smith 18 hours ago

      That was while filming Harry Potter but when twlight series began dated Kristen Stewart different timing

  • Napolyaon
    Napolyaon 4 days ago +1

    Aunt Petunia is lesbian...

  • Persephone Diggen Others

    Daniel Radcliffe has the closest birthday date to mine, even though he's 5 years older than me

  • Karen Blankenship
    Karen Blankenship 5 days ago

    Hacrid looks more like uncle Vernon

  • Karen Blankenship
    Karen Blankenship 5 days ago

    I'm second cousins with a girl named Natlie Hewitt

  • Kayslee Decker
    Kayslee Decker 5 days ago

    Mine is the day after Emma Watson's!!! 🌟🥳🌟🥳🌟🥳

  • Syed Mustahsan Ali
    Syed Mustahsan Ali 5 days ago

    1 for Michael Gambon Another for Dumbledour.

  • Lemon Playz
    Lemon Playz 5 days ago

    ive met flnth

  • Antonia Laviolette
    Antonia Laviolette 5 days ago +2

    You missed alot of people like:Fred and George Weasley, Moaning Murtle, Nearly Headless Nick and the twins that have a crush on Harry and Ron

    • Napolyaon
      Napolyaon 4 days ago

      Antonia Laviolette nearly headless Nick is not dating anyone, he’s a ghost

  • Bhavesh Marathe
    Bhavesh Marathe 5 days ago +1

    8:20 I'm Jealous...🔥

  • wolfjedisamuel
    wolfjedisamuel 6 days ago

    Gary Oldman has the same birthday as me.
    Can't believe I celebrate the same birthday with Winston Churchill! XD

  • Amir Rozbiynik
    Amir Rozbiynik 6 days ago

    Гарри Почтер ёбана

  • Alyssa Miles
    Alyssa Miles 6 days ago

    River Song and Voldemort 😂❤️ And also, damn Dumbledore you PLAYER 😂

  • Ava Yardley
    Ava Yardley 6 days ago

    23 of July is mine Harry Potter I close to mine

  • Liuba Agafonova
    Liuba Agafonova 6 days ago


  • Jael Fusinato
    Jael Fusinato 6 days ago

    Jeah Voldemort is the closest 5 days bevor me😂

  • Its mee Jessie
    Its mee Jessie 6 days ago +3

    Seriously Dumbeldore???married and also dating..u r a bad professor😒😒😒

  • Mária Greenland
    Mária Greenland 6 days ago +7

    Malfoy dates some person
    No one:
    Me: noooooooooooooooo, u must date ema!!!! U ruined mah ship!!!!!!

  • Vinay Kukreja
    Vinay Kukreja 6 days ago

    My bday is on the day filch is born!

  • Carrie Thomas
    Carrie Thomas 7 days ago

    I share the same birthday as Helena bowan Carter 😁😁

  • Futureforward
    Futureforward 7 days ago

    Stopped watching and just listened to that nice track

  • Asifkhan Asifkhan
    Asifkhan Asifkhan 7 days ago

    Hazel kacca Kon hi

  • Natalie
    Natalie 8 days ago

    Rly Ron 😐

  • Nicole Buluran
    Nicole Buluran 8 days ago

    *sees voldemort* oh shit he cute

  • Notable leaf
    Notable leaf 8 days ago

    Am so sad that i came to know now that alan rickman died i feel soo bad😫😢😱😰🤧

  • Denise Denise
    Denise Denise 8 days ago

    Cedric same birthday like me

  • Carmen Piro
    Carmen Piro 8 days ago +2

    Faccio notare che l'iimmagine dell'attore Sir Michael John Gambon in bianco e nero che riporta la sua data di nascita (Born:October 19, 1940) in effetti appartiene ad un altro grande attore inglese: Sir Laurence Olivier.

  • Noicy
    Noicy 8 days ago

    time is going fast...

  • J.M Playz
    J.M Playz 9 days ago +1

    Happy :-(
    Sad :-(
    Voldemort :)

  • Abigail White
    Abigail White 9 days ago

    Harry potter my birthday is July 21st

  • Shoshana Rosenbaum
    Shoshana Rosenbaum 9 days ago

    R.I.P. Maggie Smith's husband. I love you, Minerva, you're my fave character!
    Wait - is Fiona Shaw lesbian? Wow, you go, girl!
    Emma Watson is SO HOT!
    Evanna Lynch is so pretty! I love you, Luna!