10 Motorcycle Life Hacks

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • 10 Hacks for motorcycle riders that can be used when riding, cleaning and working on your motorcycle to hopefully make your life a bit easier.
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Comments • 648

  • Chaos Causes
    Chaos Causes  Month ago +85

    What strange hacks do you use that I missed?

    • garden badger
      garden badger 6 days ago

      So I always strap my helmet to my backpack strap when shopping

    • Dj Mickey
      Dj Mickey 7 days ago

      Use ur helmet as a basket in a store and get arrested for shoplifting

    • Danger M
      Danger M 7 days ago

      Using a jack of a car along with sidekick stand and you don't need a paddock stand (not for every rides)

    • donvidol
      donvidol 18 days ago +1

      I want to explain myself
      1- this advice is like discovering hot water
      2-needs to be improved, if you unscrew the nut or the bolt and pull weight on it you can ruin the fork thread
      3- a good way to ruin your axel bolt, if it’s struck.
      4- that’s ok if you ride at 20kmh, otherwise you will lose your hat
      5-and you’ll have a broken camera mount. Better use your teeth if you want to impress someone. Anyway, never drink and drive
      6- you won’t lose your hat here, just your fingers.
      7- wow it can fit 3 screws! Also they will never fell if you it the bike, right?
      8-just 😂😂😂😂😂
      9- imho, this is a good advice. Just don’t do that with your bike running to spin the chain.

  • C Cooper
    C Cooper 4 hours ago

    Best hack is to buy a shaft driven bike with a centre stand and panniers already fitted.

  • Bike Trix
    Bike Trix 5 hours ago

    You can open a beer with the shopping cart in the smal holes

  • Spectre223
    Spectre223 5 hours ago

    That chain hack is fucking terrible. For one, spray the inside of the chain instead of the outside. Secondly, don't run the bike on the stand, especially when not holding the controls. Quite apart from the whole 'if it falls off the stands it'll do one down your driveway' thing, a girl I used to follow on twitter who was a learner rider did that, got her thumb caught between chain and sprocket and had the digit chewed up so badly some of it was amputated. Way to give dangerous advice there, champ

  • notwocdivad
    notwocdivad 5 hours ago

    CLEAN YOUR CHAIN, Fasten to old tooth brushes bristle to bristle with elastic bands, dip them in cleaner and pull them apart to put them onto the chain and turn the back wheel. Rinse brushes as necessary. Dave

  • Ater Vs
    Ater Vs 13 hours ago


  • Paul
    Paul 14 hours ago

    Using nut to open axel doesn't provide much grip and can slip. Instead you can use long bolt, use two nuts in the end to lock them together for applying torque.

  • Hy Nhân
    Hy Nhân 22 hours ago

    cÁI CON MẸ MÀY!!Quay Bánh như thé thì ra đi cái ngón tay nhá,bố thằng hâm

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 23 hours ago

    Helmet shopping cart will probably highly annoy either me or the store security thinking I'm stealing.

    SANJAY DAHAL Day ago

    You need to have bike to apply this trick first dang dang.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Day ago

    Man👌👌ace tips 👍👍

  • Olly Shah
    Olly Shah Day ago

    Oil the chain with the bike running in first! .........yeh!

  • vem e du äns?
    vem e du äns? 2 days ago +1

    i dont have a life

  • Calvin Howard
    Calvin Howard 2 days ago +1

    Most bites have a helmet hook that locks your helmet strap oh, so you don't need to take it in the store with you

  • vova3034
    vova3034 2 days ago

    Good vid with some nice shots however some "life hacks" are poorly researched and some of them feel like fillers just to get that number 10.
    overall everything is fine but the life hack with a kerosine will help make your chain nice and shiny and it won't damage O-rings: however, it will get under the o_ring and will remove the lubrication inside the O-ring which can cause shorter life span of the chain and in some cases it might damage it.
    Also when it comes to using 1st gear to spin the rear wheel, you should have mentioned that spraing is fine but don't try to use a rag or a piece of cloth to remove the excess of a lube, it can stuck under the rear sprocket while your hand is still holding onto it, it happens very quickly and 1st gear power will be enough to chew through your fingers. apart from that, great work on this vid

  • Kiker Review
    Kiker Review 3 days ago +1

    Amazing hacks!!

  • SCL75
    SCL75 3 days ago

    “Set the timer.. and run”

  • Mark Nasia
    Mark Nasia 4 days ago

    Um don’t use your helmet as a shopping cart, security will definitely have a problem with that, ok spools offer strength to the bolt that is beyond the swing arm mount, your hat trick, doesn’t work if you have regular back riders, a beer bottle opener promotes driving while intoxicated, don’t lube your chain with your bike in gear running on a paddock stand, many fingers have been lost to this setup and i noticed you didn’t even have a rear lower chain guard, the paraffin is a good hack, chain wax is so much better than some no fling chain lubes out there, also the cam hack for bike owner selfies is a legit hack... a few of the hacks you listed were unnecessarily risky, leave the risks for speed and handling

  • Divan Friederich
    Divan Friederich 6 days ago

    Was the start of the video in builders cape gate? Looks exactly the same?

  • nouse44
    nouse44 6 days ago

    i hoped to learn hacks to ride the motorcycle better.. but your hacks are for people with first world problems.. holy cow

  • Andre D
    Andre D 6 days ago

    Hilarious video, had me giggling like a school girl! As a mechanic your hacks were something that I assumed everyone knew. But sadly this is not the case. Don't fully agree with your chain cleaning, but at least you said a disclaimer. So I just wanted to add a tiny bit of safety advise. Please make sure that the bolt you use is a "Hardened steel bolt" of at least Grade 8/Grade G. Not just any old bolt that will fit into the hole. This will be much safer lifting your bike and keeping it secure and safe on your swing arm stand. Because as you said, we all have a love affair with our motorcycle and I'm sure we'll do anything to protect it!

  • Dorian Almonte
    Dorian Almonte 7 days ago

    Never clean or lubricate chain with the bike running. Even experienced riders lose fingers this way. Grab a cold beverage of your choice and take your time cleaning it. Rest assured your fingers will be attached to your hand when your finished.

  • Eric Neale
    Eric Neale 7 days ago

    All in all, pretty useless...

  • Tintin Rider
    Tintin Rider 8 days ago +1

    cool video hack. Love this video

  • Erriol Sky
    Erriol Sky 8 days ago

    So were's the helmet with phone? Report!

  • Jayne Pete
    Jayne Pete 9 days ago

    My son lost half his thumb on his chain. 😫

  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 9 days ago

    Parafin? Like the wax? Is parafin wax made of kerosene?

  • Jake C
    Jake C 9 days ago

    Good advice with the bike stand and first gear to lube the chain single handedly but the hat trick along with the helmet basket trick are barley more than observations. I like half the advice, dislike the simple observations. You killed it with video (picture) quality though.

  • A Rabid Trash Panda
    A Rabid Trash Panda 10 days ago +1

    Hat trick. Snap backs will snap on to a belt loop. Use all snap holes. Rode 70 mph in a 20 mph head wind. Never lost my hat.

  • Justin Kinsella
    Justin Kinsella 10 days ago +9

    Haha using your helmet as a basket it good way to get followed around the store

  • Basharat Ali
    Basharat Ali 10 days ago

    Very Nice Bike Sir

  • Slaystation3
    Slaystation3 10 days ago +8

    Just slide your cap in from front to back instead of back to front and then you don't have to worry about it flying away.

  • Toys TechnTrends
    Toys TechnTrends 11 days ago +1

    "Hacks"... wasted my time watching this useless video hoping to watch at least one real hack...

  • wackomedic911
    wackomedic911 11 days ago

    Chaos, can you recommend any other good SA biker channels?

  • Arjun Dorks
    Arjun Dorks 11 days ago

    i suggest not hat ,, use Moslem cap, set ur hair , use it(moslem cap) , and wear the helmet :) try it

  • Aquila db
    Aquila db 11 days ago +1

    4:41 **Bensound sexy starts**

    I already knew what was going to happen;)

    Tks for the heart😁

  • Paweł K.
    Paweł K. 11 days ago

    I must say, you are an idiot.

  • Will Hunter
    Will Hunter 11 days ago

    Catch a bus you whopper.

  • Gary Jaurique
    Gary Jaurique 12 days ago +1

    Nice 👍🏼 love the video

  • Pedro Lima
    Pedro Lima 12 days ago

    This is absolutely Stupid!

  • Davy Pig
    Davy Pig 12 days ago +3

    Avoid this video!!! I hope you read before you start!! They lost me at helmet basket!!! 15 seconds in:(

    NGSVALENCIA 12 days ago

    Who the fuck is "desperate to clean the bike" lol

  • Bryan Han
    Bryan Han 12 days ago +3

    i did use my helmet as shopping basket once and shop owner thought i was shop lifting.. NOT HELPFUL !!!

  • danny brownne
    danny brownne 12 days ago

    using kero to clean your chain even though keroscence is home heating oil if u have a nasty exhaust one backfire is all it takes for your bike to go up in flames

  • Akis Motovlog
    Akis Motovlog 12 days ago

    Great video 👍 Thanks for Sharing 👍

  • Fábio Pereira
    Fábio Pereira 13 days ago

    I only wash my motorcycle once a years... Actually, my mechanic washes it once a year. XD

  • Mud Brats ADV
    Mud Brats ADV 13 days ago

    the helmet phone holder is genius! cheers, i am going to open a beer with my gopro mount haha

  • Henke Levin
    Henke Levin 13 days ago +1

    dont lift you bike up on the stands and put in gear!! you will get an ABS error code that need to be cleared by a dealer...

  • dharma 13
    dharma 13 13 days ago

    yo guys dont do this at home, dats real bullshit

  • dharma 13
    dharma 13 13 days ago

    3:43 you fucking moran

  • Takuma Anzai
    Takuma Anzai 13 days ago

    Who the fuck has a Allen key that big o my gawd

  • kawasaki eddy
    kawasaki eddy 13 days ago

    Putting things in your helmet can mess up the foam inside it and make it less effective

    CBR RICK 14 days ago

    Most of these are common sense

  • Wjesnn Kbcho
    Wjesnn Kbcho 14 days ago +1

    Third world f gg t should have about two fingers left by now but he has them all :/

  • Wjesnn Kbcho
    Wjesnn Kbcho 14 days ago +1

    Don't listen to this shit worlder lmao

  • M Hilde
    M Hilde 14 days ago

    You're a knuckle-head but I like it. Well done.👍

  • Gilbz music
    Gilbz music 14 days ago

    wd-40 is kerosene based and I've used it and an old tooth brush to clean my o-ring chain annually. the chain is 33 years old, in spec and the bike has well over 110 hp....
    also have lubed it on it's center stand for 30 years...i'm not an idiot. pay attention at all times...
    laying your helmet on the ground to take the 'hero shot?....mini tripods are a couple bucks, helmets are triple digits....
    opening a beer off your bike and spewing that swill all over it is disrespectful...the motorcycle should be in lock-down if you are a boozer.
    kill your cell phone before it kills you.

  • JaeSchmidt
    JaeSchmidt 15 days ago

    Guys and gals, it is true that you should avoid having your bike run in first gear line that while lubing the chain as that is quite dangerous. What you CAN safely do however, is start the engine (with the rear wheel on a paddock stand), put it in first gear and fix the clutch to the bar with something like strong duct tape. This way the engine's torque will cause the wheel to slowly rotate without the danger of pulling your hand in!

  • Mookie Conster glorious leader of flipflopistan

    These are fuckin shit!!!
    Except for the helmet as a basket which every biker works out after literally one week of owning a bike!
    What a waste of time!

  • Sonar Fleet
    Sonar Fleet 15 days ago

    Smart video. Congratulations

  • sai prachethan
    sai prachethan 15 days ago

    nice one bruh

  • R1der22
    R1der22 15 days ago

    Probably lose your fingers in the sprocket. google the pictures or watch yt videos about it.
    It could happen faster than you think.

  • I'malesbian93
    I'malesbian93 15 days ago

    I've drove up to 95 with hat still on back pretty secure straps though

  • Payne
    Payne 16 days ago

    How is using your helmet as a bag a hack?? If you haven't done that then you're just dumb honestly

  • Himskey
    Himskey 16 days ago

    one useful hack is flipping your foot pegs upside down and putting them on jack stands while the front is lifted with a ladder and come along on the triple tree

  • Piridajac
    Piridajac 16 days ago

    So stupid and so wrong hacks first of all beer and bike dont go together and second also important never ever put ur bike in 1st gear and spray chain from outside lol always from inside u know shit dude......

  • Rif malik
    Rif malik 16 days ago

    No 1 is so stupid.. I stopped watching

  • KMR
    KMR 16 days ago


  • Jermaine Jansen
    Jermaine Jansen 16 days ago

    NEVER run the bike while lubing the chain that's just stupid.

  • Nathan Stewart
    Nathan Stewart 16 days ago

    Snapback/baseball cap hack; undo the strap, put through belt loop on pants waist, do strap back up and ride away knowing your hat's safely secured and not just tucked under something 👌

  • Fookin Nigga
    Fookin Nigga 16 days ago +1

    How can I put my hat if I use single seat? :”( I must carry my backpack

  • Makar Lock
    Makar Lock 16 days ago

    what the fuck?

  • bahumbug101
    bahumbug101 17 days ago

    Cap on the back seat just screams twat.

    Any guy that has a problem with 'helmet hair' has no business riding a motorcycle, for those that do here's another hack. There's just enough room under the rear seat on an 05 R1 to pop a couple of extra tampons under, just in case yours falls out when you see the state of your hair.

  • Meow Im A Cat
    Meow Im A Cat 17 days ago +2

    Don't clean your bike chain with kerosine, when you plan on using a dry lube or other non oil based lubes.
    Also make sure your manual recommends cleaning with kerosine or petroleum.
    While most modern O and X-rings are fine with kerosine, you'd better be safe than sorry.

  • Legion 1183
    Legion 1183 17 days ago +2

    This video makes me feel good because I've already discovered most of these 😂

    • Piridajac
      Piridajac 16 days ago +1

      Legion 1183 then u are moron too

  • Artun Korudag
    Artun Korudag 17 days ago +2

    İnsects season I cover my bike with clean film. Easy remove no insects...

  • Josh R
    Josh R 17 days ago

    Dumb ass shit

  • Nitro Haas
    Nitro Haas 18 days ago

    beer opener with gopro sticky things? you can open with everything even youre phone..

  • donvidol
    donvidol 18 days ago

    2:18 a good way to lose your hat

  • E E
    E E 18 days ago

    Do not use kerosene if you store your bike in a garage. It stinks to holy F and back for a month after you use it. It really cleans your chain well, but it's not worth the stinky stink.

  • Rozi Priyonggodo
    Rozi Priyonggodo 19 days ago +1

    I use the side mirror as a cup table, just turn it up and stabilize it, then just put.

    • Rozi Priyonggodo
      Rozi Priyonggodo 18 days ago

      Use it while you're not riding it man

    • Chris Seddon
      Chris Seddon 18 days ago

      Then spill your drink, or nudge the bike same outcome

  • KastiKusti
    KastiKusti 19 days ago

    Always but chain wax/lubricant on the inside because then it flies out and lubricates the outside too, but if but it outside, then te inside does not get anything

  • Brian Haley
    Brian Haley 19 days ago +6

    Not so much "life hacks" as "idiotic ideas"

  • Anders Karlsson
    Anders Karlsson 20 days ago +10

    Helmet tripod, that's a nice hack.
    But PLS don't do the other things.
    Don't EVER do anything with the chain while it's running. It's stupid and dangerous!

  • Silver4904
    Silver4904 20 days ago +1

    Hmmmm.... beer bottle opener..... on bike..... just plain stupid!!
    Beer and Bikes should NEVER be promoted nor advertised together!!! NEVER!!!!! EVER!!!!!

    • Chris Seddon
      Chris Seddon 18 days ago

      That was his helmet even worse, just imagine when he gets pulled over, exeuse me sir why can i smell alcohol

  • Ádám Szabó
    Ádám Szabó 20 days ago

    I think this rider is really amateur.
    At first: do not use the helmet as a basket because it will be dirty sooner.
    Second: When you lubricate the chain you must spray to the inside of the chain, not the outside.
    At least: Never, and say it again, NEVER lubricate the chain with working engine and spinning rear wheel. It is really dangereous. My friend lost his finger because he did it.

  • H Lieb
    H Lieb 20 days ago +3

    I know a guy that lost 3 fingers cleaning his chain with the motor running .

  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma 20 days ago

    IDK what I'd do without you!! Truly life saviour.. Thanks mate!!

  • Fotios Kougkas
    Fotios Kougkas 20 days ago

    Do not do whatever this video shows. Everything is wrong 😞

  • Ariel24K
    Ariel24K 20 days ago

    I always do the pop it into 1st gear to spray lube on my sprocket thingy, i just dont go and put my fingers anywhere near it when i do, if i have to wipe off some grease i'd put it back into neutral first, just don't be stupid really and you'd be good

  • Suppo
    Suppo 20 days ago

    3:50 my friend lost half of his finger bc cleaning tire like that:D

  • TheYoutubeGuy
    TheYoutubeGuy 20 days ago

    Everyone knows the helmet basket trick. I use it to buy items i rather not broadcast that im buying ;)

  • Carlos Culajay
    Carlos Culajay 20 days ago

    If security sees that im puting objects in my helmet in my country, I’ll be in troubles, haha

  • Azurren
    Azurren 21 day ago

    With a nice clean chain my bike spins the rear wheel in Neutral. Automatic chain cycling without the risk of losing a hand or finger :3

    • Ariel24K
      Ariel24K 20 days ago

      That means your Neutral is not completely Neutral, but i guess it wont be a problem if its so slight and you dont feel it

  • Nicolas Breugnot
    Nicolas Breugnot 21 day ago

    Most shitty tips ever

  • Pankaj saini
    Pankaj saini 21 day ago

    In India we use the second gear to apply wax on chain. This gear is slower than first gear on such low rpm and wax can be applied well. Thanks for the tip anyways

  • n0xxm3rcyxx
    n0xxm3rcyxx 21 day ago

    Idk I dont wanna scratch the inside of my visor? U used to do that with my helmet... but idk I had a scratch from the inside so I stopped that.

  • Michael Piek
    Michael Piek 21 day ago

    I always have a backpack(thule) on me when I go to the shops (for putting stuff in ).So what I do is take my jacket and gloves stick them in there and then I use the helmet strap and connect the helmet to my shoulder strap

  • Crazy Nomad
    Crazy Nomad 21 day ago +1

    Yeah not bad, put money notes, license, house key and put in behind phone case , dont buy the gay givi sidebags 😎🤘

  • wookiXL
    wookiXL 21 day ago

    Most useless hacks ever, never seen such dump stuff. Please delete it..