• Published on Oct 15, 2019
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Comments • 917

  • Ante Brekalo
    Ante Brekalo 8 days ago +3

    Table is still unrealstic...I mean how can man united be 6. with 83 points? In real life thats impossible...last year they were 6. and had like 60 points.

  • mello timo
    mello timo 10 days ago +1

    Hey any fix for daniel sturridge how to get him

  • Mossie Keogh
    Mossie Keogh Month ago +1

    So I've downloaded fifa 20 and it says installation progress and It is taking for ages what can I do to speed it up

    • Labhinav Boodhoo
      Labhinav Boodhoo Month ago

      don't load up the game....let it install fully
      launching the game slows down the download speed
      atleast in ps4

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Month ago +7

    There's still no player career mode fix for the skillmoves glitch smh

    • Liquid J
      Liquid J Month ago

      Ffs seriously..

    • Bohvey
      Bohvey Month ago +2

      Damn, that's exactly what I came to look for. Thanks Big Smoke for the heads up. Makes player career mode unplayable for me.

  • DannyStar91
    DannyStar91 Month ago


  • 24SparrowJack
    24SparrowJack Month ago +6

    I'm sorry but who's bright idea was it to add press conferences into career mode, there boring as shit there ruining my experience with it now, player chats as a well just boring i don't want it
    They better add a patch where you can have the option to turn them off because i'm falling out of love for career mode FAST, all i want to do is make transfers and play football not have the full Football Manager experience

    • \ SHCKMKR /
      \ SHCKMKR / Month ago +1

      @24SparrowJack you can also skip those

    • 24SparrowJack
      24SparrowJack Month ago

      @Legit Gaming not when youve finished a match

    • Legit Gaming
      Legit Gaming Month ago +1

      You can skip the press conferences

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez Month ago +15

    Still no fix for player career mode when it comes to the skill moves glitch 🙄

  • sunnysunil11
    sunnysunil11 Month ago

    Hello MGH, i am still having a bug where if I edit the player boots or adjust any stamina for some players it drops their overall rating. this is outside career mode. Is the position change or rating drop when made any changs to player via edit player screen still occuring in CAREER MODE. Appreciate your reply mate

  • Millwall Joey
    Millwall Joey Month ago +7


  • Burko
    Burko Month ago +12

    Arsenal in the champions league? What a joke

  • Claudio Rossi
    Claudio Rossi Month ago +1

    Play Pes 20 gameplay, best

  • T Mitchell
    T Mitchell Month ago +2

    Sacked for winning 6 out of 28 with Bournemouth , an established Prem club is not unrealistic

  • Carmichael
    Carmichael Month ago +3

    i wish my AI players would press off the ball and help me sometimes lol unless i select a player my players just jog and watch players run into dangerous areas on the pitch, even when i hold 2nd teammate contain etc i just wish my AI would play like the difficulty of the game / opposition which is Ultimate or Legendary

    • SL 91
      SL 91 Month ago

      Put on legacy defending and u can just hold in X and O at the same time to press players and win the ball within seconds. I had this problem too. Only thing wrong for me now is I'm on my third player a cdm, cam, St and all three have lost the ability to do any skill moves whatsoever I can't even do keepy ups lol after all that work u get rewarded with this shit. Fuck ea man waste of money every year same shit

  • chezeekoo
    chezeekoo Month ago +4

    Fifa this year👎🏾 Pes20 👍🏾 no one could @ me. I bought both game and Pes20 gameplay is 🔥🔥

    • kevin madden
      kevin madden 22 days ago

      I bought pes and it's shit,I'm going back to FIFA

    • Andi Braun
      Andi Braun Month ago +2

      Nicely done, giving money to both shit games.

  • Bf c1
    Bf c1 Month ago +1

    BTW guys it only works in new career modes!

    • APW Football
      APW Football Month ago

      Bf c1 has the champions league glitch been fixed as well were it would just stop working?

  • TheRealBeatMaster
    TheRealBeatMaster Month ago +17

    Honest question, why don't EA work with the modding community, who basically fixed this mode in like 3 weeks with a fraction of the manpower?

  • Pavel K
    Pavel K Month ago +6

    Game is still broken. Press conferences are crashing for the saved CM. Basically all the previous saves of the career are useless.

  • TrawlrZ
    TrawlrZ Month ago +2

    Im not being biased, but I think FIFA has done Arsenal dirty this and last year.
    I mean, look at the table for instance

    • Charlie Habbick
      Charlie Habbick Month ago

      TrawlrZ yeah you looked really good yesterday😂

  • Neagu Cristian
    Neagu Cristian Month ago


  • Connor Adams
    Connor Adams Month ago +6

    What happened to the PES career mode?

  • thimbro32
    thimbro32 Month ago +3

    I felt that the lastest update broke the goalkeepers! Now they again catch to many balls instead of just steer it. Hard shots should be hard to catch...and rebound situations is quite regular irl. A real shame. Obviously some fut twats that has complained that goalkeepers made to 'many mistakes' and that their money is going down the drain. Ffs they should not be OP and the gameplay gets boring with less variation if they don't act closer to real life. Really thought EA finally would continue to improve them, instead of this 'FIFA 19 dropback'! Feels like they've copy /paste from FIFA 19 script. Another problem is that AI defenders stops running quite often when you attack and results in far to easy goal opportunities....

      HOOSKIE Month ago

      Lol they will never make this game any more realistic

  • bluedrumble
    bluedrumble Month ago +37

    Patch or not, it is blatantly clear that this FIFA is still garbage. Not gonna buy it this year.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe Month ago +5

    The fact that in previous fifas and this one even after the patch arsenal were still falling out of the top six is proof that their player ratings are too low, they’re players might not be the best but some of the ratings this year like Guendouzi’s are abysmal.

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark Month ago +4

    Does this patch effect previously saved career modes?

  • LFC Shanks
    LFC Shanks Month ago +21

    Since the patch legendary is too hard every team plays like peps barca

    • Patrick Squarepants
      Patrick Squarepants Month ago

      LFC shankss just hold l2 and r2 or lt and rt

    • Victor Angel _Naranjo
      Victor Angel _Naranjo Month ago

      @LFC Shanks yeah I play world class too

    • LFC Shanks
      LFC Shanks Month ago

      @Victor Angel _Naranjo world class is now what i play on its still tough tho.

    • Victor Angel _Naranjo
      Victor Angel _Naranjo Month ago

      @Ante Brekalo I was in EFL league one and the black pool looked like barça

    • Ante Brekalo
      Ante Brekalo Month ago +1

      Hahah and I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Literally Aston Villa is playing like Barcelona...

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Month ago +19

    What makes me laugh is that a large number of people in this chat me included knew that fifa would be like this before we bought it. Nobody put a gun to our heads and made us buy it and if anybody says they didnt no then there either totally thick or just lying bastards. It's the same people who moan none stop that will buy fifa 21 and 22. EITHER SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PLAY THE GAME OR FUCK IT OFF AND DONT BUY IT

    ARAMOS Month ago +15


      HOOSKIE Month ago

      @AeonXero fifa is shit just join us

    • Numan D
      Numan D Month ago +1

      @AeonXero PES is the better football game in every way. FIFA only has the advantage of licenses these days. I have and play both and FIFA is the same every year.

    • Patrick Nyland
      Patrick Nyland Month ago +1

      @AeonXero if it helps his right, it is. IF you want to be a fan boy and not find out for yourself it's your loss

    • JD
      JD Month ago +4

      @AeonXero I own both and i think pro is better this year

    • ARAMOS
      ARAMOS Month ago +4

      AeonXero fifa career mode has literally been the same shit for years now

  • Collin Owen
    Collin Owen Month ago +4

    It doesn’t work better... The skill glitch is still there. You can use skill moves at first but at a certain point you lose the ability to do any type of skill move in game, making career mode unplayable.

    • SL 91
      SL 91 Month ago

      @Collin Owen fucking pain in the arse had a cdm, a cam and a St and lost all ability to do even a keepy up or a basic skill move so now it's just run around boring repeteteve games honestly what a waste of money yet again another year ea fucked up

    • Collin Owen
      Collin Owen Month ago +1

      Average Joe yes player career is fucked up

    • Average Joe
      Average Joe Month ago

      Thats player career tho

    • Collin Owen
      Collin Owen Month ago +1

      Jay Mac why the fuck do i want to play career mode if i can’t even do any skill moves.

    • Collin Owen
      Collin Owen Month ago

      Jay Mac exactly. that’s the gameplay... you can’t play the game hahaha

  • Reilly 72
    Reilly 72 Month ago +45

    Just skip to 17:24 save yourself from this torture

  • Niall Kavanagh
    Niall Kavanagh Month ago +15

    This guy is so annoying

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT Month ago +2

    U didnt know how to play which is to resolve an issue with a player

  • ezBreezy
    ezBreezy Month ago +7

    You got terminated because you "failed to resolve an issue with a player". It wasn't because of your results, which is what the patch notes stated they fixed. Not saying that's any better, but that's why it happened.

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson Month ago

    It doesn’t work on career mode that we’re made before the patch

  • Daniel Callow
    Daniel Callow Month ago

    Still so much to fix.. any idea when 1.06 will iron out the shed load other bugs?

  • Ar1t0.
    Ar1t0. Month ago +7

    13 min talking 1 minute gameplay lol

  • Nathan Peters
    Nathan Peters Month ago +14

    I wouldn’t say being sacked was not fixed. You didn’t look at the boards expectations. You may of needed to progress in the cup, buy a midfielder, all sorts. It’s not all about where you finish in the table.

    • smasters01
      smasters01 Month ago

      @Bobby i had it all. I don't understand it either. I will wait for a new update again

    • Bobby
      Bobby Month ago

      smasters01 idk man. Maybe season objectives? I almost got sacked on my Everton save because I didn’t sign 3 players under 20 with high potential. It’s really stupid

    • smasters01
      smasters01 Month ago

      @Bobby it looks like it did because I couldn't give the player a new contract. After I was sacked I reloaded the save and give every player a new contract. Every player a green thumb up on contract.

    • Bobby
      Bobby Month ago

      smasters01 The wages don’t increase by themselves. You need to give them a higher wage manually to keep their morale respectable, which is inevitable if you got promoted.

    • smasters01
      smasters01 Month ago

      @Bobby offcourse not. I'm never ever beeing fired from FIFA and playing from FIFA 11(I think). I was promoted and then I think player wages are getting higher because of a better league. That start the problem. But still this is not even close to be fair.

  • Riko van der Helm
    Riko van der Helm Month ago

    Is this update for new careers or existing?

  • antonybrowm
    antonybrowm Month ago +1

    Hey guys, with this patch and how is today Pes, which one of these would you recommend me to buy, last year i didn't buy either of them and decided to wait for the next one, thanks

    • antonybrowm
      antonybrowm Month ago

      @Abcdefg32 1 hahaha

    • Abcdefg32 1
      Abcdefg32 1 Month ago +3

      Fuck the two of them and get football manager

    • derSchwarzkopf
      derSchwarzkopf Month ago

      just download the demos and try them for yourselves

    • Leighton Morrell
      Leighton Morrell Month ago +1

      I'm a massive Fifa fan but prefer PES this year. I bought PES after realising Fifa career was broken.

    • keep burning
      keep burning Month ago +1

      PES! IS more dificulty and realistic too. In the next week going have update, with New faces and more

  • Mo Jr
    Mo Jr Month ago +13

    what about not being able to do skill moves in player career mode

    • Mo Jr
      Mo Jr Month ago +2

      Collin Owen 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Collin Owen
      Collin Owen Month ago +3

      Mo Jr still not working. makes career mode unplayable. it sucks

  • Nico Robson
    Nico Robson Month ago +1

    very good news. definitely not a complete mode yet, but it's at least a start. The big things to consider for EA are firstly the Ultimate difficulty being too easy, and secondly the unrealistic transfers. Sort of tired seeing a trent alexander arnold being sold to napoli or seeing a danny rose traded to bologna. Anyways, thanks for the update mate

    • Frank Lucas
      Frank Lucas Month ago

      Marc Venne-langlois why would liverpool sell him a CL winning side which is fighting to win the PL.... let alone how good TAA is

    • Marc Venne-langlois
      Marc Venne-langlois Month ago +1

      Well, i could see trent-alexander arnold go in napoli, its still a big team

  • Frank Ocean
    Frank Ocean Month ago +4

    The post match interview is still broken it was asking me questions about losing the game where i won and how i stop players that are on MY team .

    • hardkore360
      hardkore360 Month ago

      hahahaha that's fucking hilarious, Ronaldo, how do you stop Mandzukic??? hahahahaha lol even 5th grader can program a better game wtf lol it ain't rocket science.....

  • Charlie.Oscar. Mike.
    Charlie.Oscar. Mike. Month ago +10

    The "We weren't bothered changing Career Mode because it doesn't make us money but will still release it uncompleted" patch

    • Erhan Aydin
      Erhan Aydin Month ago +1

      All these are about because of the damn FUT mode...

  • Aakash Chandra
    Aakash Chandra Month ago +1

    Did they fix the simulation ? Cuz I’m trying do a career mode where i simulate the matches?

  • Collin Owen
    Collin Owen Month ago +5

    still can even use a skill move in the mode. sucks

    • Kyle Melia
      Kyle Melia Month ago

      @Collin Owen ok thanks

    • Collin Owen
      Collin Owen Month ago

      Kyle Melia lol he deleted his comment

    • Kyle Melia
      Kyle Melia Month ago +3

      @Violet Edge that makes sense now

    • Violet Edge
      Violet Edge Month ago +3

      @Kyle Melia that person most probably deleted his comment. Unless the op is schizophrenic.

    • Kyle Melia
      Kyle Melia Month ago

      @Collin Owen its just you who did you reply to?

  • RealRockNRolla
    RealRockNRolla Month ago +10

    Player career is still broken though. You start with 4 star skill moves and if you get another 2 you end up with 0. It literally makes the mode unplayable

  • Alex AVFC Lineham
    Alex AVFC Lineham Month ago +2

    I liked your video until you said that's how the table should be, villa bottom?

  • Nick Rodriguez
    Nick Rodriguez Month ago +7

    Career mode is weird sometimes. Like let’s say a team uses a 4-4-2 flat, and they have a cam and left winger they don’t necessarily play the cam and left winger because they aren’t a cm or LM. The AI tend to not play players out of positions

  • Shaun Kehoe
    Shaun Kehoe Month ago +23

    I've lost three games and I still get asked questions saying I'm still undeafted lol

    • hardkore360
      hardkore360 Month ago

      hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! really? CPU can't even correctly track your record? wow who programmed this hot piece of garbage? interns? lol

  • damiaoneymar
    damiaoneymar Month ago +9

    in the player carrer you cant play cuz you start w/ 4 stars move skils and you evolve and if you drible pass players 100 times you get 2 stars skills , and you shoud get in total 5 stars moves , but resset that to 0 STARS MOVES

    • god himself
      god himself Month ago +3

      damiaoneymar that happened to me too bro it makes player career unplayable

  • Tom Van Balkom
    Tom Van Balkom Month ago +1

    Wil t also be patched in a allready saved game?

    • Moe
      Moe Month ago

      No, it will only work on new save files

    • Alex AVFC Lineham
      Alex AVFC Lineham Month ago

      Depends how far in you are, if chapions league is broken it will remain broken

    • Arjan & Karine Smit
      Arjan & Karine Smit Month ago +1

      Tom Van Balkom yes i think so

  • Nils Bertaloth
    Nils Bertaloth Month ago +5

    its the best career mode update in years. flippin love it.

    • Abcdefg32 1
      Abcdefg32 1 Month ago

      Praising them are you a complete tard or what

    • Cameron Ness
      Cameron Ness Month ago +3

      Dont praise EA for this patch it shouldnt have released in this state in the first place it's a fucking joke.

    • Harvey MacDiarmid
      Harvey MacDiarmid Month ago +3

      Nils Bertaloth shouldn’t have been a problem anyway

    • Afkadazz YT
      Afkadazz YT Month ago

      Nils Bertaloth yes

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews Month ago +5

    The Skill bug still hasnt been fixed as I start my Career with 4 stars instead of 2

  • Arturo
    Arturo Month ago +18

    still gonna wait for few more patches before deciding whether to buy this game.

      HOOSKIE Month ago

      @Arturo disagree

    • Arturo
      Arturo Month ago

      HOOSKIE fifa with all the bugs is better than pes, so nah.

      HOOSKIE Month ago

      Just get pes. Problem solved. Plus they actually improve their game

    • XScefer
      XScefer Month ago +1

      make your decision by christmas...by that time everything should be ok...if ok

    • Lithira Abhayaratne
      Lithira Abhayaratne Month ago +1

      don't buy it, i don't even play it anymore

  • Declan Cairns
    Declan Cairns Month ago +8

    Sold it after a week while i could still get my money back, why am I paying £50 to wait for them to fix their game so it works? Just taking the piss

    • Goofe
      Goofe Month ago +1

      Declan Cairns yeah but why are you complaining like this then and selling it after one month if it happens every year? If you’re still buying it because there’s nothing else then there’s no difference to them, they still get their money. You’re saying that they lie every year about it being fixed and you believe them every year so why are you suprised lol

    • Declan Cairns
      Declan Cairns Month ago

      You buy it out of hope it’s different cause what other options do you have? I mean pes has its issues as well and is lacking in the licenses. I’m never gonna say ‘ah well I’m not buying Fifa next year’ because every year they make things sound good before ruining it immediately

    • Goofe
      Goofe Month ago

      Declan Cairns it doesn’t excuse it, he didn’t say that. But you still bought it knowing that they always take the piss

    • Declan Cairns
      Declan Cairns Month ago

      Stephen Valleley I’m not but how does that excuse it?

    • Stephen Valleley
      Stephen Valleley Month ago

      Declan Cairns its the same every year why are you shocked that there is issues

  • Ghost Williams
    Ghost Williams Month ago +6

    I cant be bothered starting over, I have played 3 Seasons with Arsenal and have not simulated a single training sesh or game.

    • Ghost Williams
      Ghost Williams Month ago +1

      @Aaron Grosse Im kind of frustrated with how EA released this years FIFA. Peace bro

    • Aaron Grosse
      Aaron Grosse Month ago +4

      Ghost Williams that’s slot of training I don’t blame you

  • Abid Uddin
    Abid Uddin Month ago

    What’s wrong with comments

  • Lochlan McCabe
    Lochlan McCabe Month ago +6

    I just played a career and city won 37 games and drew 1 hope that isn't too common

  • Goofe
    Goofe Month ago +4

    I have noticed a problem with my new save after the patch, a lot of important players from big clubs gets loaned out to small teams for no reason at all. I play with Borussia Mönchengladbach and I get offers from Belgium to loan arguably my best player Pléa without having him on the loan list

  • Erhan Aydin
    Erhan Aydin Month ago +3

    MGH, I thank you for your great help about FIFA games. I'm happy to see EA Sports producers listened the gamers and they tried to fix the game with considering the gamers feedbacks. But I see some problems are still unresolved. I will buy FIFA 20, when the game's problems get %100 fixed. Please make this feedback videos continue, this videos are really very useful and it works!

    • Erhan Aydin
      Erhan Aydin Month ago

      @Charlie.Oscar. Mike.The sale of the game must be low, if you want to have what you want...

    • Charlie.Oscar. Mike.
      Charlie.Oscar. Mike. Month ago

      They didn't listen to anyone. They barely changed anything. That's not what we wanted.

    • Erhan Aydin
      Erhan Aydin Month ago

      ​@Gervonta Davis I don't mean about problems for "all bug's and glitches", I mean the career mod problems. All games have some bug's and glitches, that's normal. But I just wait for fixes about problems of making the game unplayable. For example: the fixture and squad problems about rival teams, fired from team altough you're a successful coach etc.

    • Gervonta Davis
      Gervonta Davis Month ago

      Erhan Aydin it’ll never be 100% fixed sorry

  • Juan Ramos
    Juan Ramos Month ago +5

    I have owned every fifa since 2003 and pre ordered since 2008, but it honestly feels like I’ve been buying as playing the same game for about 4 years. Just updated rosters and kits. Im still up in the air about picking up the game, I haven’t heard anything good.

    • Reality N
      Reality N Month ago +1

      I'll just wait till Xmas just like last year, getting that 50% discount. I wouldn't do it but since this new patch allows a club like City to finish a season with 98 points, which revives a PL dead for years in the career mode, I think maybe it's worth getting it for half of its full price.

    • Brandon S
      Brandon S Month ago

      Juan Ramos buy it for 30 bucks on Black Friday that’s what I always do

    • Erhan Aydin
      Erhan Aydin Month ago +4

      You are on the right way. I think the same things and I didn't buy the FIFA20 this year. I will buy this game when all problems will be fixed