Bowser's military hierarchy | Unraveled

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Bowser needs to organize his military or else he might be committing a war crime. Brian David Gilbert is here to help solve his hierarchy.
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Comments • 5 329

  • ByTorTheCatfish
    ByTorTheCatfish 4 hours ago

    The koopa troopa is the perfect example for a private in the military. they meander about with no purpose, no apparent goal, just walking around an area because they were told. You really messed this one up, and i'm considering reporting you for your flagrant inawareness of the military works. have fun speaking to the Military Police, bozo

  • justsomenightowl
    justsomenightowl 7 hours ago +1

    13:23 oh. so i must only pants humans when theyre happy and gleeful
    watch out
    whenever you feel joyful, it is an opportunity to pants you, when you least expect it
    ill be watching

  • GMo Kang-Suh
    GMo Kang-Suh 9 hours ago

    I would unironically listen to that We Are the Toads song in Repeat.

  • Phil Smiles
    Phil Smiles 10 hours ago

    i am unhappy that this didnt end with a sabaton song

  • Yam Tastic
    Yam Tastic 15 hours ago

    Holy heck dorries the coast gaurd

  • Protoform X
    Protoform X Day ago

    9:08 Brian shares DiamondBolt’s fear

  • Emily Dawson
    Emily Dawson Day ago

    god yeah this man's face was meant for a mustache

  • Raven Valenwyn
    Raven Valenwyn Day ago

    11:54 oh my god theyre civilians

  • Raven Valenwyn
    Raven Valenwyn Day ago

    11:54 oh my god theyre civilians

  • Dani Sareyka
    Dani Sareyka 2 days ago

    It bothers me how all of the Air Force ranks are wrong at 9:38
    An Air Force Veteran

  • Kittifer Bankleroy
    Kittifer Bankleroy 2 days ago

    Full song pls

  • FancyDandin
    FancyDandin 2 days ago

    6 Golden Coins is Super Mario Land 2, not 3. I don't think 3 even exists.

  • Jose Angel Monterroza

    no mames esa es jimena sariñaña?

  • tv_zl
    tv_zl 2 days ago

    Never thought international law could lead to this....i dig it

  • ew its eva
    ew its eva 3 days ago

    strollin' stu ;)

  • wITh LoTS oF OreGanO

    2:56 No, Brian. Those _are_ the horrors of war.

  • Nico García
    Nico García 3 days ago

    this was all worth for the song at the end

  • Nick S
    Nick S 3 days ago

    Bowser is the King of the Koopas, so koopas could be civilians

  • Fimbulvetr 721
    Fimbulvetr 721 3 days ago +1

    Lmao as soon as you described the military I was like this is gonna be the United States Military xD

  • Lautaro De Simone
    Lautaro De Simone 3 days ago

    I finally came to the conclussion that its a direct violation of a social contract that you Brian bring upon us the fact that you still didnt rank pokemons from less to more edibles

  • Gentlemen #rEkCaH01 Plays

    What about the specialized troops like Koopa, koopa troopa, koopa paratroopa.

  • SilverCipher679
    SilverCipher679 4 days ago

    1K people aren't in Bowser's Army.

  • Nick Baca
    Nick Baca 4 days ago

    You made a video outlining Bowser's military...

    and didn't include Monty Tank? The Monty Mole in a freaking Tank?!?!

  • Malice 1738
    Malice 1738 4 days ago +1

    I loved this. Can you try to do the legality of Pokémon’s Gym Challenge, Battles, and Trading?

  • David Dutton
    David Dutton 4 days ago

    haha they're civilians!

  • The Lightning Brony
    The Lightning Brony 4 days ago

    ♫ You big Galoombas! ♫

  • The Lightning Brony
    The Lightning Brony 4 days ago

    Dang. Didn't know you could sing O_O

    Can you get any more awesome? xD

  • zgamer200
    zgamer200 4 days ago +1

    Oh goddammit, I just noticed that BDG accidentally misspelled Lieutenant Colonel(he forget the first E) and that's forever going to bother me now.

  • raven f.
    raven f. 4 days ago +2

    that t-rex comment caught me so off guard omg

  • mercenaryTendencies
    mercenaryTendencies 5 days ago +2

    Did we ever establish whether Mario is even a combatant to begin with? Is he officially enlisted with the Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces, or is he just like...a partisan.
    Wait no he's doing it for coins. Is Mario just a mercenary? Isn't that also illegal these days?

  • DudeMcDudeum
    DudeMcDudeum 5 days ago

    I'm literally subscribing at "so I'm loosely basing it on the US military" Holy fuck hahahaha

  • Stressed Peach
    Stressed Peach 5 days ago

    I accidentally skipped to the end of the video and I thought this video was 13 minutes of describing Mario's war crimes

  • Theo Schuh
    Theo Schuh 5 days ago

    I mean,your humour can’t get any drier when you die

    P.s: I have no idea what dry humour means

  • He Will Come
    He Will Come 5 days ago +1

    The song at the end uses the name of a species "Galoomba" as an insult. This means that whoever wrote this song is a racist, capitalist pig.

    AIDAN YORK 5 days ago

    this channel is the best thing that has ever happened to this planet

  • Kind random person
    Kind random person 5 days ago +1

    *14:00** Song timestamp*

  • Munczkin
    Munczkin 5 days ago

    This channel deserves so many more subs just because of this man.

  • NFITC1
    NFITC1 5 days ago

    Spoilers, sorta

    I was with you until you called Ukiki a field marshal. .....the heck?

  • Kari Castle
    Kari Castle 5 days ago

    Me watching this video:
    Him: ... so I'm lossly basing this of the US military.
    Me: *snorts really hard and hurts myself

  • ElectricX5
    ElectricX5 6 days ago

    the irony is that out of all characters, him and luigi commited the least illegal acts

  • joe sunshine
    joe sunshine 6 days ago

    Commodore is a retired rank (as far as I know). It was given to the commander of a small toast force during WWII, usually a force of 3-5 destroyers

  • Deadbolt
    Deadbolt 6 days ago +1

    8:22 I saw this part on a tumblr post and now I understand. This is my favorite part of this video

  • Reynaldo jr Luna
    Reynaldo jr Luna 6 days ago

    US Military: We are the worlds most strongest military!

    300k of us: We have Colonel Boopkins!

  • GundiMike
    GundiMike 6 days ago

    The Koopa Kingdom is not a signatory of the Geneva convention so this entire video is mute. Neither, by the way, is the Mushroom Kingdom.

  • doctor_with
    doctor_with 6 days ago +1

    The Torpedo Teds are NOT Bullet Bills, and it makes me very angry that you neglected to include them in the Naval ranks.
    Get your act together, Brian. So unprofessional.

  • Matt Michel
    Matt Michel 6 days ago +1

    dem silver tips tho lol

  • cobble love
    cobble love 6 days ago


  • Ben Hoogendyk
    Ben Hoogendyk 6 days ago

    Being in the army I can confidently say that you really have no clue how the army rank structure works.

  • JDM_Texan
    JDM_Texan 6 days ago

    @1:15 - @12:32

  • Emerald Fraser
    Emerald Fraser 6 days ago

    Dry-an sorry

  • Greebeth74
    Greebeth74 6 days ago

    “Why do piranha plant have bone in it?”

  • Introverted Insomniac

    *why do piranha plant have bone in it*

  • Jeanna Vorndran
    Jeanna Vorndran 7 days ago

    “God has cursed me for my hubris and my work is never finished” I belted laughter

  • Kemo Kid47
    Kemo Kid47 7 days ago

    What about the dragon

  • Kami Lee
    Kami Lee 7 days ago

    I actually was not sure how the US military’s rankings worked until about now, and I live in the US.

  • Paal Aaseng Stubbrud

    War criminals on each side.
    Extensive destruction of property.
    Targeting civilians.
    Child soldiers.
    The Mario universe is basically the Iran-Iraq war.

  • Arabeth Peters
    Arabeth Peters 7 days ago

    My favorite part was when he rushed back on the screen saying 'so maybe reading all the Geneva conventions was excessive' after the 'oh my God they're civilians' line like he had to take a break to have an existential crisis. That was great

  • Ethan Simon
    Ethan Simon 7 days ago

    omg they're civilians

  • The_Immoralist
    The_Immoralist 7 days ago

    This video has peak Pierre du Ponceau energy

  • JP Risley
    JP Risley 7 days ago

    But that’s just a game theory

  • Mangoren
    Mangoren 7 days ago

    Mortin was a boss in super papaer mario color spalsh

  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick 7 days ago

    Please do a let's play of Odyssey or something and refer to the enemies' army status

  • Kermit Sudoku
    Kermit Sudoku 7 days ago

    i hate polygon but sadly this guy is funny

  • Archangel964
    Archangel964 8 days ago

    *Why do piranha plant have bone in it?*

  • Nick Nationeer
    Nick Nationeer 8 days ago

    11:55 that time when you fired the white phosphorus shells

  • bo mg
    bo mg 8 days ago

    10:04 I object, the broodals are clearly mercenaries hired to do one thing only, killing E. Gadd

  • lester the flame
    lester the flame 8 days ago

    Wiggiler is not s minon

  • Darth Baum
    Darth Baum 8 days ago

    What about General Guy? A true leader among men and shy guys alike

  • Pontus G
    Pontus G 8 days ago

    This is the funniest shit I've ever seen

  • Sir. Andrews
    Sir. Andrews 8 days ago

    Spec ops: the piano . . . You know the one

  • Jacob De Leon
    Jacob De Leon 8 days ago

    Fishy boopkins?

  • Esmeralda Evangeline

    14:04 is that John Lennon

  • Kate Moody
    Kate Moody 8 days ago

    Mario was told they were Koopa Troopers! Bowser was turtle shielding his own civilians, and presenting them to the enemy (Mario) as a target! Mario did not violate anything!

  • Kipster 500
    Kipster 500 8 days ago

    That was a beautiful ending to a great vid

  • LuketheMankey
    LuketheMankey 8 days ago

    Why would Prince Pikante be in the Air Force?

  • Eire Finn
    Eire Finn 8 days ago

    One day this guy will get laid

  • Frank Mai
    Frank Mai 8 days ago

    Buzzfeed but better

  • LandEn Gaming
    LandEn Gaming 8 days ago


  • Dog Squad
    Dog Squad 9 days ago

    He has this tender leadership quality that makes him not only respected but loved by his peers

    Then above him is a FUCKING TREX

  • No Name
    No Name 9 days ago

    "When I die will I become *DRY* Brian?"

  • mercury
    mercury 9 days ago

    *broke:* mario is a sociopath
    *woke:* mario is a war criminal

  • Aidan Spangrud
    Aidan Spangrud 9 days ago

    M O I S T B O W S E R

  • riley jenkins
    riley jenkins 9 days ago

    I liked the band aide rip off

  • vashanti woodley
    vashanti woodley 9 days ago

    If anyone wants to know. That march that plays in the background is Manhattan Beach by John Phillip Sousa.

  • TherealCandySparrow
    TherealCandySparrow 9 days ago

    The ending song actually gave me chills

  • The Cataclyx
    The Cataclyx 9 days ago

    1:25 3:17 6:16 6:42 6:51 7:00 8:24 8:40-8:49 (also he can sing? im attacked? EDIT: dear god. he IS rhyme and rhythm) 10:23-10:45 10:57-11:22 11:53 and onward (there was so much at this point that i just couldnt list it all)

  • Lamp Post
    Lamp Post 9 days ago

    This man has wonderful hair

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 9 days ago +1

    8:30 Why Do Piranha Plant Have Bone In It?

  • John O.
    John O. 9 days ago +1

    Mario isnt actually a war criminal, because he's not a member of a military. he's just the princess' boyfriend.

  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous 9 days ago +1

    6:53 I really love this

  • Tanner Q
    Tanner Q 10 days ago +1

    And that's not just a theory, it's a game theory!

  • Viktor the Creator
    Viktor the Creator 10 days ago +1

    I don't know why Brian being a Theatre Kid (TM) was supposed to be a surprise in the Perfect Pokerap episode, look at that song. That's a textbook Theatre Kid (TM) sign.

  • HackTor
    HackTor 10 days ago +1

    I thought he was going to say to reset the whole galaxy just like how Rosalina did in Mario Galaxy

  • Sam Gow
    Sam Gow 10 days ago +1

    Why do Piranha Plant have bone in it?

  • Empoweredbard
    Empoweredbard 10 days ago +1

    6:36 respected and loved by his peers... then above hims a ****ing T. rex

  • Trevor Fayle
    Trevor Fayle 10 days ago +1

    I'm really glad Steve from StrangerThings found a new job after scoops ahoy

  • beepbeeptaco
    beepbeeptaco 10 days ago +1

    8:11 "Even in death I serve"

  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen 10 days ago +2

    The stu part was the best thing I’ve seen every

  • ThankYouLovely
    ThankYouLovely 10 days ago +1

    The delivery of 'Unfortunately I couldn't find any real life examples of this.............. so I'm loosely basing it on the US military' fucking KILLS ME EVERY TIME