Unboxing Surprise Package From Witch I Love Your Hair

  • Published on May 27, 2018
  • Unboxing surprise package from Witch I Love Your Hair.
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Comments • 30

  • Natalie Holler
    Natalie Holler 9 months ago

    Your nasal voice is so fucking annoying. Do you purposely speak that way? Cause you sound very different on your IG! Also, it isn’t a great product either. I’ve tried it & it didn’t do anything for me that a couple of drops of essential oil in water wouldn’t.

  • Cherie O
    Cherie O 11 months ago +3

    In awe of your beautiful hair AND even more beautiful personality. Started my CG hair journey 8 weeks ago and can see similarities in my hair to yours, so if I can get even half as good as your beautiful curls it’ll be da bomb!!!! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and smiles 💜🌷💜🌷💜

  • TIna Gary-Carter
    TIna Gary-Carter Year ago +1

    wanna try this!

  • Curlsandtwirlsfordays Curl Adventurer

    This totally inspired me to buy some! I've been curious for a long time but knowing there are crystals in it, tipped me over! 😍😘

  • Panda Jazzy ♥
    Panda Jazzy ♥ Year ago

    Here for the giveaway! My insta is @thecurlysister. Also I can't wait to try this which I love your hair spray !

  • damaris Lima olmeda

    Jannelle loving your videos and IG. This product looks like love and peace in a bottle. @curlyand40 here wishing you all the best and thank you #jannelle10k

  • Whitney Baker
    Whitney Baker Year ago

    IG: curlysnmakeup

  • Jenn Ruiz
    Jenn Ruiz Year ago

    Love B+Z The Magical Mist is bomb! 😍

  • Olivia Clow
    Olivia Clow Year ago

    Wow i sure would love to try some off your amazing products.

  • Adorah
    Adorah Year ago


  • kb
    kb Year ago

    Yessss! Love WILYH!! @livingthewifelife

    • kb
      kb Year ago

      #jannelle10k 😘

  • Victoria Aguirre
    Victoria Aguirre Year ago

    Absolutely love these guys! I have to repurchase soon 😥💗 @_girlwithcurls_07

  • E. Howes
    E. Howes Year ago +1

    This a brand I really want to try out but is almost impossible to get in the UK. Thanks for the amazing giveaway in IG

  • Amy Benford
    Amy Benford Year ago

    Amina_d86 #jannellesgotkycurls

  • Samridhi Kapoor
    Samridhi Kapoor Year ago

    @samridhi.kapoor #jannelle10k

  • Caitlyn B
    Caitlyn B Year ago

    I so want to try Witch I Love Your Hair! I follow them and they seem like such cool people. Thanks for giving the chance! @becomingafitmum

  • Mrs. Zimmerman Math Class

    Can't wait to get my witch! Thanks for the videos and the giveaway! IG handle @curlytwirlymama

  • Curlsandtwirlsfordays Curl Adventurer

    I never knew about the crystals they use in their products! Now I want some :p also @curlandtwirlsfordays #jannelle10k

  • Princessofgod023
    Princessofgod023 Year ago

    Hey girl hey ig is jloblessed023

  • Yanitza Maldonado

    YOUR LAUGH ❤️😍😍😍

  • Kacie Monroe
    Kacie Monroe Year ago

    I love your energy in all your videos. Thanks for the giveaway on IG! @eyedoc_kacie

  • domass4000 Power
    domass4000 Power Year ago +1

    I LOVE YOU!!! ( it's Dom 😂 ) xxxxxx

  • Britney Toner
    Britney Toner Year ago

    LOVE THEM!! Do you have a video of how you calm the irritated scalp you talk about?

  • Anne-Bleakley Jones
    Anne-Bleakley Jones Year ago +1

    Love!! My 14 month old’s curls LOVE witch I love your hair!!

  • kaprich0za123
    kaprich0za123 Year ago +1

    New subie! Love your goofy laugh...lol...thanks for sharing!!

    • Jannelle O'Shaughnessy
      Jannelle O'Shaughnessy  Year ago

      kaprich0za123 haha! So glad to have you here! Thank you for the love!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alana Robinson
    Alana Robinson Year ago +2

    Yayyyy! I’m so glad you know about Brigette and Zack. They truly are awesome and so are their products.