The Search For Our New Pet

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...
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  • Slime duo I v
    Slime duo I v 56 seconds ago

    The posam!!!!!!!

  • Layla Routt
    Layla Routt Hour ago

    Get the toad

  • Sam Parker-Swift
    Sam Parker-Swift Hour ago

    silvester the oposom

  • Alexandra Medina
    Alexandra Medina 2 hours ago

    Get the toad

  • Lauren Rock
    Lauren Rock 2 hours ago

    jericho or sylvester

  • Khadeejah Adam
    Khadeejah Adam 2 hours ago


  • banan mand
    banan mand 3 hours ago

    02:03 dont he mean fourth? NOLAN

  • Elo B
    Elo B 3 hours ago

    Get the opossum!!

  • Margaret Brant
    Margaret Brant 4 hours ago

    If you liked the idea of a lizard, you should look into other kinds of lizards, maybe like a leopard gecko! But I think that you all and Jericho did have a bond...

  • Alaina Avery
    Alaina Avery 4 hours ago


  • Emily Romero
    Emily Romero 5 hours ago

    Ok so I’m new here and every time y’all say you’re identical I die cause like.... You don’t look the same?? I can tell you apart.... Can you explain this to me?? Is it a running joke????

  • Erica Poling
    Erica Poling 5 hours ago

    What did you end up picking?

  • Amalia Rosa
    Amalia Rosa 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Alex
    Tyler Alex 5 hours ago

    Sylvester because possums are adorable but Gray is allergic. Not a fan of the Jericho, I’m afraid, I hate toads, not a fan. The tortoise would be cute, but the lifespan thing is definitely a problem and he would be so heavy after awhile, you would only be able to pick him up for a few years, after that I wouldn’t suggest putting him on Greysons back. Personally, I would take the snake. I love snakes.

  • So cute Wolf
    So cute Wolf 7 hours ago

    The toad and tortoise!!!!!

  • Rhe Rhe
    Rhe Rhe 7 hours ago +1


  • deadly remix
    deadly remix 9 hours ago

    Get the opossum

  • trashy_vibes •
    trashy_vibes • 13 hours ago +1

    Bearded Dragons are such a cool pet and Grayson you could have it because it’s a reptile (they love playing and they don’t bite unless you get on their nerves 😅)
    Hope you guys see this so you can get one
    Please like so the twins can see

  • trashy_vibes •
    trashy_vibes • 13 hours ago

    You guys should really try a bearded dragon

  • Meghana Jacob
    Meghana Jacob 13 hours ago

    you've got a wwe wrestler chris and Jericho = Chris Jericho

  • Emma Van de Venter
    Emma Van de Venter 13 hours ago


  • Peyton Brooks
    Peyton Brooks 14 hours ago

    2:04 a third brother?? what about Nolan??

  • Roman A.
    Roman A. 14 hours ago

    So Jericho it is then

  • Senia 0925
    Senia 0925 14 hours ago

    Grayson: "You got snakes in your pants bro" lmao yes, that's perfect

  • Roman A.
    Roman A. 14 hours ago

    OMG the whole video I was hoping he wouldn't have a snake and then he brought it out and I was just like ☠️

  • Roman A.
    Roman A. 14 hours ago

    Dutch is sooo cute

  • Gaming with Yolanda
    Gaming with Yolanda 14 hours ago

    Grayson:like a third brother
    *nolan has left the chat*

  • Maleana Khounvongsa
    Maleana Khounvongsa 15 hours ago

    I vote for the opossum

  • Sharon Galvez
    Sharon Galvez 15 hours ago

    “It loves me Grayson do not do this to me”😭

  • Kim Ryan
    Kim Ryan 16 hours ago

    why is Grayson so good at naming animals

  • Natasha Zerby
    Natasha Zerby 17 hours ago


  • Maycie Freeman
    Maycie Freeman 17 hours ago

    Ethan litterally picked one name😂

  • Natasha Zerby
    Natasha Zerby 17 hours ago

    Hahaha it will bite my nipple off

  • charlotte brennan
    charlotte brennan 17 hours ago

    Get the big toad it’s so uncommon and it would be cool it can’t bite you hard to kill you

  • Ashleigh Kucharski
    Ashleigh Kucharski 17 hours ago


  • Ciarra Simms
    Ciarra Simms 17 hours ago

    I looovvvee that y’all did a video with Bryan!!! His channel is amazing

  • Sooder Spagooter
    Sooder Spagooter 18 hours ago

    The turtle

  • Spoons
    Spoons 18 hours ago

    I think an opossum would be cool

  • Ashley Nelson
    Ashley Nelson 19 hours ago

    And they Grayson is tan and Ethan is white asf and they have different hair styles

  • Ambrosia Parsons
    Ambrosia Parsons 20 hours ago

    Tortoises are amazing to have 💕

  • kara
    kara 20 hours ago

    petition for gizmo!!! 😇🥺😌

  • Itsyagirlantonia 21
    Itsyagirlantonia 21 20 hours ago

    Lowkey go with the turtle

  • Nicholas Noel-Ochoa
    Nicholas Noel-Ochoa 20 hours ago


  • Charlotte Slater
    Charlotte Slater 21 hour ago

    nononononoooooo Brian Barczyk is TERRIBLE

  • Katy O'Quinn
    Katy O'Quinn 21 hour ago

    Get the opossum

  • Alma Valeria Adams
    Alma Valeria Adams 21 hour ago

    Lmao you can get a dog- just get a hypoallergenic one. Like a goldendoodle or a wirehaired pointing griffon.

  • Clara Allbright
    Clara Allbright 21 hour ago


  • Julia 24-7
    Julia 24-7 21 hour ago

    Jericho the Toad Definitely

  • Emily Wiseman
    Emily Wiseman 21 hour ago


  • sryck2004
    sryck2004 21 hour ago


  • aileenish peenish
    aileenish peenish 21 hour ago +1


  • anonymous army
    anonymous army 22 hours ago

    I love how happy Brian is with these animals!!

  • martin grønberg
    martin grønberg 22 hours ago

    part 2? loved this video so much

  • Torri Ramert
    Torri Ramert 22 hours ago

    2:18 lol we don’t have a big enough sink 😂

  • Torri Ramert
    Torri Ramert 22 hours ago

    2:33 to 2:41 😂😂😂 ethan! “why am i closing my eyes”

  • Nayrelis Fernandez
    Nayrelis Fernandez 22 hours ago +1

    Y’all should get a hedgehog 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔

  • Nayrelis Fernandez
    Nayrelis Fernandez 22 hours ago +1

    Sylyester the possum

  • ellie_teixeira1
    ellie_teixeira1 22 hours ago

    The opossum 100% loved him!

  • Panic!! at the tøp
    Panic!! at the tøp 22 hours ago +1

    E: All my life I wanted a fuzzy wiwwel pet.

  • thetari nani
    thetari nani 22 hours ago +1


  • shai fowler
    shai fowler 23 hours ago

    I had the same reaction as Grayson even though I didn’t even hold it. I’m like “don’t freakin move”

  • Vivian Urias
    Vivian Urias 23 hours ago

    Personally I would choose the python but for y’all, the toad

  • Jaylene Rey
    Jaylene Rey 23 hours ago


  • Sadie Pruett
    Sadie Pruett Day ago

    why don't you just try a hypoallergenic dog they are amazing and never shed!

  • Lala MIa
    Lala MIa Day ago +1

    Opossum its so cute😍

  • Music Stepha
    Music Stepha Day ago

    I want to be that animal in that moment😂😂 6:40

  • Phalguni Joshi
    Phalguni Joshi Day ago +1

    Awww they kinda make a heart with a snake 18:18

  • nathalie acacia
    nathalie acacia Day ago +1

    bust down tatiana

  • Sara Pineda
    Sara Pineda Day ago


  • Disha
    Disha Day ago +1

    "Cuz it'd be 200 pounds and lay on us and we just die"

  • Christina Aldana

    Grayson is like a pro at giving names. All those names matched the animals so well!

  • Disha
    Disha Day ago

    I am terrified of frogs and toads like for real. I can handle snakes but toads are a big no no

  • Disha
    Disha Day ago

    You do have a pool so you can definitely have a shark

  • Disha
    Disha Day ago

    A monitor lizard once entered my house while my dad was on the couch watching TV. That was a total scene

  • Maheen Fakih
    Maheen Fakih Day ago

    Get the tortoise u won't regret ^-^

  • Radhika Ailawadi

    You could get a tiny pig or a miniature horse ❤️❤️❤️

  • Indy Duinmeijer
    Indy Duinmeijer Day ago

    Please don’t ever pet the toad if you do decide to get him

  • Life with Sarah
    Life with Sarah Day ago


  • Life with Sarah
    Life with Sarah Day ago

    Ruben pls

  • tranquility
    tranquility Day ago

    The big question is, do yall think you look alike?

  • wtfvalerie m
    wtfvalerie m Day ago

    the opossum

  • Bailey Stowe
    Bailey Stowe Day ago

    U could always get a bearded dragon they get up to 22 inches long. I have three bearded dragons nd a B&W Argentina Tegu. My Tegu lizard will b up to about 5 ft long. Which is about the same length as that water monitor. But bearded dragons r fascinating. When we first got our lizards they would literally wave at ya. So cute.

  • SpundieGaming
    SpundieGaming Day ago

    Possum and yeah there is hypoallergenic dogs 😂

  • Tuff c & Berry v

    Pick ruben!

  • Kaulana Lopez
    Kaulana Lopez Day ago


  • Cheaffs Death
    Cheaffs Death Day ago


  • janiiyah longboat- isaac

    Get a hedgehog

  • YT _Queenmimi
    YT _Queenmimi Day ago

    Tbh I really like the goat but I wanna keep Grayson safe but I really actually liked the snake, possum, and the skunk

  • Ramona DIY’s
    Ramona DIY’s Day ago

    I liked dimitri monitor lizard 🦎

  • Ansley Giovonni
    Ansley Giovonni Day ago

    Y'all should get Jericho hands down😏😏

  • Cassidy Frapp
    Cassidy Frapp Day ago

    ruben and jerico

  • Powdered Sugar
    Powdered Sugar Day ago


  • Camilla Martinez

    U guys should make a video looking at different birds

  • Emma Chaires
    Emma Chaires Day ago

    The frog!!!

  • J Flanagan
    J Flanagan Day ago


  • ebbyoma
    ebbyoma Day ago

    get the Marine Toad and/ or the African Spur Thigh Tortoise! You guys seemed to like those the best!

  • Katy Conrad
    Katy Conrad Day ago

    CMON Reuben scratched your back

  • Katy Conrad
    Katy Conrad Day ago

    Get a fucking tortoise

  • Babygirl-Trinidyy 1

    JERICHO you guys seemed to like him most

  • maka m
    maka m Day ago +1