Starter Evolutions, Demo, or More Pokemon Sword & Shield Trailers?

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Pokemon Sword & Shield releases in 3 weeks and there's still a lot left not revealed. We'll take a look at what we could see in trailers in the upcoming weeks before launch.
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Comments • 853

  • Austin John Plays
    Austin John Plays  Month ago +315

    Big Whoopsie on the Red/white part. I didn't realize it was SOOO many 3+ years ago. But my statement still stands that I don't want to know all of them before release!

    • The Umbral Hero
      The Umbral Hero Month ago

      Big oof

    • Tyrus Cheese
      Tyrus Cheese Month ago

      Can the code be used only for once or unlimited?

    • Ammikz Petrykz
      Ammikz Petrykz Month ago +1

      @Rune Blade how does your brain fart mine just loses dignity in living

    • Rune Blade
      Rune Blade Month ago

      Massive brain fart there!~ =w=
      But over all yes, glad they are not giving us as many reveals this time around.

    • Travis Marion
      Travis Marion Month ago

      Super agree man

  • Pokémon Go
    Pokémon Go 26 days ago +2

    Telling myself DONT ruin this pokemon game with leaks...*5 minutes later*
    Me:LOOK oh how I love LEAKS!

  • Ay der la
    Ay der la 29 days ago

    3 days out an i just wanna know evolutions of starters

  • Felipe Flemming
    Felipe Flemming Month ago

    Five days before the release and nothing yet...

  • Ian Findlay
    Ian Findlay Month ago +1

    Scorbunny fans

  • Typhloshion vs Pikachu

    This is why Austin is my favorite youtuber. He doesn’t leak like everything about the game as soon as he gets it

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas Month ago

    i would like to see the second stage of the starters, but i'm fine if they leave the final stage up for us to find out from playing it

  • Joshua Durias
    Joshua Durias Month ago

    if there is a galarian dragonite I would definitely buy whichever version it is in.

  • Aharan R
    Aharan R Month ago

    U amazing u congratz 4 marriage

  • Ruilin Zhang
    Ruilin Zhang Month ago

    Game Freak is scared to reveal the starter evolutions

  • Antoine 123 UwU
    Antoine 123 UwU Month ago

    We don’t have time for 3 weeks the game will probably out

  • Shaine Mathis
    Shaine Mathis Month ago

    What version are you getting?

  • Jonathan Glassburn
    Jonathan Glassburn Month ago

    Honestly the less of the Pokemon they show the better, let's keep it that way, we got the starters and some other Pokemon. The less we know the better.

  • Hannah K.
    Hannah K. Month ago

    I'm kinda confused about the starter evos, when will they be released?The game is coming out in 19 days.

  • Ray Sullivan
    Ray Sullivan Month ago

    The only thing I personally want pre release, is to know final evolutions of the starters and this goes back to gen 1. Charizard is my OG FAVORITE! There are certain pokemon I want for gender differences. Pikachu for example is right down the line, male or female, its all good but take Lopunny, it look odd as a male. Now if they give the male its own form ala Galade then fine, but as to my knowledge at present, this is not the case.

  • TheDiamond978
    TheDiamond978 Month ago

    I think there is a mistake at 5:50
    Pretty sure every pokemon in RED were announced
    And those in white weren't I remember that

  • 619ver1
    619ver1 Month ago

    Well about the starter reveals, like he said many people, myself included, take the final form into consideration. So not knowing it, and finally getting something you feels is absolut trash (Looking at you Emboar)will not be relaxing but feels like i wasted hours on something i might not even want to use.

  • Poké Mon
    Poké Mon Month ago


  • Cal Seyler
    Cal Seyler Month ago

    You got it backwards on the red/white part

  • Giyuu Tomioka
    Giyuu Tomioka Month ago

    My starter is always fire type

  • Giyuu Tomioka
    Giyuu Tomioka Month ago

    Hmm I want the evolutions of the starters to be a surprise to me

  • TheGacha Potato345
    TheGacha Potato345 Month ago

    I’m on 1% get me to 100 likes before I get back from it being charged

  • Chabber59
    Chabber59 Month ago

    I pick grookie

  • Rubie Boy12
    Rubie Boy12 Month ago

    GROOKY GANG!!! (Cmon boys just we can wait longer can we 🤤)

  • Rubie Boy12
    Rubie Boy12 Month ago

    Whoopsie did i just slip over a banana to the BEST RU-clipr EVER!!!!

  • Don Haze
    Don Haze Month ago

    I'm fine with limited info. Honestly nice to speculate with friends what could be in the games. A demo in the first week of November would be nice.

  • Pan Bat
    Pan Bat Month ago

    If there is a demo, and its presented like sun and moon's demo, we good. If its presented like let's go's demo, we screwed.

  • GaIIaxyz
    GaIIaxyz Month ago

    @7:00 imagine not playing sun or moon and waiting for sword and shield to come out🤣🤣😂

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez Month ago

    What do you think would be better buying a physical copy or from the eshop? I was planning on the eshop but I don't know if they are giving codes for anything. So I'm on the fence and not sure what to do.

  • AquamarineKay KB
    AquamarineKay KB Month ago

    That’s not fair, Australia hardy ever gets exclusives and now the US can get the gold steel case. Not cool.

  • Zeo Ranger 7
    Zeo Ranger 7 Month ago

    There is no space chicken its the cat with a gat

  • Allen Cunningham
    Allen Cunningham Month ago

    If I'm being honest I've been a little upset about not seeing more. I do give them credit for some of the unique ways of spoiling the new stuff even if they didn't execute that well. This video helped calm the itch a bit seeing the comparison of Sun and moon spoilers and the total we be seen so far. So excited for this game!

  • Colin Ray
    Colin Ray Month ago

    I don’t think the starters evolve. Because there seems to be nothing about their evolutions. I’m not waiting for the game to come out and choose my starter to see what it looks like that’s not fair. It’s not relaxing at all for me.

  • Black_Sheep_0213
    Black_Sheep_0213 Month ago

    If Nintendo are going to stuff us on starter evolutions, I'm sure they'll be data-mined and all over reddit a couple hours after the game releases. (Thankfully for those of us that like to know what kind of commitment we're making)

  • MrSir Ty
    MrSir Ty Month ago

    Theory on space chicken. Telling people of the legendary giant gigiantmax charlizard. The lightning bolts just representative of the huge power of gagiantmaxing.

  • Aidan Or
    Aidan Or Month ago

    Leon's obviously the final boss.

  • Toby Sinbad Walker
    Toby Sinbad Walker Month ago

    God rationality is so soothing when you haven’t heard any for a while

  • MagicChi xx
    MagicChi xx Month ago

    I’m honestly saying it now but I believe Grookey is the “female” counterpart of the starters. Just a prediction.

  • JT Gamer
    JT Gamer Month ago

    It’s still playing Breath of the wild on my 4 Playthru Finding things still

  • LegendaryQuartz Gaming

    Why is the Double Pack the same price as buying both Sword and Shield together?

  • Duncan Tsao
    Duncan Tsao Month ago

    When you realize that wind fish from links awakening is basically dynamaxed wailord

  • The Art of Mask
    The Art of Mask Month ago

    If they reveal anymore more information, I hope that they give only regional variants and any pre-evolutions. I really like how Game Freak has been all hush-hush about the games and I kinda like it this way (plus the Grookey I’m choosing for my starter is getting called “Chimp” for the time being so I don’t want that to change)

  • EpicFaCe TK
    EpicFaCe TK Month ago +1

    Just released a whole Pokédex already I want to build and plan my team😤

  • Fishfan 2
    Fishfan 2 Month ago +1

    No one would be worried if they had the whole national dex

  • Link Trade Gaming
    Link Trade Gaming Month ago

    I think they did an excellent job of dripping little bits of info enough to keep me excited, but also keeping surprises which I appreciate

  • St.AshHole
    St.AshHole Month ago

    so glad i waited on my pre order. just ordered the gold dbl pack. itll never be opened and put on ebay eventually. Thanks! now i just gotta order a normal one that I can play lol

  • Corey Lons
    Corey Lons Month ago

    I went spoiler free for SM and was disappointed w my starter's final form. Tryna go spoiler free for SS but NOT gunna make that mistake again. Definitely need to see the final evo.

  • Jimmy Deathra
    Jimmy Deathra Month ago

    the steel box is also ebgames exclusie for canada

  • SmuFace1up
    SmuFace1up Month ago

    Is it strange that we had a demo for alpha sapphire omega ruby, sun and moon but not Sword and Shield very strange

  • ibrahim makki
    ibrahim makki Month ago

    starter will look different by there gender... someone told me that ... i hop its true

  • Lloyd Johannessen
    Lloyd Johannessen Month ago +1

    A Demo would at least hold me over until Sword and Shield come out.

  • Katanapwnzall
    Katanapwnzall Month ago

    I think I’ll buy that sobble squad shirt. That looks awesome!

  • Delta_YT
    Delta_YT Month ago

    for real gamefreak is pampering charizard at this rate with 3 transformations known rn

  • Masauku1
    Masauku1 Month ago

    A surprise is a good thing I understand stat info and builds

  • Bradley Taylor
    Bradley Taylor Month ago

    The more I see about it, the less hyped I get about it.

  • Nick_ TheBeast
    Nick_ TheBeast Month ago

    5:50 it’s the other way around

  • Brandon Barth
    Brandon Barth Month ago

    Can you really count gigantamax forms? They aren't a separate pokemon it is just a huge version of the same pokemon. While they have some differences in look it is still pikachu, butterfree, etc. They aren't evolutions and therefore are technically not new pokemon.

  • Attrazzione
    Attrazzione Month ago

    *Plot twist*
    There ain’t no starter evolutions. Instead you can dynamax them. We have gotten another charizard form so this replaces the other 6 Pokémon.
    Trust me I’m an engineer.

    ~I can’t see charizard no more, got one in every game lol~

  • Deadhead 9351
    Deadhead 9351 Month ago

    I hope the other two kanto starters get there gigtanamax forms

  • t williams
    t williams Month ago