Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items

  • Published on Aug 2, 2016
  • Top 10 Must-Try Secret Menu Items
    Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, Chipotle, Dairy Queen, In-n-Out Burger, and Sonic have tons of delicious fast food menu items to order - but how to order secret menu items? WatchMojo helps you decide what secret fast food menu items you need to try, between the Butterbeer Frappuccino, Quesarito, McGangbang, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Animal Style Fries, the Triple Down, Meat Mountain, Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake, Frito Pie, and more.
    WatchMojo’s secret menu items review tells you how to order hidden menu items at popular fast food chains like Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A and Arby’s. Do you like Pink Drink, the Incredible Hulk, the Banana Split Blizzard?
    If you’re still hungry, try the Top 10 Outrageous Fast Food Items:
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Comments • 4 211

  • ZackJGBLord
    ZackJGBLord Day ago

    Here’s another thing, the lady talking about the McGangbang being vulgar, how does that lady know gangbang is even vulgar if that bitch hasnt watched porn herself lol a GTF outa here... there’s perve women too, don’t let the world fool you lol.

  • ZackJGBLord
    ZackJGBLord Day ago

    Some of these secret items look like a heart attack in wrapping paper lol merry Christmas.

  • Rallye Cars
    Rallye Cars 3 days ago

    fucking Old people freaking out over names again

  • luvprue1
    luvprue1 4 days ago

    Fritos pie sonic
    Incredible hulk . 5 level burrito taco bell
    Butterbeer frappuccino Starkbucks
    Meat Mountain Arby's
    Barnyard burger-Wendy's
    Chicken,and waffle sandwich at McDonald's
    Triple down. KFC

    McGangbang McDonald 's

  • Ruben Martinez
    Ruben Martinez 5 days ago

    McGangBang? We know it as a McDank.. McChicken between Double QP is a McBeast...

  • Leon Draw
    Leon Draw 5 days ago


  • Mr. Businessman
    Mr. Businessman 5 days ago

    Im curious with Chick-Fill-A

    XENONPLASMA 6 days ago

    How about the mcwhitey (a filet o fish inside a mcchicken)

  • Paige Larrabee
    Paige Larrabee 7 days ago

    I worked at McDonald's and i did a double take when someone ordered a mcgangbang....

  • Richard Klosterman
    Richard Klosterman 8 days ago

    LOL, as if McDonalds themselves came up with the name "McGangBang!" C'mon, people, get serious.

  • Christine Bailey
    Christine Bailey 8 days ago

    I am surprised the KFC/Taco Bell guy didn’t have a heart attack on camera. This was not his first food rodeo

  • Rex Luther
    Rex Luther 8 days ago

    No wonder Why So many American Fat People in the US

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez 8 days ago

    9:45 that KGNS Pro 8 News the local NBC news in my hometown Laredo,Texas

  • izzerkitter
    izzerkitter 11 days ago

    I had the meat mountain It took me a hour to eat the whole thing!

  • antonio zarate
    antonio zarate 11 days ago

    that fat guy is the grossest thing i´ve ever seen, makes me want to puke

  • Michael Massari
    Michael Massari 12 days ago

    they forgot about the burger with mcdouble junior chicken and a filet o fish together

  • Jeff Wilde
    Jeff Wilde 12 days ago

    Mcgangbang? We called it a McFuckYeah

  • Drew Moore
    Drew Moore 12 days ago

    Good to see Stonie on here.

  • Kyle O'neal
    Kyle O'neal 13 days ago

    Thats not a real mcgangbang. A real mcgangbang is a whole mcchicken in the middle of a mcdouble.

  • Ignacio Suarez
    Ignacio Suarez 13 days ago

    The 4x4 at in n out though

  • Nunya Bizniz
    Nunya Bizniz 14 days ago

    I like to go to Arby's, get two Crispy chickens with nothing on them and a 4 peice Mozzarella sticks with two marinara sauces. Then I put two mozz sticks on a sandwich, smash them flat with the bun and then pour a thing of marinara on them before eating it. I call it a Chicken Smash and it tastes so good.

  • Joseph Marsh
    Joseph Marsh 14 days ago

    I can personally say The Incredible Hulk Burrito is beyond fantastic, especially if you're a fan of guacamole.

  • Marc rap
    Marc rap 14 days ago

    That food guy Joey grosses me out I mean you listen to him try to breath as he's eating damn bro you're goimg to have a heart attack you need to stop. Try reviewing some salad bars!

  • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.

    Ever why people are getting so fat? Yeah because they put cheesecake in sundaes.

  • jimthar17
    jimthar17 15 days ago

    Ok I'm kinda worried about that big guy. He needs less fast food and more exercise or he won't be around very much longer.

  • Wolf Muller
    Wolf Muller 15 days ago

    Do you guys have to keep showing fat cunts eating in their cars?

  • Christina Smith
    Christina Smith 17 days ago

    Since when is a dirty chai a secret menu item?

  • Chris Estep
    Chris Estep 18 days ago

    It's not a secret menu item if you have to buy three sandwiches to make one yourself.

  • Greg Kamer
    Greg Kamer 19 days ago

    The only one I ever tried was the Meat Mountain from Arby's. I'm here to tell ya, it was worth it.

  • Viola Zack
    Viola Zack 19 days ago

    Why do the guys all eat in their car? I can't watch that..

  • fat matt
    fat matt 20 days ago

    Panda Express
    Orange chicken burritos

  • Fred Klein
    Fred Klein 21 day ago

    I ask for pickles or extra pickles or anything a little bit special so they have to custom make my order fresh instead of taking the next old patty that was sitting under the heat lamp. Nothing more complicated than that.

  • Heartwing Arts
    Heartwing Arts 21 day ago

    The Sonic Frito Pie is from my teenage years!

  • Jeston Holland
    Jeston Holland 22 days ago

    It’s the MCDANK

  • Bruh Hargett
    Bruh Hargett 22 days ago

    Number 9 they serve that at my school

  • Chris Tollefson
    Chris Tollefson 23 days ago

    9:52 still a virgin

  • The Viewer Lure
    The Viewer Lure 24 days ago

    I was born a stupid person, and that's how I am going to live

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit 25 days ago

    "frito pie"
    aka walking taco.

  • Nicholas Pilot
    Nicholas Pilot 26 days ago

    I was getting mad having worked at McDonald's for 7 years I was waiting for this lmao

  • David Nesper
    David Nesper 26 days ago


  • Marty Mcfly
    Marty Mcfly 26 days ago

    The bitch talking: these are available all across the United States.
    Me: oh boy yes
    Her: #10 well this one is hard to find

  • iProdigyz
    iProdigyz 27 days ago

    Quesa lito

  • kayze . K
    kayze . K 27 days ago

    The KFC tripple down in Kenya it's called the 'nyama nyama' burger or deal

  • Michael Cookielover
    Michael Cookielover 28 days ago

    Severe lack of mayo on the McGangbang

  • Big Gucci Beats
    Big Gucci Beats Month ago

    Wendy's t rex burger where tf it at

  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf Month ago +1

    I LOVE Frito Pie. I love to make it with wolf brand chili and mozzarella cheese

    • Lone wolf
      Lone wolf 10 days ago

      Corey Musick Mmmmm who doesn't love cheddar?

    • Corey Musick
      Corey Musick 10 days ago +1

      I always use cheddar cheese with wolf brand chili but mozzarella sounds awesome

  • Aaron Freund
    Aaron Freund Month ago

    McDonald's Surf and Turf- Big mac. Fish fillet. Replace one beef patty on big mac with fish fillet.... Boom, surf and turf.

  • Tony Albano
    Tony Albano Month ago

    You forgot the land sea and air burger from McDonalds. Quarter pounder fillet of fish and a mcchicken take the mcchicken off the bun and put between the fillet and the quarter pounder.

  • DrPsychedelic
    DrPsychedelic Month ago


  • Dakarai Davis
    Dakarai Davis Month ago

    I just be calling it a McDank!!! 😂😂😂

  • Secksy Austin
    Secksy Austin 2 months ago

    Most of this shit makes me wanna throw up

  • Wendy Guo
    Wendy Guo 2 months ago

    "if you like blueberry cheesecake..."
    Shows a cherry chocolate cake image

  • JmasterZ05
    JmasterZ05 2 months ago

    They served Frito pie for lunch at my school only they called it traveling taco

  • Collin Squires
    Collin Squires 2 months ago

    I wish I lived in a place where people actually knew that a secret menu was a thing. People here in East Idaho are clueless.

  • Elijah Bendlin
    Elijah Bendlin 2 months ago

    The bitch talking is annoying af

  • Hydros
    Hydros 2 months ago

    The McGangbang is called the McBitchin in Michigan 😂

  • bri bri
    bri bri 2 months ago

    Most of the time, your not gonna get this from Wendy’s. I work there and if you asked I’d b confused.

  • Mikayla Bowles
    Mikayla Bowles 3 months ago

    The Frito pie has only not been on the menu for the past 6 or so years...just like the banana split

  • Marion Loesch
    Marion Loesch 3 months ago

    I worked at KFC A&W for a year and I actually saw the triple down and holy cow it's huge

  • Korteland Pitts
    Korteland Pitts 3 months ago +1

    Watching other people eat is disgusting. Close your mouth...