Philips Hue is a RIPOFF

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
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    Finally a competitor for both LIFX and Philips Hue bulbs that isn't going to break the bank - Yeelight
    CORRECTION: The newer generation LIFX bulbs no longer make use of a mesh network, instead they all connect directly to the router.
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Comments • 7 523

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  6 months ago +1785

    Do you use smart bulbs in your home?

    • Russell Roefer
      Russell Roefer 3 months ago

      Linus Tech Tips. Yep. Only two though. Cost was too high at the time. I might get a few more now though.

    • The Zax Studio
      The Zax Studio 5 months ago

      Not yet.

    • A13DPrinting
      A13DPrinting 5 months ago

      I got a tp-link smart light and had connections issues so ended up taking it back. Then got the sengled starter kit which was $49 which included the bridge and 2 globes and it works great, much better than the almost $150 for the phillips starter kit. The sengled it now down to $39 for the starter kit, so this is another cheaper option.

    • Mihr Luck
      Mihr Luck 5 months ago

      I would actually recomend you also adding Kasa Smart Light Bulb by TP-Link - Reliable WiFi Connection, Multicolor, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa Echo and Google Assistant, California Compliant (KL130) to your review. It cost 30 Dollars right now on amazon. It is cheaper then the phillips Hue has no HUB and is better quality then the YEE light. The app also has energy monitoring and an easy way to select colors. It also works with google home and amazon alexa. I haven't tried with Siri/apple.

    • Thomas Walma
      Thomas Walma 6 months ago

      I've been using smart light bulbs called Flux for over 3 years. No hub. Less expensive than the Hue and LifX but more expensive than the Yee Light. Has a good iPhone app and works with Alexa, although I only used Alexa for about a week before I decided I didn't want it

  • wright96d
    wright96d 5 hours ago

    8:31 Jake really YEETED that box at your head

  • Alex R
    Alex R 12 hours ago

    Do they connect to anozon alexa

  • Phillip Abreu
    Phillip Abreu 22 hours ago

    anyone else spot that clean ass e90

  • Mr Sid
    Mr Sid 2 days ago

    1:49 An i oop...

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 4 days ago

    I don't understand why anyone would waste money on a smart bulb? As soon as the bulb dies you need to re-buy the whole thing. Whereas if you just used a smart switch, you don't need to re-buy the smarts just because your bulb died. IMO smart switches are a way better way to go.

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 4 days ago

    I just got 6 yeelights and 2 xiaomi bedside lamps from ali they'll be here in 20 to 40 days omg omg omg :D :D :D

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 4 days ago

    why do I need to send data to the communists in order to turn my lights on? :V

    • Lizard King
      Lizard King 4 days ago

      cool, they'll know your wifi key and have a backdoor via the app onto your network.. that's nice

  • Dave CK
    Dave CK 4 days ago

    Didn't finish the rest of the video...sold!

  • Xen Trading
    Xen Trading 4 days ago

    Ouch =/

    That's a critical hit to manhood.

  • Ancient Astronaut Theorist

    YEET Light.

  • 3DFX
    3DFX 6 days ago +2

    Okay - But does the competitors offer an estimated lifespan of 25.000 Hours like Philips..?? 👍 [*EDIT* Iwas speaking of Hue Play which evidently was NOT the subject of this video...]

  • Mr. Jordan
    Mr. Jordan 7 days ago

    in germany, i pay 55 euro for 2m philips led strip color. they have 1600 lumen.
    i wanted a cheaper one and took "osram" which is at least very popular in germany for lightning...2m like the philips but only 800 lumen and the color quality was the only one which is better than philips are LifeX strips

  • Mask24
    Mask24 11 days ago

    the log out log in ffixed my issues. love you linus

  • nlx
    nlx 12 days ago

    on one side(i think its direct wifi build in the yee) philips hue have that ziggbee net, so you get some nice features too, cause of that you need the bridge to get it in the regular home-net (bit ugly), but longer range for home automation and not that wifi waste for more and more devices, its a expensive way to the "future" xD

  • Magow1990
    Magow1990 12 days ago

    Why is (Belgian icon) Eddy Wally in there? :') I just can't stop laughing (at 2:47)

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner 14 days ago +1

    The most important feature of hue is working without an internet connection.

    • Garrett A
      Garrett A 9 days ago

      Hue works without an internet connection? Mine doesnt lol, unless there's a special way you have to set it up? Luckily my internet rarely goes off but the few times it has I wasnt able to use my lights

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 14 days ago

    Anyone remember clap light?
    Still better than all this shit. Doesn't spy on you in your living room.

  • ᴛᴀsᴛᴇʟɪᴋᴇɢʀᴀɴᴅᴍᴀ

    that “wow” meme was so nostalgic

    L3OPARD 14 days ago +2

    i am very happy to hear about memory express' new location

  • Matt Crider
    Matt Crider 14 days ago

    Yeelight seems to be a backdoor for China to spy on us, again.

    BUDDGAF 15 days ago +2

    Users on my discord can control one of my lamps with bot commands. Why? Because

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 16 days ago +2

    IKEA's version is cheap, works great.

  • shawn mendrek
    shawn mendrek 18 days ago

    lmao @ the measuring tape scenario, I thought I was the only lazy one!

  • MusFuzZ
    MusFuzZ 18 days ago


  • meyers clark
    meyers clark 20 days ago +1

    The year is 2019 the hue lights now cost only 14dollars

  • Kyle Gregory
    Kyle Gregory 20 days ago

    Used LIFX for a while, they were unreliable and a fucking dogs breakfast to set up everytime. Replaced with philips hue and no problems what so ever, I just wish they were as bright as the lifx

  • Wazza722
    Wazza722 21 day ago

    Will the yee lights work with logitechs harmony hub?

  • HCBR
    HCBR 22 days ago +5

    I use 5 HUE lights 1 spot and a ledstrip+ for a couple years and I am very happy since I got them :)
    They work perfect in synch with my Phillips TV, PC, and phone. And I use them with music, movies or static. Phillips even offered great service in my case by providing me with a new updated bridge free of charge.
    B.t.w internet is only necessary for "off location" control or updates. I blocked my tv and bridge in my router. every few weeks I update the bridge tv and lamps.
    Also the hue bridge has ethernet, which greatly increases response time vs. wireless from around a noticable 100/200 ms to a few ms when connected to another ethernet device (Phillips TV or Laptop/PC) with on screen action in movies, or response on bass in music etc.
    Lookup: Phillips Hue Synch for PC and Hue Pro with custom widgets for android/IOS. The 2 best apps (That I use).

  • Gdw _Gamer
    Gdw _Gamer 22 days ago +1

    2:01 my theory is that thats his real voice xd

  • Dan Tudose
    Dan Tudose 24 days ago

    Does yeelight have google assistant/home support?


    You have to watch until 7:35 to find out only LIFX and Philips work with Apple's HomeKit... annoying.

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M 25 days ago

    Yeet light

  • Unworthy Steam
    Unworthy Steam 25 days ago

    I feel like people are just finding more and more ways to be lazier

  • Mathias Stjernström
    Mathias Stjernström 26 days ago

    Checkout IKEA -

  • Miggg
    Miggg 26 days ago

    I thought LIFX was pronounced (L-EF-UX) since i had one lmao

  • Ali Adam
    Ali Adam 26 days ago +2

    thank God I just need one bulb :)

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin 26 days ago

    Mine don't link

    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin 26 days ago

      I'm skittles I'm smoking a cig though 🤷‍♂️

  • Shadia Powell
    Shadia Powell 26 days ago

    The app for lifx sucks. Just doesn't work.

  • Sergeant Seven
    Sergeant Seven 26 days ago +3

    All these bulbs are a rip off when you open them up and realize whats inside them. Phillips is a ripoff in general, not just with hue.

  • Gaurav Dudi
    Gaurav Dudi 27 days ago

    MI Yeelight HUE 10 W 800 LUMENS is available for 14.30 dollars in INDIA

  • morche_1999
    morche_1999 27 days ago

    Your voice is so disturbing, Im gonna have to block your channnel

  • Minvox
    Minvox 27 days ago

    LIFXs color wheel is fine..

  • Lucas Giles
    Lucas Giles 27 days ago +1

    I return.. to hold you responsible for making me a Xiaomi fan boy 😂

  • Stanley Kinzinger
    Stanley Kinzinger 29 days ago

    it is 100% a ripoff

  • Chad Moller
    Chad Moller Month ago +6

    $40 for a hue color bulb
    Simple white bulbs are $10 each in hue. And those are good enough for the vast majority of my rooms.

    • Moosedraw
      Moosedraw 18 days ago

      Chad Moller yea but they don’t make colours so 💁

  • zukii
    zukii Month ago +6

    Yee light


  • Alperic27
    Alperic27 Month ago

    Have the hue... money is just money... and the external apps are really cool, better even than the default philips

  • AugmentedGravity
    AugmentedGravity Month ago +1


  • irritation_at_the_nightclub

    I fucking hate this channel

  • Hunter Alexander
    Hunter Alexander Month ago

    You also have to consider their compatibility with other led systems. I found about Philips Hue through Razer Cynapse and I decided that I most certainly wanted lights that could go with my keyboard’s color changes. If there are any other options that are cheaper than Philips Hue for this use, please let me know, but other than that I am happy with my choice to save up for the Philips Hue purchase.

  • Himanshu Srivastava

    Yeelight white or color model, which one is best?

  • Ur mom Gey
    Ur mom Gey Month ago

    If Micheal Jackson did a commercial: yEe HEe!!

  • Roger Obergh
    Roger Obergh Month ago

    Yup. My whole house hue’d!💡

  • Orion Osiris
    Orion Osiris Month ago +2

    Hue absolutely is a complete and utter rip-off, I've used several smart bulbs the last couple of years and not a single one need a seperate hub or so-called "bridge" 🤦‍♂️
    I just bought a Phillips Hue from a cheap 2nd hand shop here in the UK called CeX and got got it home only to be absolutely disappointed, immediately finding out that I need to waste more money on a bridge, feeling seriously pissed at it, thankfully CeX are good at refunds and exchanges so I'm going back later to get something actually worth my time and money 🤦‍♂️

  • Ethan Hilgert
    Ethan Hilgert Month ago

    There color spectrum is shit

  • Solomon Sgt Justin L

    I like that you erased the closed captions after the two and a half minutes of your video. Deaf people don't exist anyway.

  • Online
    Online Month ago

    yee-t the competition away

  • Niskis
    Niskis Month ago


  • 5tormwolf92
    5tormwolf92 Month ago

    What about Ikea?

  • FrenzyPenguin Media

    Do you know who Eddy Wally was? :)

  • pbilk1
    pbilk1 Month ago

    I wish there were more apps for non-Hue bulbs. It's sad. I see these cool dance and scene management ones but I can't use it with the Globe Bulbs from The Source.

  • pbilk1
    pbilk1 Month ago

    7:51 Yes! Switch to Android!

  • CJ Welch
    CJ Welch Month ago

    Hue is the way to go. The app is superb compared to what was displayed with the others on this video (Hue only edges out the win with functionality yet Yee has to log back out and back in as well as cumbersome clicks, come on...bias much). I’ve had no issue setting global scenes via Alexa routines. Hue Sync is in infancy compared to what is possible, but it is a really awesome feature. I’m hopeful they will release a Hue Sync app for Samsung QLED TVs.

  • Chicken Bits
    Chicken Bits Month ago

    Sooooo... RGB strip lights

  • xamindar
    xamindar Month ago

    Lifx do NOT operate in any sort of mesh. What the heck are you talking about? Lifx originally talked about using mesh, but dropped the idea as they couldn't figure it out and get it working. I'm pretty sure they never meshed.

  • Tommy
    Tommy Month ago

    When I think of yee yee, I think of Lamar's line in GTA5. "Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful n***a. Maybe if you got rid of that old yee yee ass haircut, you'd get some b****"s on yo d**k. Oh, better yet, maybe Tanisha'll call your dog ass if she stops f*****g with that brain surgeon or lawyer she f*****g with... N***aaa!"

  • Cory Hegelein
    Cory Hegelein Month ago

    Can you do a review on dark-flash case fan and its hub and why is it so hard to get it to sync to the motherboard. 3 pin 4 pin its so confusing

  • Alex Invar
    Alex Invar Month ago

    Hue 3rd gen lights have better color ranges then both the first gen (HUE) and other brands. Also the accessories are way easier to setup then with any other zigbee accessory which require painfully annoying keypress combos to get it to work.

  • Julian
    Julian Month ago

    i just use hue for porn because its more immersive with phillips hue sync

  • Tong Gao
    Tong Gao Month ago

    Xiaomi is pretty good eh! It has a lot good quality products for more reasonable price

  • Poralisium1337
    Poralisium1337 Month ago

    YEEт Lights

  • Mac Tosh
    Mac Tosh Month ago

    YEE light

  • KingRAB
    KingRAB Month ago

    I’d say they both are. I’d buy lifx in a heartbeat for my entire house. If I didn’t have to sell my entire house to pay for them.

  • dorval josué
    dorval josué Month ago

    i will hopefully

  • Tecnovlog
    Tecnovlog Month ago

    Philips Hue lightbulbs do not cost 46,75 $ each. In italy i can buy one for 15 euros or 16.83 $

  • Andrew O
    Andrew O Month ago


  • Panda man
    Panda man Month ago +37

    Yee Yee 🤠. I want to be able to walk into my house, scream “YEE YEE” and have my house light up like the grizwalds house in Christmas vacation.

  • Mick
    Mick Month ago

    Sure I'd love to install a bunch of chinese wifi-capable lightbulbs in my private home - with no way of knowing if there's any risk of getting spied on by the chinese goverment :)
    Yes, Hue is expensive. But it just works very well.

  • SkyHighFlying 15
    SkyHighFlying 15 Month ago

    I heard the word yee and whent nuts.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Month ago

    I refuse to build another gaming rig !! I won't do it !!I really won't ! Sick case though I won't !! I swear !

  • Ari Vicentini
    Ari Vicentini Month ago +1

    1:50 The moment that earned my LIKE for the video PRICELESS

  • kontoname
    kontoname Month ago +4

    Yeah right, no review of power consumption (especially standby), security or anything else relevant... a very cringy video.

  • florida carbuff
    florida carbuff Month ago

    hey man love your channel so informative

  • M. Savage
    M. Savage Month ago

    I got geeni merkury bulbs from Walmart... They were $12 and some change per bulb and are amazing. Way better than the hue bulb I tested.

  • Brittney Bowers
    Brittney Bowers Month ago

    Hue bulbs are a lot less now

  • NickDBK
    NickDBK Month ago

    Yeelight prices must have gone up a bit since this review. I actually bought a V1 and a V2 Yeelight color bulb, the Mi Bedside Lamp, and the Galaxy Ceiling Lamp 650. Their products are barely even Beta test. The bulbs have minimum brightness issues, the Mi Bedside lamp requires you to log into a yeelight employee's shared account, add your light to download firmware, then redo it all over again on your own account. It also only does low brightness in a special night mode where you can't chance colors. The 650's ambient light isn't controllable with scenes for brightness or anything, you just set it as a color and it always does it. The Yeelight forums are filled with threads of people complaining of these issues among DOZENS of others. I ended up returning all this overpriced garbage and paying slightly more for Phillips Hue which isn't that much more expensive at this point and it all actually works as advertised. Going to give a big thumbs down at YeeLight.

  • HypticBoi
    HypticBoi 2 months ago +3

    HA ! Android Rules 😎

    (not to be offended or bieng angry at me, apple is a OK company and it is pretty good)

  • Someoneme
    Someoneme 2 months ago +1

    Well only one of these can be connected to my philips tv with ambilight🤷🏼‍♀️

  • alphadog708
    alphadog708 2 months ago

    a Light does not need a fkn Smart Phone to turn it on :| Remote is good lol my Opinion!

  • Awkward Alien
    Awkward Alien 2 months ago +2

    I just spent £120 on Philips hue 😕😅 £70 for a led strip and £50 for a hue bridge

  • Todd McGuckin
    Todd McGuckin 2 months ago +11

    Anyone else think Linus looks like David Tennant?

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 months ago

    Yeelight? Yeetlight!

  • Chris Banana
    Chris Banana 2 months ago

    As a solar panel owner, zigbee can suck it...
    that thing has to be reset every 1-3 months for no reason...

  • Djordje XO
    Djordje XO 2 months ago


  • N English
    N English 2 months ago

    One chinee company, 5000 OEM's, confused public.

    MCMXC 2 months ago

    Junk, you get what you pay for...

  • Jadan Kerr
    Jadan Kerr 2 months ago


  • Bara Robber Baron
    Bara Robber Baron 2 months ago +1

    Yeah, that's all wonderful and shit, but I need the led strips and outdoor lighthoses. E27 bulbs mean nothing to me. It's used for caselighting.