SPOILED GIRL Gets a LAMBO for her Birthday...

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • SPOILED GIRL Gets a LAMBO for her Birthday and COMPLAINS about it! Were you a spoiled kid? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf Watch another video below!
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    SPOILED GIRL Gets a LAMBO for her Birthday...
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  6 months ago +13873

    so what did u get for your birthday??

    • Scout _2019
      Scout _2019 15 days ago

      peppa pig

    • Zaira Riley
      Zaira Riley 29 days ago

      airpods(not apple) a curling iron and a brush from my mom
      a book some braclets two rings a flute from my friend

    • Cole Lord
      Cole Lord Month ago

      An Xbox one s

    • gacha cami
      gacha cami Month ago +1


    • Itz ØfflineMeh
      Itz ØfflineMeh Month ago

      a cheap phone but i still liked it and im happy with it

  • Ms. Hedgehog11
    Ms. Hedgehog11 18 minutes ago +1

    I would’ve gotten her the PT cruiser like if you agree

  • Josh Lakkis
    Josh Lakkis 32 minutes ago

    My dad be like. You want black leather, I’ll give you black leather to your head

  • xxterr0r galaxy
    xxterr0r galaxy Hour ago

    girl:my parents hate

    me:i got a lambo my parents are the best

  • Raphael Baxevanis
    Raphael Baxevanis 2 hours ago

    how the f did he not f ing slap dis spoilt bi**h

  • Amy Battams
    Amy Battams 2 hours ago

    i would like a lambo.

  • Kerrie Mcglone
    Kerrie Mcglone 3 hours ago

    I wouldn’t even get her a car

  • Rhys Herbert
    Rhys Herbert 4 hours ago

    My dream car is Mercedes g wagon

  • Ashton Winfield
    Ashton Winfield 7 hours ago


  • Ashton Winfield
    Ashton Winfield 7 hours ago

    That car is from 1872

  • I could’t think of a Name

    I’ll keep it

  • I could’t think of a Name

    This gets me MAD

  • Itz Maddie Popz
    Itz Maddie Popz 8 hours ago

    Also if I could have any car it would be a red Jeep with bumper stickers

  • Emma Price
    Emma Price 10 hours ago +1

    Is it bad that I have a aunt Becky? XD

  • Xxunicorn_gumxX UNICORNS

    I want a Jeep used or not idk and i am paying for it not my mom or dad. So...she sound be grateful.

  • Amanda Sopchak
    Amanda Sopchak 11 hours ago

    Im 8 and i got a bike I LOVE IT ITS SO COOL I LOVE YOU

  • Ayan Rashid
    Ayan Rashid 12 hours ago

    Bruhhhh all I want for my birthday is a Spy bag (im a girl i am using my dad account)
    But this Dummy got a LAMBO!
    and She doesnt care -_- hate spoiled people if i ever get a spoiled Daughter i will KILL HER TO DEATH CUZ NO SPOILED KIDS ARE ALLOWED ON EARTH

  • 1 2
    1 2 13 hours ago +1

    Lock that girl in the car! I'm so mad

  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 13 hours ago

    I’m pretty sad because you said your sister your sister got a car in a dead told dad told you that he had a call from one of his daughters you say the daughter and he said it was your sister you’re disappointed stud start breaking his plate start when you’re a grown-up leave his house not be sad Ingo in his house when it when he sleeping wake him up shatter a plate on your name can you play on the floor to wake him up when he’s awake Yellit him reasons yeah then she yelled at him out like this I didn’t get a Lamborghini is the worst day of my life and then yup yup so not hearing her not hearing her talk so😧👿

  • Crazy_Panda Girl
    Crazy_Panda Girl 13 hours ago +1

    BRUH I don’t want a Lamborghini! I want a stable, pasture, indoor arena, 4 horses, a wash stall, expensive saddle pads, and a two story house all for the price of ONE LAMBO!

  • Aliyah Stanchfield
    Aliyah Stanchfield 14 hours ago

    I would be so excited if I got one of those

  • Xx_StrangerThings_xX :3

    If i was that girl's parent, i would've hit her harder than i hit the like button.
    But seriously, this girl needs to get a job and save up for her own car. Until she does, she be walking

  • XxdarzethxX
    XxdarzethxX 15 hours ago

    Yetis to the Fettus

  • XxdarzethxX
    XxdarzethxX 15 hours ago

    The spoiled girl

  • XxdarzethxX
    XxdarzethxX 15 hours ago

    Not you sssniperwolf

  • XxdarzethxX
    XxdarzethxX 15 hours ago


  • Fun island Call island
    Fun island Call island 17 hours ago

    Cry for happiness for five months I get a Lambo

  • Fun island Call island
    Fun island Call island 17 hours ago

    Doesn’t want a car i’m going to give it to my dad🤣

  • Zara Tatiana
    Zara Tatiana 18 hours ago

    My friend say I'm spoiled and when I see this... I'm just feel wrong 😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 22 hours ago

    This spoiled brat will be fLiPPiNg DeAd iF I wAS hEr FaThER

  • Faith Bullock
    Faith Bullock 23 hours ago

    My birthday is soon and my dad is teasing me 😂😂

  • JC
    JC Day ago

    BROOO countach > aventador

  • MrLiueddy
    MrLiueddy Day ago


  • MrLiueddy
    MrLiueddy Day ago

    I would get a Porsche or a lumo

  • devil squad
    devil squad Day ago

    Well I don't show my emotions is because if I get excited I will get made fun of so now all my friends think I'm depressed but im normally happy but they don't know😢😢😭

  • Scarlett Robinson

    Btw they obviously live in a hella nice house on a rly nice property and are prolly pretty rich

  • Scarlett Robinson

    Ok it’s an ugly car (in my opinion) but literally I would be crying happy tears and hella hugging my dad

  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang Day ago

    if i were her father i would dump her on the side the road.

  • Alondra Moreno
    Alondra Moreno Day ago +1


  • PugsAdD1Ct3d 101

    I dont know how you guys want just a super car i would like a classic truck that would be nice

  • Sneaky Spider 2005

    My dream car is a black 2014 Camaro with maroon red leather seats.

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson Day ago +1

    She is such a brat

  • Balotica Bepo
    Balotica Bepo Day ago

    Wow this girl is trash
    The car is ....wow

  • dani supremul
    dani supremul Day ago

    this girl dosen t know that money aren t easy to make if i had that car i be so fucking happy i just want to slap the hell out of her p.s i didn t get anithing every birthday and i didnt said somthing about that

  • Joseph Bass
    Joseph Bass Day ago

    I would have got a 458 in white but with lambo badges and lettering for a adventador

  • صالح Ksa
    صالح Ksa Day ago

    She’s trying to hold her happiness

  • Huber Ortiz
    Huber Ortiz Day ago

    V12 enginge

  • Ruth Lugo
    Ruth Lugo Day ago

    She geddy what I would of done was keep the car for my self and ground her

  • Midnight_ Galaxy

    The problem is people who are grateful just like you can see the beauty whilst them spoiled brat are blind

  • The Gunners
    The Gunners Day ago

    this is the best car ever but search up a 1963 ford falcon ranchero thats what my dad has

    EVAN JACOB Day ago


  • # Gagestylez
    # Gagestylez Day ago

    Bro i would die to have that car she is spoiled

  • KayLee Khel’sea
    KayLee Khel’sea 2 days ago

    Aweee her dad is being so nice too :(

  • Tony Mc and more 7878

    Avantador SV? Get a huracan 200k

  • RomanPranks TV
    RomanPranks TV 2 days ago

    instead of burning it do some modifactions to the suspension or the engine and the sell it the price of a new aventador this child needs to get a f****** job seriousle

  • lilian shepherd
    lilian shepherd 2 days ago

    i got a freaking laptop but i was so great full no matter how much it cost

  • Yolanda Gonzalez
    Yolanda Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I mean Jojo siwa is 16 and she DRIVES!!!!!!!!!

  • PinkPorg
    PinkPorg 2 days ago +2

    I can’t even afford the dollar store and she gets a Lamborghini..... bru....

  • soccer 4 life
    soccer 4 life 2 days ago

    she’s so ungrateful 😒 like if it was now 2019 where driving some type of antique is cool and there expensive 🤦🏻‍♀️ idk if I make sense but yeah

  • Toty alhajkalil
    Toty alhajkalil 2 days ago +2

    And I have a kitten and he is cute 🐈

  • Toty alhajkalil
    Toty alhajkalil 2 days ago +2

    Guys you all have to say thank you for who bring anything 🙂

  • Maira Peralta
    Maira Peralta 2 days ago

    a phone😇😃

    MADDIEx xEILISH 2 days ago

    1:56 I already have a car and I'm 14 and in highschool lol

  • Devionna Bordeaux
    Devionna Bordeaux 2 days ago +4

    My parents might not even get me a car I’m gonna got to buy it myself

  • symphony scales
    symphony scales 2 days ago

    My birthday is actually tomorrow but I’ll never be like that BRAT

  • Ronda Grant
    Ronda Grant 2 days ago

    Boi I’m fine with the first car ever invented

  • Heaven Navarro
    Heaven Navarro 2 days ago


  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales 2 days ago

    Girl shut up you a brat

  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales 2 days ago

    If my dad got one I would i would be happy

  • Cathy Ohara
    Cathy Ohara 2 days ago

    Bruh one time I got one thing which was about 20 pounds for my birthday and I was almost crying of exitment I was soooooo happy and when I see this girl bruh I am about to smash through my screen and grab her face in my bedroom grab her out and throw her out of my window and make her land in a bin

  • Frost bite The dox
    Frost bite The dox 2 days ago

    I’ll take the lambo

  • Alicia Shepherd
    Alicia Shepherd 2 days ago

    What's wrong with red I love red cuz I support Liverpool and there red sry other team supporters

  • Alicia Shepherd
    Alicia Shepherd 2 days ago

    This is how many punches she gets for wasting money


  • Justin Zhang
    Justin Zhang 2 days ago

    I hope she goes homeless for a month she needs to know how to be Great full

  • Roman Silvas
    Roman Silvas 2 days ago