Top 10 Most Dangerous Waterslides

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Hey guys! Check out the TUBERIDES RU-clip channel for some awesome waterslide videos!
    You might not think of 'danger' when you think of waterslides. In fact, you might assume that waterslides are safe. But the waterslides on this list will have you re-thinking your assumptions. Here are the Top ten most Ddangerous waterslides.
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Comments • 8 076

  • Sparked Nuke
    Sparked Nuke 10 hours ago

    Lmao I went to the Aqua Loop one at the Gold Coast in Australia and my friend got stuck and suffered no injuries lol

  • kasimotinka123
    kasimotinka123 17 hours ago

    ...I've never heard someone pronounce "verrückt" as wrong as this guy. This sounded more like "veruct" I'm sorry...

  • Joemelyn Pareja
    Joemelyn Pareja Day ago

    I rided on blackhole

  • split taker
    split taker 2 days ago

    Has anyone ever had a nightmare of getting stuck in a water slide

  • OofCaitlinIsHere Mate

    Australia is scary, trust meh, But visit !!!

  • The Crapper
    The Crapper 2 days ago +2

    The tallest water slide in the world is the yellow one at porta Ventura

  • FerreTrip
    FerreTrip 3 days ago

    I note you gave no cases of injuries for Scorpion's Tail or Leap of Faith, but cases for everything else.

  • may htun
    may htun 4 days ago

    Can you imagine if the raft just overturned in the tube

  • Cold Floor
    Cold Floor 4 days ago

    And the sharks wouldnt be the reason for injury. Hammerheads arent that agressive

  • Cold Floor
    Cold Floor 4 days ago

    (Just so u know that wasnt a hate comment i dont do that)

  • Cold Floor
    Cold Floor 4 days ago

    What the heck do u mean the leap of faith is dangerous?? Its like the coolest water slide everrrrrrrrr (If u havnt already guessed ive been on it.)
    I guess this means that the rest of these are just not that dangerous if thats #2.

  • dawn marie
    dawn marie 5 days ago


  • Simone Roberts
    Simone Roberts 5 days ago

    I mean The Leap of Faith sounds cool I guess but who in their RIGHT MIND would put SHARKS RIGHT BY THE SLIDE

  • Jaystar2009is Roblox

    Who came for the thumbnail

  • Larae Pete
    Larae Pete 6 days ago

    But the black hole water slide was my favorite. I rode it so many times

  • Grizzlyシ
    Grizzlyシ 6 days ago

    omg the dummy head came off 11:20

  • Latres Knox
    Latres Knox 7 days ago


  • justjessica
    justjessica 7 days ago

    *just don’t go to wet and wild*

  • Martha Mandefro
    Martha Mandefro 7 days ago

    I went to the one in the Bahamas (the one with the sharks) and literally forgot about the drop because of how scared of the sharks I was. What made even scarier was the fact that there was scratches on the glass!

  • Crazy Jramix
    Crazy Jramix 7 days ago

    This is going crazy

  • Kawaii Pop
    Kawaii Pop 8 days ago

    Live in New Jersey, Oh well, better luck next time evil cannonbal.

  • Blood disorder
    Blood disorder 8 days ago

    I wouldn’t slide my hot wheels cars down that cannon ball slide. I think it was designed by doctors for those that suffer from constipation.

  • Bts 4 ever Loves taehyung


  • Yo am I extinct yet
    Yo am I extinct yet 9 days ago

    #3 was just "hurhur sharks scawy" 😒

  • Rodrigo Escat
    Rodrigo Escat 9 days ago

    I did the leap of faith but it is easy not scary

  • Michael's Brun
    Michael's Brun 10 days ago

    11:23 head or hand

  • BennyBooForever24
    BennyBooForever24 10 days ago

    I did the leap of faith when I was 10. I almost chickened out and started to sit up, but the attendant pushed me down. During the drop I was airborne and I just cleared the tube opening. Longest few seconds of my life...

  • Chris Drake
    Chris Drake 10 days ago +3

    One like =one prayer for Caleb R.I.P😭🤕.

  • Meme Gonzalez
    Meme Gonzalez 11 days ago

    I'll stick with six flags rides 😁😂

  • Yusur Kassem
    Yusur Kassem 11 days ago

    This is really making me wanna go on a waterslide

  • Elizabeth Laherty
    Elizabeth Laherty 11 days ago +1

    I went on the #2 slide 😐

  • Christina Johannes
    Christina Johannes 11 days ago

    Came out without his head?! This is gonna have me shocked for days

  • Kitty's world home of the animal plushie's 2

    anyone know the name of the first song in the video? the background music

  • Gabriel Jose
    Gabriel Jose 12 days ago

    Died from a safety net *SEEMS LEGIT*

  • Abdullah Arshad
    Abdullah Arshad 13 days ago

  • qt Thomas
    qt Thomas 13 days ago

    I have been on number 9 like 8 times it’s not that bad just imagine shaking you head side to side really fast that’s it

  • Swirl
    Swirl 13 days ago

    I’ve been on Leap of Faith it’s not dangerous it’s just scary. There a pretty big difference.

  • Lusira
    Lusira 13 days ago

    I’ve been near the leap of faith I was on the opposite side the challenger slide

  • Nathaniel Fulgham
    Nathaniel Fulgham 13 days ago

    I’ve been on the aqua loop

  • Yukicute Chan
    Yukicute Chan 14 days ago

    Wait does that mean my friends in danger?

  • aisha seif
    aisha seif 14 days ago

    Oohh me I’m very scared

  • DonkeyheadDFA
    DonkeyheadDFA 14 days ago +1

    It's 2AM, I have work in 5 hours, and i'm here watching top 10 most dangerous waterslides....

  • Gemini Writer
    Gemini Writer 15 days ago

    I’ve done the aqua loop, when that door opens you don’t land for about two seconds so you’re just dropping.

  • Gold Skills
    Gold Skills 15 days ago

    nice this is amawing :D

  • Crapy Star
    Crapy Star 16 days ago

    Well..I was on a slide (open slide) and was supposed to reach the end with the tube I sat on!

  • SouthParkIsGreayt
    SouthParkIsGreayt 16 days ago +1

    yooo cannonball falls! I love that ride, but the water is so cold

  • darwins dabuans
    darwins dabuans 17 days ago

    what if you stuck??

  • DonovanAndStella D
    DonovanAndStella D 18 days ago

    Here is my discussion on all the slides.
    1:31 I don’t feel like flying today, maybe tomorrow.
    2:41 I don’t like the loops.
    3:42 Why would you build a slide where you don’t know where your going?
    4:45 I don’t feel comfortable in bowles.
    5:59 🤢Not the drop.
    7:02 I don’t think that slide will shoot you out very far.

  • ¡i! Purrtato !i¡
    ¡i! Purrtato !i¡ 18 days ago


    The dummy came out of the slide without its head . . .

  • Valentina Sambolec
    Valentina Sambolec 19 days ago

    Wly pipoly make dancer

  • Anil Kumar Sharma
    Anil Kumar Sharma 19 days ago

    a water tower like a barometer will provide new adventure to science world wide scientists😝😝😝😝

  • Ely one
    Ely one 19 days ago

    its all bulls**t, don't waste ya time with this video

  • Demonic Soul
    Demonic Soul 20 days ago

    I'm not scared about the height and speed of the water slides. I'm scared because it's a closed space with water, where I can get stuck.

  • mbbopzz fnm
    mbbopzz fnm 20 days ago +1

    I went on the steamer once with my friend which was fine but when I went on my own I spun around and came out backwards with a rlly bad graze on my back I also am light af and that might have contributed to it but my advice is that if you were to go on it, wear a shirt atleast

  • H. R GROUP world
    H. R GROUP world 21 day ago

  • yuva RUDRA
    yuva RUDRA 23 days ago

    The last one is the stupidest water slide and only brainless people would go. Just look @ the small loop and therez 100% sure of injury. 😒😒😒

  • Sarah Nesheiwat
    Sarah Nesheiwat 23 days ago

    I have a phobia of heights so don’t ask me to go on any waterslides. Lol.

  • Jess x
    Jess x 24 days ago

    I’ve been to aqua landia and it was one of the best days of my life

  • kryceksangel
    kryceksangel 24 days ago

    I've been on Black Hole

  • Clare Duffy
    Clare Duffy 24 days ago

    I am going to drop my friend off a skyscraper so see ya !