Lonzo Ball Trade To New York Knicks & Leaving Lakers After Kristaps Porzingis Trade To Mavericks?

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • In this #SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at the recent trades going down around the NBA and the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers after Anthony Davis demanded a trade from New Orleans. With Porzingis being traded to the Dallas Mavericks for Dennis Smith Jr, Tim Hardaway and more, Lonzo's camp has insisted he doesn't want to be dealt to New Orleans and would rather team up on the New York Knicks.

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  • Duck Hunt
    Duck Hunt 4 months ago

    Y E S yes yes yes

  • Amu Brazy
    Amu Brazy 7 months ago


  • john anthony lan
    john anthony lan 7 months ago

    Dont trade lonzo hayss

  • GoAt_ chipping
    GoAt_ chipping 7 months ago

    Yes i would like it

  • Mike Cotto
    Mike Cotto 7 months ago

    Watch the lakers trade half of there squad away for davis and lebron gets a season ending injury

  • Kotchakorn Jeenteh
    Kotchakorn Jeenteh 7 months ago

    Well, he will be able to show more than ever.

  • Shawn Griffin
    Shawn Griffin 7 months ago

    Lonzo Ball,Kyle Kuzma,& Brandon Ingram To The New York Knicks Let's Go Knicks!?

  • Cynical Sports
    Cynical Sports 7 months ago

    Trade Lonzo for Loul Deng problem is done

  • Skiller8576
    Skiller8576 7 months ago

    Ay yo anyone know the song @ 2:39 ?

  • munkymun
    munkymun 7 months ago

    Lakers could get Johnwall

  • Marlos Henry
    Marlos Henry 7 months ago

    Lonzo Ball should come to Dallas Mavericks....

  • Spencer Russell
    Spencer Russell 7 months ago

    LeBron, sharpshooters, solid rotation players, and a dominant big man is what the Lakers need to win a championship

  • Wakil Watson
    Wakil Watson 7 months ago

    Bye lonzo

  • Michael Joyce
    Michael Joyce 7 months ago

    Zo should stay with LA Lakers

  • James Bowser
    James Bowser 7 months ago

    He is like a fart in the wind. He has made a impression and will move on to another team atmosphere for a new source of air. The question is, will he get a fresh or a foul new start..

  • Juan James
    Juan James 7 months ago

    He is supposed to be a laker forever... but bulls would be cool

  • ebissSwxy
    ebissSwxy 7 months ago

    Lonzo is swimming with them waves 🌊

  • Aiden YT
    Aiden YT 7 months ago

    Mudafukaing liya

  • Kidz Fights
    Kidz Fights 7 months ago


  • Young Lord
    Young Lord 7 months ago

    Carmelo in LA?

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 7 months ago

    Smart move I think

  • True life Vlogs
    True life Vlogs 7 months ago

    Keep lonzo

  • Jimmy Reeves
    Jimmy Reeves 7 months ago

    He should have been gone

  • Devonta' Linder
    Devonta' Linder 7 months ago

    So LBJ isn’t the king he is the Thanos of basketball

  • bubba watson
    bubba watson 7 months ago

    Heres the scoop.
    Lonzo to Milwaukee. Bledsoe to new York, ingram to new york, enes kanter to l.a.
    Zubiak, hart plus 2 future 1st rounders to pels.
    Davis , l.a.
    Booker to dallas.
    1st round pick and dough. Kyrie irving to suns, future picks and dough,

  • Mathew Bond
    Mathew Bond 7 months ago

    lonzo and kuzma for lauri and1st round pick

  • Neil Del Rosario
    Neil Del Rosario 7 months ago

    On every single video you start with the word so and now 😂

  • Chamba Nairobi
    Chamba Nairobi 7 months ago

    I don't know many teams besides the Grizzlies, Jazz, Magic, Hornets, Bulls, Wizards, and maybe Heat that will be willing to accept Lonzo.

  • trey brierly
    trey brierly 7 months ago +2

    2025 nba finals Mavericks vs Lauri Zion Lavine and Lonzo and the Bulls

  • Frank de la Torre
    Frank de la Torre 7 months ago


  • Arvin sharafi
    Arvin sharafi 7 months ago

    Lonzo to bulls for Dunn and melo and 2nd round pick trade Dunn hart zubac picks and Ingram for Davis

  • ichigo1190
    ichigo1190 7 months ago

    I want lonzo to come to chicago

    FANTAI COMICS 7 months ago +2

    The lakers need to keep ingram hes doin pretty good

  • soj
    soj 7 months ago

    knicks don't need that bum

  • Shidoshi
    Shidoshi 7 months ago

    Melo is waived so...

  • Jarrod Williams
    Jarrod Williams 7 months ago

    lakers have interest in melo and i don't think it would take much to get him

  • Isaiah Gears
    Isaiah Gears 7 months ago

    If Lonzo goes to the Knicks, and get 1st pick with Zion... Lob city 2.0

  • who kriss
    who kriss 7 months ago

    I think that the Lakers need klay.

  • Dougie MF Hoppa
    Dougie MF Hoppa 7 months ago

    Lonzo is Balls kyrie reunion

  • james T
    james T 7 months ago

    He forgot to mentioned
    Kyle Ervin & Klay Thompson maybe going to LA.
    Good Bye Step Nice knowing the Warriors!

  • Lucky Valera
    Lucky Valera 7 months ago


  • Ace Venezuela
    Ace Venezuela 7 months ago

    I don't know why the Lakers can't wait to get a championship ring! The GSW waited Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Green to get mature and get the Championship.

  • Dajuahn Stacks
    Dajuahn Stacks 7 months ago

    Might be better for him they got melo if they can get Davis then the bulls might be on to something

  • Gam Bid
    Gam Bid 7 months ago

    I lost all hope for the lakers as soon as I heard carmelo

  • michael kenneth murguia

    Trade lebron haha

  • kpThe Reup
    kpThe Reup 7 months ago

    Ball just wanna shine he don't wanna win tho

  • YoungKyo Kwon
    YoungKyo Kwon 7 months ago

    아니 이사람은 똥만 싸지르는 영상만 올리네 진짜 어그로만 끌고

  • flexx
    flexx 7 months ago +15

    Lebron destroyed the Lakers. The lakers should have a spurs mentality.

  • john waite
    john waite 7 months ago

    Gonzo Bol is a big BUST.

  • Hugh G Rection
    Hugh G Rection 7 months ago

    LeBron the team destroyer

  • Gorazd Bozinoski
    Gorazd Bozinoski 7 months ago

    Lonzo must stay in lakers

  • Sir Lick Alot
    Sir Lick Alot 7 months ago +7

    Trade Ball back to his big mouth dad.

  • Will Meyer
    Will Meyer 7 months ago


  • João Lucas
    João Lucas 7 months ago

    Lonzo, go to Bulls pls 😆

  • S. Diaz
    S. Diaz 7 months ago

    They shouldn't trade anyone man. I really like every one there.

  • Neth BT
    Neth BT 7 months ago +11

    Lonzo has got to be the most overhyped / overrated athlete today

  • Mr Blac
    Mr Blac 7 months ago +1

    I wouldn't trade lonzo. He's a great PG and he plays defense

  • c. 1
    c. 1 7 months ago +1

    Here's the truth, Lakers are done.😬

  • Mike turbo
    Mike turbo 7 months ago

    Anybody but💨🏀 Lonzo 😂

  • NordicOnur Honca
    NordicOnur Honca 7 months ago