Russell Westbrook Rockets Debut With James Harden! Rockets vs Raptors 2019 NBA Preseason

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Russell Westbrook Rockets Debut With James Harden! Rockets vs Raptors October 8, 2019-20 NBA Preseason
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Comments • 245

  • Free Beats
    Free Beats 7 hours ago

    Miss when you used your voice for these types of videos now your videos are trash in a way I unsub (not a hater just feedback)

  • Alisha Sin
    Alisha Sin 22 days ago

    I see a championship 😎😆

  • Erik Jr
    Erik Jr 28 days ago

    Will never win a championship.

  • Phet Tumbling
    Phet Tumbling Month ago

    Bootum bootum,. Russell is here.

  • Deacon Mack
    Deacon Mack Month ago

    Westbrook and Harding have to play together, so they will have to find the chemistry

  • desolationR
    desolationR Month ago

    They not gonna win the Championship wait until one of them scoring avg drops things will get ugly

  • TayMusiq
    TayMusiq Month ago

    Westbrook has shooters around him now watch out......also glad to see Rhino back on the rockets

  • S A M U R A I X
    S A M U R A I X Month ago

    Russ is hella fast dude running like a cheetah

  • kim insong
    kim insong Month ago

    westbrook copying carmelo anthony pull up

  • えいきち
    えいきち Month ago


  • will mill
    will mill Month ago

    So Harden can step back without traveling WoW🤯😵

  • Rambo Tolero
    Rambo Tolero Month ago

    Poor raptors

  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano Month ago +1

    Just one problem. 0:42. This wasn’t a three. I know Mike Dantoni hates mid range jumpers (Reason why Melo gone) I think Westbrook should become a pure playmaker now and look to feed first as he’s never had teammates with such a skill level. He can feed nearly the whole team and they will efficiently score

  • TheRealStandAlone 27

    i Love this game

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green Month ago

    Want to make $800/day ?

  • Marshall Holt
    Marshall Holt Month ago

    Russell you ugly as a muffucka

  • sunny robinson
    sunny robinson Month ago

    The only thing is missing is Kevin Durant

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago +2


  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago


  • 2 Bruddas fam
    2 Bruddas fam Month ago +1


  • Jared rolle
    Jared rolle Month ago

    either one cant play without the ball

  • Kenn James
    Kenn James Month ago

    And he(westbrook)was playin like shit. How many Turnovers ?

  • Kenn James
    Kenn James Month ago

    They lost with westbrook cause he trying to shoot to many threes. He gotta go to the wax. Fuck shootin 3s. U got gordon ,harden,green ,clemens,tucker,etc..

  • Alex Carrillo
    Alex Carrillo Month ago

    Lakers gonna stop all that in the paint. Too much size!

  • T Raw
    T Raw Month ago

    Westbrook is arse. Same guy who couldn’t beat ingles and Mitchell

  • knight torpe
    knight torpe Month ago

    two chokes join together output lossing in the end.

  • DroidSage
    DroidSage Month ago

    Two stats padders in one team what could possibly go wrong.

  • Heero Yuy
    Heero Yuy Month ago

    i hope Russ will redeem his career lol

  • Kritikal Mind
    Kritikal Mind Month ago

    2 ball hogs I really can’t bear, another reason to dislike the Rockets 😂

  • All Citi Investments
    All Citi Investments Month ago +1

    Them 2 might as well play 2 on 5 I know them other players get tired of running up n down the court looking goofy as hell james harden is worse then Kobe n im a Lakers fan dam

    • All Citi Investments
      All Citi Investments Month ago

      @corinth202 😂😂😂 ok

    • corinth202
      corinth202 Month ago

      But they all scoring double digits and both Harden and Westbrook getting assists. Silly.

  • Robert Vega
    Robert Vega Month ago

    Nobody fucking with James harden real talk, I’ve watched a lot of players, steph and klay are monsters at the 3, ray allen was too, lebron is a beast, wade got his team a ring, a lot of good players I’ve seen in my generation...but harden...I think his last name speaks for itself he goes hard literally, he can drive to the paint effortlessly, good handle, good ball IQ, and can hit the step back to hit a 3 like’s always good to see this man ball 💯

  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez Month ago

    If russ can develop a jumper than he will be the most dominant player in the nba


    So weird to see Russel in another jersey, but hey he gotta look out for a championship ring now !

  • Nikolas
    Nikolas Month ago

    Toronto knowing they ain’t shit without Kawhi

  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia Month ago

    It's funny to think Patrick Mcaw has the same ammount of rings as LeBron

  • mark spannar
    mark spannar Month ago

    Harden is a bitch boy.

  • Tofnap
    Tofnap Month ago

    Things tend to get better after leaving OKC...KD/Serge won a chip, Oladipo’s an all star now (Sabonis is on his way), and PG and Russ are with two seemingly legit contending teams. CP3 will soon leave and do the same.

  • athanasia columbus
    athanasia columbus Month ago


  • Bad azz Patriot
    Bad azz Patriot Month ago

    Russell Westbrook is such a good ball player. Too bad he's a bitch made pussy

  • D M38
    D M38 Month ago

    I vote for rockets vs LAL for xmas evening.... is someone join me .....

  • Christina Garner
    Christina Garner Month ago

    You meet an attractive woman who is a little chunky but pretty and you start to date, one night after going out you both get home and things escalate to the bedroom. In no time the cloths start coming off and the woman 1st takes off her dress and then her shaper shorts and her stomach almost hits the ground, you realize in that moment the world is really fucked up but you are already there and finish the deed and after leaving never look back. I am sure this is happening on a nightly basis all over the country, imagine people being so obese in this country that a company springs up to help the obese hide there fat rolls and decieve men on a daily basis.

  • Weaknee Rose
    Weaknee Rose Month ago

    WB look so uncomfortable and out of sync, he throwing dangerous pass all over the places and team still able to knock down 3s.

  • Once a leo turned lion now judah

    It’s two on five. Houston won’t win a thing this year just a bunch of highlights. Honestly I think this is going to put a huge light on James as a over dribbling gunner. If I’m wrong I’ll eat my words I just don’t see Houston with this dynamic winning, should of kept cp3 and trade harden for multiple players.

  • deserie april reyes

    westbrook suck.

  • Sight Field
    Sight Field Month ago

    Wow russell is now black

  • Bad Kitty Kitty
    Bad Kitty Kitty Month ago

    KD was great in this game

  • i narcotics
    i narcotics Month ago +1

    Why is everybody wearing sweat bands this season

  • Got Game
    Got Game Month ago

    its too bad kd didnt do the right thing and sign with the rockets

  • Jayooh 23
    Jayooh 23 Month ago

    Wait so Westbrook can shoot 2 pointers but Melo couldn’t 🤔

  • JET LYFER420
    JET LYFER420 Month ago +1

    Bro 🤣🤣FK the lakers,,,100 plus games having to deal with westbrook and harden at the same time man dis shyt!!! is A wrap

    • corinth202
      corinth202 Month ago

      AD already hurt but Laker fans talking tho

  • G milliom
    G milliom Month ago

    This is a problem for the Rockets

  • rosan ghale
    rosan ghale Month ago

    One ball hog watches another ball hog dribble dribble dribble dribble whilst the rest of the team stands with confused sheepish looking thanks!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

    • greig k
      greig k Month ago

      Hmmm. yet he average a triple double meaning he assists??? Let it set in for a minute moron!!!! LOL. He looks for get more assists then points and rebounds.

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez Month ago

    Two stats padders in the same team 😂

  • well well Navarro
    well well Navarro Month ago +1

    Is this 2k19 custom team?

  • Jacktown Dee
    Jacktown Dee Month ago

    Just the beginning they gone be deadly give them about 1 month or 2

  • Ser S
    Ser S Month ago +7

    Amazing ISO ball while the other 4 teammates stand around watching.
    Never so this incredible

    • juan dela cruz
      juan dela cruz Month ago +1

      Ser S How old are you sir? Kobe did it a lot! And so is Mcgrady and the list go on...

  • viqster
    viqster Month ago +8

    Now if only they had Kevin Durant 🤔

  • BonMasta Flexx
    BonMasta Flexx Month ago +1

    Came back from a 17 pt lead, Lowry and Gasol both sitting, FVV and Siakam sitting most of the game.. keep sleeping on the 2peat they looking scary out there!

    • URI _6
      URI _6 Month ago

      BonMasta Flexx is not happening

  • Khanbileg Khaagii
    Khanbileg Khaagii Month ago

    Oklahoma fans left the chat...

  • iaj 0snofled
    iaj 0snofled Month ago

    2 mvp combined