Woodturning - The Emerging Man

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
  • Turning a bowl/platter from a gnarly slice of Horse Chestnut burl ..I was really close to giving up with this piece it had voids which I filled with epoxy and antique gold pearl ex and some real punky wood which I soaked in ca glue to try and stop it disintegrating ..It may still be a little punky but the emerging figure that's trying to get out of the bowl makes me glad I persevered with it ..
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  • Tommy Maltipoo
    Tommy Maltipoo Day ago

    He’s rejoicing that you set him free Andy!

  • Clyde Balcom
    Clyde Balcom 11 days ago

    Does that look like Rocky statue, or am I just nutty?

    KURDinEXILE 17 days ago

    Very nice

  • Suzette Edwards
    Suzette Edwards 26 days ago

    Dude! You find some of the coolest looking pieces of wood!

  • James Connell
    James Connell Month ago

    As Ridley Walker said it's the heart of the wood lovely job son as always Scotland sends its regards

  • Kim Tippin Wood Turning

    wow!! that is beautiful!

  • Paul Orth
    Paul Orth Month ago

    That ended up looking superb, when you started out with such a thin piece as this one was I thought you were creating a plate of some kind, but the final product is excellent, good video.

  • Holgischnolgi Baum
    Holgischnolgi Baum Month ago


  • Marie Driskell
    Marie Driskell 2 months ago

    Beautiful; I see an angle by a child in the bowl.💙💚❤💙

  • Emily Belkowitz
    Emily Belkowitz 2 months ago

    Now put the man on the trees in the woods without anyone seeing you and everyone will think the trees are haunted

  • Proteusbound
    Proteusbound 2 months ago

    When you're cutting it at 1:35 it looks like a giant prime rib..

  • Rita's Bits Of Life
    Rita's Bits Of Life 3 months ago

    Love it!! Amazing what you can see in these pieces.

  • Cheryl Fitch
    Cheryl Fitch 3 months ago

    When started cutting the first circle and all the “interesting” bark edges were cut off my heart screamed “NOOOOOOOO! 😱😱😱😱. Oh me of little faith 🥵 As usual you uncovered the hidden beauties of the wood. You ARE the master.👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍.

  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter 3 months ago

    I sink zat iss a vwoman

  • Ken Hasibar
    Ken Hasibar 3 months ago

    I watch these at 2× speed. You don't miss anything either.

  • Kenneth West
    Kenneth West 4 months ago

    Wow amazing turnout on the piece, I think it looks really cool!

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco 4 months ago

    I think you should have put a face on him to make it look a little more distinctive.

  • Gaylan Lee
    Gaylan Lee 4 months ago

    Thank you. I enjoy your approach. You help me to look with a more creative perspective. Again, thank you.

  • Henry 44 mag.
    Henry 44 mag. 4 months ago +1

    This one's gotta lotta character in it and that's what makes it even nicer.

  • D Red
    D Red 4 months ago +1

    I was in middle school back in the 70's when I first used a lathe. It is one one the most satisfying power tools a wood worker can use. I have watched many of your videos and am amazed with the creation that you have made. Well done!!!!!

  • khaley37781
    khaley37781 4 months ago


    CARLOS A. SANCHEZ 4 months ago +3

    Great finish, guy looks like he might related to Wilson from Castaway!

  • Kristopher Labro
    Kristopher Labro 4 months ago

    What is the finish that you painted on?

  • Candy's World
    Candy's World 4 months ago

    now that is awesome work, really enjoyed this video thank you for sharing

  • R. Gi.
    R. Gi. 4 months ago

    Creative imagination, as always

  • john Barry
    john Barry 5 months ago

    Emerging indeed....maybe looking for a hug....or double High Fives.

    • Seth Curry
      Seth Curry 2 months ago

      Just needs a couple of googly eyes on it. :)

  • Рулон Обоев
    Рулон Обоев 5 months ago


  • Val
    Val 5 months ago

    I like that you slowed the video to real time so us non-lathe workers could hear what you hear, especially when it was still heavy to one side in the beginning. I'm so used to watching Nick Zammetti that the lack of music and talking it was a "little weird" at first haha!

  • Paul Thorley
    Paul Thorley 5 months ago

    wow, I don't know what I would use it for, but it is amazing!

  • George Daws
    George Daws 5 months ago

    Such talent and that great art piece sitting in the wood waiting for the master to release it. :)

  • Natking Romo
    Natking Romo 5 months ago

    No security globes? WRONG!!!

  • Kimberly Parkhurst
    Kimberly Parkhurst 5 months ago

    Love watching you work. You do make beautiful things.

  • batticha shumami
    batticha shumami 5 months ago

    Why you don't use sand paper, did you ?

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  5 months ago

      Yes.. I dont feel the need to video a lot of sanding but there is a bit at 7.08 and 9.41

  • Diego Cabaña
    Diego Cabaña 5 months ago

    Todo un artesano

  • bee4pc goldrule
    bee4pc goldrule 5 months ago

    Maybe stamp your work to id it 100 years from now.

  • Ronna Keil
    Ronna Keil 5 months ago


  • Ron Alcock
    Ron Alcock 5 months ago

    Wow!!!! Ron

  • Tom Bombadil
    Tom Bombadil 5 months ago +1

    After 20 seconds of excruciating pain, I remembered that can turn down the volume.

  • Мои самоделки

    level 80 Turner!!!!!

  • Driftingwild
    Driftingwild 5 months ago

    Dryad! Lovely bowl ☺️

  • roselyne dufailly
    roselyne dufailly 5 months ago

    bonjour, comment avez vous fait la prise mandrin du fond on ne le voit pas sur votre video ? car il est très coti le bois .....

  • ET de Vagina
    ET de Vagina 6 months ago

    Liberty \o/
    He have a heart! You see?
    from Brazil: Good Job

  • Kobie Kaasjager
    Kobie Kaasjager 6 months ago

    What an awesome plattet

  • MegaYosarian
    MegaYosarian 6 months ago

    Great demo, if only I knew what you were using for the repairs.

  • Elliott Simkins
    Elliott Simkins 6 months ago

    Beautiful work!!!

  • Fred Ferd
    Fred Ferd 6 months ago

    You know, that bowl is really beautiful!!!!

  • Eze Quiel
    Eze Quiel 6 months ago

    Andy Excelente todos los trabajos que hces, me gusta mucho tambien el orden y limpieza de tu taller Máster!!

  • Mister Bryete
    Mister Bryete 6 months ago

    Horse chestnut is really anamazing wood exactly like your many jobs!

  • Freddy is Ready
    Freddy is Ready 6 months ago

    Great work. I love it

  • Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT

    He is smiling. Aww how ... odd that this is what we see in wood.

  • Алексей Александров

    Красавчик! Оч красиво)

  • Jeff Selchow
    Jeff Selchow 7 months ago +1

    this is the reason why I love turning burls, you just never know what's inside.

  • Kobie Kaasjager
    Kobie Kaasjager 7 months ago

    That is a very beautiful piece.

  • 1973Washu
    1973Washu 8 months ago

    Totally gnarly dude

  • jerry callender
    jerry callender 8 months ago

    Beautiful piece...

  • David Fairman
    David Fairman 8 months ago

    Wow. Just wow

  • Deb G
    Deb G 8 months ago

    You need to use a better way to patch those weak areas. A very thin layer of clear resin on the entire side would probably make it look beautiful.

  • joseph stein
    joseph stein 8 months ago

    Very cool.

  • adam mccabe
    adam mccabe 8 months ago

    👍🏽stunning work pal

  • Swarm Stylez
    Swarm Stylez 8 months ago +4

    Sorry could not make it to this vid but you sure make a plate

  • Tom Cowsert
    Tom Cowsert 8 months ago +3

    Looks great! I just turned my first bowl the other day and used spalted maple. It has a couple of punky areas on it. Glad I watched your video. I may try some CA glue and epoxy to get it cleaned up. What did you spray on yours at the end?

    • Tom Cowsert
      Tom Cowsert 8 months ago +1

      Andy Phillip thank you for the reply. I was at Home Depot when I got your reply and picked up some spray lacquer.

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  8 months ago +2

      Thanks Tom ..I used a gloss spray lacquer ..cheers

  • Ima Pseudonym
    Ima Pseudonym 9 months ago

    Forgive my ignorance, I am new to turning, but why would you hold your gouge sideways like that?

    • Ima Pseudonym
      Ima Pseudonym 9 months ago

      I have a bowl gouge, but I just can't get the thing to work right for me, I'll try using it sideways and see if that helps!

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  9 months ago +1

      You get a better/cleaner cut rather than just using the nose of the gouge. ..

    INDRANIL HALDAR 9 months ago +3


  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith 9 months ago +18

    I love the lack of music in your videos. It can be detracting at times. Thanks fobanother great video.

    • SparkPrinter
      SparkPrinter Month ago

      Agree. Music on all the RU-clip videos these days can be very annoying. This was enjoyable to watch.

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  9 months ago +1

      Thanks Adrian

  • ohbuddyiliketowatch
    ohbuddyiliketowatch 9 months ago +2


  • OP Azzrz
    OP Azzrz 9 months ago +3

    Alright Andy great content mate

  • Six Eight Toast
    Six Eight Toast 9 months ago +2

    I am setting up a shop in my garage for wood working/smithing. I wanted to know what type of lathe you would recommend getting.

    • Six Eight Toast
      Six Eight Toast 9 months ago

      Thank you for the info. I watched the unboxing of the new lathe you have, so I browsed the website. The hobby one is perfect for what I am planning on turning. I appreciate the info and the videos, brother. Thanks again.

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  9 months ago +2

      I'm no lathe expert but I suppose it depends on what your planning to turn ..I started on a small Axminster hobby lathe and when I out grew it upgraded to the Axminster 1628 vs which is great for what I do .. I would definitely go for a variable speed though .. cheers Andy

  • tolik danilenko
    tolik danilenko 9 months ago

    Испортил такой кусок отличного дерева!

  • Lotta Marrie
    Lotta Marrie 9 months ago +1

    Like latrin

  • Roger R
    Roger R 9 months ago

    Beautiful piece...

  • Юрий Михайлуц


  • Mark Hazlewood
    Mark Hazlewood 9 months ago


  • First Place Readers
    First Place Readers 9 months ago


  • Nigel Morrow
    Nigel Morrow 9 months ago

    Yet again Andy another nice piece. Very hard to turn. But you definitely done well. Well done Andy.

  • Jackie Rudd
    Jackie Rudd 9 months ago

    Andy you're a craftsman. What you do with these burrs is brilliant, I love to see the dig out of the rot and the transformation with the added epoxy. I'm starting my woodturning course on Wednesday and I'm itching to have a go with burrs, they have such a lot of character. Thanks again for sharing your inspirational videos 😊 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  • James Farnham
    James Farnham 9 months ago

    Just think how so many things are hidden like this and found by the artist. Too cool! Thanks!

  • Arturo Verde
    Arturo Verde 9 months ago

    Beautiful bowl and masses of character but.....cmon,what finish ?what stain or sealer? how was it held when it was reversed?,why the secrecy...🦖

    С С С Р АЛТАЙ 9 months ago +1


    • Рулон Обоев
      Рулон Обоев 5 months ago

      Я в этом не соображаю.
      Но конечный продукт великолепен.

    • Юрий Михайлуц
      Юрий Михайлуц 9 months ago +1

      Обычно, вроде бы, когда есть откровенно гнилые части, то их сначала убирают, хорошо так, с запасом, что бы только нормальное осталось. Потом заливают эпоксидкой. Потом только точат. Почему тут наоборот? Это и для меня загадка.

  • James Garwood
    James Garwood 9 months ago +1

    That looked a difficult piece to turn, well done :)

  • rodrigo melendez
    rodrigo melendez 9 months ago

    Great work! (Could be better to inlay some piece of the same wood instead epoxy...)
    Anyway, every Craftsman works on his own! 😅

  • Galvin Stanley
    Galvin Stanley 9 months ago

    It looks like an ashtray for cigars.

  • Jerry Bailey
    Jerry Bailey 9 months ago

    That is a very nice bowl 👍

  • Sony H K
    Sony H K 9 months ago

    Well done. Awesome. Cheers

  • Lucian Raut
    Lucian Raut 9 months ago

    The best.👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kem Stewart
    Kem Stewart 9 months ago

    Thats beautiful...!

  • V Narsimlu chray d j video's Chray

    Super nice wwwoww video

  • Микита Пихалков

    And what this??

  • Len Eynon
    Len Eynon 9 months ago

    Excellent piece and great achievement. How that didn’t explode I’ll never know. Well done👍👍

  • Will grisse
    Will grisse 9 months ago

    Awesome video please keep making more☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Srengenge Panas
    Srengenge Panas 9 months ago

    Wow... From nothing to be something... Unvalue to be expensive thing.... Brilian...

  • Kpopahjussi63
    Kpopahjussi63 9 months ago

    If that "emerging man" was on purpose it's grea. If it was an accicent it's amazing.

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  9 months ago

      Thanks ..yes it just turned out like that

  • Sandy Brecken
    Sandy Brecken 9 months ago

    Very sweet Andy, that looks great

  • Cigar Smoka
    Cigar Smoka 9 months ago

    Excellent job accentuating the natural features of the bowl! It’s not only beautiful but also one of my favorites I’ve seen on all of YT. Outstanding! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sanorace
    Sanorace 9 months ago +1

    I like how mysterious the title is. I see it. I see the emerging man... or are you the emerging man? Dun Dun DUN!

  • ShoreFish
    ShoreFish 9 months ago

    Не понятно только, нахер нужна такая огромная деревянная тарелка?

    • Юрий Михайлуц
      Юрий Михайлуц 9 months ago

      Та по приколу. Всю эту деревянную посуду нельзя использовать, как посуду. Максимум мелочь какую-нибудь сложить. Она же лаком вскрыта, а он в еду ничего хорошего не выделит. Так что это просто от Hexyй делать.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 9 months ago

    It took me a while to get the title ha ha, buts it's perfect, very cool piece sir, love it!

  • Tyler Sir Meows-a lot
    Tyler Sir Meows-a lot 9 months ago +1

    Alsom :)

  • StudioJLT
    StudioJLT 9 months ago

    More like triumphant man. Well made!

  • Tom McCall
    Tom McCall 9 months ago

    Masterful work art.

  • Diane Robertson
    Diane Robertson 9 months ago

    Was wondering about the title, but as you went on I could see him emerging, great piece x