Kirchhoff's Laws ( KCL & KVL)

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
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    Sir You helped me a lot for clearing my concepts.....keep it up and may you live long................ Thank you 3000

  • Himanshu Nanda
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    Sir kvl 1st example main that is not -10 i.e +10

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    this is for which chapter

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    Sir ek loop me agar me clock wise aur ek aur me anticlockwise direction dunga to kya galti hoga mujhse..

  • Chinmaya Kumar Nayak
    Chinmaya Kumar Nayak 24 days ago

    Sir aap galti se -10 likdiye. Yeh wala +10 hoga.

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  • md jamshed
    md jamshed 29 days ago

    Sir 14v wale cell me kyu higher to lower ja rhe h upper se niche nhi asakte lower to higher

  • Anikate Sawhney
    Anikate Sawhney Month ago

    At 27.35 the value of x is 10 and that of y is -25

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  • Huma Saeed
    Huma Saeed Month ago +1

    In exmple culculatd i=13 is positive...
    But currnt is out going.. wd d refrnc ov that junction

  • Maya's Insight
    Maya's Insight Month ago +1

    Sir your assumption is right ... a little mistake in calculation ! Excellent efforts though ..:)

  • Physics for Boards NEET & JEE

    Sir apne galat pdaa dia. X = 10 aya hai.
    Conceptually batteries से current भी positive terminal से niklega

  • The knowledge of concepts

    Sir apna WhatsApp number bataye sir

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    Rajveer Brar Month ago

    At 27:24 the equation is
    So the ans must be x=10

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    very good explanation .thanks sir so much

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    Excellent teaching skills

  • Ashutosh Dubey
    Ashutosh Dubey Month ago

    किरचाफ का पहला नियम -संधि पर मिलने वाली सभी विद्युत धारा का योग शून्य होता है

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    Rahul Kumar Month ago

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    Superb sir up ka jysa sab teacher hota na to sab 80 ++lata exam me aj kal ka jada tar teacher Sirf fee sa mtlb rkta hai unko pta nhi ki unka bhi beta ya beti kabhi kishi ka pass tution jya gi tub oo bhi usi tra pharya ga

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    Biplab Sannyasi 2 months ago

    Amazing technique...thanks sir ....just make a wrong while solving the equation....but amazing technique sir

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    Pranav Bobde 2 months ago

    When to assume current n when to not?

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    26:58 sir -10 nhi 10 ayega... recheck!

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    Gurpreet Kumar 2 months ago

    x=10 in first problem so very thanke for clear my doubt

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    13:28 किसी लूप में कई सारे mesh हो सकते है . ये होना चाहिए ।।🙏

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    Sir why kcl is not applicable in series circuit and kvl in parallel circuit

    • Ayush Dixit
      Ayush Dixit 3 months ago +1

      Current Is Constant In Series Whereas Potential Is Constant In Parallel.
      Hence There Resultant i.e Summation Cant Be Zero

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