Kirchhoff's Laws ( KCL & KVL)

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    spectre Films 3 hours ago

    Made easy..👏👏👏😍😍😍😍

  • Dr.Swati Sonawane
    Dr.Swati Sonawane 4 days ago +2

    Crystal Clear Concepts sir👌....All doubts cleared...keep uploading more videos sir with numericals

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    Thank u sir, u cleared my years of doubt

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  • pubg gamers live
    pubg gamers live Month ago

    As per ur singn convention how to take +14 in first loop

  • Diksha Sharma
    Diksha Sharma Month ago +1

    Sir x- 10 Amp aaengi n sayad

  • Choudhary Sumit
    Choudhary Sumit Month ago +2

    Gjb sir ji

  • Atul Kumar Sharma
    Atul Kumar Sharma Month ago

    Loop contains mesh but mesh don't have any loop

  • Chaitanya Gothwal
    Chaitanya Gothwal Month ago

    Sir x=10A not -10A

  • riaz khan
    riaz khan Month ago

    sir buht comlex or boring ha

  • karan sharma
    karan sharma 2 months ago

    I think last answer is -49 v. But how it means va have low potential but current flowing from there. Anyone explain me please

  • king khan
    king khan 2 months ago +1

    Excellent explanation sir,
    I am from CSE background, i am preparing for competitive exams.
    I had never seen such a crystal clear explanation.
    Thank you sir!
    Love you sir!

  • Shaik Abdul Ravoof
    Shaik Abdul Ravoof 2 months ago

    Sir in kcl the that sum of incoming current is equal to sum of outgoing current but in the sum we have see that the sum of outgoing current is 11.5Aand in incoming current we have 1A+1A+10.5A=12.5A so they are not equal no sir I have a doubt clear please

  • sonu Patel
    sonu Patel 2 months ago +1

    Very nice leactur of KCL &KVL rules

  • Rugha Ram
    Rugha Ram 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for explain the kvl

  • Rugha Ram
    Rugha Ram 2 months ago +1

    Sir x=10 aayega

  • Neelu Arora
    Neelu Arora 2 months ago +1

    Best explanation ever...thanku sir🙏

  • Laxmi Mondal
    Laxmi Mondal 2 months ago

    and direction of y is change

  • Laxmi Mondal
    Laxmi Mondal 2 months ago

    sir in kvl X=10

  • Hakima Munsi
    Hakima Munsi 2 months ago +1

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  • kabira dhole
    kabira dhole 3 months ago

    Please correct yourself about the difference between mesh and the loop you said it wrongly.

  • rock dance Rajput
    rock dance Rajput 3 months ago

    Sir Pls white board use to online atudy because black board proper not seen

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    Samim Begum 3 months ago +1

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    Hitesh Nathbuva 3 months ago +1

    Very nice sir I understand this law very perfectly thanku 😊😊👌👌

  • Shivam Engle
    Shivam Engle 3 months ago

    Sir Loop in mesh.
    *Not Mesh in loop

  • Ram krishna yadav
    Ram krishna yadav 3 months ago +1

    Thanks sir g. Dott clear hogya

    PREON GAMING 3 months ago +1

    13:32 ulta bol diya aapne

  • Riaz ahmed Riaz
    Riaz ahmed Riaz 3 months ago +2

    Lecture quality superb sir g thank u soo much

    KULDEEP VERMA 3 months ago +2

    Thank you so much Sir.
    Sir, I've 2 doubts
    Signs are changed at 27:00 (x=+10A, y=-25A) and at 43:00 (Va-Vb=+49)

    MUKULENDU DEBNATH 3 months ago

    sir direction galat hua to equation vi change karna padega?
    pehle se determine nehi kiya ja sakta ki konse direction me current flow ho raha he?

      MUKULENDU DEBNATH 3 months ago

      @KULDEEP VERMA okay. thanks bro

      KULDEEP VERMA 3 months ago +1

      Current usually positive terminal se negative terminal ki taraf flow krta h. Aap vhi flow let karein maximum cases mein shi answer aaega but in case negative answer aata h tb b aapka answer (magnitude) ekdm theek h bs direction jo aapne let ki h use reverse (opposite) krdo.

  • Nrusingh charan Sahoo
    Nrusingh charan Sahoo 3 months ago +1

    Thinku sir
    Theory question chadantu

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    Hømøsapiens 3 months ago

    Sir app thora Hard Tarike se sikhate ho.Hamare versity me bohat easy se sikh mein vul geya.

  • Saurabh Sharma
    Saurabh Sharma 3 months ago

    All students is right the value of x is positive 10 not negative 10

  • Prashant Kaushal
    Prashant Kaushal 4 months ago +1

    Sir aap bhaut aach explain krte ho great

  • Muhammad Musa
    Muhammad Musa 4 months ago

    Wow try ahead sir g

    GOD ROCK 4 months ago +1

    Awesome method

  • Nikhil Singh Shekhawat
    Nikhil Singh Shekhawat 4 months ago

    Sir can provide bsc physics differently

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    Nice lecture sir

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    Imran Khan 4 months ago +2

    Superb explanation sir thank you very much sir

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    Dilip Kumar 4 months ago +2

    concept clear kcl kvl

  • Dilip Kumar
    Dilip Kumar 4 months ago +1

    Dilip Kumar

  • Laxman Murmu
    Laxman Murmu 4 months ago

    X=10 Y=25

  • Pranay Fartyal
    Pranay Fartyal 5 months ago +1

    26:50 correction there old man

  • Mian Asad
    Mian Asad 5 months ago

    sir in kcl 3rd example when we take lcm we have 36/2=4... and answer will be the 18/4... i think it like this or i confiused plese explain...

  • Pronoy Boruah
    Pronoy Boruah 5 months ago +1

    Nice explanation sir

  • vishaal krishna
    vishaal krishna 5 months ago +2

    The 1ST sum on KVL X IS 10 NOT -10

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    concept is great

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    Veryy veryyy usefull

  • Mayank Kumar
    Mayank Kumar 5 months ago +1

    Galat...... Mesh me koi loop nahi ho sakta but ek loop me 2 ya 2 se zada mesh ho sakte h.

    SUJIT BISWAS 5 months ago +1

    Sir capacitance ka ek full vdo digiye , capacitance ka basic ka problem hora ha he please sir!

  • Yasir Baloch
    Yasir Baloch 6 months ago

    x = 10A it's not minus 10,
    -4x=-40 hence the value of X will be 10A

  • Sonal Girase
    Sonal Girase 6 months ago

    Sir not -10 but 10

    SUJIT BISWAS 6 months ago

    Ossam sir thank you ,

  • lakhan prasad
    lakhan prasad 6 months ago

    14:00 are wrong....mesh is individual closed path in circuit where further no closed path in it...but in a loop,all the possible closed path should be considered....a mesh can be a loop but a loop can't be a mesh....this is the difference sir

  • Kshitiz Jaiswal
    Kshitiz Jaiswal 6 months ago

    Wow sir u are too good

  • Aj GameX
    Aj GameX 6 months ago

    Sir aap second last numerical solve kiye h usme 2 bar kvl se ek hi problem ko bna diye h ........mera ko pta h aap same problem ko KCL aur KVL se bnana tha

    RAVI VISHWAKARMA 6 months ago

    So satisfying sir....
    Thanks to you sir.....
    Taking your blessings.....🙏

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    D.J technical point 6 months ago

    Sir circuit well be given to us

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    Thank you very much sir...
    For Very very clearly solving this KVL and KVL.

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    satvinder 123 6 months ago

    Sir vo -10 ni 10 aaega

  • Yerramsetty Diwakar
    Yerramsetty Diwakar 6 months ago

    Sir in kcl why we take -ve of the 3amperes of i in second example

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  • rgpv inqury By:-Rohit Kumar Singh

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  • Rajibul Islam
    Rajibul Islam 6 months ago

    Sir klv 1st example mai that is not -10 ,it is +10

  • Vineeth Reddy
    Vineeth Reddy 6 months ago

    In kvl first example 1 we have taken in clock wise but in second one you have taken in anti clock wise why sir

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 6 months ago

    Sir second node Pr 0volt kyu kiya

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    Sir.... Some problem Norton, thevinion, superposition with using indector... Es per kuch lecture

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