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I'm Sorry

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022
  • GamingGaming

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  • Tolarian Community College

    A new episode of Shuffle Up & Play posted yesterday and it would mean a lot to me if you watched it: ru-clip.com/video/c5sS_EMjUGU/video.html

    • Truther X
      Truther X Month ago

      Man this started like someone was about to cancle you and i took it serious but after the first busted combo i was dead man, you got me ! And of course Urza had to be mentioned.
      This is why local game stores had to create house rules because of people like us^^

    • DevonOnAir
      DevonOnAir Month ago

      Why am I seeing sorry satire videos? Is it because of Games Workshop?

    • GreatFoxGodOniKitsune
      GreatFoxGodOniKitsune Month ago

      Where did you get that amazing Chandra figure O.O

    • Seikojin Sama
      Seikojin Sama Month ago +1

      I had to decon my mill deck because it locked my player group down. I feel attacked here. :D

    • Jessie Steece
      Jessie Steece Month ago

      ​@Squee6669 q111àßßàß2s

  • J. Barrette
    J. Barrette Month ago +3093

    I’m Canadian and that was some impressive apologizing skills.

    • Mina baş Ejderha
      Mina baş Ejderha 3 days ago

      By which you mean "Apologizing when you clearly don't mean it?"
      (Not every Canadian I know does that. But some do.)

    • Phil LeBorgne
      Phil LeBorgne Month ago

      @Rod Diaz Yes, that's exactly how canadians apologize. 😆

    • MTG Oracle
      MTG Oracle Month ago

      that was like WW1 canada apologizing. I'm sorry for storming your trenches with push daggers

    • Cardboard Command
      Cardboard Command Month ago

      @Tibalt OOF hahahaha… you’re not wrong 🤣

    • AzyxA
      AzyxA Month ago


  • Meatwadsan
    Meatwadsan Month ago +499

    Massive props to the Prof for getting through all those lines with a straight face.

    • Kris2005
      Kris2005 Month ago +5

      I just wonder how many takes it took.

    • 19midnightsun87
      19midnightsun87 Month ago +1

      You know this isn't live and he can retake the cuts until he gets it with a straight face, right?

  • Ryan Driscoll
    Ryan Driscoll Month ago +372

    At first I was thinking "what's this apology video for?" Now I've been cracking up for longer than the video takes to watch. Well played, Prof. Well played.

  • barf simpson
    barf simpson Month ago +263

    I love that you can do a more genuine apology than any other RU-clipr while joking

  • Abraham Best III
    Abraham Best III Month ago +71

    You're so brave. It fills my heart with joy to see commander players apologize for their crimes. Lord forbid you play to win. This man is a saint.

    • Kieran Cawley
      Kieran Cawley Month ago +2

      I cast Overwhelming Splendor on someone for the first time the other week and I actually felt kind of bad about it 😅

  • Alkaliniti
    Alkaliniti Month ago +746

    In the first few seconds I though he actually did something, it is the most sincere apology I have seen lol. Also congrats on 9 years man

    • complete video here
      complete video here Month ago

      Here is the full clip : memes of Dream

    • Ryan Trumpa
      Ryan Trumpa Month ago +1

      the slow zoom in tipped us off this is a shitpost

    • Waffles Enjoyer
      Waffles Enjoyer Month ago +7

      @Michael Superbacker he overloaded a cyclonic rift during his opponent's end step, and then he cast narset parter of veils and then windfall

    • Michael Superbacker
      Michael Superbacker Month ago +1

      What did he do????

    • Darsich
      Darsich Month ago +4

      WAY better than any of the internet apologies I have seen. GOd, that one "apology" where the tik toker was dancing as she apologized, God that was the worst one ive seen. Prof though? Amazing.

  • classy mofo105
    classy mofo105 Month ago +57

    Wow, so brave of you to put this video out. I honestly relate to this video so much, well, except the part where you were appologizing, but everything else is super relatable!

    • Aralorn Wolf
      Aralorn Wolf Month ago +2

      Yeah... I don't see why people want him to apologize... I ran a deck which had "when you take damage, put a counter on this artifact. Spend mana, sacrifice this artifact, you deal X damage to target player or creature." with another artifact which said "pay X, swap the life total of two target players." I mean... it was during a draft tournament and it wasn't my fault no one drafted artifact removal, right?

  • KingSlow Pokémon Cards

    Thank you Professor, you're the MTG Timelord we never knew we needed but now can't live without!

  • Raúl Lepe
    Raúl Lepe Month ago +4

    No way! Congratulations, professor! I absolutely love your content and its the very reason I got into Magic! Wishing you many more years of success.

  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers Month ago +9

    Congrats on 9 years! I'm very proud of you and the community that you've helped foster. You've informed a generation of players and helped to shape the MTG community into a better place for everyone. Congrats on taking the first step and admitting your stax problem 😂

  • Trezl
    Trezl Month ago +662

    This video is the ultimate in satire. Well done Prof. And congrats on 9 years

  • Ruby Wine
    Ruby Wine Month ago

    As a new player only in the game a few months, you've saved me from scams and spending unnecessary money. Congratulations to 9 years!! 👏🏾

  • MTG Unpacked
    MTG Unpacked Month ago +4

    Congrats on reaching an absolutely insane milestone! I want to know how many takes that very sincere (!) apology took. You're a great actor!🤣

  • forpeanutjelly
    forpeanutjelly Month ago +1

    Love this. Thank you for all the amazing content you do, Prof! You are indeed just getting started!

  • Greg Dill
    Greg Dill Month ago

    Absolutely dying laughing. Loved every second of it and looking forward to more amazing content!

  • Team APS
    Team APS Month ago +704

    So brave and mature for acknowledging the drama and responding in such a mature and thoughtful way. The trading card community forgives you.

    • NotBenjy
      NotBenjy Month ago

      Love seeing my favorite yugioh channel in the comment section of my favorite MtG channel😂😂😂

    • Disaster Bi
      Disaster Bi Month ago

      Is this the magic the gathering equivalent to mystic mine?

    • Cryo Volt
      Cryo Volt Month ago +1

      1:27 me af

    • ZombiePro9998
      ZombiePro9998 Month ago

      I second this claim.

    • Joey Berg
      Joey Berg Month ago

      @The-Jaded Ah, yes, of course. The format invented and popularized exclusively by fans that became so prolific it was made official by Wizards of the Coast, then rose to such prominence that it outpaced the original modern format and spawned new lines of product and crossovers that might not have ever come to pass without the initial inception of EDH. Lmao

  • Vitoscone
    Vitoscone Month ago

    Nine years! Wow, congratulations Professor. Nine years ago I was living in Tokyo and had just started playing Magic when I discovered your videos and have been watching them ever since! Thank you for everything you give back to the Magic the gathering community! Here's to nine more!!!

  • Villagerslayer10
    Villagerslayer10 Month ago +7

    OMFG I LOVE YOU, thank you for this amazing video. I was like "what could this angel of a man possibly have to make an apology video for???" and was pleasantly surprised!

  • almontelibano
    almontelibano Month ago +2

    Happy teachers day Prof! Hope you won't get tired in making genuine quality videos.

  • Sir EarlGrey
    Sir EarlGrey Month ago +3

    Congrats on 9 years! You've been a great voice for the community!

  • Eldritch_Panda31
    Eldritch_Panda31 Month ago +1

    The stax player in me almost shed a tear, then I remembered null rod and mycosynth lattice locks everyone out and I played my trinishpere and smiled again.

  • Volatile Sky
    Volatile Sky Month ago +11

    Funny haha stuff aside, I think the thing which got my respect towards you was the candid talk a while back about issues with depression, which I've had "issues" with at multiple points on my life. It's not easy, not any ready made fix, but it's still heartening to see someone else talk openly about their experiences regarding it as well.

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young Month ago +1

    I was so concerned you were really apologizing for something, then couldn’t stop laughing. Much love Professor

  • Spaceboy
    Spaceboy Month ago +3

    I remember watching things like a 10k or so Q&A back when they first aired. I've enjoyed your content for nearly all of that 9 years Prof, thank YOU!

  • Isaiah Engle
    Isaiah Engle Month ago +715

    Aaaaand I almost had a heart attack.

    • uiop gamer
      uiop gamer 11 days ago


    • Red Runeblade
      Red Runeblade  Month ago +1

      I thought he was gonna say they canceled the Kickstarter rewards and people who haven't gotten their merch won't (but Kickstarter doesn't do refunds, they have a bunch of disclaimers)

    • DefiantParsnip
      DefiantParsnip Month ago

      don't worry, prof has hexproof from scandals

    • Khronogi
      Khronogi Month ago +1

      @Mike v what are you on about

    • Napishtim
      Napishtim Month ago

      @Carlos Torres But that's exactly what happened

  • Nick S
    Nick S Month ago

    This was such a fun video. I watched it on lunch break and laughed out loud. It reminded me so much of when I included high tide in my Lier deck and the ONE TIME I drew it in the graveyard I just so happened to take a 30 minute turn, much to the annoyance of my friends and partner (who was playing her fourth or fifth game of magic ever). And of all the friends in the past who’ve said “we don’t run enough removal in our meta, its not my fault” 😅

  • Mike Undercofler
    Mike Undercofler Month ago

    Thank you for this, Professor. I am having a pretty awful day and this gave me a legitimate, honest laugh that I really needed. You're a blessing. 🙏

  • Julian Holubec
    Julian Holubec Month ago +3

    I can't believe it has been so long. Ever since I've started playing mtg the prof has been a big part of everything to do with the game. What a legend.

  • a3s1r1986
    a3s1r1986 Month ago

    Congrats on the 9th year anniversary, Prof. Hoping you make it to that million subs soon.

  • Evan Turk
    Evan Turk Month ago +284

    Still more genuine than most RU-clip apology vids.

    • The darke Bika
      The darke Bika Month ago +1

      I think of it as a more of the new banlist or the 2 year limit

  • Snip3r19
    Snip3r19 Month ago +2

    How has it been 9 years already!!! This has been a fantastic journey and look forward to the many more years to come.

  • Dom Fikowski
    Dom Fikowski Month ago

    I've seen your content many times over the years, but this was easily the greatest laugh I've had in weeks or months. You are truly polishing your craft.

  • Jessamine Haak
    Jessamine Haak Month ago

    Congrats on reaching this milestone!! Here's to many more videos!

  • Obadijah Parks
    Obadijah Parks Month ago +2

    Blood moon is cool. But I was hoping for innistrad to print a red moon that turns all creatures into red 3/3s during night. That would be a weird card. Sounds fun!

  • Lingua-Vox Servitor
    Lingua-Vox Servitor Month ago +696

    It's actually the most honest apology on RU-clip

    • Jacob
      Jacob Month ago +3

      @SelectorOfSouls Like a true player. lol

    • Dendo Star
      Dendo Star Month ago +1


    • SelectorOfSouls
      SelectorOfSouls Month ago +22

      Agreed. He's sorry, but that's not going to stop him from continuing to do it.

    • David K
      David K Month ago +19

      The only one I believe

  • keenan sutherland
    keenan sutherland Month ago

    knew what this video was gonna be before I clicked and I'm so glad it is what it is.
    you, you're team, its beautiful: thank you

  • Sushi Midget
    Sushi Midget Month ago

    We love you professor. Thank you for everything!

  • Lukas Peruzovic
    Lukas Peruzovic Month ago

    All I can say is, you sir deserve my applause.

  • PeaceMakerX1
    PeaceMakerX1 Month ago +2

    Wooo~~~ congrats on the 9 years!!! You're my favorite MTG youtuber! I hope to see you around for another decade and you're definitely getting to 1 million! :)

  • It Came From A Box
    It Came From A Box Month ago +377

    Never apologize. Just look them in the eyes and cast the next painful thing.

    • WingofTech
      WingofTech Month ago +1

      @Daniel Morris Jhoira++

    • Daniel Morris
      Daniel Morris Month ago +1

      Suspend terrible destruction. Then suspend terrible things. Never apologize for Jhoira's impending Lovecraftian apocalypse.

    • WingofTech
      WingofTech Month ago

      @Squee6669 Wait! Just because my life total can’t change and my permanents phased out doesn’t mean the match is over. ;w;
      Your turn!!

    • Squee6669
      Squee6669 Month ago +1

      @WingofTech Oof

    • WingofTech
      WingofTech Month ago

      @Squee6669 Teferi’s Protection

  • Charles Eidref San Jose

    Congrats on 9 years! Im so out of touch with MTG that the video took me over 10 minutes to watch as I pause and read all the new cards since I quit waaay back in 2006

  • Ryan’s Raven
    Ryan’s Raven Month ago

    You've really helped my game. Thank you sooo much!

  • TiccingGhost
    TiccingGhost Month ago

    GOOD GAMES! Happy to be a part of your community :) been here for almost a year, enjoyed every post :)

  • Tyler Kister
    Tyler Kister Month ago

    I can't forgive you
    Congratulations on 9 years you've been a inspiration to many of us

  • Ka_ tan620
    Ka_ tan620 Month ago +171

    Prof you can't trick us like that. Now everyone hurry up and get this man to 1M subscribers.

    • Christian Doherty
      Christian Doherty Month ago

      I hadn't actually checked. I'm a bit blown away. What high quality content!

    • Ka_ tan620
      Ka_ tan620 Month ago +1

      @That Guy Grady All on the road to the same goal.

    • That Guy Grady
      That Guy Grady Month ago +1

      Gonna need to get him that 7k to get him actually to 750k first haha

  • boli milda
    boli milda Month ago +1

    Congratulations on 9 years professor you are a class act in this community

  • Ajsdad4417
    Ajsdad4417 Month ago

    He had me worried he was going to say goodbye to everyone and retire lol. Love your content man keep up the good work

  • Eramiserasmus
    Eramiserasmus Month ago

    Thank you Prof for an amazing video and managing to keep a straight face

  • Shawn Huff
    Shawn Huff 15 days ago

    Been going through your videos. Looking over a lot of commander stuff as I got back into playing after 6 years of not touching a MTG deck. Wanted to help my wife learn to play as well. Only to see this video thinking, oh no. Please don't be a bad RU-clipr. Only to be trolled so hard into it. I have been laughing and smiling way too long about this video. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  • John Saunders
    John Saunders Month ago +308

    As someone who has been affected by Stax I feel The Professor was sincere and will do better in the future to not upset us. Thank you Professor and congratulations on 9 years

    • xxhellspawnedxx
      xxhellspawnedxx Month ago +2

      Let me guess: You were subjected to stax, and now you're a stax addict as well. Who will think of the kids?!

    • Invader Zim
      Invader Zim Month ago +1

      Yes, The Professor maybe, but not The Instructor.

  • Gram Paw
    Gram Paw Month ago

    Kudos for your milestone, Prof. LMAO over this one since I'm in a no-cards-banned play group.

  • Yosepi Brady
    Yosepi Brady Month ago

    Congrats man! 9 years is quite the chunk of time!

  • Flickstro
    Flickstro Month ago

    This had BP "I'm sorry.." energy vibes and I love it! A+!

  • Manart
    Manart Month ago

    Congrats profesor, hope to see you here even more years.

  • DrHankVenture
    DrHankVenture Month ago +290

    I felt this in my core. Thank you for apologizing, we deserved to know you have a stax problem.

  • Luliby
    Luliby Month ago

    Man, you made me nervous with this. I was scared that something bad had happened. After what happened with another famous creator, I didn't want anything like that happening again. Thank god it was a bit. XD

  • W
    W Month ago

    I was honestly concerned when I read the video's title. What could the professor have done to go through the dirt in an apology video.
    Thank you for this video, I'm still laughing!

  • Christian Sitzman
    Christian Sitzman Month ago

    When I clicked on this video, I was oblivious to the drama surrounding the professor. I had hoped to be able to justify his actions in light of the many years of entertaining content and insightful commentary he provided to the magic community. However, at 0:25, when I learned the true scope of the evils unleashed upon the playgroup by this man... this devil; I knew it was beyond justification. May he fall from grace and be stuck on two forevermore.

  • eigow ou
    eigow ou Month ago

    This video is the ultimate in satire. Well done Prof. And congrats on 9 years

  • Vicky Goldsmall
    Vicky Goldsmall Month ago +340

    You know, I was REALLYYYY scared what the reason for the apology was going to be. I have never felt my whole body unclench until I realized this was a bit. WHEW

    • Panick_95
      Panick_95 Month ago +1


    • Ahmed Gaya
      Ahmed Gaya Month ago +1

      oh god same here!

    • Hien Nguyen
      Hien Nguyen Month ago +1

      Thanks Heliod you posted this so I can unclench before watching the video. Anxiety levels too high.

    • The darke Bika
      The darke Bika Month ago

      Me i thout he would say "bye bye i am of" as a new MTG fan, i liked him

    • Totally
      Totally Month ago

      I was kind of waiting for the punchline for the first few seconds

  • Justin Augusty
    Justin Augusty Month ago

    Thank you for being here and making excellent content Prof!

  • Crowe_Reaver
    Crowe_Reaver Month ago

    I love you Prof! ♥️♥️ Platonically speaking.
    And I do want to apologize as well to my peers who refuse playing interaction in an interactive game! Especially when I am not playing stax, but when I am playing hyper aggro combo again. They do be hating bottoming there one interaction spell on mulligans so much, but they refuse to put the 8 drop of which they have 12 on the bottom instead. Truely tragic. Those poor bastards!!

  • Joshua Zimmer
    Joshua Zimmer Month ago

    congrats on the nine years prof! keep being you!

  • Eduardo Herrera
    Eduardo Herrera Month ago +1

    9 years? Congratulations prof! Even if I was in... 3 of those 9 years xD
    Found your channel when I was getting interested in Magic and had been following silently (sometimes) since. The best of wishes for you and the channel from a random person from Argentina

  • Isabella Green
    Isabella Green Month ago

    thanks Prof for nine years! I stepped out of MTG a few years back, but I still come in to check in on your channel every once in a while, Ill never forget the time you stopped to talk to me at a grand prix (Still wish I asked for a photo).

  • Tim's Hobbies
    Tim's Hobbies Month ago +1

    I thought this was going to be "I always wanted to bring joy and happiness and I'm sorry that I've been super negative about the game I love and company that makes it"...

  • nate g
    nate g Month ago

    You got me professor! At first I was like “what on earth could this man have done to apologize for?!” Now I’m thinking of posting my own video for being mono blue player. Kudos.

  • CaptainCrank
    CaptainCrank Month ago

    Best apology speech ever. I look forward many more years, best of luck.

  • houndoom73
    houndoom73 Month ago +120

    Congratulations on 9 years professor you are a class act in this community

  • xcosama
    xcosama Month ago +3

    As I heard some of those combos, I was like "I've done that before. What's the problem?". Then I saw the commanders he chose, "Yeah, I've made those decks too." (Urza comes up) "Oh, you f*cking monster".

  • FoxDen MTG
    FoxDen MTG Month ago

    The most genuine apology I've ever seen.

  • M6twelve
    M6twelve Month ago

    I've known about the prof for years, enjoyed some videos and been kind of bored by others, but this is the single greatest piece of MTG media on the internet and has made me a loyal subscriber

  • Martin Farrell
    Martin Farrell Month ago +9

    "All your commander pain in one video". Happy anniversary Prof.

  • Raymundo Uribe Coronado
    Raymundo Uribe Coronado Month ago +258

    “Sorry, not sorry.” So true Prof. Thank you

  • Quinton Perkins
    Quinton Perkins Month ago

    This is so amazing. We love you Prof! :)

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner Month ago

    Choke looks like exactly the kind of card I need for my collection and threaten blue players with. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  • Krebs Kreblin
    Krebs Kreblin Month ago

    I knew this was a joke just because of how good of a guy you are. Even before clicking on the video. Now that’s a great reputation! Love ya prof!

  • axes
    axes Month ago

    Congrats Professor! And #26 on trending! We love to see it.

  • RedTachyon19
    RedTachyon19 Month ago

    Professor, I am proud that you are able to acknowledge your mistakes. I am proud to be your student.

  • John Butt
    John Butt Month ago

    I see where you went with this. I feel that this is something that one should not say sorry for playing the game we all love. I do however support the Rule Zero talk to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Felipe Muñoz
    Felipe Muñoz Month ago

    congratz on the 9 yearsa professor, im a new sub since almost 2 months and i have been ejoying all your videos. wish you the best and all the love from Chile

  • Daxillion48
    Daxillion48 Month ago

    Never thought I'd see someone apologizing for being maybe the best. But sometimes we have to do that to fit in with the others.

  • BroeJoe
    BroeJoe Month ago +100

    Prof you scared the sh*t out of me, well done 😅 Congrats on 9 years and here’s to 9 more 🍻 🎉

    • Dreams AlongthePath
      Dreams AlongthePath Month ago +2

      At first I was so worried lol, then I just started laughing.

    • Dractic
      Dractic Month ago +2

      ong i was sweatin

  • mathieu brebouillet

    I don't think you'll ever read this, but whenever you speak of merfolk, it remind me of my only deck that survived fully from back when I stopped around visions and that I made recently into a commander deck, a full merfolk deck, and wonder what the Professor would think of it.

  • rickxhoshinji
    rickxhoshinji Month ago +1

    I can’t believe I fell for it. Great job, professor.

  • WuffieGG
    WuffieGG Month ago

    Seriously, this is THE BEST apology video on RU-clip because it's witty AND worth watching! Congratulations on the milestone and excuse my pun; "well played" Professor.

  • Alternate Image Gaming

    This just makes me want to watch a video with all of this played in it.

  • yummines
    yummines Month ago +122

    Prof is such a wholesome and informative youtuber that he has to play stax to make up for it.

  • PinkDevilFish
    PinkDevilFish Month ago

    You had me. I was like what did Prof do?
    Congrats in 9 years. I found your channel when I started playing again and it's a joy every time.

  • Casey Dorsey
    Casey Dorsey Month ago

    People finally caught on to how good Eight and a half tails is? I'm nearing 8 years of playing that card in commander. Ever since Ugin was printed.

  • Mikey J. Philly
    Mikey J. Philly Month ago

    I think a good way to enforce fun in commander groups is to use the auction/budget system. We need a list of popular and powerful cards for the format with dollar or point values based on win rate. Your deck has a total value it can hold. Bam. Problem solved.

  • Mitchel Nall
    Mitchel Nall Month ago

    I’m not a fan, never was. But I respect your apology.
    In Stax we trust 🤞

  • Mark Jeffs
    Mark Jeffs Month ago +106

    Best apology video ever. Congratulations on 9 years and continue making us all laugh and smile Prof.

  • clackityclack9
    clackityclack9 Month ago

    Well done! You had me going... but yes, I accept your apology 😌

  • Frank S
    Frank S Month ago

    Congrats prof! Can't wait for the "is it worth it to buy the 30th anniversary edition packs" video

  • Jhon
    Jhon Month ago

    Thanks to you for giving me so much fun ideas, now I just need people to play with 😂

  • Juhi_AznBoss
    Juhi_AznBoss Month ago

    I accept this apology, this is very sincere. 😢👏

  • Sam Eveland
    Sam Eveland Month ago +262

    Probably the worst things the prof has done so an apology makes sense ❤️ When your character is so unimpeachably awesome that I know an apology video is a joke before I even open it that's a good thing. Grats on 9 years man, you deserve to be a part of this community forever. 👏

    • RealityCheckIns
      RealityCheckIns Month ago

      @Sam Eveland "thanks" "brother"

    • Havelyn The Rockelyn
      Havelyn The Rockelyn Month ago

      @Frommerman Lmao because non whites are committing violent crimes instead

    • Sam Eveland
      Sam Eveland Month ago

      @RealityCheckIns You do you brother.

    • RealityCheckIns
      RealityCheckIns Month ago

      @Sam Eveland I'm saying you should be suspicious of anyone with a following, especially when it's filled with folks like you who won't even consider the chance that foul play could happen.

    • Sam Eveland
      Sam Eveland Month ago

      @RealityCheckIns Do you think his good nature is an act then? For me it doesn't seem that way but I can't tell you what to believe. All I'll say is see you in two years.

  • Timothy Hatfield II

    Thank you for making fun of this kind of behavior, really appreciate it ♥