FXR / DYNA DAY! - Blockhead CREW Bike Week Launch!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
  • Hot Bike Magazine's "FXR / Dyna Day" Event was huge, and started Bike Week 2018 off with a bang! Or a Brap?! Blockhead Crew came out in force, and had an awesome time at the event!
    Big thanks to all of you that showed up to show support, was great meeting so many of you all! Be sure to checkout the sponsor links below. They're what made the event possible!
    Special shout out to Giselle of The Iron Lilies, Brandon of Lowlife Speedworks, and Jordan of Performance Harley!
    As always, thanks for tuning in! Be sure to Like / Comment / Subscribe!
    Till next time, ride safe out there, & stay vigilant!
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Comments • 185

  • Cameraman Chris
    Cameraman Chris 4 months ago

    Looks like one of the Ives brothers in your thumbnail but the east coastin crew doing the stunts 🧐

  • Aron Coit
    Aron Coit 5 months ago

    What is Dates and times for this years event?

  • gary engman
    gary engman 5 months ago

    B is better

  • Jason Hoskins
    Jason Hoskins 5 months ago

    Design B for sure

  • Brandon Dyer
    Brandon Dyer 6 months ago


  • daniel ellis
    daniel ellis 7 months ago

    Design b is cool

  • Jim Weagant
    Jim Weagant 7 months ago

    Another great video thanks for sharing and keep up the good work

  • michaelcontreras892
    michaelcontreras892 9 months ago

    number B

  • NBT 3
    NBT 3 11 months ago

    That had to be a cool feeling the all the crew there having a good time.

  • acjb9519
    acjb9519 Year ago

    I am getting my first bike when I am back home (I work in Baghdad Iraq most of the year) and live just down the road in Port Saint Lucie/Stuart. Man, it would freaking rock to ride with you one day bro.

  • Corey Massie
    Corey Massie Year ago

    Yo that looked like so much fun man, wish I could have been there. Gotta know when y’all are doing another.

  • Allyson Saxe
    Allyson Saxe Year ago

    Design B!!

  • David Bacon
    David Bacon Year ago


  • Jamie Moore
    Jamie Moore Year ago

    Awesome video as usual, Blockhead!
    Great seeing Ms Blockhead totally owning that 48.
    If voting is still open, I vote for design B of the key ring.

  • Jacob T
    Jacob T Year ago

    Great vid, and design B

  • FranBunnyFFXII
    FranBunnyFFXII Year ago +3

    Tons of cool bikes but I realized watching this video, there isn't a single front end fairing I've ever seen that I like.

  • RadioRahim01
    RadioRahim01 Year ago


  • Mike Sowell
    Mike Sowell Year ago


  • Angeldelosmertos
    Angeldelosmertos Year ago


  • Todd B.
    Todd B. Year ago

    B! Absolutely. And then let me know where to get a hold of one or two of them 😀 Wish I could have been there this year! It looked like a great time. Gonna try to make it there next year if you do it again. Will even plan my Florida vacation around it! Thanks for the great footage ✌️

  • Scorp
    Scorp Year ago

    awsome vlog !!

  • AbusedHemi
    AbusedHemi Year ago

    Wish I coulda made it! had plans to, me and a buddy were riding down from Missouri. I on a 16' Lowrider S and him on an 09 Electraglide, unfortunately his bike broke down in south eastern Tennessee and that was end of our trip. What are you using to edit your gropro footage? I bought a few gopros before we left and got lot of footage but need a way to edit clips together. Any advice?

  • Road Glider
    Road Glider Year ago

    5:23 😍😍😍

  • Cycle Tripper
    Cycle Tripper Year ago

    I vote 'B'. I enjoy the videos.

  • FXDLS Brooklyn
    FXDLS Brooklyn Year ago

    This looked awesome! Some dope bikes in the mix 🔥🔥🔥

  • Benjamin Graber
    Benjamin Graber Year ago

    Definitely side B

  • Chad Loveless
    Chad Loveless Year ago

    Someone is close to 40k subscriber's......justtttttt sayin

  • Proj8ct
    Proj8ct Year ago +4

    Grom build series where you turn one of them into a mini bagger.

    SUJONG KIM Year ago

    nice video, I'll go with B, btw what is the name of song at 5:20? really want to know,,

    • Jaden Shay
      Jaden Shay 10 months ago

      Yea me too man lol that shit was heavy thats what im looking for in the comments

  • jwest302
    jwest302 Year ago

    B yay key tags

  • Bike N' Bird
    Bike N' Bird Year ago +7

    There were some good looking bikes out there!

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird Year ago

      FXDLS Brooklyn I wanted to go this year! Connors crazy ass will want to ride there 😂

    • FXDLS Brooklyn
      FXDLS Brooklyn Year ago

      Bike N' Bird let's hit up Connor and go to this next year 💯

  • J Art
    J Art Year ago +2

    I'm a new rider (taking my MSS-approved class in a few weeks). I've been watching your channel for a while. I love your energy bro. Keep riding, keep safe. Ms. Blockhead has really improved by the way, she's totally confident now.

  • Krzysztof Czapliński

    bro, you were lane spliting!?! I am proud of ya!

  • Mike Petticrew
    Mike Petticrew Year ago

    Key tag B! Stay Vigilant!

  • Dion
    Dion Year ago

    B and do i hear an exhaust?!

  • Joseph H
    Joseph H Year ago

    Where are you having the key tags made?

  • Giuseppe Piroddi
    Giuseppe Piroddi Year ago

    It’s always a pleasure to follow you on RU-clip. Congrats I like your videos. You become better and better thank you so much.
    Peto from Brussels Belgium

  • kaisenji
    kaisenji Year ago

    Design B for sure. Ugh, makes me miss my bike so much but it has to wait alas.

  • Davis Djuth
    Davis Djuth Year ago

    B style

    BIKE & PONY Year ago


  • Mikey Mayfield
    Mikey Mayfield Year ago


  • hyrum hunt
    hyrum hunt Year ago

    I would go with design two with the be safe stay vigilant, but I’ll buy one either way!

  • mike essary
    mike essary Year ago

    Guys with no shirts on?? WTF
    Not even 1 bikini top?

  • Andres Urbina
    Andres Urbina Year ago

    Design B

  • Tom_Bot
    Tom_Bot Year ago


  • Gwingwin
    Gwingwin Year ago

    I’m going with an “A” vote

  • NEEK __
    NEEK __ Year ago

    Awesome video! Design B for me.

  • Matthew Clinard
    Matthew Clinard Year ago

    Design b.Great job with the channel. It has come a long way to great success. Watching your videos always makes a good day.keep up the good work.✌🏻

  • caleb Yancey
    caleb Yancey Year ago


  • Doug S
    Doug S Year ago

    Design B for sure. Keep up the great work

  • Alex Grimm
    Alex Grimm Year ago

    Design B is the better of the two, in my mind.

  • Wiley Texan
    Wiley Texan Year ago

    Have you updated your GoPro 5 or are you still using version 1.57

  • J Bob
    J Bob Year ago

    Awesome video! That event was what motorcycling is all about.

  • Lockdown XVII
    Lockdown XVII Year ago

    Excellent vid! Looked like an awesome day. Good to see the Blockhead Crew in action.

  • Jerry Hawkins
    Jerry Hawkins Year ago

    Bad ass video Block Head.

  • Tim Dunbar
    Tim Dunbar Year ago

    DESIGN B hands down. Looks great dude!

  • Chris Towner
    Chris Towner Year ago

    Tag B

  • Nicholas Swansburg

    Keytag B

  • FA-AJN
    FA-AJN Year ago


    LAZ ANTON Year ago

    Cool vid, key chain B.....

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago


  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd Year ago

    Design B

  • John Keane
    John Keane Year ago


  • Airborne 28
    Airborne 28 Year ago

    Got that Grom Love!!! Those things are actually BAD A$$!!! Want one now!!! haha
    Then you got Erick with his NIPS & Blochead Pasties!!! HAHAHA
    Great time with Great People and Sexy Bikes!!!
    #BlockHeadMoto #BlockHeadCrew #BlockHeadMovement

  • Lance Wright
    Lance Wright Year ago

    Design B!

  • Dennis Scott
    Dennis Scott Year ago

    Love me the B

  • Noah Aguiar
    Noah Aguiar Year ago


  • LibertyHand
    LibertyHand Year ago

    B, but add a hand making the "Deuces" in that empty space. I'm glad the event went well and hope to catch it next year. It looks like it was a Blast.

  • Oregon Outback
    Oregon Outback Year ago +1

    Eric ... Best man-boob flash EVER .. !! Throw that boy some beads! Excellent coverage of the event, looks like a blast. Some truly beautiful Dyna's there. Drone footage was sweet. Great to see Ms. Block rolling with the crew. Love the new 48 exhaust. Best 22 minutes of my day, so far. Thanks.

  • Shaker81
    Shaker81 Year ago


  • Gibz 679
    Gibz 679 Year ago

    Design B

  • kenton daniels
    kenton daniels Year ago

    Design B!

  • Dead SouL 73 Dan F

    B man hell ya

  • Russell Majcher
    Russell Majcher Year ago


  • Sirmaddog
    Sirmaddog Year ago

    I think B

  • Al Crabby
    Al Crabby Year ago +2

    ill take a 'B' please Bob lol (that may be a UK only Joke?)
    Congrats on the event dude, looks like a great day

  • Spazarelly
    Spazarelly Year ago

    Design B

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage Year ago

    Dude those rolling shots 😍😍!!!! You should make a video of rolling shots for the Lowrider S and the 48. Would be badass!

  • Charles Sexton
    Charles Sexton Year ago

    Go with B

  • Steven Cruz
    Steven Cruz Year ago


  • FXDLS1990
    FXDLS1990 Year ago +1

    Who’s Low Rider s with the purple wheels..? DOPE!

  • hunterkiller1221
    hunterkiller1221 Year ago


  • Joshua Cree
    Joshua Cree Year ago

    You should totally make the B tag. Had a great time hanging around with you guys and getting to meet the crew, hope to do this again. The entire event was fantastic, hopefully they can make it a yearly thing.

  • Topiu5
    Topiu5 Year ago

    Keytag B! Man I wish I could've gone! Oh well, at least I got to go to my first bike week, would've totally preferred to meet the Blockhead! Crew though!

  • Rudy Anthony
    Rudy Anthony Year ago

    Awesome video seriously making me consider getting a grom for pure fun

  • Erick Palma
    Erick Palma Year ago


  • Jeremy Morrison
    Jeremy Morrison Year ago


  • Trent Parker
    Trent Parker Year ago

    Design B

  • Marty Martinez
    Marty Martinez Year ago

    So close to owning my first Harley, blockhead. I am beyond excited. Thanks for making all these bad ass videos, brother. Can’t wait to join the culture. I’m super glad that fxr/dyna day was a huge success!

  • t1titan31
    t1titan31 Year ago

    Key tag B

  • William Chesser
    William Chesser Year ago

    Outstanding job blockhead continued support brother ✌✌

  • Joe Pratt-flynn
    Joe Pratt-flynn Year ago

    Design B looks awesome!

  • Jessica Hansen
    Jessica Hansen Year ago


  • Dan Flinchbaugh
    Dan Flinchbaugh Year ago


  • Noe Enriquez
    Noe Enriquez Year ago


  • Michigan MotoVlog

    B! Ride Safe, Stay Vigilant!

  • BaggerBro
    BaggerBro Year ago +7

    BLOCKS OUT NIPS OUT !!! HAD A GREAT TIME BLOCK!!!! It was awesome meeting some of the fans , great people !!! #BlockHeadmoto #BlockHeadCrew #BlockHeadMovement