Steph Curry Is Not A Playmaker (Reacting To Terrible Takes On NBA Twitter)

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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  • Dom2k
    Dom2k  4 months ago +130

    Tag me in horrible takes on Instagram and Twitter (also send them to me) to be publicly shamed.
    Use the hashtag #NBATwitterPolice
    Stay vigilant.

    Second channel:
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    • DanielCarReviews
      DanielCarReviews 3 months ago

      He's a shot creater

    • Joe Kocsis
      Joe Kocsis 4 months ago this dude said prime Melo was better than prime Pierce lol

    • Nile Williams
      Nile Williams 4 months ago

      You should do this same format for every vid: bad opinions, bad takes, bad information
      And also keep doing it here

    • Mike Dogg
      Mike Dogg 4 months ago

      Do more videos where you expose stupid twitter comments or Instagram comments. I read some of the stupidest shit on bleacher report or HOH and it makes me question why I read the comments in the first place

    • Leo Fernandez
      Leo Fernandez 4 months ago

      Dom2k loved the intro Dom

  • Shfd Rusu
    Shfd Rusu 2 days ago

    Here at the ECF

  • Harrison Kleinpeter
    Harrison Kleinpeter 11 days ago

    1:42 gets me everytime

  • Nam Tam
    Nam Tam 25 days ago

    They always find him and screen so much for him to shoot that's why he scores so much.

  • Elijah Queen
    Elijah Queen Month ago

    the intro tho lmao

  • Chris Simmons
    Chris Simmons Month ago

    That intro is hilarious

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    Curry is not a top 5 playmaker. Yes his threat of being able to score and thus drawing defenders creates better looks for teammates, but that does not make him an elite playmaker.
    He's also pretty turnover prone, because he can become careless with the ball

  • Epidemic Games
    Epidemic Games Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 I'd RaThEr BuIlD mY TeAm ArOuNd FoX

  • Milo Scanlon
    Milo Scanlon Month ago

    9:39 Never thought I'd hear the word only used in reference to how many 70+ point games a player had

  • M S
    M S Month ago

    eh I might take fox, just because Westbrook has this whole stat packing thing, idk I just feel like he needs the ball all the time to make a real impact. but I’d need an all star if I picked Fox

  • JRosePlays
    JRosePlays 2 months ago

    Where is goat playoff series part 3?

  • A$APshaman
    A$APshaman 2 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoy the elevator music at the end of the videos. thanks fam

  • Muhammad-Salman Abubakar
    Muhammad-Salman Abubakar 2 months ago +1

    I was never a Trae Young bandwagon. In fact, I don't even like him. But that's not to say that I DISLIKE him, either. I don't follow rookies too much, but I mainly follow the big guys, like LeBron & KD.

    • Muhammad-Salman Abubakar
      Muhammad-Salman Abubakar 19 days ago +1

      Oh, I also follow guys like KAT, Boogie, Embiid, Davis, Blake, and Porzingod.

    • abtbanks1
      abtbanks1 Month ago +1

      what about the big man the power forwards and the centers

  • JustLooseMe
    JustLooseMe 2 months ago

    I love it!

  • John Grabish
    John Grabish 2 months ago

    That person who said shoot a three I wanna either see you dunk or try to layup on gannis ya don't talk

  • I Sins
    I Sins 2 months ago

    He’s right curry is not a playmaker,he’s a combo guard

  • Fran Fer
    Fran Fer 2 months ago

    Man you went off track I clicked to see Steph curry and you speak about him got 50 seconds

  • Fizzi Fedrizzi
    Fizzi Fedrizzi 2 months ago

    this would be considered shot creating

  • Notorious BleezyB
    Notorious BleezyB 2 months ago +1

    Steph had his high assist seasons. That’s what his team needed at the time, now they need him playing off ball

  • A.J. Animations
    A.J. Animations 2 months ago

    *Multiple 80 point games.*
    Only 1 player scored exactly 80-89 points. Kobe.
    Don't you mean 70?
    Or 60???

  • A.J. Animations
    A.J. Animations 2 months ago

    I saw a Steph Curry And-1 and someone was like
    "They're down by 5."
    in the 3rd quarter.
    3 minutes left

  • Francisco Reynoso
    Francisco Reynoso 2 months ago

    That intro too loud tho.

  • Wolf Soul
    Wolf Soul 3 months ago

    this video never gets old

  • Daniel Travis
    Daniel Travis 3 months ago

    I love this video.
    I specifically stopped interacting on #nbatwitter because of how trash these dudes takes are.

  • Sdude05
    Sdude05 3 months ago

    148million dollar contract for Wiggins if your wondering what’s the contract

  • Chizgus
    Chizgus 3 months ago

    That block by wall was clean, he got all ball

    TTV IAMBATMANLIVE 3 months ago +1

    Vince Carter is THE GOAT!!!!!!!

  • Guss Keyes
    Guss Keyes 3 months ago

    I, as a Thunder/Westbrook fan, hold some biases towards Curry and the Warriors. This said, part of the reason for Curry's "low" assist numbers, I guess 5 is low, is due to the passing schemes the Warriors run. Think about how many times you see the Warriors score coming off pass number 2/3/4. The ball is constantly hoping around the 3 point line in Coach Kerr's offensive

  • Fadel Ramad
    Fadel Ramad 3 months ago

    Some of NBA fans are bad as NBA referee

  • MrBrachiatingApe
    MrBrachiatingApe 4 months ago

    Regarding Fox vs. Westbrook: I can see an argument being made that at this point, Fox is more valuable for building/rebuilding, even though Westbrook is the better player. The unfortunate possibility for shorter players who, like him, can't shoot and rely on superior athleticism is they can decline sharply after 30-32. Hasn't happened to Russ yet, but it could next season or the season after (I stress *could*) whereas Fox is still young, improving and he's got better shot-taking and shot-making skills, though admittedly that ain't saying much when said about Russ.

  • Julio A
    Julio A 4 months ago

    Bro this video 🔥🔥🔥

  • Will Webber
    Will Webber 4 months ago

    To be fair, I think there's more Kobe stans than haters out there nowadays. Kobe haters have moved onto whatever else they hate, while the stans feel the need to bring him up in conversations that have nothing to do with him. Go to any video talking about how great LBJ is, there's Kobe stans that for some reason still feel the need to mention Kobe to tear down LeBron, like it's still 2010 or some shit.

  • Will Webber
    Will Webber 4 months ago

    Yo dawg, I don't think you know the differece between 'playmaker' and 'creator'. Curry is an elite creator, he's not an elite playmaker.

  • Derek Norris
    Derek Norris 4 months ago

    Wiggins has improved offensively.

  • I just dont care
    I just dont care 4 months ago

    Curry isn't the best playmaker in the nba

    • I just dont care
      I just dont care 4 months ago

      +Arjun Akella no he isn't he is a good playmaker but not the best one in the nba

    • Arjun Akella
      Arjun Akella 4 months ago

      Yes he is, and it's not close either

  • Matthew Waddell
    Matthew Waddell 4 months ago

    Another amazing video

  • M.W. S
    M.W. S 4 months ago

    I wonder how many "hockey assists" does Curry average.

  • miau
    miau 4 months ago

    14 assists vs Knicks. "not a playmaker" lmao

  • Aleksa Trapara
    Aleksa Trapara 4 months ago

    Okay Nikola Jokic is a Point Guard now smh.

  • Jayy Macc
    Jayy Macc 4 months ago

    Whatever dude that compared Taytum to Wiggins need to kill themselves. He in is second year playing farrrrrrrr more better than wiggins whose in his fifth fucking year. Come on now. Wiggins is a bust

  • Young Love
    Young Love 4 months ago

    Dom, I like your content and all, you're logical, but sometimes you're fake and pretending like you don't know what people are saying. And you're using your platform for people to overwhelm and clown people that disagree with you. But you're wrong about a couple of things in this video.
    1st) Kobe was no where the greatest his first 3 yrs. You had three bugs that were better in Shaq, Duncan, and Garnett (Garnett being the best of all 3of them). Iverson his mvp year, Vince Carter before he was injured, and tmac in Orlando with the scoring titles. He was the best shooting guard in the west, that's it. But he had competition in his position and the best players were the three best bigs.
    2) Lonzo Ball didn't get tackled at all. If you look closely at the replay you'd see he got all ball. Any other contact was a touch, not a damn tackle. And when the comment that came at you said "always a foul when it's your team" he basically meant that you preferred the Lakers over the Wizards, not your favorite team. Don't act like you only have one favorite team. We're all bias to a point with favorite players and votes on that team.
    Overall, those are the only two things that need cleaning. I'm not tryna come at you like no grand theft auto police or anything, but I'm no backup if I smell bs tactics. You talking about needing help cleaning up streets but if you're going to do it, don't abuse your platform. I am not like your fellow fans who will agree to everything you say. And if I get crucified by your fans who can't think for themselves then so be it. I'm just a guy who likes hearing Truth and logic but is aware that even the best can sometimes succumb to be in their narratives. So go ahead, post me in your video, have your fanboy pawns come at me and hate my comments, nothing will change and I stand by everything I said in my statements.

  • Kris KL
    Kris KL 4 months ago

    Wheres the old video, cant find it on his other channel

  • Randizzleee
    Randizzleee 4 months ago

    So based on Dom2k’s logic can we all agree that Allen Iverson is one of the greatest playmakers ever. He possessed this Gravity to make others better. His off ball movement was top tier and he could score in anyway you needed. Besides he also averaged a bunch of assists for a 2 guard

    • Sergei Dragunov
      Sergei Dragunov 4 months ago

      +Randizzleee (Randall R.) you dont understand hyperbole fukkin dumbass

    • Randizzleee
      Randizzleee 4 months ago

      Sergei Dragunov Curry had “defense since he was born” yea you had too many drinks

    • Sergei Dragunov
      Sergei Dragunov 4 months ago

      +Randizzleee (Randall R.) that's just a very offball highlight of AI while Curry have offball offense and defense since he was born you dumbass. Literally you can just take a look in google and see how many possesion AI get and what type of play he does compared to Curry fukkin dumbass

    • Randizzleee
      Randizzleee 4 months ago

      Sergei Dragunov you clearly don’t know what you talking about

    • Randizzleee
      Randizzleee 4 months ago

      Sergei Dragunov no I’m not. Watch his highlights vs the Bucks and vs the Lakers in 01’ this man ran off screens like Rip Hamilton. The sets they ran for him show he was more than an ISO player

  • Andrew Pestotnik
    Andrew Pestotnik 4 months ago

    @Dom2k I think a lot of what these people are trying to say is the when the moment is on stuff he tends to struggle. Obviously he had as his moments in the NBA finals where hes been great, like game 6 of 2015. Outside of that though, hes had some and head scratching performance as in the NBA finals, like 2 out of 3 games in Clevelandain 2016 where they got blown out of the building. I wouldn't say comes of short in the finals, its that he doesn't necessarily have his greatest games in them. He's had many solid games, but he hasn't had that 45 to 50 point game that he's had in other rounds of the playoffs. I think you made a video on that a while back. You feel though?

  • G!0
    G!0 4 months ago

    Wiggins defense has actually improved. He's doing the hustle aspects like transition defense and help side defense.

  • J.R. Smith
    J.R. Smith 4 months ago

    You forgot my myplayer he has multiple hundred point games

  • Jj The 13th
    Jj The 13th 4 months ago

    Oi.. Something about the chaos in the intro and outro.. Entertains me. I'm not a psycho am? haha, well at least I'm not spewing garbage from my mouth

  • TheMonroe654HD
    TheMonroe654HD 4 months ago

    If you’re gonna trash twitter people, you shouldn’t blur the names. Come on man.

  • Poipoi Lo
    Poipoi Lo 4 months ago

    Giannis playing the old meta inside the new one is lege...
    wait for it and I hope you are not Lactose intolerant

  • Kenneth St.Marie
    Kenneth St.Marie 4 months ago

    I just seen one that said "Lebron is not a first balid hall of Famer 3-6 doesnt scream hall of fame"

  • Alex Brady
    Alex Brady 4 months ago +1

    Yo I saw that comment about Fox lmaoo

  • Anthony Watkins
    Anthony Watkins 4 months ago

    Bruh the Transformers scene at the end had me dead😂😂😂

  • Subscribe for no reason
    Subscribe for no reason 4 months ago +2

    Idc what anyone else thinks Vince Carter is a hof player he put the Toronto Raptors on the map at a time where nobody wanted to play in Canada. He gave the Raptors a identity by being able to fly while being a versatile scorer. The first half of Vinces career is huge for Canadian and NBA basketball. He has to of done something right if you can say his name and people who were barely born when he was playing know who he is you don't get that out of a slightly above average player.

  • BullShark
    BullShark 4 months ago

    I got no problem with big guys like Giannis not being able to shoot the three but I prefer my guards to be able to be a threat from outside to help with floor spacing. I also like my 2 guard to be a good 2-way player like Beal or Klay Thompson. If they can post-up effectively great let's use that to draw people down low and create space. I feel Kevin Love was wasted with Lebron because he was a great post player who could knock down 3's if they gave him space because they thought he was going to go down low. They didn't highlight his skillset. I have no problem with a PF or C being a post-man but a SF should have some Mid-range ability at least which Giannis does. He is so great down low his bad 3p% is minimized.

  • BullShark
    BullShark 4 months ago

    Curry is one of those players that makes an impact beyond just his stats and just looking at his stats doesn't represent his impact especially in terms of assists due to the brand of basketball the warriors play. There are times when he passes to Klay who has an open shot on the wing then passes to Durant for an even more wide open corner 3. Curry does not get the assist but Klay could have hit the shot but they gave it to someone who has an even better look. Curry also sets screens making his impact off the ball much bigger than many think. Westbrook in my opinion is the opposite. If you look at his stats they are great but if you watch him play he has flashes and makes bad decisions in order to try to stack up assists like having a wide open corner 3 but choosing to pass to Adams in the paint with three or five defenders and turns it over because he wants the 10th assist. Also Westbrook doesn't do much off-ball and just sits there waiting for it to come back to him and doesn't cut off ball or set screens. Reasons like this is why I keep Westbrook out of my top 5 PG in the league. Curry, Kyrie, CP3, Kemba, Lillard, Westbrook, and then John Wall. I used to be higher on wall but his defensive effort is no longer there. This may be controversial but he has the skills and physique to do it but his mentality blocks him from doing these things. He is a freak athlete but his mindset and thinking it's all about him is detrimental to the team. I am a fan of team play which is why I enjoy watching the warriors despite being a lifelong Celtics fan from Massachusetts. Kyrie and CP3 I constantly debate those two on who is a better team player and both are iffy in the locker room but their on the floor presence and team play is great.

  • Tom Wilding
    Tom Wilding 4 months ago

    tbf the guy did say he would "build" a team around Fox, not that he was a better player. I agree with him as a Westbrook team is always going to have a ceiling because of his negatives whereas Fox has less upside but no real negatives especially considering he's only in his second year with a lot of room to grow. Therefore I reckon you could build a better team starting with Fox than Westbrook.

  • Izaiah Bingham
    Izaiah Bingham 4 months ago

    Ok Steph Curry isn’t a playmaker. So Seth Curry is?

  • Max rainmaker
    Max rainmaker 4 months ago

    You said you have to consider players playing off ball, but then when you talk about giannis you just ignore the fact that that its easy for defenses to leave him at the 3 pt line and play help when hes not having the ball. Ofc his stats are good and hes a great player but him having a 3pt shot would help his teammates a lot because they dont have to deal with the help of the player defending giannis. Theres always some sort of inconsistency in your arguments (not only in this video).

  • reese dboy
    reese dboy 4 months ago

    Curry is such a gifted shooter that it overshadows his passing alot of players go thru this, like LeBron being a scorer but he does everything, it's more to the game than the stats show

  • Ainz Ooal Pwn 229
    Ainz Ooal Pwn 229 4 months ago

    You with the shits

  • Rare
    Rare 4 months ago

    Make deez longer g

  • VT 24
    VT 24 4 months ago

    That utterly retarded take, its someone just looking at stats..."only averaging 5 assists"

  • Zach AAE
    Zach AAE 4 months ago

    I remember I commented on a heat highlight (rare I know) and some dude was like “are you guys even making the playoffs” like fuck mind your business

  • Dudley Dastinot
    Dudley Dastinot 4 months ago

    Vince Carter isn’t a hall of famer in social media’s eyes..... that is when you can’t speak on anything BASKETBALL period, not college, not NBA, not international, not olympics, not even the damn G league. Can we say Vince Carter under performed in his career, yes that’s not a debate at all but to say he’s not a hall of fame player you need to just stop. People need to realize how easy it is to get into the basketball hall of fame as it is right now so for you to say Vince Carter isn’t hall of fame worthy is just crazy.

  • Cameron Caves
    Cameron Caves 4 months ago

    Show your face on part 3

  • Kyle Sportack
    Kyle Sportack 4 months ago

    Good video dom, make this a main channel thing its jokes

  • Aly3 Daya
    Aly3 Daya 4 months ago

    I hate steph curry but I know he’s a top 5 playmaker of all time

  • iLaggedTho _
    iLaggedTho _ 4 months ago

    What's the rose rule?

  • Lazer
    Lazer 4 months ago

    Omg the NBA should have let chris paul go their because if your not retarded we have multiple super teams Chris could help a Lakers-Warriors rivalry and Houston also Celtics that will be way better then just cavs and warriors

  • Lazer
    Lazer 4 months ago


  • Lazer
    Lazer 4 months ago +1

    How can you compare Wiggins too Tatum?? Are you high because Tatum just started in the Nba not too long ago and Wiggins is a fucking bust.The fact their getting similar points is just embarassing for Wiggins and in fact Tatum has higher points hes gonna average more and more points as he feels comfortable with the court.Thats the dumbest bs i ever heard and your retarded.

  • Duckcreator
    Duckcreator 4 months ago +1

    Please make more of these

  • DMOB79
    DMOB79 4 months ago

    This intro I'd hilarious

  • Lamar Jackson
    Lamar Jackson 4 months ago

    this shit funny you should continue

  • Ilias Chatzi72
    Ilias Chatzi72 4 months ago

    Nba twitter would take a player with 10 assist and 15 turnovers per game over one with 7 assist and 2 turnovers per game. Mainly because they only look at PPG/ RPG / APG

  • paula
    paula 4 months ago

    Averaging 5 assists could mean he makes 5 GREAT passes that create amazing plays. Creating 5 plays per game is impressive.
    So even people who think assists matter are wrong... you can't *just* look at stats

  • Chris Whisler
    Chris Whisler 4 months ago

    I honestly would rather build a team around fox being so much younger and he’s better at the little things

  • Sack of Nuts
    Sack of Nuts 4 months ago

    Stat heads are the reason these videos are possible

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 4 months ago

    Ray Allen was GOAT Playmaker lol. People dont understand what playmaker means. (I blame nba2k) That said, what mvp candidate is not causing players to be open and a great playmaker? Steph's best playmaker attribute is his god-tier ability to get the ball 3-5 steps behind 3pt line, see his defender inside the 3pt line, take a step and drop a Jay (24' out) like it's practice. He changed the game with that. Him and Kyrie need to be guarded from at least a step and a half from 3pt line...

  • Jellyfam876
    Jellyfam876 4 months ago

    curry is not a playmaker

  • osovrrogvnt __
    osovrrogvnt __ 4 months ago

    Steph is hands down the best player on the warriors

  • WGCeltics
    WGCeltics 4 months ago

    NBA Twitter will have the most insane takes ever, and just put facts or lmao at the end like that makes it okay.

  • Arekkuusu Draggneel
    Arekkuusu Draggneel 4 months ago

    This is so stupid, Westbrook has been the fastest player in the NBA since 2010 and he Would be even faster if he didnt had so many knee injuries and yes. He fast as fuck boii

  • Mr j
    Mr j 4 months ago

    These kids in this generation is brain dead on basketball.. Dont kno shit about the game or history..stay in school kids.. Keep doing ya thing Dom

  • Charlie Tian
    Charlie Tian 4 months ago

    you're the hero we need but don't deserve

  • Rise Sfy
    Rise Sfy 4 months ago

    How do u edit ur videos

  • Kk Strap
    Kk Strap 4 months ago

    The 88 dislikes are barely even casual fans

  • Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor

    Jordan fucking sucks at basketball, he literally was only good because he could jump high and shoot mid rangers.

  • Max M
    Max M 4 months ago

    Enough with the fucking loud noises

  • Duncan Reilly
    Duncan Reilly 4 months ago +1


  • Crazy Seahawk
    Crazy Seahawk 4 months ago

    Do more of this crap that was funny but go to nba instagram and other social crap

  • Lawrence Cook
    Lawrence Cook 4 months ago +1

    NBA Facebook - Old heads who haven’t watched a NBA game since the 90s
    NBA Instagram - 14-16 year olds that glorify stats
    NBA Twitter- All around dumbasses
    NBA RU-clip- Actually good content

  • Daquan 01
    Daquan 01 4 months ago +3

    Please do more of these.

  • Corbin_thomas2
    Corbin_thomas2 4 months ago +1

    More of these

  • King Godly
    King Godly 4 months ago

    Wilt didn't have multiple 80+ games because it says Kobe's 81 is the closest to Wilt's 100. "I Just Saw A Tweet And Didn't Understand It"

  • Goofy8907
    Goofy8907 4 months ago +1

    But wtf, 5 ast per game is fucking high!?
    That is currently top 35 in the league with Lonzo in that spot.
    So there are ONLY 35 playmakers in the NBA?
    Also, Lonzo is not a playmaker!?

  • Nile Williams
    Nile Williams 4 months ago

    You should do this same format for every vid: bad opinions, bad takes, bad information

    DGPLAYS 4 months ago

    With all due respect I do believe Vince Carter to be overrated cuz of the nostalgia factor.

  • Luke Schwartzenburg
    Luke Schwartzenburg 4 months ago

    wilt actually had 7 games where he had 70+ points, casually spitting nonfacts?
    disclaimer- i totally agree with all the other stuff, just thought it was funny how u contradicted yourself

  • Damien Zadkovich
    Damien Zadkovich 4 months ago

    Can you please go to @balldontstop instagram & read their BS dom 😂😂