10 Products You’ll Never Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made!

  • Published on Jul 2, 2017
  • Products You'll Never Buy: Here are the 10 products you'll never buy again knowing how they are made. We all love eating food, especially candy and fast food. However once you know what is inside these products you will never want to eat them again. Some of the products included are macdonolds, chewing gum, red bull and more!
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  • Bill c
    Bill c 13 hours ago

    Fish maw is too expensive to put in beer. the record price is $40,000 /lb

  • SteveLasercannon
    SteveLasercannon 5 days ago

    Bugs are actually good for you

  • Var Kings
    Var Kings 7 days ago

    I already knew how much 40 of those were made And I still Use them

  • Raven
    Raven 7 days ago

    I regret having vanilla twist ice cream yesterday...

  • Raven
    Raven 7 days ago

    Are there hotdogs in this?

  • Darkwolf 2211
    Darkwolf 2211 9 days ago +2

    Well they still taste amazing I don’t really care how it’s made

  • Lars-Åke Davidsson
    Lars-Åke Davidsson 9 days ago

    Good thing I'm allergic to perfume

  • Nikki gomez
    Nikki gomez 9 days ago

    I only looked at it because it showed something about m&m what happened?

  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace 10 days ago +1

    Too much caffeine and sugar

  • PequeO
    PequeO 12 days ago +3

    What about vanilla BEAN? The one made from the plant?

  • Hailey Sanders
    Hailey Sanders 12 days ago

    Me:human hair Him:whoman hayier

  • Rose Marry
    Rose Marry 15 days ago +1

    I've Known for awhile about the bugs but idk it taste good n I don't see the bug

  • Ariisbane
    Ariisbane 15 days ago

    I think we all know how vanilla is actually made

  • Cool Blue
    Cool Blue 15 days ago

    U don’t swallow gum

  • buzzclick500
    buzzclick500 16 days ago +1

    The one about gum seems accurate. It DOES taste different these days.

  • UK emma26txt260Z
    UK emma26txt260Z 16 days ago

    Oh dear

  • Joy
    Joy 18 days ago

    i only agree with the ciggerate one

  • Khyrid
    Khyrid 24 days ago

    I eat animal butthole all the time. Also about the Aspartame: watch?v=CaDaU_vu_iw

  • avi Lynch
    avi Lynch 24 days ago

    Stick your arsenic soaked head up your bottom and keep it there forever

  • ironflange
    ironflange 25 days ago +2

    There goes ten minutes I'll never get back.

  • ツBROAD_Pandora
    ツBROAD_Pandora 25 days ago

    Thats american ice cream here in italy we have all natural gelato made with real fruits

  • cameron murphy
    cameron murphy 29 days ago


  • Brian Ackerly
    Brian Ackerly Month ago

    I have snuff tobacco that contains ambergris and I bought it knowing it has whale vomit. It smells very nice.

  • Guest List
    Guest List Month ago

    Nah I’m still gonna buy most of what was viewed! Sadly 🤦‍♂️

  • itchy butthole
    itchy butthole Month ago

    “hooman hair”

  • ZappaChick
    ZappaChick Month ago

    It's not "Macdonolds" it's "McDonalds".

  • Vivian Espinoza Portillo

    Meh..still eating these foods. 😋

  • Barbara Lyman
    Barbara Lyman Month ago


  • Brian Knapp
    Brian Knapp Month ago

    Protein is not needed in shampoos for hair strength. The hair that we see is dead. All we want to do is keep it clean not feed it! C’mon buddy,

  • Karla lomelí
    Karla lomelí Month ago

    Really love vanilla and strawberry icecream 🤷‍♀️

    • Brian Knapp
      Brian Knapp Month ago

      Karla lomelí In Canada, castoreum is not permissible. Watch out in the U.S and maybe other countries though.

  • Sabrina Lik
    Sabrina Lik Month ago

    Why is MnM is in the feature , it not even inside.. I'm eating MnM lol

  • Vikum Kularathna
    Vikum Kularathna Month ago

    I'm don't eating McDonald's I'm always eating only heldhy food

  • Kyle s
    Kyle s Month ago

    M and M's were not in this videos at all....on another note if any women out there want to use my shampoo I will give it them freely as long as I can put it in there hair. conditions may apply all rules are subject to change.

  • P M
    P M Month ago +1

    This explains how Trump got elected. Brain damaged voters.

    • Skeeter Saurus
      Skeeter Saurus Month ago

      Ocasio-Cortez just blamed Wells-Fargo Bank for funding the Dakota Pipeline while it leaked 5,000 barrels of oil during operations! (HINT: NOT ONE GALLON of oil has flowed through the pipeline THAT HASN'T BEEN BUILT YET!!!).
      She TRULY represents the mind of the average Democrat voter...and it's scary!

  • billy the kid
    billy the kid Month ago


  • Koreyite
    Koreyite Month ago

    Peanut M&Ms are made of geckos

  • Morton Carol
    Morton Carol Month ago

    Could have told you, bug parts, arsenic, I think, you forgot to say wood pulp & GMOs & I wouldn't be surprise the kitchen sink!!

  • 1 1
    1 1 Month ago +4

    10 products you'll never buy again. at least we'll use or eat them 😁

  • Midnight Liam
    Midnight Liam Month ago +13

    Me: I don't eat McDonald's...
    Brother: there chicken is made out of old people skin!😨
    Me: okay....

    • Candice Hogg
      Candice Hogg 8 days ago

      McDonalds is gross.

    • Rainey J
      Rainey J 28 days ago +1

      McDonald's has fetal kidney cells and it and the company that creates this is called senomyx look it up. Just in case anybody wants to know. It's pretty scary there's a lot more to this than I'm mentioning.

  • Tomas de Torquemada
    Tomas de Torquemada Month ago +1


  • Erica Hall
    Erica Hall Month ago +1

    We're all gonna die at some point anyway. So the point of these videos are.... I'll wait

  • James Scoggins
    James Scoggins Month ago

    Everything sounds delicious!!!

  • Curtis Newton
    Curtis Newton Month ago

    castoreum : 136 kilograms against 1200 tons produced every year, besides you got to kill the castor, so I'll take the chance and eat ice cream again

  • Geo Vani
    Geo Vani Month ago

    Subway has no drive through and people are sick of parking etc.

  • The1SilverShadow
    The1SilverShadow Month ago +1

    Hooman hair..?! just when .. whattt?!!

  • Michael Saunders
    Michael Saunders Month ago +3

    Heard cigarettes have rat poison in

    • Charles Wallace
      Charles Wallace 10 days ago +1

      That's why they kills your lungs slow cuts your oxygen short in your lungs capacity

    • Charles Wallace
      Charles Wallace 10 days ago +1

      Yes they do stricnine they are lace with that

    • Mary Lindsey
      Mary Lindsey Month ago

      So does city water

  • Keith Martin
    Keith Martin Month ago +6

    I missed th M&M's. I musta blinked.

  • IONUT-PETRE Staicu
    IONUT-PETRE Staicu Month ago

    Wel thei call it chewing gum fore one reason not eating gum and you can look on Facts vers on gum to find out more

  • harlottesgma #rattpack

    I want the beaver anal gland squeezing job...i wonder how much it pays

  • Terrence Wimberly
    Terrence Wimberly Month ago

    Ha! Human hair in McDonald's pies and Human meat in their hamburger!

  • Dollarr sterecher Fantish

    Leave with air only

  • 351 Ranger
    351 Ranger Month ago


  • Ronald Nongui
    Ronald Nongui Month ago

    Psh..even though I now know how they're made but still I will buy them...

  • chocolateQueen Playz
    chocolateQueen Playz Month ago +1

    I showed this to my cousin..
    She started crying

  • D
    D Month ago

    you talk funny

  • Aleena Bacchus
    Aleena Bacchus Month ago

    I'm still goin eat sooooooooo

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee Month ago

    Ass it tone not act ti tone. And we are hew mans not who mans.

  • Josette
    Josette Month ago


  • Katrina O'Connor
    Katrina O'Connor Month ago

    it sick

  • Rama Yama
    Rama Yama Month ago

    most of this is bullsh** !!!

  • Citizen Smith Freedom For Tooting.

    McDonald's doesn't use pink slim for chicken nuggets anyone.

  • coolcat fire
    coolcat fire Month ago

    O well it never ruins food for me and i watch so any of these

  • Don’t Hug Me I’m Literature

    I wanna eat them more!

  • Antonio Biorato
    Antonio Biorato Month ago +12

    I dont care this is
    lets go eat💙💙💙💙💙😏

  • Q M
    Q M Month ago

    Who cares...fishing for followers.

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez Month ago

    Will it harm us

  • Vanessa Martinez
    Vanessa Martinez Month ago +4

    How the hell do these nasty ingredients could possibly help these products tastes better

    LATONYA SMITH Month ago


  • James Kelly
    James Kelly Month ago

    So vanilla maker have to scrape beaver ass juice to produce the flavor?? Ummm🙇

  • Yo-Ta's Kitchen
    Yo-Ta's Kitchen Month ago

    Mastic produced by the Skino tree is still chewed and sold. Product of Chios Greece.

  • Raul C.
    Raul C. Month ago +1

    When he says MacDonald’s kinda pisses me off

  • teri t
    teri t Month ago +4

    I learned about ambergris from Bob's burgers lol

  • Dat Real
    Dat Real Month ago

    I dont use colangne anymore

  • maracorn pegacanu
    maracorn pegacanu Month ago

    That is disgusting! I heard that mcdonalds chicken nuggets are made of breast implants!

  • Dijour Henry
    Dijour Henry Month ago

    What about M & Ms

  • Boris Be loud us
    Boris Be loud us Month ago

    Vanilla imitation is not beaver musk. It’s from petroleum products

  • Boris Be loud us
    Boris Be loud us Month ago

    I thought the pink slime was debunked but instead it’s just chicken purée which doesn’t look appetizing.

  • Amal Mrhar
    Amal Mrhar 2 months ago

    This is not real ther from farm are you ducking crazy man I'm caking you bum hole for the day buck or Macdonald

  • Franco Roberti
    Franco Roberti 2 months ago

    MANGIA ! MANGIA! Don't think about anything .

  • Shadeau #GU
    Shadeau #GU 2 months ago

    Mac don olds

  • FilK79
    FilK79 2 months ago

    Oh man, you left me nervous.... needa smoke some cigarettes

  • Muzaffar Anwar
    Muzaffar Anwar 2 months ago +17

    I 100 percent disagree with everything in your videos.

    • KK
      KK 13 days ago


  • SongbirdGLS
    SongbirdGLS 2 months ago

    If they've flavored Vanilla this way for 80 years, why on earth would we stop eating it now? LOL

  • Morad Hero
    Morad Hero 2 months ago


  • Captian Stank
    Captian Stank 2 months ago

    Bugs fish bladders beaver glands yummmmm

  • Drizzy Glizz
    Drizzy Glizz 2 months ago +10

    I already don’t use these items tbh nor do I drink Starbucks

  • Trcky Gamer
    Trcky Gamer 2 months ago

    if it's edible and nontoxic, EAT.

  • Zantimis Spinshaft
    Zantimis Spinshaft 2 months ago

    I will still have vanilla icecream, even thought it has the beaver stuff they people that make it sanitary as it is destroyed of any germs bacteria etc. If it wasn't you would have health problems.

  • Hanika van Schalkwyk
    Hanika van Schalkwyk 2 months ago

    Can you backup all your comments ? Have of this is bullcrap.

  • Gacha Lily!!
    Gacha Lily!! 2 months ago

    Oof! I'm eating vanilla ice cream 😳

  • Cold Corpse
    Cold Corpse 2 months ago

    I'm hungry.

  • Zero
    Zero 2 months ago

    So who figured that out?
    "Excuse me, I'm trying out bold, new flavors. Wanna help?"
    "Lick this beavers' ass for me."

  • Tulation TheMASTR
    Tulation TheMASTR 2 months ago

    Man I love some “Hooman” hair on my mc d’s apple pies 👌

  • Gigi Picasso
    Gigi Picasso 2 months ago

    Crushed cochenel bugs are also used by Guatemalen yarn makers to dye their yarn and they use it as makeup for cheeks eyes and lips

  • Debbie Hallmark
    Debbie Hallmark 2 months ago

    This is the second reason I'm vegan

  • kenzouken Go
    kenzouken Go 2 months ago

    that i've been eating is healthy foods.

  • Cooper Oaks
    Cooper Oaks 2 months ago


  • TDM’s Biggest fan
    TDM’s Biggest fan 2 months ago


  • Kon Gurlov
    Kon Gurlov 2 months ago

    good thing we never eat those things

  • DTR Blazen
    DTR Blazen 2 months ago

    We're all going to die either way so enjoy what you eat