10 Products You’ll Never Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made!

  • Published on Jul 2, 2017
  • Products You'll Never Buy: Here are the 10 products you'll never buy again knowing how they are made. We all love eating food, especially candy and fast food. However once you know what is inside these products you will never want to eat them again. Some of the products included are macdonolds, chewing gum, red bull and more!
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  • Arieta SINGH-SMITH
    Arieta SINGH-SMITH 4 days ago

    Ewwwwwwwww yuck never eating again in my life 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😡

  • A and R Gaming Guys
    A and R Gaming Guys 9 days ago

    2:03 Huuuman hair

  • Gabe Morales
    Gabe Morales 14 days ago +1

    I SUBCRIBED!!!!!!!

  • Mr poop
    Mr poop 19 days ago


  • Edna Vela
    Edna Vela 22 days ago

    i. eat. ice. cream

  • Erica Murphy
    Erica Murphy Month ago


  • Ama Boateng
    Ama Boateng Month ago

    Eeeeeew. I .am.deskusk even the m&m are puzest*trowsup*

  • Trinity Brown
    Trinity Brown Month ago


  • Cookie Gacha
    Cookie Gacha Month ago

    I was born in 2012 uhh I never heard that

  • Ladoh Htoo
    Ladoh Htoo Month ago

    Is made of bird poo

  • Ladoh Htoo
    Ladoh Htoo Month ago

    Source is made out of tomato

  • g- force hack
    g- force hack Month ago +2

    That's why you should know what you are buying

  • michael mendoza
    michael mendoza Month ago

    Cigarettes yum

  • Aapo Eteläaho
    Aapo Eteläaho Month ago

    ice cream made from milk

  • Popoy Manisi
    Popoy Manisi Month ago

    Where's MnM?

  • Libby's Journey
    Libby's Journey Month ago


  • Beanie Boo Productions

    Feathers of dogs? Whaaatttt

  • Beanie Boo Productions

    That’s not true! It’s made of beatles

  • Juniper Arrøw
    Juniper Arrøw Month ago

    Eh... Ima still eat my m&ms

  • oscar boi
    oscar boi Month ago

    You forgot 5 gum ¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

  • Geneva Lewandowski
    Geneva Lewandowski Month ago +1


  • Turbo Beats
    Turbo Beats 2 months ago

    This video doesn’t have any evidence to back his argument.😞😞😞

  • Headless horseman
    Headless horseman 2 months ago

    Idc mc Donald’s nugget tast good

    JOSEPH WALKER 2 months ago

    Hooman hair

  • Patrick Porco
    Patrick Porco 2 months ago


  • Unique Leachman
    Unique Leachman 2 months ago

    Oh hell noo

  • Playboy กับใจ

    But we make ice cream and the the ingriedints we use are suger milk and stuff9

  • Sesse World
    Sesse World 2 months ago +1

    Sorry I don’t believe this video

  • Sesse World
    Sesse World 2 months ago +1

    What strawberry Frappuccino is my favorite drink in the world and I’m afraid of bugs

  • Sesse World
    Sesse World 2 months ago +2

    I don’t eat McDonald I’m banned from since I heard that there’s rats in the burger

  • Lady Destiny
    Lady Destiny 2 months ago

    I don’t know if I even want to eat anymore:(

  • Zookeepaxe Gaming Monster legends

    fish are NOT disgusting

  • Misty Handley
    Misty Handley 2 months ago +1

    As long as it’s harmless, and it tastes good, I’m still gonna eat it. 😂

  • king Aksel
    king Aksel 3 months ago

    girl with green longtop is h*t 😍

  • Ian Kammerman
    Ian Kammerman 3 months ago


  • Lee DeDomenico / Jackson

    I don't trust you at all.

  • RJay The Ram RJTR
    RJay The Ram RJTR 3 months ago +1

    Please list your sources

  • Jazmin Marimbire
    Jazmin Marimbire 3 months ago

    After this video I will still eat the stuff on this list🤪😂

  • Ulyana Martynova
    Ulyana Martynova 3 months ago

    Did yo notice him say Hooman hair

  • Hello Pokebowl
    Hello Pokebowl 3 months ago

    Mc Donald’s doesn’t really taste that good

  • Robby - Chan
    Robby - Chan 3 months ago

    Thank god I'm allergic to ice cream

  • Hala Alawieh
    Hala Alawieh 3 months ago

    How about bubble gum 🤔

  • Jaelyn_ Mclelland
    Jaelyn_ Mclelland 3 months ago

    I’m sorry but I disagree with everything you talk about in this video also we are not eating gum we are hewing it so you’re wrong

  • Rickky Ith
    Rickky Ith 3 months ago

    I don't eat gum I chew it and then spit it out

  • dallas thompson
    dallas thompson 3 months ago

    I wouldn’t care about the bugs there’s bugs in our chocolate bars

  • Robert Helios
    Robert Helios 3 months ago

    Castoreum wasn’t listed under the ingredients in the crunchy vanilla label you showed

  • Vde _vlogs
    Vde _vlogs 3 months ago

    My boi said hooman hair 💀

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago

    Their name is spelled out as "McDonalds" on their logo for you. It's not Mack Donald's.

    • No Name
      No Name 3 months ago

      You also told me not to become "independent on Red Bull." Which means, drink as much Red Bull as I can.

  • William Bascom
    William Bascom 3 months ago +1

    I have vannila ice cream in my freezer right now damn it

  • Loki O
    Loki O 3 months ago

    *sigh* So, are we all just not ever eating food again? 😐

    GTA.ORIGINAL 3 months ago

    Dave Chappelle!!!

  • RamBino the Fox
    RamBino the Fox 3 months ago

    Why not just eat chocolate ice cream

  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin 3 months ago


    SOPHIA MORROW 3 months ago

    I love the way u say "hooman", I say that too

  • Audrina Benavides
    Audrina Benavides 3 months ago +1

    My mom: you want vannila?
    Me: ewwwww no

  • Cheese Cheese
    Cheese Cheese 4 months ago

    U might think I’m disgusting but.... it m never gonna stop eating these🙄

  • Lilly Garcia
    Lilly Garcia 4 months ago

    My world is ruend!

  • DoN_ DoR
    DoN_ DoR 4 months ago +1

    eww red food dye is made from bugs i will never eat red things anymore

  • Bruh
    Bruh 4 months ago


  • Maryanne Ratema
    Maryanne Ratema 4 months ago

    Sounds likevbullcrap to me