Korean Spicy Seafood Hotpot - Haemul Jeongol (해물전골)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2016
  • Love these Korean hotpot. Come see how we made ours. It's our first attempt and it's pretty good. Not hard to make and doesn't take that long. Very tasty. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!
    FYI: Forgot to mention in the video that we did add some small anchovies to flavor the broth.
    Also, we didn't have any Ramen noodles at home. It would've been excellent to have a pack in there!
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  • KcAngels3
    KcAngels3 11 months ago

    i love that! seafood..😍

  • Jo Hunter
    Jo Hunter Year ago +1

    Such an awesome recipe. But the badly produced video ruined it. Do the recipe again, from scratch. Plan what you are going to say. The umms and ahhs was annoying. That's why so few people gave this a thumbs up. Despite the high views. Its one of the best and easiest I have seen but its ruined by amateur video work.

    • johnny0723
      johnny0723  Year ago

      Hi Jo, thanks for the feedback. We *are* amateurs :-). It was a quick video to share something we thought others might enjoy. We're working to get better. Appreciate the time you took to let us know you watched it and for your candid feedback. Take care!

  • Tonga Mike
    Tonga Mike 2 years ago

    Looks really good! Def going to try it

    • johnny0723
      johnny0723  2 years ago

      Its getting warm out...seafood cravings coming on strong, haha!

    • johnny0723
      johnny0723  2 years ago

      Yes it's really good and worth the time to prepare it!

  • k williams
    k williams 2 years ago

    looks delicious

    • johnny0723
      johnny0723  2 years ago

      Thank you! This was made by my wife! Mistook it initially as some thing we ordered at a restaurant before lol! It's not hard to make and it came out great. I think this is one of those hard to mess up dishes so definitely give it a try and make it your own!