Vocal Coach Reacts to "TOP 10 Singers Whose Videos Went VIRAL"

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • These singers were amazing!!! I didn't know there was SO many talented & gifted vocalists in the world! Top 10 singers whose videos went viral ( real voices without autotune)
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  • SScotty Cosmic
    SScotty Cosmic 17 hours ago

    the 2nd person is a girl xD i can understand why you can get confused though

  • Hien An Nguyen
    Hien An Nguyen Day ago

    Anyone have the link of this top 10 video . This video is amazing

  • Young Awareness
    Young Awareness Day ago

    Can you react to Faouzia herself please ?
    She just uploaded her performance of “ tears of good “..

  • Ioana Lazar
    Ioana Lazar Day ago

    it's easyer to hear you own voice and to correct yourself in a room with reverb

  • Mortal
    Mortal Day ago

    7:50 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Hasmukh
    Hasmukh Day ago

    What is the 2nd guys name or the song name? Please anyone

  • HiP3R SniP3R
    HiP3R SniP3R 2 days ago

    10:23 wow

  • Emma Klammer
    Emma Klammer 3 days ago

    I can barely speak let alone sing 😂

  • Enchanted_editz
    Enchanted_editz 4 days ago +1

    Young Zach Herron tho 😂😂😂

  • Tricia G
    Tricia G 4 days ago

    Can you review Jack Vidgen singing Adele's 'Hello' on Australia's The Voice, blinds 2019. Thanks. I'd love to know how he sings so effortlessly and with such mesmerising power. Kind regards from Australia. tx

  • Victoria Hutchins
    Victoria Hutchins 7 days ago

    Oh my god baby Zach ma bubba😍😊❤❤

  • maira Baig
    maira Baig 7 days ago +1

    Wait till puberty ruins their voice...😟

  • Gage Neel
    Gage Neel 7 days ago

    1:27 am:me watching this meanwhile eating ramen

  • addison mcdade
    addison mcdade 8 days ago

    if you look up seth's name he has tons more covers

  • Ann marie Perez
    Ann marie Perez 8 days ago

    1st of all I’m very very late on this video. Second of all the video starts and I see Zachary Dean Herron! I screamed it’s Zach! It’s baby Zach! Omg! 😂😂 now he’s 18 turning 19 soon😭 #limelight💚

  • Denisa Rudaru
    Denisa Rudaru 8 days ago


  • Raúl E Rodríguez B


  • Jackie Tunberg
    Jackie Tunberg 9 days ago

    Please react to Grace VanderWaals music - in concert, her singing is better than recorded. Any song is great. Whatever anyone else suggests. Darkness keeps chasing me, Vienna *A cover" -- anything--she excels at any song she sings. The writes her songs and produces the music and videos

  • Haley Elizabeth
    Haley Elizabeth 9 days ago

    Zachy 🥺🥺

  • Teiggy B
    Teiggy B 9 days ago

    Today, I’m in sixth grade btw, this kid who autism, NO HATE, he pulled the fire alarm, calling the fire department, and it was snowing at the time and I had a sweater that wasn’t warm whatsoever, so it was snowing my friends and I were in a huddle. And it was the WHOLE SCHOOL out on the basketball court. It’s not important, but I just wanted to share my day with you peeps. And, I want to point out that he didn’t get in trouble at all. He never does!! The teachers don’t know what to do with them. So sad... and I feel bad for the kid because no one will sit with him and tell him that he doing something wrong. Oof

  • Daniel Villaveces
    Daniel Villaveces 9 days ago

    Rnt these vids not monetized coz ur using other yt vids??

  • Just SieJ
    Just SieJ 9 days ago


  • Bahadır Akgül
    Bahadır Akgül 10 days ago

    The voice that you make when you are drinking is fucking disturbing. Don't drink anything while you are recording.

  • Aadith Ravi
    Aadith Ravi 10 days ago +1

    The best one out of all them isn’t even on the list it’s Shiloh Dynasty no doubt about that

  • Job Tiesinga
    Job Tiesinga 10 days ago

    You should react to ren and sam tompkins earned it - man's world - falling, the're fucking amazing!

  • Stacy Lott
    Stacy Lott 11 days ago

    The girl in the bathroom omg!! They are all amazingly

  • Dhiya Cavell
    Dhiya Cavell 12 days ago

    Ziva from Indonesian idol pls

  • marzoug aziza
    marzoug aziza 12 days ago +4

    The first one is a member of the amazing boyband "why don't we"
    He has a beautiful voice

  • Sunii
    Sunii 12 days ago +3

    *Me a hardcore Why Don’t We fan*

    **Sees first person**
    *Me : ZACHHHHHH?!*
    **Name at bottom of screen : Zach Herron**
    *Me : YESSSSSS*

  • Mentally Disturbed Hamster

    Yeah, All of these made me smile. Especially at 12:00 tho, I can tell they're gonna be friends forever. :)

  • XxMoonlight_BearxXm
    XxMoonlight_BearxXm 14 days ago +1

    The first kid left me *SHOOKETH*

  • Aby Mendoza
    Aby Mendoza 14 days ago

    please react to our Elaine Duran❤️

  • lonely star
    lonely star 14 days ago

    I've watched your vids now and then but lately been on a two day binge of back to back vids I really want to hear you sing tho 😍

  • Mark Rentuza
    Mark Rentuza 15 days ago +11

    The one who sung Chandelier and Let It Go was a Filipino❤️
    Hit like if you're a Filipino❤️

  • BadClass
    BadClass 15 days ago

    You need to react to willie spince. Diamonds

  • Naomi Tekie
    Naomi Tekie 15 days ago

    How much are you charging for voice lessons?

  • Bacon King
    Bacon King 16 days ago

    2:30 when you had singing competitions in third grade.. either you knew that song or you were an outcast.

  • Abbi Rose
    Abbi Rose 16 days ago +4

    “I wonder what happened to this kid”
    *sips tea*

  • Alma Gundelach
    Alma Gundelach 17 days ago


  • ortega roseann
    ortega roseann 17 days ago

    Kristin clair Cruz is from the Philippines

  • Chang'e Roger
    Chang'e Roger 17 days ago

    Please react to dior on tnt....

  • Chang'e Roger
    Chang'e Roger 17 days ago

    Please react to dior on tnt....

  • Definitely not Jim
    Definitely not Jim 18 days ago

    My shower hates me.

  • amanahohnana
    amanahohnana 19 days ago


  • Ariana 4 LIFE
    Ariana 4 LIFE 19 days ago

    Did you have a reaction video to those The Voice Teens in the Philippines? They are good really....

  • Grayson Stallings
    Grayson Stallings 20 days ago

    The third kid I am SHOOK

  • Naomi Zeilig
    Naomi Zeilig 20 days ago +5

    Me: walk into bathroom and sees this
    Her: singing still
    Me: takes out my phone for a flashlight and starts waving my hands back and forth

  • Kamya Banks
    Kamya Banks 20 days ago

    I got scared as soon as she sang chandelier

  • noel39 _
    noel39 _ 21 day ago

    I googled Jacob Satterfield and apparently he passed away in 2013...

  • noel39 _
    noel39 _ 21 day ago

    I googled Seth Quintero and apparently he's only 11

  • Cringe Hmmm
    Cringe Hmmm 22 days ago +1

    The emotion in his face slowly draning

  • Sophie Mora
    Sophie Mora 23 days ago

    I'm in canada and I cant find the way to sign for the singing lessons?

  • Kelsey Linn
    Kelsey Linn 24 days ago

    Tristan... This is Seth now..

  • NyNy's World
    NyNy's World 24 days ago

    The kid on the guitar should be recognized too not his voice of course but like his skills

  • Kushal Patil
    Kushal Patil 24 days ago

    U should add SERA in the list 😁

  • Natalie's World
    Natalie's World 25 days ago

    they're probably shy because they were in public

  • XxMoonlight_BearxXm
    XxMoonlight_BearxXm 26 days ago +13

    Remember people... whatever you can do, an Asian is always better than you at that

  • XxMoonlight_BearxXm
    XxMoonlight_BearxXm 26 days ago +12

    *Ad Plays*

  • 200_ LFFB
    200_ LFFB 26 days ago +1

    1:55 rip that’s a girl

  • Reis Grimery
    Reis Grimery 27 days ago +1

    I mean, if children get trained to be a singer when young, they could have a higher range than Mariah Carie since they have a higher tone/range when young.