Top 5 SUBMARINE CRASHES Through Polar Ice

  • Published on Sep 16, 2018
  • Submarine breaks through and surfaces on arctic ice during US Navy ICEX training.
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Comments • 27

  • Warlock Pendragon
    Warlock Pendragon 6 days ago +1

    One day in the distant future the USN will be 1/2 as good as the Royal Navy.

    • MrJinglejanglejingle
      MrJinglejanglejingle 2 days ago

      One day, in the distant future, decades from now... The Royal Navy will be able to do 1/10 of the force projection the USN is already able to do, right now.

    • David Keib
      David Keib 5 days ago

      You are half right..... so..... :)

  • Ryan Kisnics
    Ryan Kisnics 8 days ago

    Lmfao.....I love how they Exaggerate About UNITED SHITS Subs on here 6 feet ice...But only see a Foot or 2 the Most....Another SHITY AMERICAN VIDEO. 👎🖕...Ohhh Yeah As A Canadian KEEP YOUR TRASHY SUBS out of Our Artic...No business being in Canadian Waters

  • Samuel Pope
    Samuel Pope 9 days ago

    Been there, done that. (1980s)

  • Isaac OLEG
    Isaac OLEG 12 days ago

    Awful music

  • James Bray
    James Bray 13 days ago

    Lol, “lenght”

    MARK DUFKAIN as MEATTAG 23 days ago +2


    • David Keib
      David Keib 5 days ago

      Yea, Ryan. Remember that when you are about to pick up the phone and call the US for help. Like EVERYONE else does. .!..

    • Ryan Kisnics
      Ryan Kisnics 8 days ago

      Lmfaoooo....To bad Everyone Else Hates UNITED SHITS

  • godsend1
    godsend1 27 days ago +1

    Number 3 is not the SSN-674 USS Trepang, 637 class boats have sail planes, looks like a Brit or Aussie.

  • McKay Harper
    McKay Harper Month ago

    12 gauge shotgun for bears? Fun sport!

  • Mad Geo
    Mad Geo Month ago +1

    Yeah... But can they race Vin Diesel?

  • Alex Duke
    Alex Duke 2 months ago +2

    Just remember seamen it's not gay if you're underway

    • Samuel Pope
      Samuel Pope 9 days ago

      98 individual sailors go to sea, 49 couples return.

  • Alex Duke
    Alex Duke 2 months ago +2

    Yeah looking at the ice on the hull is say that more like 3' not 6 lol

  • You have Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Number one was number stupid.

  • Sebast Ches
    Sebast Ches 7 months ago

    what for "one careless move could damage a $1 billion sub"? 1:59

  • Robert Black
    Robert Black 8 months ago

    Cool. I’ve known about these operations since the early 1960’s, but seldom if ever have I seen video of it occurring. Russian subs operate there too, but they keep everything so seret you’ll never even see any still shots, let alone video.

  • RTStx1
    RTStx1 8 months ago +1

    Love submarines and good footage but for all the adds downvote....

  • MadeInCCCP
    MadeInCCCP 8 months ago +4

    Where is russian submarine ????

    • adam smith
      adam smith 9 days ago

      in scrap yard or rusting on seabed! RIP.

    • Ed Felty
      Ed Felty 2 months ago

      In port?

    • pd4165
      pd4165 8 months ago

      Perhaps the video of Russian submarines emerging through the ice hasn't been released for public viewing because it's so damn secret.
      Film the Russian military at work? Who'd want to - with Uncle Vovo throwing all girl pop groups into jail for moaning about being repressed maybe people with video cameras think it might not be such a good idea.
      Ah, the good old days are nearly back.
      All we need now is a stream of disinformation trolls to weave a web of bullshit to muddy the waters.
      How is the troll farm at this time of year?

  • Raimundo Nonato Justino da Costa

    Guten Tag und einen schönen Sonntag! ✈💖🙌

  • Tamara's Lego Life
    Tamara's Lego Life 8 months ago

    I'm the first 🏃‍♀️