Wolverine returns to podcasts and Captain Marvel joins Marvel Games! | Marvel Minute

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Wolverine returns in a second season of the critically acclaimed podcast "Wolverine: The Lost Trail," Cloak and Dagger season 2 hits Freeform on April 4, and Captain Marvel joins every Marvel mobile game!
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Comments • 109

  • Shin Boi
    Shin Boi Month ago

    Man , when we will get wolverine .... We want him back

  • Legeindeus Zero
    Legeindeus Zero Month ago


    THE FUTURE YOUTUBER Month ago +2

    I am Groot

    For wolverine

    VÍRUS GAMEPLAY Month ago +2

    Podia te Marvel Brasil

  • Akhil Global Media
    Akhil Global Media Month ago

    We want Wolverine back.....💪💪💪 കാത്തിരിപ്പ്

  • Paca Lord
    Paca Lord Month ago

    Everytime she says "Marvel" DRINK

  • 김강우
    김강우 Month ago

    저는 한국 마블 팬 입니다 저는 마블을 아주 사랑해요 근데 영어를 잘 몰라서 그런대 마블 엔터테인먼트 영상들에 한글 자막을 달면 좋을거 같네요
    (I used a translator)
    I am a Korean Marvel fan, but I do not know English well ... I think it will be easier for readers of other countries to understand the video if you upload the subtitles of the Marvel Entertainment channel and subtitles in various languages ​​around the world.

  • Sophie Isabelle
    Sophie Isabelle Month ago +1


  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago +5


  • Zeus
    Zeus Month ago +2

    wheres my food brie?

    • Zeus
      Zeus Month ago

      +Snehil Shrey thats a wahmens job sorry.

    • Snehil Shrey
      Snehil Shrey Month ago

      Clean the floor first

  • Дарья Чубарова


  • Joan Sibbald
    Joan Sibbald Month ago

    Boycott racist SEXIST brie larson

  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher Month ago

    But when will Lost Trail be hitting Spotify, that's what I want -- nay, *need* -- to know.

  • Beloved Memories
    Beloved Memories Month ago +4

    Hugh jackman born for wolverine😃
    R.D.J born for ironman😃
    Ryan reynolds born for deadpool 😃

  • jesus mejias
    jesus mejias Month ago

    Me gustan tadas muy buenas helloy

  • roshan bharti
    roshan bharti Month ago

    I am number 2 virws

  • maikol garcia paez
    maikol garcia paez Month ago +2

    Hola personas de usa espero con ansias capitana Marvel

  • miquegamer
    miquegamer Month ago


  • Alvaro Franco
    Alvaro Franco Month ago

    So... You will buff Captain Marvel in MCOC?

  • lego marvel filmz
    lego marvel filmz Month ago

    OMG yessz

  • aditya paul
    aditya paul Month ago +2

    hey lorraine the background looks amazing

  • Rana Hasaan
    Rana Hasaan Month ago +13

    *Who Else Thought It Was Related To Hugh Jackman ? LOL !*

  • A C
    A C Month ago +1

    So, doubling down on the CM hype train? 🤦‍♂️

  • Planting Cactus
    Planting Cactus Month ago +3

    Marvel I think because Stan Lee has passed there should be magazines and poster and Easter eggs of him in movies.

  • dvkr 's
    dvkr 's Month ago

    My heart skipped a beat when I read the first two words but am ok now.

  • Nando Ginkaku
    Nando Ginkaku Month ago

    Can you give carol danvers some kind of dmg immunity in mff? Cuz she dies easily. She does great dmg, but dies so fast if you're not uber careful

    • Snehil Shrey
      Snehil Shrey Month ago

      True. They took the invincibility completely!

    • scott alder
      scott alder Month ago

      +Nando Ginkaku it's a trade off do you want damage or protection.

    • Nando Ginkaku
      Nando Ginkaku Month ago

      +scott alder doesnt do the dmg the new one does. Have you seen the difference yet? Or if you're trolling. Really now?

    • scott alder
      scott alder Month ago

      +Nando Ginkaku then use the ms marvel uniform, looks better anyways.

    • Nando Ginkaku
      Nando Ginkaku Month ago

      +scott alder her newest one. It doesnt have dmg immunity anywhere. And the s are crap

  • guy 2000
    guy 2000 Month ago +1

    Why are all the girls leading this “show” so ugly?

    • guy 2000
      guy 2000 Month ago +1

      +KAGE Spider Moron?Moron ?! A personal opinion, is this a "Moron"?

    • KAGE Spider
      KAGE Spider Month ago +2


    • Juan Leiva
      Juan Leiva Month ago +1

      That is the most important thing for you?

    • guy 2000
      guy 2000 Month ago +1

      +Jun Lenoir But I guarantee that you are uglier, all of them together

  • Strider Xanthos
    Strider Xanthos Month ago

    Good, Wolverine’s back. Now can we please have him in Marvel vs Capcom 4 with Ms. Marvel?

    • Strider Xanthos
      Strider Xanthos Month ago

      Azoz Azoz .....Someone can revive it, can’t they? Besides, the dream never dies lol

    • Azoz Azoz
      Azoz Azoz Month ago +1

      Marvel vs Capcom franchise is dead, let it go

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Month ago

    great news this week.

  • Dean Jackson
    Dean Jackson Month ago

    I Like 🐢s

    ÎMRÃÑ MÂLIK Month ago

    What is your name

    ÎMRÃÑ MÂLIK Month ago

    Hi love you

  • Celia Smith
    Celia Smith Month ago

    I love marvel ❤❤

  • THEKNIGHT007 Gaming


  • Sumaya Akter
    Sumaya Akter Month ago +1

    Wow osam😃😃😃😃

  • IMRAN Technical
    IMRAN Technical Month ago +2

    Iam wait 😘😘🤔🤔😱

  • dip Patil
    dip Patil Month ago

    star wars?

  • Abdillah Pake b bukan pake p

    Yes my idol is backk

  • zynkdina 7
    zynkdina 7 Month ago

    Can I say I love you and

  • omar sherif
    omar sherif Month ago +3

    Is wolverine come back in marvel cinematic universe ??

  • All in one
    All in one Month ago +1


  • Alberto el lechero :v

    Puro comentario gringo :v

    • Alberto el lechero :v
      Alberto el lechero :v Month ago

      +ˡᵘᵏᵉ Ya sé estúpido,no entendés una mierda lo que es humor

    • ˡᵘᵏᵉ
      ˡᵘᵏᵉ Month ago

      Porque Marvel es de estados unidos pendejo

  • Arief Cah Koplak
    Arief Cah Koplak Month ago


  • El Patron
    El Patron Month ago

    End game tralierr

  • harold Vlogs
    harold Vlogs Month ago


  • Ben Bufton
    Ben Bufton Month ago


  • Bluiishh
    Bluiishh Month ago +5

    Grats on 3 Oscars :)

  • Алексей Синицын

    I is Russha

    • Alexus2319
      Alexus2319 Month ago

      Сударь, у вас ужасный акцент. :) Вас никакой англичанин не поймёт.

    NUMAN YANAR Month ago +6

    Hope to see a bonus video with Logan at the of Avengers: End Game ;)

  • Mohamed Tiger
    Mohamed Tiger Month ago +3

    Wolverine😂 come on for God sake

  • HERNAN Diaz
    HERNAN Diaz Month ago


  • -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction

    Horray Logan is back...for this video that is

    SE CREATION Month ago


  • xXLordKarnageXx
    xXLordKarnageXx Month ago +26

    Do you Want or Don't Want Wolverine to be a part of Avengers? Comment Below!

    • Daniel Phillips
      Daniel Phillips Month ago

      xXLordKarnageXx Weather we wanted it or not we stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars.

    • Dino Jnr
      Dino Jnr Month ago

      No to Hugh Jackman as much as I love the dude, we need a new short, stubby and buff comic-accurate Wolvey 🙌

    • Dalton PuckHead
      Dalton PuckHead Month ago

      I do!

    • Rezs
      Rezs Month ago


    • Smurph Ftw
      Smurph Ftw Month ago

      Eventually yes.

  • Koora Now
    Koora Now Month ago

    First comment subscribe please

  • Spikier Soup
    Spikier Soup Month ago +2