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[REACT] - I KINDA LOVE THIS - Pisces | Jinger

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • Wuttup MaLoves! I didn't see this coming! Usually I don't really enjoy rock(metal) as much as other music genre but, as I said in my BABYMETAL reaction video, I enjoy a good mix of rock(metal) and another genre in one song. I find it very mind blowing and unique! Thank you so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed this video ! -OneLove
    Thank you for watching ! ♥
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Comments • 354

  • Dave Loves Noodles
    Dave Loves Noodles 3 days ago

    I want one of those Tshirts.

  • andreas pedersen
    andreas pedersen 6 days ago

    A little brutal going for the metal genre directly. I would've maybe taken a reroute to the 80s and checked out hard rock?
    Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions etc?
    I see some here also mention Nightwish - Ghost love score... agree very much with that, since maiden is considered to be one of the grandfathers of power metal, which symphonic is very related to.
    Maybe Porcupine tree might be something? Trains might be a good start to journey the progressive genre?

  • FunnTiM3r
    FunnTiM3r 13 days ago

    Pieces 🤔

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD 15 days ago +1

    So youve missed Nightwish "Ghost Love Score" so far.
    If you enjoy being absolutely blown away by vocal talent, *not doing* Nightwish is like eating broccoli-Icecream cuz you never heard of Ben and Jerrys Rocky Road.

  • reachthroughreality
    reachthroughreality 15 days ago

    What's really crazy is she doesn't even know what the fuck she's doing, she just does it. Raw fucking talent. That's not a dis by any means, she's amazing, and that just makes her that much more bad ass. The bass player was talking about playing I n a minor key, and she was like really? Sounds the same, I just so my thang

  • Jedadiah Tucker
    Jedadiah Tucker 16 days ago

    for me that songs at its best after the second scream set, i wish the whole song was like that.

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander Martinez 24 days ago

    You're really cute. K bye

  • Alex Settles
    Alex Settles 24 days ago

    It isn't pieces it's Pisces, please pronuciate right !

  • Gustavo Garcia
    Gustavo Garcia 24 days ago

    you are beautiful 😘

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 27 days ago

    Lacuna Coil - Falling Again

  • Tygerman 20
    Tygerman 20 27 days ago

    Should check out sober by tool. The live version is just amazing.

  • Doc Starbux
    Doc Starbux Month ago

    Not screamo, that is head voice this is a guttural vocal fry

  • Doc Starbux
    Doc Starbux Month ago

    Your comment about the drummer killing it is the point of this they wanted to showcase his technicality and accent skills

  • Jecke
    Jecke Month ago

    If you ever get the chance, go and see them live. They are soooo good and she makes it as good live!!! I want to see them again!!!!

  • Nicki Collis
    Nicki Collis Month ago

    Jinjer "Teacher, Teacher"

  • Franciszek Wagner
    Franciszek Wagner Month ago

    Pretty and Sweet!

  • Chaos Tool
    Chaos Tool Month ago

    Please react to more metal, i love that you know your shit and can appreciate true talent.
    Maybe listen to slipknot - before I forget

  • Pieter Landsberg
    Pieter Landsberg Month ago

    Welcome to our amazing metal world

  • News that matter
    News that matter Month ago

    The wardrobe, look and facial expression all add more to the presentation. She has good vocals, I wouldn't say great. But over all shes a good good performer.

  • Ryan Claussen
    Ryan Claussen Month ago

    Yo need to iron your shirts

  • Salvador
    Salvador Month ago

    react to Inhabit me by amoura pls

  • Vince Williams
    Vince Williams Month ago

    No screamo. There is no screamo here. Screamo is screamo. Everything else is metal in its various forms.

  • M!sTfiTs x
    M!sTfiTs x Month ago

    you can be my bestie💙

  • BenGlenn
    BenGlenn Month ago

    pisces is pronnounced Pie-Seez not Pee-Siz

  • Ronald Mathis
    Ronald Mathis Month ago

    You can pull off that make-up. Just do it.

  • Not Satan
    Not Satan Month ago

    Tati is a babe

  • Depth Charge
    Depth Charge Month ago

    I need to know what your background music is on this song.

  • Ric Schmeelk
    Ric Schmeelk Month ago

    2:39 "Oh, I love when they just slide into the other note."
    Oh, just wait a few more seconds! :D

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson Month ago

    Not sure if anyone has told you yet, but you mispronounced the name of the song. Look up your astronomical sings I.E Cancer or Capricorn.

  • Paipe Paipe
    Paipe Paipe Month ago

    React to Polyphia - G.O.A.T., its like Trap+Metal

  • bleachdragon88
    bleachdragon88 Month ago

    Tatiana has a makeup tutorial video somewhere on RU-clip. Probably the only makeup video I’ve ever watched lol

  • chachee15
    chachee15 Month ago

    '''hooks are there for me but im skitish''

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    commentator volume at +102398378298364
    song volume at -12

  • Stephen Ruiz
    Stephen Ruiz Month ago

    Check out jinjer new video teacher teacher

  • Juan Cardenas
    Juan Cardenas Month ago

    Some of these reactions are priceless .😎😎😎😎😎

  • Jenna White
    Jenna White Month ago +1

    Watching Jinjer reactions is life.

  • unisonic 72
    unisonic 72 Month ago

    watch jinjer teacher teacher new video

  • Jaded Ramella
    Jaded Ramella Month ago

    Tatiana is Tiny but MIGHTY

  • Stickto YourDrums
    Stickto YourDrums Month ago +1

    Please react to Whitechapel - Hickory Creek. So awesome!

  • Land Of Soil
    Land Of Soil 2 months ago

    try "Opeth - Harlequin Forest" it has a good mix of clean and growl vocals and insane musicianship.

  • Deathpenguin Zed
    Deathpenguin Zed 2 months ago

    Just advice. Cause you'll getting hate for it. Screamo is Emo music with screaming. What she was doing is a guttural vocal along with her singing voice. Screaming all the time is usually Death Metal and heavier, Nu metal, metalcore, Groove metal Symphonic metal are usually a mix. Symphonic may not have any at all like Nightwidh for the most part, they do have some. Lacuna coil from Italy is mostly clean vocals.

  • DroppedMyDagger
    DroppedMyDagger 2 months ago

    Ugh I can't hear Picses without hearing the start to beggars dance at the end...
    Ps She kills metal vocals but compared to someone like CJ from Signs of the swarm i find her vocals more calming than anything. All in all still one of my all time favourite songs!

  • Summon Liiva
    Summon Liiva 2 months ago

    If you're wanting a great band that has a frontwoman who doesn't use looks in order to sell, check out Aephanemer - Memento Mori

  • John Cromer
    John Cromer 2 months ago

    Tatiana did a makeup tutorial, you should give it a try. I think you could pull it off.

  • Hoyt Lyons
    Hoyt Lyons 2 months ago

    Pisces Not pieces

  • amazonwarlord
    amazonwarlord 2 months ago

    And yes, the drummer, guitarist and basist are all killing it. Tatiana is FUCKING amazing. They are all fucking amazing.

  • Legalize Shemp
    Legalize Shemp 2 months ago

    I heard that Tati has vid on RU-clip on how she did her make up for this shoot.

  • Legalize Shemp
    Legalize Shemp 2 months ago

    Outstanding reaction! Thanks for propping the drummer during that fill. You're the first reactor to mention it. Oddly enough, I somehow have hankering for ice cream now...

  • L'Exquisite Douleur
    L'Exquisite Douleur 2 months ago

    try to listen spiritbox - belcarra

  • Pedro Baptista
    Pedro Baptista 2 months ago

    Try react to "Perenial", another song from Jinjer, and then "I Speak Astronomy". You`ll be mezmerised.

  • The shark In the water
    The shark In the water 2 months ago

    They are ALL some of the most talented around. This whole band is unreal

  • Sek Etogaur
    Sek Etogaur 2 months ago

    Check out their song "Ape" next time.

  • Don Mayo
    Don Mayo 2 months ago

    What song is the background music from?

  • jose ranjel
    jose ranjel 2 months ago

    One of my fav reactions of this. Fun.

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 2 months ago


  • bailey king
    bailey king 2 months ago +3

    You should react to alien weaponry - Kai Tangata
    Because it's got a great sound

    • Zip69 Chip
      Zip69 Chip 2 months ago +2

      Yeeeesssss please react to this

    • Zach Mich
      Zach Mich 2 months ago +2


    • movie maker
      movie maker 2 months ago +3

      This is a great song you should react to it

  • Abdul Azim
    Abdul Azim 2 months ago

    ghost love score by nightwish, rebirth by eluvetie, temptation by cradle of filth, the phantom agony by epica, spellbound by lacuna coil

  • Alex Major
    Alex Major 2 months ago

    React to slipknot v: me mame

  • Huascar Rojas
    Huascar Rojas 2 months ago

    Try Devin Townsend - Kingdom live EMGtv it's another mindblower

  • Caleb Lawhorn
    Caleb Lawhorn 2 months ago

    Your edits are amazing, I love your reactions too! Keep it up!

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 2 months ago

    the first time I watched this video I actually thought there was someone else singing like offcam or one of the other band members. I could not grasp that it was actually her.

    And you made a comment about her make up. She actually has a youtube vid somewhere about how she applies her stage make up. She is pretty cool.

  • Mikey H
    Mikey H 2 months ago +1

    This song's called piece's? I thought it was Pisces 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Brian Michaluk
    Brian Michaluk 2 months ago

    not pieces, pisces like the zodiac fish

  • Chopped Artisan
    Chopped Artisan 2 months ago +1

    By my opinion, screamo is emo bullcrap. Growl is the word you want (and need).

  • Cody Pankey
    Cody Pankey 2 months ago

    Yes , it's a fish ... because - Pisces ... for the song, and because she is a Pisces. .. lololol

  • Thomas T
    Thomas T 2 months ago

    I really enjoy your little edits. Keep it up

  • RabidBeave
    RabidBeave 2 months ago

    You won't share you're poutine? I'm sad.

  • Antonín Kazda
    Antonín Kazda 2 months ago

    You should definitly check the Gazzette, theyre like, just amazing.... check the song Ominous ... nice reaction btw ;)

  • eksan 93
    eksan 93 2 months ago

    Babymetal next ? .. Are you brave ?

  • daDaffmeistah
    daDaffmeistah 2 months ago

    I think you'll really like 'Paradise (What About Us)' by Within Temptation & Tarja

  • Kuuurła KiedyśToByło

    Tool - Sober live version ! :V

  • Sean Mace
    Sean Mace 2 months ago

    Since you liked what she did I'm sure you'll really like Devin Townsend doing Kingdom live for EMG.
    Oh and FYI, screamo is a thing but it has nothing to do with metal. It's Emo music that screamed, hence Screamo. A lot of people in the metal community will give you shit for it, but I know it's just one of those things so I'm just trying to inform here.
    Good stuff!

  • Sabine Kühn
    Sabine Kühn 2 months ago +2

    I love those reactions to this song :-) It never gets old.

  • DragonWyrm
    DragonWyrm 2 months ago

    Great reaction! Curious about the song in the background at the beginning.

  • ravenwda007
    ravenwda007 2 months ago

    In the metal world this is easy listening. You need some Wintersun in your life.
    Wintersun - Sons of Winter and Stars 1.5 Lyric video or Live Rehearsal @ Sonic Pump Studios Remastered.

  • Thiago Mello TGVM
    Thiago Mello TGVM 2 months ago

    If you enjoy metal songs that mix other genres in it you might like something from Twelve Foot Ninja
    Loved those kawaii subtitling/emojis(?), it helps keeping different from other reaction channels. Cheers

  • Jessie Carle
    Jessie Carle 2 months ago

    Killpop by slipknot please

  • Tony Kubetz
    Tony Kubetz 2 months ago +20

    I just wanted to let you know that calling metal "screamo" is a sure way to piss off a metalhead. Anyways, thanks for the great video and stay frosty. :)

    • Tony Kubetz
      Tony Kubetz Month ago +1

      +James Nichols I'm sorry, what? did you reply to the wrong comment? Nobody said anything about the type of scream here...

    • James Nichols
      James Nichols Month ago

      It is called a "fry scream" she is doing. Do some home work.

    • Tony Kubetz
      Tony Kubetz Month ago

      +JimTheCactus The issue is just that screamo is a different genre then heavy metal. It's kind of like calling Post Malone mumble rap.

    • JimTheCactus
      JimTheCactus Month ago

      I always thought people getting pissy over that was stupid

  • maximus11400
    maximus11400 2 months ago

    Maybe do some research on the song title. It’s Pisces not pieces.

  • gunjin rieper
    gunjin rieper 2 months ago

    Good now listen to Jinjer- Ape

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 2 months ago

    Yeah Tatiana has got a set of pipes on her. and this was done as 1 take if i remember correctly(i hope i'm correct >.> ) but yeah they are all great, this song turned me on to them. Ok i know your not really much into Baby Metal(neither am I as a matter of fact), but I have discovered a band out of Japan semi recently. They arent metal and certainly NOT J-Pop. they are a 5 piece All-Girl rock/hard rock band that have been making big waves across the globe as of late called Band-Maid. their latest full album, "World Domination", has some fantastic work in it. but if I had to pick a song or 2 from it, i would pick Domination or Dice. Even their live performances they do have here on youtube are fantastic. they are definatly worth a look.

  • Bob Sciascia
    Bob Sciascia 2 months ago

    Perennial ♡

  • OrangeeTang
    OrangeeTang 2 months ago


  • Macguyver Owens
    Macguyver Owens 2 months ago

    Saw them live in Columbus awsome band cool people

  • TheCarJesus
    TheCarJesus 2 months ago +1

    Geez i was going to continue watching videos on this channel... But then you called it screamo. That's not okay. Please research what screamo is and stop calling metal screamo. Thanks.

  • qazwsxedc kek
    qazwsxedc kek 2 months ago +2

    I`m addicted to reaction to Pisces:)

  • Sky Styles
    Sky Styles 2 months ago

    Uhhhh 🙄🤔 that's brown..NOT ORANGE.

  • me
    me 2 months ago

    Pisces. Not pieces

  • Joseph Abrugena
    Joseph Abrugena 2 months ago

    jinjer outlander plssss

  • Omar Sadek
    Omar Sadek 2 months ago +2

    Nightwish - ghost love score (official live) it's symphonic and operatic metal it will blow your mind and i'm sure you will love it

    • Omar Sadek
      Omar Sadek 2 months ago +1

      I don't like him anymore he became cringy

    • Polskapyro
      Polskapyro 2 months ago

      Omar Sadek Sub 2 pewdiepie

  • Goku San
    Goku San 2 months ago

    that shirt needs some ironing

  • David G
    David G 2 months ago

    It's Pisces, not Pieces. Lol. Not a big deal, shit happens. The song is about the traits of people born under the astrological sign and pronounced PIE-sees.

  • brucenatelee
    brucenatelee 2 months ago

    It's more "PIE-seas." As in the constellation for the fish mostly through March. Pisces is represented by the fish, hence the earrings.

    • Sean Dan
      Sean Dan 2 months ago

      Unfortunately and astonishingly enough, this isn't the first time I've seen someone pronounce it how even though!? 😐

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 months ago

    I Disagree...Ud Be Quite Sexy In Makeup Like Tatiana Lead Vocalist Of Jinjer...

    • Polskapyro
      Polskapyro 2 months ago

      Sebastian Sub 2 pewdiepie

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 months ago +1

    Watch The Live Performance Of Captain Clock...Ull See It Really Her Indeed...

    • Polskapyro
      Polskapyro 2 months ago

      Sebastian Sub 2 pewdiepie

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 months ago +1

    2:45... Surprise!...😀😀

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 months ago

    56 More Bloody Idiot Moron Dislikes And Counting...

  • James Dodge
    James Dodge 2 months ago +2

    Gotta do Nightwish - Ghost Love Score!!!

  • Manoj KD
    Manoj KD 2 months ago +1

    Just got recommend by youtube. Subscribed and here's my first request, Nightwish - Ghost Love Score (live at Wacken 2013)

  • I Am Alpharius
    I Am Alpharius 2 months ago +1

    Totes recommend Jinjer - "Ape" or "Who is Going To Be The One"