Top 10 Times Dr. Phil OWNED Spoiled Kids

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Top 10 Times Dr Phil OWNED Spoiled Kids // Subscribe:
    We’re still laughing about the times Dr. Phil OWNED spoiled kids. They came in talking tough but he put them in their place. We’re looking at moments where Dr. Phil told off or embarrassed his younger guests. MsMojo ranks the times Dr. Phil OWNED spoiled kids. What’s your favorite Dr. Phil segment? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 337

  • Drswag 007
    Drswag 007 2 hours ago

    these people are so stupid that calling as dumb as rocks might offend the rock community

  • Tina Hernandez-Zudell

    That was great. How about Top 10 Times Dr. Phil OWNED horrible parents.

  • a. wanderer
    a. wanderer Day ago

    This is child exploitation, especially the 12-year-old. Dr. Phil is sleazy.

  • Cindi Parks
    Cindi Parks Day ago

    I have never understood the purpose of putting bad behaved teens on a talk show, even when the talk show personality is supposedly helping them with their behaviors. Doesn't it seem counterintuitive to put a troubled teen, who is seeking validation and attention, on national television? Isn't that basically rewarding them for their bad behavior?

  • Kerry Thompson
    Kerry Thompson Day ago

    Some of these kids shouldn’t be on dr Phil they should be in scared straight

  • Yalearie Wildy
    Yalearie Wildy 2 days ago

    I was lucky to get $20 a senior in high school every 2 weeks and she made she only get $1,000.....IDK WHAT TO EVEN DO WITH ALL THAT. ID SPEND HALF OF IT ON FOOD

  • Cheezukeyku
    Cheezukeyku 2 days ago

    What i dont understand is how the parents let it go this far ...
    Maybe because I was raised differently but I just can’t imagine not correcting your child earlier before they got this bad.
    It’s just pure wrong when a parent is scared of their own teen. You need to seek professional help at that point.

  • Austin Wakanda
    Austin Wakanda 2 days ago

    First off all y are most off these kids on the list, females.
    DW It's 2019. We are all equal.
    Second. These parents are actually f ing generous and caring.
    Literally any one of these parents could have called the cops.

  • Nikki Angelique
    Nikki Angelique 2 days ago

    I would beat the sh*t out of my child if they acted like any of these kids.

  • Cindy Dlamini
    Cindy Dlamini 3 days ago +1

    Some of these kids should appreciate their parents some children don't have parents

  • Kyra
    Kyra 5 days ago +1

    Gods so many of these people need genuine help and not Dr. Phil

  • Madison Brooks
    Madison Brooks 5 days ago +1

    Madison is such a brat omg.

    W a i t.

  • Saturn Cheeseman
    Saturn Cheeseman 6 days ago

    So did Brittany make it on RU-clip lmao

  • M M Moeen
    M M Moeen 6 days ago +2

    3:45 What the hay I am struggling through personal problems especially through high school and still and I still don't take it off on others. Who the hay she think she is???

  • Trusha _Tungare
    Trusha _Tungare 6 days ago +11

    I don't think people should allow 12 year olds to play GTA... It's a very adult game with very adult content... That game should be for 18+ individuals...

  • lauren ralph
    lauren ralph 7 days ago

    Yo I legit love it when Dr. Phil owns people every time he does I lmfao every single time and it never gets boring

  • Alex
    Alex 7 days ago +1

    I swear most of these kids act the way they act cause their parents don't know how to parent

  • Billy Pop
    Billy Pop 7 days ago

    These people make me want to poke out all their eyes so they can stay out of the fucking mirror. The parents clearly weren't beaten enough as children. I was spanked and told when I was a kid. I grew up with this PTSD that for some reason makes me have respect for other people.

  • Becki Williams
    Becki Williams 9 days ago

    I would have gotten backhanded across the room- and rightly so- by my mother if I'd have acted like these nasty little brats

  • David Cho
    David Cho 11 days ago

    Should've been titled: Top 10 spoiled brat kids. Unfortunately, I didn't see any "owning" by Dr. Phil in these clips.

  • daniel f
    daniel f 14 days ago

    Sorry but these passive parents are to blame for their kids behavior. If I had ever raised my voice at my parents I would not have any teeth left and I would have been kicked out of the home. My parents' house therefore their rules.

  • Thad Lamban
    Thad Lamban 15 days ago

    My dad is my coach in swimming and he is a tough nut- sorry dad:)

  • Just Playit kool
    Just Playit kool 17 days ago +1

    Her career in "music"

  • Gracie Blue
    Gracie Blue 18 days ago

    Stop talking and let the video play god

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K 18 days ago

    That Courtny girl was awful

  • LackaDaisy
    LackaDaisy 19 days ago +1

    That Courtney is how I feel about all the kids

  • Lucy
    Lucy 20 days ago +1

    How do you take three hours to do your make-up? I mean, I know there's a lot of stuff I don't do (multiple shades of foundation, fake eyelashes), but I'm usually done in three MINUTES.

  • Seminoles Fanatic
    Seminoles Fanatic 20 days ago +1

    This 12 year old fortnite and grand theft auto addict. There are very strict laws about selling Grand Theft Auto to minors. I have worked at Gamestop the parent has to be ok with the purchase. Playstation and Xbox have very good security to not allow kids to purchase things from the systems without parents permission. Sounds like to me the parent needs to be more of a parent then automatically blame the game she allowed him to buy. Does it influence his actions? Hell yes it does that's why it is rated Mature it is clearly not made for a 12 year old who's mind isn't fully developed.

  • Deidra Jordan
    Deidra Jordan 20 days ago

    This is what happens when parents want to be FRIENDS with their kids instead of actual parents first! Freakin sad..

  • jungle master red
    jungle master red 21 day ago

    That girl tamara looks pretty damn ugly to me

  • Lorena Lopez
    Lorena Lopez 23 days ago

    I feel sorry for the first girl. She obviously has self image issues. But her parents are to blame. Enabling her like that. Wtf are they thinking?
    Btw, if i acted like any of these kids, my parents would beat the shit out of me and then kicked me out of the house. They wouldn't miss me.

  • J C
    J C 27 days ago


  • Guinevere Poldark
    Guinevere Poldark 27 days ago +1

    Grand theft auto and fortnite are 18 RATED games. And we have a 12 year old playing them. No wonder he has issues!

  • Roseand Stem
    Roseand Stem 29 days ago

    Bitch shut up and let us see the clip! Fuck!!

  • Emanoel Solano
    Emanoel Solano Month ago +1

    videogames cause violence...... me playing "harvest moon" on my ps2

  • Joann Kennedy
    Joann Kennedy Month ago

    Maybe a another phase is needed because you can owned designer shoes, clothes , car

  • Zubbs
    Zubbs Month ago

    Why would you believe the violent video game argument?

  • Rblack Igu
    Rblack Igu Month ago +1

    .this is the problem with being overly sure there are bad girls back in my highschool days,but this, its too much.

  • Rhiannon Carney
    Rhiannon Carney Month ago

    Madison's father should have knocked the crap out of her years ago and set that brat straight!

  • Echo orca 11
    Echo orca 11 Month ago +1

    I'm sorry but thinking that your child is going to be a school shooter because he plays Fortnite is Bullshit. It's like saying someone who plays Minecraft is going to grow up to be an animal killer.

  • Evan Bosch
    Evan Bosch Month ago

    Courtney looks like Britney Spears 😂

  • hotguyrule
    hotguyrule Month ago +1

    Lol that last one had me cracking up 🤣🤣🤣

  • Retucaca
    Retucaca Month ago

    6:42 when your siblings walk in the room while you're watching PewDiePie

  • Sink Venice
    Sink Venice Month ago

    Well I certainly didn’t see anyone owning anybody.

  • Miranda Gisellé
    Miranda Gisellé Month ago

    All these kids need they ass whooped. Simple as that

  • Yeet Yeet Skideet
    Yeet Yeet Skideet Month ago +1

    1:51 this pissed me off

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela Month ago +3

    These are low-life brats with no future, and the parents are not blameless.

  • Noelle Wescott
    Noelle Wescott Month ago

    #3 we love a queen

  • Sarah Mckell
    Sarah Mckell Month ago

    I guess Nicole doesn’t own a mirror cause she’s ugly AF!

  • SFI Sings
    SFI Sings Month ago +2

    Dakota kinda looks like zendaya

  • Empress Lolo Bell
    Empress Lolo Bell Month ago +1

    "This is why you beat kids" Not my words, words of the lady from the 'Little' movie preview

  • eighth doctor
    eighth doctor Month ago

    #6 - that 12 year old boy should not be playing GTA games for a start.

  • Kidfury 49
    Kidfury 49 Month ago

    This going to be so satisfying

  • TheCakeGarden
    TheCakeGarden Month ago


  • Alejandra Sisneros
    Alejandra Sisneros Month ago +1

    Oh Dr.Phil. That man is a godsend.. I'm so excited to go see the show in person soon!

  • Terry Price
    Terry Price Month ago +1

    If I ever disrespected my parents like this, I’d be so dead, I would be buried twice.

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez Month ago +1

    Is that Madison girl possessed? She sounds like she’s possessed! That girl needs an exorcist!

  • Stevester
    Stevester Month ago

    Dr. Phil puts them young bitches in their place......and then next thing you know they are social media/RU-clip stars :/

  • Hannah King
    Hannah King Month ago +3

    its amazing Dr. Phil doesn't have his own mind treated after dealing with 24/7 crazy

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago +4

    Mate im 26 and im too scared to even think what would have happened if I spoke to my parents like that, cause even at this age just thinking about it might get me a uppercut