Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies

  • Published on Jan 13, 2016
  • These aren't the droids you're looking for; in fact, you might have completely missed these robots, spaceships and dystopias, but you should definitely give them a chance. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we'll be looking at films that deserve a higher rating or that should've had a larger audience.
    Special thanks to our user Norris Vaughn and jkellis for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at!
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Comments • 9 258

  • Kyle Shiflet
    Kyle Shiflet 18 hours ago

    Heavy Metal is underrated period

  • Tessy D.
    Tessy D. 3 days ago

    2001 and 2010 epic movies in sci fi

  • fairsfair
    fairsfair 3 days ago

    I was talking about 2010.

  • fairsfair
    fairsfair 3 days ago

    I have tried to see this film but I cannot get it on my computer. can anyone help me?

  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey 3 days ago

    Ultraviolet has to be up there with Equilibrium. Same director, same style, and just as good.

  • Absentia 616
    Absentia 616 3 days ago

    "Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies" And you start the list with one of the most overrated movies of all time GJ

  • vhilton40000
    vhilton40000 4 days ago

    Left out The Matrix

  • Halcion Koenig
    Halcion Koenig 4 days ago

    Exhilarating Climax = Shows the climax.

  • James McKane
    James McKane 5 days ago +3

    Equilibrium is the greatest movie nobody has ever heard of and exinstenx is okay

    • Alan Grey
      Alan Grey 3 days ago

      If you love Equilibrium check out Ultraviolet. Same director. Same style fight scenes. Almost as good as Equilibrium, at least I thought so.

  • Ulieq
    Ulieq 5 days ago +1

    Mr Nobody...was one of the most brilliant movies of its type ever

  • NichoTBE
    NichoTBE 6 days ago +2

    Sunshine is really good, the music score is excellent and there are some amazing shots in that movie.

  • Daniel Day
    Daniel Day 6 days ago


  • Raul Salazar
    Raul Salazar 7 days ago


  • Rad Sr
    Rad Sr 9 days ago

    Good Movies: 2010, Silent Running, Equilibrium, Sunshine, Moon. Other movies are stupid.

  • Gregory Collins
    Gregory Collins 9 days ago +3

    Dune should have been in this list. Based on Frank Herbert's novel, it stars Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: TNG), Kyle McLaughlin (Twin Peaks) and Sting (The Police). Brilliant scenery, great acting and a powerful storyline makes this one of the most underrated movies of all time.

  • vanja stec
    vanja stec 10 days ago

    Underrated??? What are these bullshits

  • jorge lopez
    jorge lopez 11 days ago

    You forgot one of the most important: Zero Population Growth with Oliver Reed, not to mention Logan's Run.

  • tienglongmy
    tienglongmy 14 days ago

    Anything Christian Bale is in is garbage

  • WILD7
    WILD7 17 days ago

    Robot from Moon is best robot.

  • brian smith
    brian smith 17 days ago

    Are you kidding me? Equilibrium is absolute shit. Bad acting. Bad concept. I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of that crap.

  • LambentLark
    LambentLark 19 days ago

    Primer was "written by a former engineer." I want to know how this works. If you have no formal training, act in one crappy low budget B movie, you can call yourself an "actor" forever more. On the other hand, if you go into massive debt and work your butt off for 4 years, then spend another 4 to 10 years working low on the totempole at an engineering firm just to be able to pass the test to get your stamp and become a professional engineer, well, that can be revoked to "former" engineer because you went on hiatus? Does writing a screenplay some how erase your ability to solve mathematical formulas? This turn of this phrase "former engineer" highlights how people in Hollywood put such high value on themselves and the rest of us are just the supporting cast peons. And the peons continue to worship. Why can't we value ourselves as much?

  • Jason Zaremba
    Jason Zaremba 19 days ago

    I spent most of the video thinking "If Moon isn't #1 this list is bullshit"

  • 74czer
    74czer 21 day ago

    There was only one person who's actions will affect the whole world, Jesus.

  • Guton Sinman
    Guton Sinman 22 days ago

    Why "Gattaca" is not in the list?

  • Man From the Horizon
    Man From the Horizon 22 days ago

    "Heavy Metal" and Existenz" are my favourites because they are Canadian films.

  • Dean Eireann
    Dean Eireann 23 days ago

    Sunshine was shite

  • richtalk34
    richtalk34 23 days ago +2

    I like Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel because it doesn't take itself too seriously, but does get satisfyingly tied up in avoiding paradoxes etc.

  • Amit Palve
    Amit Palve 24 days ago

    Oblivion. Tom cruise ‼️Massively underrated ‼️

  • 11kele
    11kele 25 days ago

    These are older movies, I'm not sure if they were underrated... Knowing, Twelve Monkeys (1995 version)

  • Guillermo Platero
    Guillermo Platero 25 days ago

    Titan ae and pitch black were terrible and I watched both on the theaters.

  • David Earnest
    David Earnest 26 days ago

    All of these movies have their good points. Equilibrium tries too hard. Of all of these it's the worst.

  • FrozenXaos
    FrozenXaos 26 days ago

    Moon gave me nightmares when i was a kid.

  • Momma Maria
    Momma Maria 26 days ago

    Primer rates lower than Heavy Metal? Thats screwed up.
    Silent Running was one of my fav movies when I was a teen.
    2001 and 2010 are both yawn fests. Don't know how they ever made any money off those.
    Strange Days was freeking awesome! I thought for sure it would become a cult classic movie.
    Sunshine was a hell of a lot better than I thought it would be.
    Moon was really good, but I don't know if it deserves #1.
    Sphere was ok, but I wouldn't but it on any list.
    Enemy Mine was also really good, but it was more of a racial statement than a scifi film.
    Pitch Black of course is awesome, as is the whole series of movies.

    For me, I would also put Colossus: The Forbin Project on here. A scary look at "what if a super computer gained control of everything".

    As for the others, I haven't seen them.

  • Ken James Jr
    Ken James Jr 27 days ago +1

    12:43 PANTS IN SPACE??!! WTF!!!

  • Angelia Irizarry
    Angelia Irizarry 27 days ago

    OMG!! Strange Days is one of my all time favorites!! Plus it has an awesome soundtrack. As is eXistenz! Great list!

  • First man on the moon
    First man on the moon 29 days ago

    Dark City is a good movie, it's a shame it didn't make on the list

  • Fernando Rafael
    Fernando Rafael Month ago

    Moon es un peliculón, que linda sorpresa encontrarla al final.

  • jhaffa
    jhaffa Month ago

    europa report?

  • TheKronkel
    TheKronkel Month ago

    There would be very more movies to be mentioned... I think it depends on what you expect from Science Fiction as a genre and what is your perception of "being underrated".
    Some of my candidates: The Andromeda Strain, THX1138, Phase IV, The Quiet Earth, Brazil, A.I., The Fountain, Interstellar...

  • Kinder Grinder
    Kinder Grinder Month ago

    Moon and Silent Running are amazing movies. Great list! And, after reading few comments below, I see that other viewers have great taste, too.
    THX 1138, The Boys From Brazil (maybe not a "real" SciFi, but who cares) , Logan's Run, A Boy and His Dog, These Final Hours, Cherry 2000, Enemy Mine, Hardware, Coherence... It's amazing how many great movies you can find if you search anything but "evil aliens attack planet Earth".

  • Omar Renfro
    Omar Renfro Month ago

    Thumbs down for not even mentioning Bladerunner, the gold standard as far as I am concerned.

  • VeggieManUK
    VeggieManUK Month ago +2

    Moon is one of those films that goes over most people heads, it's a masterpeice.

  • M.C. Maldek RLSV
    M.C. Maldek RLSV Month ago

    Loc nair?

  • M.C. Maldek RLSV
    M.C. Maldek RLSV Month ago

    Heavy metal inspired the fifth element.

  • M.C. Maldek RLSV
    M.C. Maldek RLSV Month ago

    Sunshine is my favorite insomnia movie. That and Flame and citron.

    • Brazilian Goddess
      Brazilian Goddess 29 days ago +1

      +M.C. Maldek RLSV Okay you got me, I'll give it a try. I just cleaned my ears, so I'm ready to have my mind blown.

    • M.C. Maldek RLSV
      M.C. Maldek RLSV 29 days ago +1

      +Brazilian Goddess It's based on a true story. Those guys are Danish heroes. I think it's worth it theres a lot of action so I wouldn't worry about the dialogue so much just keep the remote handy and pause if there's long subtitles, if you need to.

    • Brazilian Goddess
      Brazilian Goddess 29 days ago

      Thanks for the tips. Is Flame & Citron really worth watching? I usually struggle through subtitles

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 Month ago +2

    Silent Running is one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made and is even more relevant today than it was then.

  • TheHonorable Doggy
    TheHonorable Doggy Month ago

    Equilibrium is FANTASTIC. Enemy Mine, Strange Days, Pitch Black! See them when you get the chance.

  • ...
    ... Month ago

    Pandorum is pretty good movie.

  • Premix Utah
    Premix Utah Month ago +4

    The Endless (2018) low budget movie on netflix, really loved it.

    • Brazilian Goddess
      Brazilian Goddess 29 days ago

      Seconded, Watch The Endless (2018) Then go watch the prequel Resolution (2012)

  • prawnjohn
    prawnjohn Month ago

    i would add LIFEFORCE (1985) a great space vampire movie

  • robert burns
    robert burns Month ago

    Screamers (1996)

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas Month ago +1

    Ex Machina, The Abyss, Event Horizon. All deserve a mention.

  • David Minor
    David Minor Month ago +1

    WHERE THE HELL IS SPECIES?!?!?!? How did Pitch Black only get an honorable mention too?

  • Jack Pepper
    Jack Pepper Month ago

    Muthuh-Fuckin' -- CUBE.

  • Zach Spears
    Zach Spears Month ago

    Primer is GREAT

  • Cody Moran
    Cody Moran Month ago

    Ummm where's Dark City?

  • Michael Pawlik
    Michael Pawlik Month ago

    Chris Bale in the--thumbnail--insta-click

  • aussiefaraday
    aussiefaraday Month ago

    Sunshine and Moon were both incredible films.

  • Jeremiah Burns
    Jeremiah Burns Month ago

    Moon is so good. Can't really argue with it being no. 1. Both it and Sunshine really could tie for no. 1 in my book.

  • Knuckles x Sonia
    Knuckles x Sonia Month ago

    The island inspired the anime Promised the neverland.

  • Zoro Zornes
    Zoro Zornes Month ago

    HEAVY METAL # 1.

  • Bruce Carter
    Bruce Carter Month ago

    Seen them all except Mr. Nobody and Stalker. Definitely going to look for Mr. Nobody.

  • Jane K. Collins
    Jane K. Collins Month ago

    The Man Who Fell to Earth? It's got David Bowie and was way ahead of its time.

  • Jabran Khan
    Jabran Khan Month ago

    I agree. Moon was fantastic!

  • Torgua Imnadze
    Torgua Imnadze Month ago


  • Phill Birch
    Phill Birch Month ago

    Closing comment "Do you agree with our list?". Subtitled "We really hope not, because we want to stir up some controversy and generate repeated visits to our site".

  • Scott Lotterer
    Scott Lotterer Month ago +4

    Disney's "The Black Hole" 1979 Amazing move for the time!

  • BigDaddy
    BigDaddy Month ago

    For all the smartasses out there laughing at America for the NASA pen story. Yeah it’s true, and it’s also true that Russia’s answer was to use a pencil. What no one bothers to tell you though is that it turns out the when u write with a pencil in zero gravity some of the graphite particles that got into the air when you write (that little bits of dust you blow off ur paper when u write in pencil) would get into the circuits of the computers and wreck them. So that money to create a pen that doesn’t have that problem and thus saving a crap ton of money fixing advanced computers from pencil dust doesn’t seem so stupid now, does it?

  • Stardust Stardust
    Stardust Stardust Month ago

    Avoiding sci fi films with boring fight scenes. Hollywood has serious problems producing those which lack weapons, slaughter, violence. A few decent selections here. Thanks.

  • p b
    p b Month ago

    Trancers, great 80s scfi with original story, jack deth future cop!

    NICK SMITH Month ago

    Add Uncanny, Upgrade and Her these are far superior films.

  • Giin
    Giin Month ago

    Primer is fantastic. Equilibrium is quite fantastic, as well.

  • Kenyatta Uhuru
    Kenyatta Uhuru Month ago

    A.I. , The skin i Live in, Gattica,

  • amish car
    amish car Month ago

    Alita: Battle Angel

  • Jack Cullen
    Jack Cullen Month ago +1

    Replicas 2018 by Keanu Reeves. Very Underrated but A great movie. Thumbs up if you agree.

  • Fabricio
    Fabricio Month ago

    what about code 46?

  • Patricio Véliz
    Patricio Véliz Month ago

    Moon it’s Amazing!!!!

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    Wow, I am a huge fan of sci fy movies, didn't expect that there are so many I haven't seen

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    Basically all Sci fy movies especially Cyberpunk movies are underrated

  • Metridix
    Metridix Month ago

    The Expanse - its a series tho

  • Mister Bigears
    Mister Bigears Month ago

    Closer to the top ten shitiest sci-fi movies.

  • ussling
    ussling Month ago

    "The Lathe of Heaven"

  • James Mowery
    James Mowery Month ago +1

    No event horizon? DUNE hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy

  • jimmy roch
    jimmy roch Month ago

    what about DAVID LYNCH'S DUNE

  • OgamiItto70
    OgamiItto70 Month ago +1

    Hm. I haven't seen all the movies on this list, so I can't comment on ALL of them, but so many of these movies that I HAVE seen don't qualify as "good science fiction." That's because they don't have good science in them. Disqualified immediately.
    Maybe THE most underrated science fiction movie I've yet seen is Tremors with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward.

  • Whitney Douglas
    Whitney Douglas Month ago

    Moon is absolutely amazing!

  • Максим Морозов

    Сталкер не ожидал тут увидеть,но фильм стоит может быть даже большего

  • Michael boyd
    Michael boyd Month ago

    For those that don't know heavy metal John Candy is the guy who changes from a teenage kid into the muscle-bound guy that's his voice in the movie that's another reason why that film is so popular nowadays cuz people are finding out that he was in it amongst the great music in it a lot of the old bands that were considered heavy metal that you would think more of a rock than heavy metal and pitch-black heck yeah that movie was something else along with the other series of movies that he made

  • Daniel Meeker
    Daniel Meeker Month ago +1

    I'd add, "The Final Cut," with Robin Williams, Jim Cavaziel, Mira Sorvino
    Also, "Gattaca," with Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke, Jude Law

  • Corum Jaelhen Irsei

    haha i re-watched Moon last week, very good movie indeed

  • Da Squirrel
    Da Squirrel Month ago

    You fail to mention that the cast of Heavy Metal is predominantly Second City Comedy royalty.

  • 1000 volts of truth BS buster

    Gattaca should have been on the list

  • Al272
    Al272 Month ago

    A Boy and His Dog?

  • Bob Fischer
    Bob Fischer Month ago

    OK, this list needs to be updated. The list should include Gattaca, Valerian, Serenity and Alita:Battle Angel. Those are underrated, and under-appreciated. Most of these on this list are just small films that got small audiences; their appreciation was pretty commensurate with the scope of the storytelling.

  • quick chicken
    quick chicken Month ago

    the movie "lifeforce"

  • Terri Meakin-rosario

    animatrix. all of it.

  • tommydogge
    tommydogge Month ago +1

    I remember Freejack as a great movie action sci-fi.

    • Marty G
      Marty G Month ago

      Yep, good one that. Mick Jagger 😂

  • TJM060765
    TJM060765 2 months ago


  • Galaxodron Original
    Galaxodron Original 2 months ago

    Galaxodron Monster Board

  • Zared Sabretooth
    Zared Sabretooth 2 months ago

    uuuuhhhh.....2010 is like one of the most well known sci-fi movies ever. more proof watchmojo needs to start doing more research. it seems they just put a bunch of things together on a list.

    • Marty G
      Marty G 2 months ago

      It says underrated not how well known it is.