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THE MIGRATION STORY - First Leaders of the Chickasaw & Choctaw

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Dedicated to my wife and children, who carry this lands bloodline onward.
    I can’t help but see the pole and great river as plasma in the sky and the brothers and their dog, representing the planets as archetypes.
    source: www.chickasaw.tv/events/the-migration-story
    Fair use. For educational purpose only.

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  • MrKnoxguy101

    I’m in west Tennessee, about 15 miles from the east bank of the Mississippi River. I can only imagine how they must have been in awe of the father of waters. Many people cross this massive river everyday without realizing how ancient it is. Crossing the river must have been a painstaking and delicate process. The fact that they all made it across safely (with the exception of Ofi' Tohbi Ishto') is nothing less of a miracle. At times the current can get quite rough. I have been to Pinson Mounds many times, earthen mounds constructed during the Woodland period. Sauls mound, the tallest of the mounds found there, is 72 feet high and 370 feet by 300 feet at the base.. and entirely made by hand.

  • Jody Solomon

    This story is different from what my elders have told me. Im Mississippi Choctaw and I was told that Chahta alhiha never traveled after coming up from the clays of Nani Waiya

  • Scott Fergusson
    Scott Fergusson Year ago +4

    I am a descendant of Robert m Jones 3rd . The Choctaw and Creek tribes elected Jones president of the "United Nations of the Indian Territory," in the 1800’s. 7th great grandfather.

  • Brennan Lamb
    Brennan Lamb Year ago +1

    Can I have a conversation with you sometime about this subject? I'm a Chickasaw and would like to know some the words and there spelling.

  • Jo H
    Jo H  +1

    That explains a lot.

  • Raegan Whatever
    Raegan Whatever Year ago +6

    Rip Great white Ofi’ Tohbi’

  • Batman
    Batman  +1

    Thank you

    SHOCKWAVE 3 years ago +2

    Kronos is back my brother

  • Abraham Isaac Mucius III

    Are you a Choctaw or Chickasaw Native American?

  • Etofoya
    Etofoya  +2

    I'm mvskoke chata. My ancestors came out of Nani waya.

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