I brought my old $2,000 wig back to life!

  • Published on Jul 10, 2018
  • My old wig was in need of a major makeover and I'm ALWAYS here for a makeover.
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Comments • 5 055

  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  11 months ago +6910

    Who's wig flewwwww?

    • minizzl quizzl
      minizzl quizzl 4 days ago

      Brad Mondo omg i want a wig sooooo bad. but i jaut dont know where to buy one that looks good and is not thaaaat expensive . i wish someone just came by and give me one 😂

    • L.A Renee
      L.A Renee 8 days ago

      That intro killed me lmao.

    • Marlies
      Marlies 16 days ago

      Wigflew's channel's wig flew

    • Cassie Griffey
      Cassie Griffey Month ago

      You could do a hell of a video trying to fix mine 😂😂😭 $500 out the window 💔

    • Panic! At the fallout romance
      Panic! At the fallout romance 2 months ago

      Me you bleached hair in white pants 😅

  • Prince Simmer
    Prince Simmer Day ago

    I can now say that mannequins are prettier are me....

  • Sebastian Elepan
    Sebastian Elepan 3 days ago

    That bitch looked like fuckin spaghetti before you boil it

  • Kim Underwood
    Kim Underwood 5 days ago

    Her name should be Gucci

  • Richard Weston
    Richard Weston 6 days ago

    Best Impression of Tana Mongeau

  • Bella G
    Bella G 6 days ago

    And I oop-

  • Bella G
    Bella G 6 days ago

    You should name her shaniqua

  • Cheyenne Loftesness
    Cheyenne Loftesness 6 days ago

    Y does this kinda look like tanas hair lol no hate

  • ashley latendresse
    ashley latendresse 6 days ago

    2 grand? Sounds like bs to me. I have a huge wig collection, most being full lace human hair wigs and the most I have EVER paid was 400.

  • Bubble Teaდ
    Bubble Teaდ 6 days ago

    I miss this old intro

  • Maddison Kai
    Maddison Kai 6 days ago

    SnowTheSaltQueen needs to see this 😂😂

  • Dan Mcavena
    Dan Mcavena 7 days ago

    It’s to thin

  • Dan Mcavena
    Dan Mcavena 7 days ago

    Should never ring out a wig the way he did

  • hot mess 69 pussy riot

    Is this lady Gaga?

  • Kandy Kane
    Kandy Kane 7 days ago +1

    And he did it all without ruining his white pants

  • Cristian Trujillo Ocana

    He looks hot with that wig on😂

  • Ali
    Ali 9 days ago

    name her clarisse

  • Graciex YT
    Graciex YT 9 days ago

    Luna lovegood wants to know your location 😂😂

  • Daniel Crane
    Daniel Crane 9 days ago


  • Thisthatsplaaahhh
    Thisthatsplaaahhh 9 days ago

    Trisha whoooooo

  • Brenda Rangel
    Brenda Rangel 9 days ago +1

    Miley Cyrus wants her old hair back

    Is it just me??

  • Julie H 67
    Julie H 67 9 days ago

    Is it just me or does he look Ian Somerhalder?

  • Sarah Abenstein
    Sarah Abenstein 9 days ago


  • Olivia
    Olivia 10 days ago +2


  • Phoebe Thompson Riggins

    The intro is everything

  • Alex Ho
    Alex Ho 10 days ago

    Lady Gaga should definitely hire you! RIGHT NOW! ASAP!!!

  • Amber Louise!
    Amber Louise! 10 days ago +1

    Omg. I was worried for those white jeans 😂

  • Bailey Seistrup
    Bailey Seistrup 10 days ago

    Bleach my hair bradddd 🤧🤧🤧

  • Kale Salad
    Kale Salad 10 days ago

    But that transformation tho!!! All of your wig videos!!!

  • Yasmin Almoktar
    Yasmin Almoktar 10 days ago

    U should fix a dollar store wig

  • Stephanie Jane
    Stephanie Jane 10 days ago

    Where do you reccomend buying a wig? :)

  • Gwen Everett
    Gwen Everett 10 days ago +1

    0:35 you kinda look like Ke$ha...

    No just me ok...

  • American Cowgirl
    American Cowgirl 11 days ago

    Who else wants him to ditch the blond and go brunette

  • Stephanie Graves
    Stephanie Graves 11 days ago

    “Little water” lol

  • Airyonna Mills
    Airyonna Mills 11 days ago

    Kim K

  • Internet Troll
    Internet Troll 11 days ago +2


  • Jessica Kasenene
    Jessica Kasenene 11 days ago +2

    I just love your videos!! So much YAAAASSs

  • Allison Buczko
    Allison Buczko 11 days ago

    veronica name her veronica

  • alexa avery
    alexa avery 11 days ago +1

    instead of spending 2,000 dollars on a wig, can u send that money to me please im fucking broke

  • itsmichalbitch
    itsmichalbitch 11 days ago

    It’s like a Iggy Azalea wig I love it

  • Cath Phillips
    Cath Phillips 11 days ago

    please transform my hair? thanks hun

  • Eva Alcaraz
    Eva Alcaraz 12 days ago +1

    5:23 *SoMeBoDy ToUcHeN MaH sPaGeTt*

  • Stacy Kapa
    Stacy Kapa 12 days ago

    *Jesuuus another Targaryen*

  • Sasha Asher
    Sasha Asher 12 days ago +5

    Seeing Brad do this in white pants just scared me so bad

  • OtakuRonnie
    OtakuRonnie 12 days ago

    He looks like he scalped tana mongeau

  • Kiki Seenan
    Kiki Seenan 13 days ago


  • Summer Lees
    Summer Lees 13 days ago


  • Megan Dark
    Megan Dark 13 days ago

    Your basically Danielle Cohn at the beginning 😂

  • Georgey Porgy
    Georgey Porgy 13 days ago

    That wig is a Cassandra

  • Kaat Stas
    Kaat Stas 14 days ago +1

    Week four of bingewatching brad's video's.
    Still not tired of it

  • Rebecca Bairstow
    Rebecca Bairstow 14 days ago

    Rly want to know what products he’s used here

  • scorpioo shawty
    scorpioo shawty 14 days ago

    what is Brad’s sign

  • Bellamitra Thompson
    Bellamitra Thompson 14 days ago +1

    Brad honey I love your hairrrrr

  • Hailee Freeman
    Hailee Freeman 15 days ago

    You should try drip dye! Show us how it’s done!

  • Lucíolo Júnior
    Lucíolo Júnior 15 days ago

    Donatella should be her name.

  • sa kurdiah
    sa kurdiah 16 days ago

    Perfect modo! Love your outfit

    VALENTINEB0Y 16 days ago

    omg Brad plz donate a wig to me for my graduation 😭😭😭😭

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 16 days ago +1

    My 300$ wig looks better 🤭🤭

  • Ursa Major
    Ursa Major 17 days ago

    I´m totally to late for that but ... Le Fae ... the name of the wig ... Le Fae

  • cody pinapple
    cody pinapple 17 days ago

    Her name should be Anastasia

  • Jarolyn Pierce
    Jarolyn Pierce 17 days ago +6

    I know this video is old but I have to get this one out


  • quackson
    quackson 19 days ago +13

    daenerys targaryen called.
    she want's her hair back.

    • hamza kamal
      hamza kamal 12 days ago

      Omggggg yasss bruh we should be friends and talk about got

  • Nicole
    Nicole 19 days ago

    And @Brad Mondo, just name her SNOW WHITE!!!!!! YASSSSSS!!!!!!

  • Nicole
    Nicole 19 days ago

    OMG ok so WHY can I not get my REAL hair that FREAKIN COLOR!!!!!!!??????? AHHHHH!!!!!!! I need

  • perfectlyflawed 28
    perfectlyflawed 28 21 day ago

    I get my wigs from this amazing company I wont name cause well I'm selfish and sheeeee makes the best wigs ever and alot of the blonde ones are $1300 and up depending on length. But soooo worth it! Did you order your online Brad? I'm tempted to lighten one of mine ! Name her Gianna, Bunny, or Christa xox ps we need to be best friends soooo message me

  • lylah grant
    lylah grant 24 days ago

    The beginning reminded me of shane dawson

  • Rachel Gelber
    Rachel Gelber 25 days ago

    How did you not get purple all over your white pants?

  • Iris in Gryffindor
    Iris in Gryffindor Month ago

    For a wig name it should be Snow White

  • Rowan Danube
    Rowan Danube Month ago

    Took forever to get to the point then did a fast forward.... whatever brad

  • Ava-Chan My friends call me Ava-Chan

    She looks like Regina George lol

  • mia liotine
    mia liotine Month ago

    i was mad when he cut it because it was so long and pretty

  • Tutock Lopez
    Tutock Lopez Month ago


  • Cristina FIN
    Cristina FIN Month ago

    I want my hair cut like that!! How do i tell my stylist to cut it that way?

  • Oleg Café
    Oleg Café Month ago


  • Mecanical Pencils
    Mecanical Pencils Month ago

    a 2k wig should have never gotten messed up...you trippin..

  • Caroline Jacobson
    Caroline Jacobson Month ago +4

    What kind of wig costs $2000? Did it belong to like Kim Kardashian or something?🤨

  • hug dealer
    hug dealer Month ago

    the amount of times he says "like" XD

  • Glenda Bergstrom
    Glenda Bergstrom Month ago

    What brand of round brush is in this video ?

  • Kalie Tulis
    Kalie Tulis Month ago

    I need a make over like this lol

  • R L O
    R L O Month ago

    Your eyes/brows remind me so much, every time I watch you, of Jeff Buckley. God but he was beautiful.

  • • marieclipse •

    You should’ve cut it and you would’ve looked like Viserys Targaryen

  • Its.dianasofia
    Its.dianasofia Month ago

    Can you just cut my hair ? Like please ?

  • Jada Wilson
    Jada Wilson Month ago

    Snow. Best name?

  • Cassie Griffey
    Cassie Griffey Month ago

    I wish you could fix my $500 dollar wig 😭😭😭 I have never even gotten to actually wear it. I let a girl at work cut it to my head and I was literally bald, and she destroyed it. It makes me want to cry every time I think about it 😭

  • Madison Hughes
    Madison Hughes Month ago

    I hope you give it a scalp lol

  • Kimberly Grossmann
    Kimberly Grossmann Month ago

    Love the color n cut awsome...pop

  • Rose Kween
    Rose Kween Month ago


  • Piper McLean ‘brick’

    Okay but like the last time I fixed a wig it was because a girl tore it off my head and messed it up REALLY bad(it actually took me a week to fix cause I had to sew some of it) and most of the time I just harassed it with scissors and a brush so this helps so much😭

  • Panic! At the fallout romance

    Bleaching and dying hair in white pants- I- 😂

  • Siphokazi Khanyile
    Siphokazi Khanyile 2 months ago

    Brad how do i pick the perfect colour for my skin..i wanna do something really out there and like fucking amazing but i also have dread locks as well...please please help me

  • Pepita la pistolera
    Pepita la pistolera 2 months ago

    With that wig you look like barbra streisand, honeeeeeeey.

  • Naomi Van Kampen
    Naomi Van Kampen 2 months ago

    hmmmm lets call her tatiana, she seems like one

  • CalamityJade
    CalamityJade 2 months ago

    Yaaaasssss Wish my hair was naturally that blonde lol

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me 2 months ago

    Tana Mongeau without makeup?

  • Amanda Blasius
    Amanda Blasius 2 months ago

    ok Brad I have a question my son wants white hair we already bleach it. any thought?

  • Hawaii Pitbull
    Hawaii Pitbull 2 months ago

    i cringed when he went into the water with his pants all the way to his ankles ;-;

  • Melexdra
    Melexdra 2 months ago

    I've revived platinum extensions so many times and can relate to the SWEAT and BLOOD and EFFORT of toning that shit in the shower lmao

  • Dang Gurl Apparel
    Dang Gurl Apparel 2 months ago

    So pretty

  • Kourtnee Hack
    Kourtnee Hack 2 months ago

    I need to buy a wig my hair grows in ugly but I can only afford $200 help me

  • Camryn Henneberger
    Camryn Henneberger 2 months ago +3

    James Charles and Brad Mondo should collab and give someone a total make over