Kalank | Official Teaser | Varun | Aditya Roy | Sanjay | Alia | Sonakshi | Madhuri | Abhishek Varman

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Set in 1945, in Pre-Independence India, Kalank is a tale of eternal love.
    Varun Dhawan as Zafar
    Aditya Roy Kapur as Dev Chaudhry
    Sanjay Dutt as Balraj Chaudhry
    Alia Bhatt as Roop
    Sonakshi Sinha as Satya Chaudhry
    Madhuri Dixit as Bahaar Begum
    Screenplay & Directed by Abhishek Varman
    Produced by Karan Johar, Sajid Nadiadwala, Hiroo Yash Johar & Apoorva Mehta
    Co-Produced by Fox Star Studios
    Kalank to release ‪on 17th April 2019‬.
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Comments • 38 443

  • pranjal saxena
    pranjal saxena Day ago

    Bahut buri movie h kasam s mat jana yr their is nothing in the movie

  • Mithi Shekhawat
    Mithi Shekhawat Day ago

    Kalank is great movie

  • Neelam Rai
    Neelam Rai Day ago

    Film is tooo good,guys go and watch.💝💝💝💝

  • Alla Alkabi
    Alla Alkabi Day ago

    روعه الفلم 3 ساعات وقصته روعه😍😍😍اللي ما شافه يشوفه رهيييييب

  • eva fuentes
    eva fuentes Day ago

    Wow awesome


    Worst movie of bollywood.

  • Sanchu Sona
    Sanchu Sona Day ago +3

    Trailer ne chakma de diya.movi bhut boring or irritating h

  • sulaiman sharif
    sulaiman sharif Day ago

    With out sulman khan this movie is doom👎👎👎👎👎)😘 love sulman khan

  • aiyla21
    aiyla21 Day ago +1

    Loved this movie big heart... heart heart heart

  • Rempuii Cck
    Rempuii Cck Day ago

    Who's the lead actor?

  • Hatim Wani
    Hatim Wani Day ago +2

    Background music and that last line of arijit.... Gives goosebumps

  • Harish kumar Raghani

    Movie kesi hai??

  • my India
    my India 2 days ago

    varun Dhavan acting nice

  • Seetu Gupta
    Seetu Gupta 2 days ago


  • SR Information
    SR Information 2 days ago +2

    Movie dekhane ke baad kon kon aya hai

  • imran shaikh
    imran shaikh 2 days ago

    Solid bore hua.. Start to finish.. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    BRUCE WAYNE 2 days ago

    Ma chud gyi re ka kalank ki 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    DINESH GHADI 2 days ago

    It's love jehad vali film hai mt dekhana

  • Amit Soam
    Amit Soam 2 days ago

    Sab bakvash ha

  • Amit Soam
    Amit Soam 2 days ago

    Bakar movie ha bhi

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 2 days ago

    This movie really a kalank of 2019
    Wasted my money on this shit

  • Monty Kumar
    Monty Kumar 2 days ago

    this movie will go super hit.... Mind-blowing trailer....👍👍👌👌

  • Chava Ayanna
    Chava Ayanna 2 days ago +1

    Please tell me that this movie will be shown here in the States
    PLEASE !! - I want to see this so bad 💕💕💕

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan 2 days ago

    I am interesting for film kalank and nice songs inshaallah movie super hit hogi

  • Prinse Kumar
    Prinse Kumar 2 days ago

    Alia bhatt is very quet

  • John cena Punjabi
    John cena Punjabi 2 days ago +6

    Story seems very good 😊.. but RSS and bjp will not like because they have to make peoples their blind followers

  • shyam babu
    shyam babu 2 days ago

    Kalank hi hai ye movie piyaaaa

  • Dhanushki Pahathkumbure

    Why do I feel Karan showed ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ to Abhishek and told I want Alia’s character to be portrayed same as Aish’s in this movie ;)? Check the sequence at 0.10 and compare it to the seen in ‘Man Mohini’ song from old movie. Seems this is the entrance for Alia's character with the song 'Rajvaadi Odhini’ ' same as how it was for Aish's character with song 'Man Mohini', portraying a very daring character. This for a strange reason feels like a wanna be film through copying Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam vibes and creativities:/. But still us fans would not mind seen a good movie at least by copying those legends, and we’ll love it!

  • Bharti Jha
    Bharti Jha 2 days ago +1

    Kalank movie movie ke naam par kalank hai song Sab First Class Hai

  • Mittal Kothari
    Mittal Kothari 2 days ago

    Karan Johar has become cheap, needs unrequired sex sequences to make a family drama work at box office and surprisingly he campared it to one of his best work K3G and this is his one of the worst work

  • Sebastian Smith
    Sebastian Smith 2 days ago

    Dont support nepotism, this movie is full of it....

  • Banothu Saidulu
    Banothu Saidulu 2 days ago

    Black cm

  • Akshara Singh official
    Akshara Singh official 2 days ago +1

    Super hit movie hoga gajb
    Koon koon comments Dekh rha hai like please

  • pintoo Kumar
    pintoo Kumar 2 days ago +2

    Love jehadi film h " Kalank"

  • Vishal Chand
    Vishal Chand 2 days ago

    Apart from Madhuri the other major casts are insiders, star-childs :-)

  • Ms.Gamer
    Ms.Gamer 2 days ago +4

    I watched it today in cinema, amazing movie worth it and emotional story 😭❤

  • Mujju Qureshi
    Mujju Qureshi 2 days ago

    XXX vedios

  • Najia Tariq
    Najia Tariq 2 days ago +1

    Why varun? Why not Siddharth?

    • Sandeep Meena
      Sandeep Meena 2 days ago +1

      Because siddarth doesn't know any acting..handsome face is not a acting

    • PROX
      PROX 2 days ago +1

      Main reason karan johar didnt choose sid was because all sidharth past movies released havent been doing well and have been flops.
      Only ittefaq was a successful movie of his in 2017 and after that all his other movies did not do good business and this reflected on affecting his career and less people want to cast him now in their movies. But im sure in future his movies will be doing well and more people would start casting him and giving roles to him as he is a good actor but he has bad choice of scripts and movies that he chooses and picks.

    AMIT KUMAR 2 days ago

    Salo itna gana kaun dalta hai ek movie me........ Jabardasti gana pel diya hai

  • visharad joshi
    visharad joshi 2 days ago +5

    No doubt it's gonna be the best film for varun dhavan and alia

    • : Sharma
      : Sharma 2 days ago +2

      Go watch...it's total crap. Ye movie kalank h Bollywood pr
      Vse Bhai sach bolu to don't watch paise barbad honge bs
      Ghatiya film h

  • sailesh ojha
    sailesh ojha 2 days ago

    Sala koi hindu ladka nii pta pa ra kisi muslim ladkio ko.... Kedarnath, kalank, padmavat.... Sach me kalank h yo film

  • SharMa Ji InfoTainment
    SharMa Ji InfoTainment 2 days ago +1

    Director ka naam bhul jao to bilkul SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI jaisi movie h..👌👍

  • Paresh Chandra
    Paresh Chandra 2 days ago

    Aise director Bollywood ke liye KALANK hain.

  • Dinesh Pawar
    Dinesh Pawar 2 days ago

    Yeh film kab ki hai?during partition? Lag to use bhi puraani lag rahi hai :D sets Dekh ke to lag Raha hai ki baba aadam ke zamaane ki kahaani hai..matlab kuch bhi?? Just want ki kahaani Bata rahe ho kam se Kam us want ke hisaab see set pieces or costumes to design Karo..just want to encash the craze on periodic films..ghanta Bollywood

  • Ajay Kushwaha
    Ajay Kushwaha 2 days ago

    Perhaps "Sunfeast Dark Fantasy" would earn more crores than this movie earns.

  • Rain Rain
    Rain Rain 2 days ago

    Very nice film 😘😘😘👌👌👌👌👌

  • Abhay kumar Sharma
    Abhay kumar Sharma 3 days ago


  • Priyanka Debbarma
    Priyanka Debbarma 3 days ago

    Awesome movie specially the last part 😭😭😭

  • Rumi Barbhuiya
    Rumi Barbhuiya 3 days ago

    Nice love stary and good mobie

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh 3 days ago

    Do it u

  • Rohit Gupta
    Rohit Gupta 3 days ago

    Nice movie

  • God Zeref
    God Zeref 3 days ago +1

    Ye kya bawaseer bana dala? 😹😹

  • Shubham Mankar
    Shubham Mankar 3 days ago

    A very bor pic#story is very bor

  • Jagpal Jareda Reviews

    Kalank ka jabardast review dekho

  • Ratish Kumar
    Ratish Kumar 3 days ago


    MAXDILOTUS 3 days ago

    Sach main Kalank movie

  • Suraj Sen
    Suraj Sen 3 days ago

    Gandu karan johar varun dhawan sa pehla aditya roy kapoor aya ha Bollywood industry ma aur tone varun ka name pehla dala 😡

  • Poonam Singh
    Poonam Singh 3 days ago

    Aliya ji ne nd varundhwan ki dailog bhut heart touching the nd me movie me varun ji ka mar jana vry heartouching tha 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Poonam Singh
    Poonam Singh 3 days ago

    Osam movie mane aj movie dekhi aliya ji ne nd me quz kiya tha ki iss movie me apko kya dekha kalank ya mohabbat muje to mohobbat dekhai di true story h ye alll song bhut ache the

  • Jaspreet kaur
    Jaspreet kaur 3 days ago +25

    I dnt support napotism.so I will never watch this movie full of nepotism

    • Shivam Dokania
      Shivam Dokania 2 days ago

      You're full of crap. Everyone is a nepotist. Take your dumb Indian face somewhere else

    • Vinod Yadav
      Vinod Yadav 2 days ago

      Jaspreet kaur च

  • Anil kumar Yadav
    Anil kumar Yadav 3 days ago

    Superb trailer

  • Pujarini Sahoo
    Pujarini Sahoo 3 days ago

    I love this movie ❤️❤️

  • darshana mehta
    darshana mehta 3 days ago

    nice movi 👌👌👌👌

  • Kumar Jeet
    Kumar Jeet 3 days ago +1

    Kalank cover by Chhota Sonu nigam

  • Mittal Kothari
    Mittal Kothari 3 days ago +1

    Hopeless movie, very very bad, Karan Johar has become outdated

    • Mittal Kothari
      Mittal Kothari 3 days ago

      +Ash Bajaj no.. no proper storyline, bad context, it seems artificial stroy that is misleading the generation with unrequired sex sequences

    • Ash Bajaj
      Ash Bajaj 3 days ago

      Mittal Kothari how was it bad? It’s not worth watching?

  • Ankit Ajmera
    Ankit Ajmera 3 days ago +2

    Please don't watch KALANK movie.... isse gandi movie maine apne pure Carrer me nahi dheki....😢
    Apne aap ko kalankit hone se bachaiye... 🧐
    Please save your money and donate to needy people ...

  • pujarani Maharana
    pujarani Maharana 3 days ago


    THE RY SHOW 3 days ago

    Movie Could have been better but Director and Editor chose not to.
    Catch its review on my channel.

  • samrender singh
    samrender singh 3 days ago

    Please don't waste your time and money.... totally bullshit...

  • James Hawkins
    James Hawkins 3 days ago

    why does bgm sounds like some superhero movie 🤔

  • Mareedu Jeevana
    Mareedu Jeevana 3 days ago

    Movie very nice and blockbuster

  • Madhu P
    Madhu P 3 days ago


  • hrishi sutar
    hrishi sutar 3 days ago

    Grand scale with grand disappointment

  • 4u News
    4u News 3 days ago


  • Saurabh Vashist
    Saurabh Vashist 3 days ago

    For a story this vapid in its screenplay and so badly edited, are we supposed to shell out our money just because of grandeur, scale, packaging and saas-bahu type sets because partial reviews are generously giving it 3/5? No thank you. As someone whose family was affected by the partition, I think there are better stories such as 1947 Earth to watch out there rather than this pathetic excuse of a 3 hour film.

  • Bharti Jha
    Bharti Jha 3 days ago +43

    I am not interested for this movie
    I am waiting for Avengers endgame movie

  • nitehawk24121
    nitehawk24121 3 days ago

    Chutiya movie... Promoting love jihad concepts. All bollywood is a lost soul or sold out to dawood mafia .

    • sana humd
      sana humd 2 days ago

      Han koi hindu musalman ladki se pyar krta tab mirchi nahi lagti

  • choudhary sector17
    choudhary sector17 3 days ago +1

    Bhot boring movie h mujhe phli baar nind aayi h theater me 1/10 rating from my side

  • Harsh dhakad
    Harsh dhakad 3 days ago +1

    Congratulations guys I am first person who see this moVie on releases....I am very happy and what about you guys.......

    • pagal panti
      pagal panti 3 days ago +1

      Can YOU tell me yeh kesa movie tha

  • BollywoodFlash
    BollywoodFlash 3 days ago


  • Shaikh Sehreen Saba Mohammad Asif

    Aaj horahi hai reliz ye movie🤘😘

  • Manoj Yadav
    Manoj Yadav 3 days ago +1

    Love you varun dhawan

  • Anita Singh
    Anita Singh 3 days ago +1

    Today I seen this movie first episode in SRS Gorakhpur

    • Ash Bajaj
      Ash Bajaj 3 days ago

      Anita Singh how was it?

  • Datta Katkar
    Datta Katkar 3 days ago


  • Aarish Quraishi
    Aarish Quraishi 3 days ago +1

    Arish qureashi watson

  • Sul sur
    Sul sur 3 days ago

    Kalank =Dark fantasy (ad)

  • Jayparkash Yadav
    Jayparkash Yadav 3 days ago

    Woh dis is super teller is ##kalank movie

  • Sunny Kaushik
    Sunny Kaushik 3 days ago

    is aditya ko daru ka hi role diya hoga isme daru hi pita rehta h ye aur kuch nhi

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh 3 days ago


  • pintoo Kumar
    pintoo Kumar 3 days ago

    Karan jauhar, Sanjay Leela, Rajkumar hirani jaise ghatiA director producer Bharat k culture k sath majak Kar rhe h
    Har film me muslaman ladka Hindu ladki ka prem dikhte h ye gddar inhe iss walo k taraf see vahvahi aur paisa milta hoga tabhi ye aisa Kar rhe h

  • pintoo Kumar
    pintoo Kumar 3 days ago

    Please deshbhakt Hindu Bhai is cinema hall me NAA dekhe
    Ghatia film ghatia thinking h

    • sana humd
      sana humd 2 days ago

      Deshbhakt pinto kumar lol...Tum hi to ek only one

  • pintoo Kumar
    pintoo Kumar 3 days ago

    Ye film ek ghatia soch gatia producer ghatia actress ko lekar deshdrohi dimag see banaya gya h
    Ise Kam see Kam Hindu Bhai log NAA dekhe cinema hall me
    Alia Soni Mahesh ki beti gaddar
    Sonachi staru ki beti gaddar
    Karan jauhar gadar
    Muslaman ladka Hindu ladki ka pyar ye desh ke culture k khilaf h him Hindu Bhai Jo desh aur culture see prem karte h ise accept nhi karenge

  • Bapi Nayek
    Bapi Nayek 3 days ago

    Nice video

  • Aastha Patel
    Aastha Patel 3 days ago

    We had glasses then

  • Zarqa Tanoli
    Zarqa Tanoli 3 days ago +1

    Do any Hindi speaker know the meaning of Kalank?🤣😂

  • Sunny Giri
    Sunny Giri 3 days ago +2

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  • manisha jagdhane
    manisha jagdhane 4 days ago

    This is super hit film

  • Sahidur Khan
    Sahidur Khan 4 days ago

    Back to home

    WATCHOUT! 4 days ago

    bollywood is shit