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NLE Choppa Runs Into Lil Baby While Shopping For Jewelry!

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • NLE Choppa stops by Icebox to get iced up and talks about his new upcoming projects! He and his crew browsed around looking at some AP's and Cubans before running into fellow Atlanta rapper Lil Baby!
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  • Icebox
    Icebox  2 years ago +3659

    SHOP NOW - www.icebox.com

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago +15083

    That Asian guy is a good balance of hood and professionalism.

  • What's Gaming?
    What's Gaming? Year ago +4324

    Lil baby hanging out like a regular customer.

    • Kaylie Kakes
      Kaylie Kakes Year ago +1

      He is 😂

    • Cham Chopra
      Cham Chopra Year ago


    • MortyMcCool
      MortyMcCool Year ago +15

      Nle lookin like a Gta character

    • obn.skinnyboy
      obn.skinnyboy Year ago +3

      @To live and Die in LA yo what do u do to get that paper

    • BH Edits
      BH Edits Year ago +4

      @To live and Die in LA do you get paid good?

  • dav
    dav Year ago +3413

    they ran into each other like it’s walmart

    • Zurnr
      Zurnr 9 months ago

      swag ismyname 99 cents is a dollar

    • Nate River
      Nate River 10 months ago +5

      @YBR Triton I see it too

    • YBR Triton
      YBR Triton 11 months ago +7

      bruh am i the only one who saw the hickey on the asian dude or am i tweakin?

    • Lianna Cobas
      Lianna Cobas 11 months ago +2


    • swag ismyname
      swag ismyname Year ago +24

      @solomon reney negus *99 cents store*

  • OR 14
    OR 14 Year ago +8615

    Lil baby just chilling like hes food shopping😂

  • Bx GOD
    Bx GOD 2 years ago +918

    The jewelry cleaner slid into that handshake like he knew that boy

    • Amirious Ortiz
      Amirious Ortiz Month ago

      A rapper comes into icebox at least 5 times a week so he must know some handshakes

    • Rexx!
      Rexx! 9 months ago +6

      lookin for this comment, he clean wit it

    • darryl JOHNSON
      darryl JOHNSON 10 months ago +3

      They have been initiated

    • Jay Lean
      Jay Lean Year ago +60

      * Hood handshake chemistry activated *

    • Liqhwa Gumede
      Liqhwa Gumede Year ago +28

      For real

  • Kid30 Topic
    Kid30 Topic 2 years ago +15179

    Lil baby seems like one friend that minds his business but roast tf outta everyone.

  • Your Local Poop Dealer
    Your Local Poop Dealer Year ago +2390

    Me in GTA Online when I see another player while im shopping for clothes

    • Егор Дмитриев
      Егор Дмитриев 6 months ago

      Really true.

    • LemonPepper
      LemonPepper Year ago

      @Giovanni I and just go on a rampage in gta while dressed as Elmo 😂

    • LemonPepper
      LemonPepper Year ago

      @Giovanni I bro you makin me want to get in gta then use a mod menu to become Elmo on multiplayer 🤣😂😂🤣

    • 252 Aidan
      252 Aidan Year ago

      When it’s the same guy from last session

    • China
      China Year ago

      So true

  • omar wanace
    omar wanace Year ago +4238

    He runs into lil baby at 7:31
    You’re welcome

    ZT- PASTO 2 years ago +3147

    When rappers don’t want to talk to anybody they just act sleepy

    • Snow
      Snow 10 months ago


    • omar wanace
      omar wanace Year ago +7

      @TZSCops why did you copy that other comment?

    • omar wanace
      omar wanace Year ago +2

      They always act like that

    • TZSCops
      TZSCops Year ago +8

      Me in GTA Online when I see another player while im shopping for clothes

    • bgmount14
      bgmount14 Year ago


  • watchnoxx
    watchnoxx 2 years ago +1413

    Other people: Thats hard as hell.
    NLE: Thahaohae

  • 1elwin
    1elwin 2 years ago +11539

    baby looks like he just doing his general daily routine

  • punkmonkey24
    punkmonkey24 Year ago +197

    I love how they just understand each other when they talk 😂

    • xman official
      xman official 9 months ago +4

      Facts, I understand using a little slang but gosh damn man lol

  • Dupa Granita
    Dupa Granita 2 years ago +1951

    imagine going to a jewelry shop with tank top and sagging pants

  • Grumpy Brownie
    Grumpy Brownie Year ago +163

    Lil baby is so calm as if he was just shopping for food bruh

  • Doinkclipz
    Doinkclipz Year ago +541

    lol baby looks like he lives there and just decided to come downstairs and see what’s up

  • 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙤𝙝𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙧和平的

    Lil baby: Catch me in Atlanta no security with my jewelry
    Me: Well He didn't lie

    • Donny Hungry
      Donny Hungry 4 days ago

      You already know he got them snipers on the roof my boi

    • LAmadeSurvivor
      LAmadeSurvivor 2 years ago


    • thorney
      thorney 2 years ago

      There is security

    • J capalot
      J capalot 2 years ago

      Why we talkin bout baby this episode is bout choppa😂😂

  • Hussien Haddad
    Hussien Haddad Year ago +249

    The whole time she was on the phone, soon as she saw lil baby, that phone disappeared Lol

  • Ernesto Guevara
    Ernesto Guevara Year ago +609

    You can tell NLE got intimidated to see Lil Baby 🤣 💀 NLE just went to clean his chain and window shop Baby iced out though fr 🥶

  • Cjayy_100
    Cjayy_100 2 years ago +8

    I love how the jewel maker gets the handshake 5:51

  • Neel
    Neel Year ago +41

    NLE Choppa casually going to Atlanta just to get a tattoo and then going back the next day. Man just living the life

  • MikeVidTl
    MikeVidTl Year ago +11

    Imagine you just walk into a jewelry store for fun and you just see NLE and Lil Baby

  • Flee Grizzly
    Flee Grizzly Year ago +368

    lil baby looked at choppa Lil ass chain an immediately tried to look away before choppa caught him 😂

  • FC Jimmy
    FC Jimmy Year ago +11

    The duo we didn’t ask for but needed

  • re az
    re az 2 months ago +3

    Back when NLE was not yet full of tattoos 😂

  • Reaction Therapy
    Reaction Therapy 2 years ago +1210

    NLE walking in the store like it’s the 1st mission on GTA: San Andreas.

    • Elijah Roland
      Elijah Roland 2 years ago

      Here we go again lol

    • yyyd
      yyyd 2 years ago


    • Shay’Lee
      Shay’Lee 2 years ago +1


    • Sean Maz
      Sean Maz 2 years ago +1


    • DoovPlayz
      DoovPlayz 2 years ago +13

      @J Royals "grove street, home, at least it was before I fucked everything up"

  • Isaac Singer
    Isaac Singer 2 years ago +68

    Bro the way the jeweler guy Julio just perfectly daps him up is impressive

  • wesley h
    wesley h Year ago +84

    It low key looked like nle was gonna ask him for a feat but got nervous

    • YEET
      YEET 10 months ago +6

      bro he was already collabin on the shotta flow remix at this time

  • Nutlord
    Nutlord 2 years ago +8

    This just makes me smile right here. Great shit, man.

  • Siah
    Siah 2 years ago +3

    this man's dedicated to his job i respect him for that

  • Itz Corey
    Itz Corey 2 years ago +30

    NLE:Rich af. Also NLE:Shops for jewelry with a tank top and shorts

  • L'A
    L'A 9 months ago +1

    8:51 lil baby response got me weak

  • Sunkissed Nae
    Sunkissed Nae Year ago +2

    I love NLE and the jeweler man’s energy, I feel like they’d make some master pieces together. Or at least they know how to talk someone into buying Lol.

  • IcyWinterX
    IcyWinterX Year ago


  • Tyler Willis
    Tyler Willis 8 months ago

    That single narrow road was so good. There voices work so well together they need to make more songs

  • Joshlewisgsy
    Joshlewisgsy Year ago +970

    choppa is so good #walkemdown

    • Yo Yo
      Yo Yo 9 months ago

      Josh tell Harry to upload and you upload were waiting😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • k M
      k M 10 months ago

      I’m a rapper but I’m just a kid

    • k M
      k M 10 months ago

      No da na baby

    • k M
      k M 10 months ago

      What did you say you I like your cut G

    • k M
      k M 10 months ago

      Lil baby’s. is Fire fire

  • Jkeys Official
    Jkeys Official Year ago

    keep up the good work!

  • TJAYN20
    TJAYN20 Year ago

    This how it be when you run into your friend at the store 😂

  • Lyrical Train
    Lyrical Train 2 years ago +1640

    Jewelery: *exists*
    Choppa: “That [EXPLETIVE] hard!”

    • real recognize real
      real recognize real 4 months ago +1


    • emanuel bouhe
      emanuel bouhe 2 years ago +1


    • Milez Awxy
      Milez Awxy 2 years ago +16

      Rapper: exist
      Video editor: “That [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE] hard!”

    • Imani
      Imani 2 years ago +13

      Or “That [EXPLETIVE] hard as hell!”

    • Aastors
      Aastors 2 years ago +2

      I'm weak 💀

  • pyrombg
    pyrombg Year ago +1

    he really done came a long way

  • Prestin Kim
    Prestin Kim Year ago +19

    lil baby's literally just going shoppin at his local grocery store

  • Andrew Sani
    Andrew Sani 2 years ago +3

    The fact that NLE is still a minor always shocks me

  • Howard Maine
    Howard Maine Year ago +56

    06:59 there was no trust there between them 😂 if you know you know

    • IDGAF
      IDGAF Year ago +1

      Tell me about it

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 years ago +8377

    Lil baby looking like he just stopped by to do some standard grocery shopping :/

    • Donnovan Brown
      Donnovan Brown 2 years ago

      @Arion shut up anime

    • Mrcooltroll Maxi
      Mrcooltroll Maxi 2 years ago

      @IG: Antisocialvonte wtf you mean "A sinner" everybody sins now and there.

    • IG: Antisocialvonte
      IG: Antisocialvonte 2 years ago +1

      YGN Light I use to be a sinner is 2020 I found god he off my yack

  • Kyileaaa !!!
    Kyileaaa !!! Year ago +1

    Lmaoo the way he got in that girls face and didnt say anything had me dead🤣.

  • Rightly So
    Rightly So 9 months ago +1

    still watin on that shotta flow lil baby remix. 3 albums later

  • YRN
    YRN 11 months ago +2

    Normal person: never been to ice box
    Lil baby: goes to icebox every week

  • Timmy Wyatt
    Timmy Wyatt Year ago +1

    If I were to get 1 dollar for every time NLE said hard or so hard I’d be rich

  • JTG
    JTG 2 years ago +4258

    Choppa’s girl didn’t lift her eyes from the phone until she heard Lil Baby’s voice. Then the phone disappeared lmao

  • Halie Estrada
    Halie Estrada Year ago +45

    This was a year ago, I’m amazed by how many more tattoos he has.

  • Doodle Amusement
    Doodle Amusement Year ago +16

    When the pandemic ends, it’s gonna be very weird going somewhere without a mask

      BASED KAISER Year ago

      I just don't wear one as long as their isn't a mandate.

  • Zayy Savvo
    Zayy Savvo Year ago +4

    Lookin at chop now compared to a year ago he really up there came along way💯

  • Addictive HQ
    Addictive HQ 2 years ago +42

    NLE Choppa couldn’t even get his bro’s some AirPods damn

  • DS Produced It
    DS Produced It Year ago +10

    Hope y'all get rich one day 💚

  • SelfMadePop
    SelfMadePop 2 years ago

    Will is so awkward but he give off good energy😂😂

  • Chaotic
    Chaotic Year ago

    im going to icebox now i wanna run into some rappers 😂

  • Adventurous life of Zyron

    Nle blessed God made it happen right place at the right time i love it

  • Greatness
    Greatness 2 years ago +2093

    “Catch me in Atlanta no security with my jewelry” -Lil Baby

    • Biggs 215
      Biggs 215 2 years ago

      NoCap cue boosie clip on vlad

    • dhuho ossman
      dhuho ossman 2 years ago

      Jay mike no icebox security Literally millions of dollars of jewelry is right there

    • Official Rezzy Bankz
      Official Rezzy Bankz 2 years ago

      when you have god on your side & you know he with you .. you have NOTHING to worry about 💯

    • Atlanta Falcons
      Atlanta Falcons 2 years ago

      UltimateG If you live in the city then none of this is a surprise

    • Ethan Neff
      Ethan Neff 2 years ago

      BTYTWWTS “If I put it in my song, I seen or been through it”- lil baby

  • Hnyz Customz
    Hnyz Customz 10 months ago

    Literally everyone runs into lil baby at icebox😂 he goes almost everyday

  • 2𝙢𝙖𝐫𝐚….

    He seem so chill.... luv that guy

  • Kevin Castillo
    Kevin Castillo 2 years ago

    This man got on a bathing suit and a tank top shopping for jewelry 😂😂😂

  • Chaser
    Chaser 2 years ago

    7:31 is what you came for

  • first last
    first last 2 years ago +5

    dude asking all them questions in the beginning like he really care, plus he was giving those "yo das crazy" responses 🤣

  • SimonBeatz
    SimonBeatz Year ago +1

    How to meet your favorite rapper: go to an icebox in Atlanta and wait

  • KinchionBennie Kinchion


  • Angel Marie
    Angel Marie Year ago

    Lil baby just chilling like hes food shopping😂

  • Jesus Jesus
    Jesus Jesus 2 years ago +313

    I like how NLE Choppa’s crew’s dress code consists of tank tops 😂

  • Simrith Parekh
    Simrith Parekh Year ago +3

    After shoppin they bout to hit da narrow road ✊

  • シOptical
    シOptical Year ago

    Isnt it awesome that they made a song together

  • YB Tøne
    YB Tøne Year ago

    7:30 is what you came for

  • qwzerty_
    qwzerty_ 4 months ago

    These 2, and NLE and Polo G, are my favourites duos

  • ThatCoasterGuy
    ThatCoasterGuy Year ago +487

    Who is here after NLE dropped Narrow Road with lil baby?

    • Tha Goated DZ 🥷🔫
      Tha Goated DZ 🥷🔫 Year ago

      @Giovanny Duarte just saying fam

    • Tha Goated DZ 🥷🔫
      Tha Goated DZ 🥷🔫 Year ago

      @Giovanny Duarte my mom played it before i knew this vid existed

    • racha south
      racha south Year ago

      fa‘sho .

    • bgmount14
      bgmount14 Year ago


    • KP13 LOL
      KP13 LOL Year ago

      @Giovanny Duarte They never said that went straight to this video after they saw the song. They mean after they saw the song they saw this video eventually. U making no sense

  • Marcos Bensadon
    Marcos Bensadon 2 years ago

    5:50 handshake smooth as fuck

  • Princess_Heaven_
    Princess_Heaven_ 2 years ago

    7:30 is the part y’all lookin for

  • Cassidy Varona
    Cassidy Varona Year ago

    OMG! It's been my dream to meet NLE Choppa. I know all his songs and I know how to rap to some of them. But I live all the way in England. :(

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 2 years ago +1237

    Dude walked in a jewelry store with a tank top on and some shorts

  • recoilredd
    recoilredd 2 years ago +1

    Lmao he was true with his words when he said he was getting "sleeve" of tattoos.

  • Lithuanian Anomaly
    Lithuanian Anomaly 2 years ago

    I love the seller, he dosen't want to make you buy and this and that, he just shows him around, and he's pretty humble.

  • alena
    alena 2 years ago +2

    bro imagine having 2 huge rappers in there at the same time. i swear i’d faint i’d be so geeked 😂😂

    • alena
      alena Year ago

      Smurf okay and?? they’re famous, i’d be so excited to meet them

    • Smurf
      Smurf Year ago

      they're just normal people.....

    • alena
      alena 2 years ago

      Karabo Dhlamini wym 😂😂😂 baby is one of the top rappers rn n everyone know about nle

    • Saint Pablo
      Saint Pablo 2 years ago +1

      HUGE???smh🤦🏼‍♂️😒get tf Out

  • Mywand123
    Mywand123 Year ago +35

    No one:
    NLE: them go hard as hell

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 2 years ago +2852

    Choppa throughout the whole video: “These hard as hell!”

  • 神hxzim
    神hxzim Year ago

    7:30 this is what ur here for

  • JdGraffixx
    JdGraffixx 2 years ago +2

    Without will the other jewellers would have no clue what to say

  • Edgey Gaming
    Edgey Gaming Year ago +67

    I've seen this on my recommended for that past 9 months, and I'm just about to watch it

  • Lxst
    Lxst Year ago

    Imagine if:

  • Alvarez
    Alvarez 2 years ago +2453

    Guess Iil baby meant it when he said
    “Catch me in Atlanta with my Jewelry no security”😂🔥

    • C
      C 2 years ago

      Eli Baby u are a legend Fck what these other guys said 😂😂

    • Ryan Ford
      Ryan Ford 2 years ago

      He made it off this 😂

    • Hardcore Gamer
      Hardcore Gamer 2 years ago

      Zavala 💀💀

    • alejandro delvalle Dominguez
      alejandro delvalle Dominguez 2 years ago +2


  • tristxn_0
    tristxn_0 Year ago

    Take a shot every time nle says something's hard

  • Imagez
    Imagez Year ago

    I like how the Jewelry guy started talking like nle at the end

  • Ndn420
    Ndn420 Year ago +1

    Lil baby was all normal at first then he was all suited up like iron man at the end

  • Lewis Fairweather
    Lewis Fairweather Year ago +1

    is when Lil baby comes in, ur welcome

  • A Guitar
    A Guitar 2 years ago +1

    Lmao the funny part at the end

  • GOAT
    GOAT Year ago +11

    This is how many times NLE choppa said "Hell yeah"

  • Panda4284
    Panda4284 Year ago +3

    it's mad cuz 11 months later they ended up making a song with eachother 🤯

  • WetRee
    WetRee Year ago

    baby chilling like he getting his weekly haircut 😂

  • Derran Clarke
    Derran Clarke Year ago +3

    That’s so hard how lil baby just rock up by him self

  • Chillin Christian
    Chillin Christian Year ago +4

    I guess this Is how they made “Narrow Road!” 😂😂

  • Alex Garfias
    Alex Garfias Year ago

    5:00 look how he didnt even try actin he didnt have the chain on but he gave it back

  • Yung Kota
    Yung Kota Year ago +1

    Back when nle choppa wasn’t covered in tattoos ‼️

  • go low
    go low Year ago

    Both had good vibes

  • OnyXX💨
    OnyXX💨 Year ago

    Thumbnail had me weak😂