Delegation Legislation Administrative Tribunals

  • Published on Dec 28, 2017
  • Subject:Political Science
    Paper:Public Policy, Governance and Indian Administration

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  • Laraib Ch
    Laraib Ch 4 months ago

    Lecture is effective . But we want to learn .sorry 🙏.

  • Munagala Aaron
    Munagala Aaron 4 months ago

    Fuck your videos

    RISHIKESH YADAV 4 months ago

    Jab bolna slide se hi hai toh Kya fayda

  • Bonjo Sharma
    Bonjo Sharma 6 months ago

    Learn to appreciate everyone

  • Akhilesh Singh
    Akhilesh Singh 6 months ago +2

    These teachers are simply eating public funds by getting paid for such crap videos in which they are simply reading the slides in 2x speed like any small child.

  • Think Cool
    Think Cool 7 months ago +1

    Would you please tell us specifically the details about the CONDITIONAL LEGISLATION?.

    PRAVEEN KUMAR 10 months ago


  • ik kh
    ik kh Year ago

    good reading lol

  • unaiza khan
    unaiza khan Year ago +2

    Useless n time wasting video she is just reading.. We can also do that..

    VIBHUBATMAN Year ago

    That is not the right Salmond, that's Alex Salmond (former first minister of Scotland).

  • Niva Debbarma
    Niva Debbarma Year ago +1

    plz make vdo all about administrative law

  • vivek jain
    vivek jain Year ago

    Too many errors in the text and speech.