I can't believe THIS killed my PC...

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • I almost rage quit this video lol
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  • Morgan Shein
    Morgan Shein 8 hours ago

    Yo guys,
    I need some advice
    So I’m getting this new gaming pc this month
    And it has pretty much everything
    Except for a water cooling system
    Is it bad or is it gonna be fine without a water cooling system?

  • Shauny Boi
    Shauny Boi 2 days ago

    Don’t worry my pc would turn off when I switched the hdmi cord and it was fine

  • Mehmetali Bayram
    Mehmetali Bayram 8 days ago

    PC Gamers be like: my pc is throttling, its overheating and its toasting. But I think that I have some overclocking headroom lets overclock it.

  • Biowolf
    Biowolf 11 days ago

    this happened to my dell tower it seemed to turn on and just wouldn't do anything 7:12

  • Blake Saul
    Blake Saul 11 days ago

    Leave the case outside in direct sunlight, should get rid of the yellowing

  • Marco Bruno
    Marco Bruno 13 days ago

    its the case that is not grounded

  • Dr. Strange
    Dr. Strange 15 days ago +1

    I just cracked my tooth because my ipad fell on it 😂🤣

  • RockShow_Gamer
    RockShow_Gamer 15 days ago

    mine 8th gen oof

  • alprazolam1mgs
    alprazolam1mgs 15 days ago +3

    Why do all the tech channels always have an Asian dude working in the backround?

  • MS F
    MS F 15 days ago

    background music is Tei by Ooyy

  • Fîñdräîñ Çhæî
    Fîñdräîñ Çhæî 17 days ago

    Austin, could you make a video on REAL DIY LAPTOP? I'm pretty sure your view will turn up¬

  • Mike Stavola
    Mike Stavola 23 days ago

    I started modding cases before this old case was made, so I can give advice on how it would have been modded in the early 2000s. Drill holes in the 3-1/2" bay covers, remove the filters, use higher velocity fans, fit a 96mm fan in the back, and cut intake fan holes in the side cover, using 80mm fans and those chrome wire grilles. You'll need a drill with a cone bit and a hole saw to pull it off. and some server fans. You'll see some decent numbers with cooling, but also the sound of an airliner taxiing whenever you turn it on.

  • Daniel Purdy
    Daniel Purdy 23 days ago

    Heck yeah, love myself some beep code when it isn't my machine making them

  • dylan aspect
    dylan aspect 24 days ago

    What Austin sees:hi
    What we seeing computer language:ԺԺԲעՎɧՌԾՅעՏաՅʍρ

  • Frederator 2008
    Frederator 2008 24 days ago

    Rip old boi

  • bxndit
    bxndit 24 days ago

    this happened to me when I was building my pc. the dp/hdmi wasn't showing up on the monitor

  • Kdjg e Ndfkkfkfkc
    Kdjg e Ndfkkfkfkc 25 days ago


  • Mitchell Starkey
    Mitchell Starkey 28 days ago

    Can I have the pc

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas 29 days ago

    Had a similar issue about 3 years ago had a Asus formala z motherboard that would not display any picture for like 2 weeks kept getting error 4d that didn't exist in the manual and all I did was put in a 256mb gpu and it booted then re inserted my gtx 750 and it worked

  • Gowa Bentvra
    Gowa Bentvra 29 days ago

    Компьютер также ну ты ерунда хватит

  • GoodGuy
    GoodGuy 29 days ago

    I get bullied at school because I look like Austin powers apparently

  • Cameron De Bruin
    Cameron De Bruin Month ago

    Anyone else wonder why all tech guys have a Chinese guy do help

  • Trippy Codeine
    Trippy Codeine Month ago

    Atleast change the case.. The thing is older than u

  • not sweating
    not sweating Month ago

    i've had this problem before. i did everything you did, but nothing. turns out gpu was bad card, and had to buy new gpu.

  • xd Nice
    xd Nice Month ago

    Can you do givewaways on some of your unsused pc's?

  • acidtone
    acidtone Month ago

    Where is the tiny ass sleeve store u shop at?

  • shichi0815
    shichi0815 Month ago

    20th pin in DP is a bitch

  • Adam Lee
    Adam Lee Month ago

    Ken needs a little pc experience. Chicken wire isn't really suitable to stop dust, it'll definitely stop chickens though.

  • Clifton Blackburn
    Clifton Blackburn Month ago

    How do you have so many viewers? I guess they're all kids? I just unsubscribed your content is not for me.

  • Amelie Valette
    Amelie Valette Month ago

    wtf really xS the pc BIP and you suppose "the display is the problem" (-O-") what the heck really

    • Amelie Valette
      Amelie Valette Month ago

      The motherboard Always show you a led for know what is wrong...

  • maximillianMus
    maximillianMus Month ago

    Yikes, only 4.8GHz on a 9700k

  • Terry Bourg
    Terry Bourg Month ago

    Guys come on mark out and drill some wholes in the bottom of the case and and a fan

  • Malicious Affection

    Bruh... MY POWER CABLE kept my PC from posting. Idk what happened but all the lights went on, it posted twice, but never launch windows... Now that I switched it, it's working fine

  • SynthGD
    SynthGD Month ago

    This felt like greys anatomy but it’s tech

  • Ezio assasin
    Ezio assasin Month ago

    Instead of trying to make better the case and spend more money Just get a New pc case

  • Christian Marinkovich
    Christian Marinkovich Month ago +2

    this whole video is LITERALLY me when i built my own pc.... having unimaginable errors

  • omri perez
    omri perez Month ago

    14:14 The cable deserves this

  • Dragon Slayer7324
    Dragon Slayer7324 Month ago

    Anyone else think that tonk was asmr

  • Fred King
    Fred King Month ago

    Ram issue

  • The World
    The World Month ago

    If a error code starts with a long beep it means from motherboard and maybe 1 long and 3 short cpu im not sure but its coming from the motherboard

  • Jonathan Leigh
    Jonathan Leigh Month ago

    He using LTT cable ties

  • José Neto
    José Neto Month ago

    Welcome to the suport work.

  • Lemonade Stand
    Lemonade Stand Month ago +2

    imagine if the *KEN SMACK* fixed the issue

  • Luis San
    Luis San Month ago

    True moral. My dumbass use to clean my pc internals every month with air compressor, and on a beautiful weekend i decided to lazy out and clean it with my vacum. Now i dont have a pc anymore because something killed it, i dont know what harware died in it but now i dont care im just saving up to buy a laptop instead.

  • KetchupGuy Official

    Kinda clickbait...

  • Tony Zhu
    Tony Zhu Month ago

    DP Cable Shorting is a thing. Happened to me with a Dell SFF PC before.

  • Conor Coffey1
    Conor Coffey1 Month ago

    my power supply is only 550 in my pc that im building anyone know a brand i can upgrade to?

  • Brainpop14
    Brainpop14 Month ago +1

    If you need more cooling, maybe add some perforations into the side panel and put some fans on there.

  • Fortnite Stove
    Fortnite Stove Month ago

    Where did you put the cable?

  • gabriel wyvern
    gabriel wyvern Month ago

    That cable is like F#*% AUSTIN!

  • burtobm
    burtobm Month ago

    Hey Austin this is guys

  • Josh Malley
    Josh Malley Month ago

    i have a dell optiplex 780 original mother board with NO GRAPHICS CARD an it connects to my monitor with a 20 ft hdmi cable smh

  • My Name Is Himawari Uzumaki

    that asian looking assistant? where he's from?

  • Luca Pilling
    Luca Pilling Month ago

    Put mesh instead of the side panel

  • SnowGlitchYT
    SnowGlitchYT Month ago

    My gpu reaches like i dunno 80+ degrees celcius and im just...... Not doing anything about it

  • Jason Malan
    Jason Malan Month ago +1

    Bro why u have a $30 Uber from your eyes to your hairline

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F Month ago

    Come on man...3D print some covers for those old drive bays.

  • Luis Guzman Windows Support

    the rtx 2080ti supports 4k but it has issues with hdmi 2.1 displays

  • Ali Zohair Nayani
    Ali Zohair Nayani Month ago +2

    Title Should Be "Inside The Retro" or "Retro Redux"

  • flipsideca
    flipsideca Month ago

    lol.. maybe it's a LTT DP cable.