Which Area in London Should You Live in? | Living in London Series

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Find out how to choose which area/neighbourhood to live in when moving to London, based on your budget and what you want out of your London neighbourhood. This video will tell you how to find the areas that will suit you best so you can enjoy living in London.
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Comments • 179

  • viadil Nasim
    viadil Nasim 6 days ago

    Is mile end safe? Im going there on 25 october.

  • aucourant
    aucourant 18 days ago

    Sometimes not so 'good' areas have little pockets that are great and the opposite. For example, there are some really rough areas in posh Islington where I really wouldn't want to live and some great areas near the canal and parks in the poorest borough Tower Hamlets that I would want to live in.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  17 days ago +1

      which is why you always have to go and check out an area for yourself before choosing !

  • Annabel Louise
    Annabel Louise Month ago

    Great video as per usual 😀

    SHAYLYN GARRINGER Month ago +3

    I've lived in London all my life quite nice tbh

  • HRBFC Josh
    HRBFC Josh Month ago

    Not Hounslow

  • Dina J
    Dina J Month ago +1

    I live in south London

  • makka issak
    makka issak 2 months ago

    I live north west is best i live one of the safest and has not that much crime

  • Itz
    Itz 2 months ago +4

    I live in E1 London for my whole life

    • Momo-San
      Momo-San 17 days ago

      @Jolijn B i used to live in E1

    • Jolijn B
      Jolijn B 17 days ago

      @Momo-San it's really nice, close to Brick Lane market and close to Tower Bridge. Such a great area.

    • Momo-San
      Momo-San 17 days ago

      @Jolijn B shame.

    • Jolijn B
      Jolijn B 17 days ago

      Hey just moved to e1! Haha

    • Itz
      Itz 2 months ago +1

      AdzzXYZ yeah but I'm Bengali myself, but they're are some Bad Bengaliz

  • Harald de Vries
    Harald de Vries 3 months ago +2

    London is one of the safest and best cities to live in thanks to Sadiq Khan, the greatest mayor ever. I love London.

  • Clapped Speed
    Clapped Speed 3 months ago

    I’m from E12

  • haider hameed
    haider hameed 3 months ago

    Hackney, Dalston, Ilford, Brixton, these are the most safest and quitest areas in London, 😊

  • Fethi Hamoudi
    Fethi Hamoudi 3 months ago +2

    E10 ?? Anyone here 😂

  • bernie guy
    bernie guy 4 months ago +1

    Does NW come under North London ?

  • Moksh channel
    Moksh channel 4 months ago +2


  • MZ Channel
    MZ Channel 4 months ago +1

    I agree that most Londoners identify with the area they live in. Many of them call their areas by the name of the nearest tube station.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  4 months ago +1

      Yup. And lots of East vs West and North Vs South action ;)

  • Paul Lewis
    Paul Lewis 4 months ago +4

    Richmond/Kew is the ideal area. On the Thames River, Richmond Great Park, not far from Heathrow and Surrey countryside, 25 minutes on the tube to central London. Oh there`s a catch, it`s very expensive property wise but I guess that figures - lol.

    • zheng gong
      zheng gong 3 months ago

      Kew means Kew Garden?what's the postcode?

  • Kenyan Qween
    Kenyan Qween 5 months ago +3

    I'm only 13 buhh I wanna move to Birmingham, England

    • ItsJustSam
      ItsJustSam 5 months ago +4

      Fuckin hell you good deep thoughts moving there.

  • SunKissed
    SunKissed 5 months ago

    Your videos are bomb!! Thank you! Can you do a best uni's in London for international students video?

    • Love and London
      Love and London  5 months ago +1

      Thank you so much! Didn't go to uni in London plus "best" will depend on your budget, what you want to study, etc.

  • Oscar Tyquise Watson
    Oscar Tyquise Watson 6 months ago

    Mans from Acton west london

  • can we get this channel to 10,000 subscribers


    • TraumaStorma
      TraumaStorma Month ago

      @Paul Lewis I have a Hotel in Mayfair..................... and a "Get out of Jail card"

    • Paul Lewis
      Paul Lewis 4 months ago

      Mayfair? No way!!

  • M Scott
    M Scott 6 months ago

    Pimlico is very nice and central. Good shopping and transport links. Many of the houses are by Cubitt and look like the houses in Belgravia, but cheaper. I see comments on here to avoid south London. Whilst that is true in many areas, there are pockets like Blackheath and Dunwich, which are very handsome. Transport can be a bit difficult and you are unlikely to get a black cab to make the journey.

    • M Scott
      M Scott 6 months ago +1

      Love and London I didn't mean your comments. I lived at the Paragon in Blackheath for a while, and loved being so close to the open space there. Getting home late was hard unless I had the car. Moved to 'The Grid' in Pimlico after that. Ten minutes walk to work, the Sainsbury's Market in Wilton Road and the Waitrose in West Halkin Street and Poilane in Elizabeth Street made catering easy. Really handy for Victoria Station too.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  6 months ago

      I definitely do not say to avoid South London, there are plenty of great areas, like you said. That's why I tell everyone you need to go see an area for yourself!

  • Thomas FclC
    Thomas FclC 7 months ago

    SE22 Anyone?

  • Villager Knight
    Villager Knight 8 months ago +4

    North-west London is the best.

  • D Yousefi
    D Yousefi 8 months ago +2

    Really thanks you saved my life

  • ivolloxy
    ivolloxy 8 months ago

    The Docklands are actually amazing, and suburban SW London (not the town centres Croydon/Sutton/Kingston), mainly the outside areas generally on the London border like Belmont, the amazing links beyond Purley and the cool village like areas beyond Kingston towards Chessington

    RFK_KFC 8 months ago +3

    why would you ever wanna live in south London

  • lee farrell
    lee farrell 8 months ago +5

    Lived in East Londom nearly 2 years. Love it 😊 Full of character.

  • MrTSK27
    MrTSK27 9 months ago +12

    I lived 9 years in London. Agree the commute is vital....

  • Jumping Dolphin
    Jumping Dolphin 10 months ago

    Any ideas if Lewisham is worth living ?

    • Nihilistcentral UK
      Nihilistcentral UK 2 months ago


    • Manny Fabin
      Manny Fabin 7 months ago

      Jumping Dolphin Lewisham's cool. You have diverse range from Brockley to Blackheath (bordering Greenwich)....good travel hub too...nice buzz to it. Used to live there with my wife (before kids) then moved to Bromley.

  • Sasha White
    Sasha White 10 months ago +7

    I've lived in Camden and Islington and they're really central + interesting areas

  • Darren Krock
    Darren Krock 11 months ago

    So I guess living in Westminster or near Buckingham Palace is out of the question. How bout the near Paddington Station, Wembley Stadium or Heathrown Airport?

    • munstergirl25
      munstergirl25 9 months ago

      Living in Pimlico is actually not impossible and that's walkable to Westminster. you Need to budget more though and be aware that you sacrifice floor space for location. you can certainly live near Heathrow (hounslow) but unless you Work in that area i would not recommend.

  • Wing Sin
    Wing Sin 11 months ago

    I’ve lived in seven sisters, hampstead, West Hampstead and barking. Best one by far is seven sisters lol

  • Lava Yuki
    Lava Yuki 11 months ago

    My cousins live outside London in Roydon and commute in, but their commute is over an hour with two or three train changes. For me a safe quiet area would be priority over commute time

  • Sherrine
    Sherrine 11 months ago

    balham in wandsworth borough is very high demanding .very good neighbourhoud we all connected to each other by next door site .eveything in one place from bank clinic shops restaurant to park .we call it small london .all nationality is our neighbours from Americans to mexican to african to asian to muslim .mosque and church temple .im in love with my balham

  • Arav 8 ball pool
    Arav 8 ball pool Year ago +1

    U know if you dont have a london pcode and still in a london borough, within zone 6, have a telephone no of 020 or within the M25

  • Arav 8 ball pool
    Arav 8 ball pool Year ago

    Hey where is IG postcode
    Btw im from barkingside

  • ms d
    ms d Year ago

    Hi!I'd like to ask what are the things I should consider before accepting a job offer in Uk.Thank u!

    • Liam
      Liam Month ago

      If they're paying you lower than 25k reject it.

  • Andrew Mack
    Andrew Mack Year ago

    As an East London guy (not a cockney though), I have to say that the good parts of East London are quite small 'pockets'. There's much more of the area that I wouldn't advise anyone to live in if they have a choice.

  • Z A
    Z A Year ago +2


  • Johan Rijhkelaar
    Johan Rijhkelaar Year ago

    I first lived in Camberwell SouthEast close to Burgess Park it was a good area and never had any troubles there even though it’s considered to be dangerous for some , im now in SouthWest and loving it, super nice vibes, quite neighbourhood and very close to central London so whenever I want to go to the West Side and The City for some nice chills it’s really close

  • JR Corporation
    JR Corporation Year ago

    Last year i lived in N8 Turnpike now i live in N22 Wood Green. I worked in Bankside, Aldwych near Covent Garden and Arnos Grove.

  • Live love life Londoners

    I'll be joining Kingston uni most probably by Jan 2019 where should I go for accomodations. Where I can save some bucks in my accomodation expenses. Please guide me with the area and budgeting.

  • Ashraf Ahmed
    Ashraf Ahmed Year ago

    I need good education for my children. Which location do you suggest?

  • Par1s4
    Par1s4 Year ago +1

    What do you think about Canary Wharf?

  • Angelo Rosamiran
    Angelo Rosamiran Year ago +2

    I'm planning to live in Chiswick. Any suggestion?

    • Jolijn B
      Jolijn B 17 days ago

      I lived there for a year! Quite beautiful, but doesn't really feel like London and very expensive

  • Wayne Hagler
    Wayne Hagler Year ago

    My wife and I are considering moving to London for a couple of years to start our retirement, and are looking into Croydon, fairly close to East Croydon station. I know it's a ways away from central London, but easy enough to get there as transport options are good. Have you heard anything, good or bad, about the area? Naturally we'd be spending a fair bit of time there (and other places) before moving, but anything you've heard or experienced would be appreciated.
    Love your work, so much good and valuable information. Thanks!

    • Villager Knight
      Villager Knight 8 months ago +1

      Wayne Hagler Please be carful. There are normally people holding pocket knives and stabbing.

    • Soukaina Lazar
      Soukaina Lazar 10 months ago

      Wimbledon or Kingston

    • Bala Raju
      Bala Raju Year ago

      Wayne Hagler I have lived there , it can be crowded and ok for office goers,would recommended Wimbledon for retirement

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago +1

      Hey Wayne, everyone's impressions of areas are totally subjective and relative, so my opinion is fairly invaluable to you. You're going to do exactly what I recommend- -- go check out the area yourself before committing to anything :)

  • burhan shah
    burhan shah Year ago +4

    SW is the best. As I have lived there and I recommend.

  • Sally Starz
    Sally Starz Year ago +2

    I lived in Kensington - it was lovely. Now in Texas. Vastly different worlds.

  • Tino Rozzo
    Tino Rozzo Year ago +1

    Homerton Hackney

  • zoe Mam
    zoe Mam Year ago +8

    Est London. Family friendly :)

  • martin shelton
    martin shelton Year ago +1

    Great Informations.

  • David Tsang
    David Tsang Year ago +4

    Clayhall in North East London is nice.

  • Saphia Majeed
    Saphia Majeed Year ago +3

    Elephant and Castle

  • kamil L
    kamil L Year ago +2

    Would you be so kind and tell me what sound did you use for this movie. Please, please, please... 👏😉

  • Silvia Lohr
    Silvia Lohr Year ago

    Is it worth to own a car in London to commute to work/school? Is it expensive?

    • David Tsang
      David Tsang Year ago

      It's better to take public transport or ride a bike. Too much traffic on the roads and you have to pay the Congestion Charge

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago +1

      I wouldn't recommend it. Most people take public transport, walk, or bike.

  • Forever And Ever
    Forever And Ever Year ago

    Opinions on Tower Hamlets? Heard it's an upbeat and trendy with good bars. That's all I know but how is the transport links and is it safe?

    • Forever And Ever
      Forever And Ever Year ago

      Love and London Thanks for the reply 👍

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago

      Hey! Honestly, everyone's opinion would be different so you need to visit for yourself.

    • Forever And Ever
      Forever And Ever Year ago

      I live quite far away from London more South West England but would like the city life but I just need an opinion instead of me travelling there.

  • Jeffrey Williams
    Jeffrey Williams Year ago +12

    Excuse my ignorance here, but I never knew any Americans lived south of the river. I have never lived south and have no plans to do so in the future, started off in NW London and then East. I lived in Dalston, E8 for 23 years and one of my neighbours for a few years was American writer Louise Stern, I didn’t know who she was until I saw her photo in the Sunday newspaper regarding her book. And I recall seeing Lady Gaga going to a house party one Sunday morning who appeared to be very down to earth and pleasant lady, definitely not full of herself.
    My only advice to anyone planning to move to London is stay somewhere were your neighbours “actually speak to you”, I have heard in some parts of London there are people who never acknowledge their neighbours or even speak with them. If you are looking at a flat and the neighbours don’t make eye contact or give a pleasant greeting on passing, suggest you try elsewhere. Nearly all my neighbours know me by my first name, take in packages for me no problem and look out for my property when I am away. In fact for several years I exchanged keys with my neighbour and in all at time I had no concerns, whatsoever! Having good neighbours is better than any type of house alarm.

    • Do you mind
      Do you mind 8 months ago

      I live in SE22 and the next door neighbour is American. And we do talk. Just saying !

    • Jeffrey Williams
      Jeffrey Williams Year ago

      It is well known there are many parts of London where neighbours typically just don’t talk to one another. A foriegn West and south-west a couple of examples. The east and some parts of north London have always had a reputation of having sociable neighbourhoods.
      Up until the 90’s from my past experience the majority of Americans in south part of London were typically South Americans. Visit Elephant and Castle at New Year and it was like parts of Miami, all Brazilians, Colombians and Venezuela other South Americans.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago +4

      Americans live everywhere in London :) And I love the idea of having good neighbors but I think with the way things are these days, most people would never find a place that works for them if they were looking specifically for neighbors they can be sure they'd get to know well. Londoners just tend to keep to themselves. Love hearing your story! So cool you've been here for so long.

  • Veryka Washington verykawashingtonwint


  • Prince Verma
    Prince Verma Year ago

    Wow video dear

  • Brandon Ram
    Brandon Ram Year ago +5

    I live in South East England. Heh