10 TERRRIFYING Shark Encounters Caught On Tape

  • Published on Jul 26, 2017
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    Summertime is here, and that means it is time to hit the beach! If you are a fan of frolicking in the surf, you may just be a little more aware of your surroundings after watching this video. We all know that sharks are all over the ocean, but most of us don’t encounter them when we visit the beach, and frankly we prefer it that way! Still, they are incredible to observe in their natural habitat, we just prefer to let other people do the dirty work of gathering the footage. You can sit back in the safety of your own home and take in these ten insane shark encounters caught on tape. Watching sharks feed is a scary experience, but for one diver, it was an opportunity to get up close and personal into an actual feeding frenzy. But you do not have to get into the water to see some impressive sharks. We will show you some sharks who leapt into the air in an effort to get something tasty. A few other sharks were a bit less than coordinated and managed to collide with shark cages or boats. One shark in particular caused massive damage to a boat on purpose! Well, sort of. It’s thought that the shark mistook the rubber parts of the boat for a whale and proceeded to chow down on it. Thankfully, both the boat and the shark were okay after the encounter.
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    • Jenny ChanTack
      Jenny ChanTack 3 months ago


    • winterprism
      winterprism 3 months ago

      7:30 A foam rubber seal? Ok, so beyond tricking the shark, I'm sure that it wouldn't have been very healthy (& possibly outright dangerous) for it had it eaten it. To me that seems pretty unethical.

    • K V
      K V 5 months ago

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      Sofia Herrera 6 months ago +1

      I hate it

  • Emma Suchan
    Emma Suchan 8 hours ago

    Apparently the guy who brought the “boat” ( inflatable raft) in a place where he knows there’s sharks, didn’t think the shark could do any damage

  • mohano mm
    mohano mm 19 hours ago

    What am sure they will never visited my own clawn😂

  • Symbiote Venom
    Symbiote Venom 3 days ago +1

    This what people get to comfortable around wild animals.

  • raphael Cuddy
    raphael Cuddy 9 days ago

    the massive pointers are so graceful and brutal at the same time

  • Z Trinkella
    Z Trinkella 11 days ago

    Notice the shark pictures with the girl (which I this is Deep Blue Sea Idk) is a Sandtiger shark not a Great White. Plus the fact Sandtiger Shark is one of the least violent sharks.

  • Rebecca Sixto
    Rebecca Sixto 16 days ago

    One like to save pregnant deep blue.....

  • gorilla cookies
    gorilla cookies 16 days ago

    I have no fear of being attacked by a Shark because I dont go into the ocean. I have no fear of being attack by a lion either because I wont be on Safari at any point in my life either. But a Husband coming home from work early definitely could be something I should be concerned about because not all women who claim to be divorced are . Learned that lesson one summer afternoon in july 😉

  • gorilla cookies
    gorilla cookies 16 days ago

    I think the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis near the end of WWII and the sharks eating over 100 sailors should make it very clear that humans should definitely fear sharks !

    ELIZABETH Gray 17 days ago

    Just to say Hi

    ELIZABETH Gray 17 days ago

    U said “just to say hi”

  • Jeremy Collyer
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  • Raptor 501st
    Raptor 501st 19 days ago

    Great whites aren't apex predators...submarines are :D

  • mamadechella
    mamadechella 19 days ago +1

    HI I'm Bailey nice to meet you

  • mamadechella
    mamadechella 19 days ago

    HI I'm Bailey nice to meet y

  • nickolas fox
    nickolas fox 21 day ago

    Too much bullshit instead of the actual attacks

  • peppa is hawt
    peppa is hawt 21 day ago

    great whites aren’t a apex predator killer whales are great whites are orcas prey

  • Donte Polson
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  • XX Videos
    XX Videos 23 days ago

    Deep blue is probably in the bay when she gives birth

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    PAULY PINEAPPLE 23 days ago +1

    why is this women talking like i'm a child learning the alphabet ?

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  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer 28 days ago

    Could you have gotten a narrator with more tonal disconnect to the footage on screen?...

  • pdxeddie1111
    pdxeddie1111 29 days ago

    would I watch a shark without a cage hmmmm would I jump in the tiger enclosure at the zoo run up and say hey kitty kitty lemme pet you nice kitty

  • alle_namen_schon_vergeben

    3:38 poor sharky :(

  • Haggai Simon
    Haggai Simon Month ago

    that voice...

  • Norma jean Susaia
    Norma jean Susaia Month ago


  • Pink RIzo
    Pink RIzo Month ago

    Aren't they Beauty's 😁

  • Lost Potato ツ
    Lost Potato ツ Month ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    *drop of blood in the ocean

  • Gläzech
    Gläzech Month ago

    i disliked this vudei because it will encourage people to kill them, hurt them, and make them go extinct, then there will be no one to help the shakrs, they dont always eat humans, they are just curious fuck you all who hate them 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Tyler Kane
    Tyler Kane Month ago

    Foolish?? Whoever thinks the guy was foolish doesn't understand physics...

  • Just Me :p
    Just Me :p Month ago

    Sharks: hi🥰

  • Douglas Taggart
    Douglas Taggart Month ago

    Why do some Americans have annoying accents

  • Born Again
    Born Again Month ago

    Sharks aren't prehistoric... Billions year old universe is a lie. God created everything just like the Genesis account says. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Angel Ghost
    Angel Ghost Month ago

    *sees human*
    Shark: ...wtf is that?
    Shark: I wonder if it's food,fwend,or foe
    *gets closer*
    Human expert: *sits still* pets shark
    Shark: ooooooooooooo u r fwend

  • mads hawk
    mads hawk Month ago +1

    Keep likes odd if you like sharks and even if u don't

  • Sheza58
    Sheza58 Month ago

    Videos for idiots

  • Bread Side Up
    Bread Side Up Month ago

    Truly terrrrrrrrifying

  • 94_Freestyle x
    94_Freestyle x Month ago

    Breaking news!!!!!: deep blue was spotted in Hawaii

  • contrerados
    contrerados Month ago

    *Would you be brave enough to swim in the water with a shark? YOU FIRST!*

  • Sanity Cay Cay
    Sanity Cay Cay Month ago

    Deep Blue? More like Baby.

  • Jarah_JC
    Jarah_JC Month ago +1

    A lot of people when they put there feet over the bed they think the devil with grab the foot me I think a giant fricking shark is gonna take a big chunk out of my leg

  • nodovesflyhere
    nodovesflyhere Month ago

    This video is trash

  • AXR pavi Gaming
    AXR pavi Gaming Month ago


  • xxroblox. lover
    xxroblox. lover Month ago +1

    Omg the deep blue shark is sooo nice the nicest shark I’ve seen so far

  • Toxteth O’Grady
    Toxteth O’Grady Month ago +1

    Trump 2020

  • Deborah Lexa
    Deborah Lexa Month ago


  • Anastasia Tassis
    Anastasia Tassis Month ago

    This whole video screams cringe

  • Tbd Agl
    Tbd Agl Month ago

    0:50 this is French Guadeloupe....not Guadalupe Mexico....just sayin...

  • Arleth Maciel
    Arleth Maciel 2 months ago

    my face all the vid:😀-😅-😬-😑-🙄

  • Mike Bizz
    Mike Bizz 2 months ago

    What did I learn from this video..? 🤔

    Don't go swimming in the waters of Guadalupe, Mexico 🇲🇽.. EVER..!!

  • Mike Bizz
    Mike Bizz 2 months ago

    "He ventured out of the cage.."

    Or he stuck his head out like 4 inches while the shark was about 20 feet away..🙄

  • Ida Elmedal
    Ida Elmedal 2 months ago

    That first shark was hella cute 🥺

  • simon paris
    simon paris 2 months ago

    First shark attack in the video is not in the right picture of the island. The picture of the island in Google Maps is Guadeloupe but in Caraibe and this one is a french territor. Guadalupe is mexican and it is in pacific ocean not in caraïb sea or atlantic ocean

  • Draaztik
    Draaztik 2 months ago

    Ooo there’s 15 bull sharks and 20 tiger sharks in kill mode let’s jump in with them

  • Milky Cuw
    Milky Cuw 2 months ago

    Now I'm scared to go to our pool

  • Yandere Osana
    Yandere Osana 2 months ago

    6:46 was so cute. He tried to follow thw food. That's adorable.

  • unknown nostalgia
    unknown nostalgia 2 months ago

    The smallest thing I'll go on the ocean on is a fuckin battleship

  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis 2 months ago

    Sharks are like dogs they only bite when you touch their private parts 😂