10 TERRRIFYING Shark Encounters Caught On Tape

  • Published on Jul 26, 2017
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    Summertime is here, and that means it is time to hit the beach! If you are a fan of frolicking in the surf, you may just be a little more aware of your surroundings after watching this video. We all know that sharks are all over the ocean, but most of us don’t encounter them when we visit the beach, and frankly we prefer it that way! Still, they are incredible to observe in their natural habitat, we just prefer to let other people do the dirty work of gathering the footage. You can sit back in the safety of your own home and take in these ten insane shark encounters caught on tape. Watching sharks feed is a scary experience, but for one diver, it was an opportunity to get up close and personal into an actual feeding frenzy. But you do not have to get into the water to see some impressive sharks. We will show you some sharks who leapt into the air in an effort to get something tasty. A few other sharks were a bit less than coordinated and managed to collide with shark cages or boats. One shark in particular caused massive damage to a boat on purpose! Well, sort of. It’s thought that the shark mistook the rubber parts of the boat for a whale and proceeded to chow down on it. Thankfully, both the boat and the shark were okay after the encounter.
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    Nope never. Not me

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    Bruce is my hero

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    Baby shark do do do do baby shark do do BABBY SHARK

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    let's go into shark infested waters with a rubber boat!

  • From my point of view, you are upside down.

    The map is not from Guadalupe island, it is of Guadeloupe, Antilles.

  • Kiara Thornton
    Kiara Thornton 10 days ago

    Sharks look very scary.

  • savannah Rodriguez
    savannah Rodriguez 11 days ago

    When you look at it, humans are the top predators on earth that we know of, why be scared of swimming with a shark ? Humans aren’t in any sea animals diet, in fact we should be more afraid of dolphins being that they have a natural sexual attraction to humans and try to engage in sexual acts with them. In case anyone needs advice though, if you’re ever confronted by a shark and your life is in danger, go for the nose and the gills, if you hit them, they’re sensory with get all wonky and they’ll swim away because they’re scared and then you can swim back safely

  • Reee KID
    Reee KID 12 days ago

    Wow i am so scared being underwater

  • Kathy White
    Kathy White 12 days ago

    Coming face-to-face with a great white shark that's a big shark

  • Megan Mahoney
    Megan Mahoney 12 days ago

    shark vs shark no no no the only reason why they where fighting was that the bigger shark was trying to eat a fish the other shark was going for the same fish then the bigger shark try to fight the other shark.

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    Kalvin Abair 12 days ago

    shark: BITCH wheres my samwhich.

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    Bootiful Bear 12 days ago

    Me when I see a shark 3:12

  • Haylea Glover
    Haylea Glover 13 days ago +1

    Great whites aren’t apex, they are hunted by orcas for their livers.

  • Shark
    Shark 13 days ago

    Well I’m not that bad am i

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    Alee Myers 14 days ago

    ok who else thinks great white shark look like pit bulls

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    Wayne Howland 16 days ago

    Great whites will eat you if there hungry my advice is stay out the water

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    I will not be anywhere near sharks forever!

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    I would high five Deep Blue too. Deep Blue was beautiful and majestic!

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    Fucking Americans

  • Conspiracy Nut
    Conspiracy Nut 21 day ago

    When will that jibberish talk about "mistaken identity" finally cease? It was a theory that was debunked quite some time ago. Ask the shipwreck victims of history wether the sharks went away after one test bite....
    Stop claiming that sharks are puppies. They are large predatory fish and in case you ever end up in the open water you are at high risk of getting to know them.

  • anglekan
    anglekan 22 days ago

    If these creatures could talk they would tell us the secrets of calculus.

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    Sharks and me get along quit well I stay out of there ocean and they stay if my lawn ;)

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    I'm a shark lover 😊

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    One like one like for a other great white

    There only 2,400 left 😭😭

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    Your fucking annoying

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    While y’all watching this, the sharks are watching '10 TERRIFYING Human Encounters Caught On Tape'

  • Delaney Kidman
    Delaney Kidman 24 days ago

    Sharks aren’t apex predators killer whales are because they eat them

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    baby shark doooo doooooo so look baby shark@!!

  • TheCookieFox
    TheCookieFox 26 days ago

    I’d swim with sharks behind bars, I’m not going in open water with them

  • Aaron Woodford
    Aaron Woodford 29 days ago

    “Nothing to fear from sharks”
    Why the cage then?

  • Aaron Woodford
    Aaron Woodford 29 days ago

    “Sharks aren’t mindless killers”
    Ya just puppy dogs really...
    Unless they are hungry enough..
    Oh and maybe hundreds of pounds heavier too. 🤔

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    Katie cat 29 days ago

    baby shark dodu do dud do baby shark

  • [ex]coriation
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  • Moxy Girl
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    Also, thank you for calling them encounters, and not attacks ♥️🦈

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    Hello person scrolling down the comments I hope you have a good day

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    I like hw they make excuses for these sharks “it thought it was a whale” “it thought it was a seal” lol ya I thought that burger was a vegetable medley too sharko

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    Sofia Herrera Month ago

    I am so scared

  • Leah P-F
    Leah P-F Month ago

    There's a hook caught in the shark at 3:39, poor thing.

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    Jumpy Pancake312 Month ago

    That shark biting that boat is cute

  • Jumpy Pancake312
    Jumpy Pancake312 Month ago


  • Jacob Finch
    Jacob Finch Month ago

    Guadeloupe is not in Mexico, its an overseas territory of France. There is a Guadalupe Island off the western coast of Mexico, but the one images are shown of is not Mexico.

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    Michael Muro Month ago

    There is always a bigger fish

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    I think Deep Blue’s baby should be named Baby Blue!
    Haha puns.... okay I’ll stop.

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    Sharks are so god damn cool. Ty god, for so many wonderful creations.

  • soccer kid 5 music #3

    I love S.A. it's the best ever(i saw a few sharks)

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    With every bite that shark took out that boat you can imagine what the shark was saying
    Get... The.... Fuck... Out... My... Water

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    MultiGrain Bar Month ago

    Many sharks will most likely leave you alone as long as you’re not messing around (trying to touch them, freaking out, swimming away, etc).

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    “Don’t disturb a shark eating” those people jumped in the water and RODE him 😂

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    Well the Bruce I know is in the movie Nemo 🤭

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    take a breath, your voice is so annoying

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    This was amazing footage , thank you for sharing! !!!!❤🐳🐬🐟🐠🐚🐌

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    tallywacker_ Month ago

    after watching 47 Meters Down on Netflix the other day, the slighest look of a shark cage TERRIFIES me.

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    TessSardo Month ago

    He wasnt giving it a high five he was pushing it away

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    Stavros Scandalo Month ago +1

    Tell that sharks are friendly to the USS Indianapolis crew

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    A great white breaching is the most beautiful thing ever wtf you mean terrifying 🤣🤣.

    My dream is to see one breach ❤️❤️❤️

    • Daylon Ree Busche
      Daylon Ree Busche 6 days ago

      The only thing that is going to be breaching is it's teeth into your skull.

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    I'd totally almost get killed by a shark for a youtube video 😊

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