Advanced Ancient Technology Something Has Been Discovered That Hardly Anyone is Talking About

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • This presentation will look at some out of place things discovered at megalithic sites, including polygonal walls, Pyramids, Gobekli Tepe, spheres and the Denisovians. The first place we visit is Stonehenge, as you will see, this is a much more sophisticated stone circle than most people think, there is even evidence of stone softening at the site.
    We jump over to the Egyptian site of Aswan, home of the largest obelisk ever discovered. Some of the stone from this place was transported was distances to places such as Giza. Then we will look at strange scooping marks discovered in much ancient stonework around the world, how were they able to do this, is this evidence of a lost Ancient Technology and did it originate in Turkey?
    The site of Gobekli Tepe, which has made even mainstream historians sit up and take notice is thought to be between 12000 to 14000 years old. As with other sites, there is also evidence of stone softening and of course the strange presence of serpent iconography. T pillars are also evident at Gobelki Tepe, these are also evident in Peru, at Amuru Maru, they are even evident at Menorca. We will see examples of ancient hard stone workmanship which simply could not have been created using bronze tools. Gargantuan megalithic structures exist in these countries that defy explanation and have legends that consistently relate to the Serpent.
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  • Sarah Ainsworth
    Sarah Ainsworth 17 hours ago

    They were moved and made by giants. That came frrom fallen angles It's in the bible. Very interesting though.

  • Sonya Goughnour
    Sonya Goughnour Day ago

    Great video, informative. Where's the cover photo information? Speaker is Hugh Newman, for those who wish to check out more of his videos on this channel.

  • RedSkysAreOnFire
    RedSkysAreOnFire 2 days ago

    the metal spacers are used in modern brickwork.

  • God's Cop
    God's Cop 3 days ago

    You lose me at crop circles every time.

  • alfred quadros
    alfred quadros 6 days ago +8

    We should know who is talking. Please give credit to the speaker.

  • flymasterA
    flymasterA 6 days ago

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  • nick love
    nick love 7 days ago

    What I don't understand is if the ancients were all over the earth why didn't they bring the potato back to Europe?

    • abj
      abj 6 days ago

      They didn't like potatoes.

  • nick love
    nick love 7 days ago

    What I don't understand is if the ancients were all over the earth why didn't they bring the potato back to Europe?

  • Zak_7
    Zak_7 7 days ago

    fascinating to say the least

  • 700 Megabytes
    700 Megabytes 7 days ago

    Except this is being shown to the public...

  • Weldon Wood
    Weldon Wood 7 days ago

    Of course. You need obsured photos to draw clicks because even you question your science. Just here long enough to comment.

  • Jim McClarin
    Jim McClarin 8 days ago +1

    Gobekli Tepe is the oldest DATED megalithic site in the world but I'll wager other known sites are far older.

  • Will G.
    Will G. 10 days ago +11

    Thanks doc nine I kinda got that feeling I like this topic but don't like being tricked to watch

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis 11 days ago


  • Steven Ashford
    Steven Ashford 11 days ago

    They are not cart ruts, they are drag marks , not too advanced technology, they've just had been doing it for a very long time.

  • jim dandy
    jim dandy 12 days ago

    HUMANS working as GODS

  • Bob Capps
    Bob Capps 13 days ago

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  • robert frederick
    robert frederick 15 days ago

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  • doc nine
    doc nine 17 days ago +79

    If you're here because of the won't find it here.
    You're welcome

      THEKING SILVERADO 7 days ago +1

      I was here wondering & pondering my thoughts if the Pollaski's were the smarter race of all the Pollacks that's all....

    • doc nine
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    • rudysdream
      rudysdream 12 days ago +4

      Thanks for the info!
      We are eager for a peeled open rock. And orher unicorns.

    • Han Tor
      Han Tor 12 days ago +4

      @Slider drago thank you for saving me time

    • Slider drago
      Slider drago 13 days ago +5

      Thanks. Gave it a thunbs down. Shame they do crap like that

  • linky
    linky 17 days ago

    The nephlin were part angelic. The had superhuman power

  • Jones
    Jones 17 days ago

    Ok I only clicked on here to ask a question. Where in the world do u find ROCK HARD stone Who came up with that title

  • Adrian Collins
    Adrian Collins 18 days ago +1

    I don't think it's serpent: rather it's the birth canal, wherein the zygote travels the path from the heavens to the earthly realm.

  • Hans Hansen
    Hans Hansen 18 days ago

    38:36 the wood tels how to fly

  • Hans Hansen
    Hans Hansen 19 days ago

    27:22 it´s like the stons ar pord. it looks like pourhouls like melting todays metals. maby they had plasma or kew hou to controll it

  • Hans Hansen
    Hans Hansen 19 days ago

    the 3 pictior at 22:34 is almost the same as the hyreglyphs hver they show captiord resonance or somting like the bagdad battery or a modern kondesators

  • Hans Hansen
    Hans Hansen 19 days ago

    i dont know hou to sher the pictiur

  • Hans Hansen
    Hans Hansen 19 days ago

    look at kobenhagen from satelite and ther is a big serpant or snake like figur. vater and land makes it out for menny blocks.

  • Charlie Bennett
    Charlie Bennett 26 days ago

    Stone can be dissolved with cesium hydroxide solution. Then neutralise it, recover the cesium salt and you're done.

  • ET art by B Witten
    ET art by B Witten 27 days ago

    Did you know recent discoveries and understanding of the Megalithic buildings, including the Pyramid complex in Cairo, directly relate to the Earth being on an un-natural cycle around the Sun, thus its tilted axis. We are approaching the Suns plane and in doing so, the Sun drives the Earths tides. They are Tidal waves bigger than Japan had everyday every where. Thus we have the requirement of a harmonic type device installed on the equator. In mythical history its called Atlantis. It suppresses the tides and will be installed by those that put the Earth on the un-natural cycle. Check my channel if your interested.

  • ese.hombre
    ese.hombre 27 days ago

    Dragon fire.

  • MyNameIs Paul
    MyNameIs Paul 29 days ago

    "Around the planet" lol I used to think we were on a planet also.

    BLACK DOG . 29 days ago +2

    Somewhere in South America. And that serpent is carved into the mountain down there and it’s lined with pits for fire 🔥 all to be lit at the same time hundreds of pits all the way to the head of the serpent to its curly tail .
    I’ve seen it on the Telly. Thank you I loved the lecture ,,,, cheers. Black Dog Down.

  • Mie Knaem
    Mie Knaem Month ago

    17:46 sperm.

  • Mie Knaem
    Mie Knaem Month ago +1

    Reconstruction of Stonehenge was completed when again?

    • Skyla Jones
      Skyla Jones 23 days ago

      Pictures of the work were I think in the 50's.

  • edski
    edski Month ago

    I think Hancock presented this already.

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan Bhai Month ago

    He is simply making up star wars kinda words to attract people to listen to his fantasy

  • Phil McGroin
    Phil McGroin Month ago +2

    Only more questions no answers nobody knows nobody will ever know

  • Shanon Kallhoff
    Shanon Kallhoff Month ago +6

    Maybe the markings aren't serpent representations, but sound patterns indicating carving instructions for the stones nearby.

  • Pneu Michelin
    Pneu Michelin Month ago

    Humans create technology without any help before.... humans of today are stupid absorbed by technology they just stop creating , they are connected like computers ,without brain

  • Lyn h
    Lyn h Month ago +1

    This geeza talking about ..Geeza 😂😂

  • jeffdahlgren
    jeffdahlgren Month ago

    The plumed snake? Snake and the egg? It is all SPERM! Or many are, it clearly is fertility related like all these cultures were and somehow they had insight into the actual process biologically speaking

  • Swami Mahalayananda

    Its a wonderful work done and yet, Im astonished how all these researchers dont collaborate, they talk like they dont know each others work. Its already established that around 12-15.000 years back there was a huge peak civilization here. Strange enough there are no traces of it after, what happened to the technology that build all these wonders such as the pyramids, etc, hollow point high powered drills able to drill deep holes in the stones in Egypt and Puma Punku and other places, traces of huge high powered saws and what not, and yet, in the following eras not a single trace of it. Like it just vanished overnight. We have the map of Piri Reis dated back to the same period and Puma Punku too due to the main gate corner stone alignment etc. The problem is that much insight ends up in linear speculation instead of intelligent conclusions over the actual facts

  • Thomas Harrison
    Thomas Harrison Month ago

    Photoshop .....

  • 2ndhanseimen
    2ndhanseimen Month ago

    it hadnt hardened yet.. duh

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems 13 days ago +1

      and you dont know even the basics of geology or how stone is formed metamorphic or other ........

  • frosty pablo
    frosty pablo Month ago

    BTW. if you guessed frosty was Australian. You have guessed correctly.
    At you got something right.

  • frosty pablo
    frosty pablo Month ago

    Brits. Why do they bother.
    And why do people listen to them !
    Heres how they cut stone.
    Braided bronze. Rope saws. They cut anything to any angle with laser precision.
    Always have for millenia.
    Ebay. $30.
    Ypu must realise that every tool ever invented is still in use.
    It may be in the form of modern technology. But the principle is ancient.
    Every tool ever made also exists in unpowered form as a hand tool.
    Wire saw. Ebay $30.
    The tool that built the pyramids.

  • Nomad
    Nomad Month ago +1

    It was wet at one time like flesh,the flesh of the Giants after the flood ,

  • Llavez Chavstar
    Llavez Chavstar Month ago

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  • Shoddy Productions
    Shoddy Productions Month ago

    Snakes are everywhere, and so are the artists that use them in their work - case solved, now stop flogging their oil !

    • michael browne
      michael browne Month ago

      Wrong cause its not in the bible but its in all other religions and yeah devil knowing as a snake. And no im not religious

  • Jo Smo
    Jo Smo Month ago

    Phoenicians, Canaanite’s, Roman’s, Caucasian, 🤔. What would they all have in common?

  • MARS MARS*691
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  • Frank Reynolds NH
    Frank Reynolds NH Month ago

    Well cutting a foam rock isnt hard

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown Month ago

    Check out mudfossil university's explained biology turned to stone.

  • Chabouya Moreno
    Chabouya Moreno Month ago

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  • Chris Norman
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    • WDC
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      Reminds me of Hirotoshi Ito's work.

  • Jason N
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    Chuck Norris.

  • Jos A Elizondo
    Jos A Elizondo Month ago +1

    Too many mediocre people trying to be the new Graham Hancock without even the journalism degree.

  • Rod Fav
    Rod Fav Month ago

    What could do that to a rock hard stone? A really really sharp potato peeler!


    Did you ever think that maybe it happened before it became stone?

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems 13 days ago +1

      gain a basic understanding of geology or at the least Metamorphic rock and how its formed and you will see how what u say becomes Null and Void .............

  • michael fraser
    michael fraser Month ago

    Can I order magic mushrooms from you?

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems 13 days ago +1

      they will go great with your closed mind ........

  • Benedict Cumskies
    Benedict Cumskies Month ago

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  • Brent Schmidt
    Brent Schmidt Month ago

    I wondered, do the etchings on the multiple Inca Stones shed some light on any of these images, or constructions? Especially with a man on top of a dinosaur!

  • NECRO 666
    NECRO 666 Month ago

    For real lol

  • Everest Smith
    Everest Smith Month ago +4

    Nephlim giants in the Bible created all these structures

  • imacenurface
    imacenurface Month ago

    Think of your maps on a flat earth plane and see if they makes a little more sense

  • Jesus is the Christ _

    the rock on thumbnail looks like sandstone.. a twig could carve through that..

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems 13 days ago

      to bad that's Not what it is ........



  • Jimmy Wood
    Jimmy Wood Month ago +1

    fallen angel technology. the ones who masquerade as aliens. there's no such thing as aliens.

  • William B
    William B Month ago

    You really need to be close minded....if you believe there is not life out there.
    We have been visited!!

    • Grant Frith
      Grant Frith Month ago

      There is another way of looking at it... If you consider all supernatural claims spanning from ghosts to homeopathy, and especially radically conflicting claims like Neil Adams expanding earth and flat earth theory then you begin to doubt the veracity of any of it. Perhaps it's saying more about our overactive imaginations than it does about reality.

  • Morgan Farrell
    Morgan Farrell Month ago +1

    Hey, guess what? There's snakes around the world.

    KNUCKLES Month ago

    All this stone, WAS MUD when this "Scooping" was done.

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems 13 days ago

      mud is not and never will be granite

    • MDSsystems
      MDSsystems 13 days ago

      gain a basic understanding of geology or at the least Metamorphic rock and how its formed and you will see how what u say becomes Null and Void .............

  • Dan Swinehart
    Dan Swinehart Month ago

    My favorite so far (four minutes in): stones transported 365 nautical miles (a year full of days.) This is also, BTW, 420 statute miles (10X the "answer" in the definitive Hitchhiker's Guide), and 676km (10+ the Number of the Beast.) That settles it; these guys were really inspired in all they did.

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Month ago +1

    read the simarin tablets if you want to know the truth.

  • FreeSpeech TV82
    FreeSpeech TV82 Month ago

    Polymer!!!! Those blocks were soft can tell...

  • Daniel Ash
    Daniel Ash Month ago

    I looked at the wind currants in Gaza and Egipt in a super jet stream the wind would have been a high probability that multiple lift gliders could lift .

    • Daniel Ash
      Daniel Ash Month ago

      Place two strings on a kite use one to control and the other on a tension scale and see the pull strength.

    • Po on gg gbc Gg9vfu
      Po on gg gbc Gg9vfu Month ago

      I hope you're joking lol

  • FreeSpeech TV82
    FreeSpeech TV82 Month ago

    Polymer technology...established by Joseph Davitovich already...

  • lee laubscher
    lee laubscher Month ago

    I see a parallel with the serpent in the christian religion and the fact that knowledge was given to humans by the serpent.

  • Norman Mackenzie
    Norman Mackenzie Month ago

    What about Brodgar, Callanish or Stenness....but of don't know these, i WONDER WHY...and by the way, Stonehenge is not as it was found, but as the bullshitters would have you believe.

  • Paulo Miguel
    Paulo Miguel Month ago

    Geopolymer tech in ancient history has yet to be seriously considered and debated, people have been waiting since the 70s. So called experts seem imcompetent regarding the use of available data and seem more interested in defending their paychecks.

  • Peter Tiddy
    Peter Tiddy Month ago +6

    Yep, they managed to melt granite at about 1200 degrees C, without leaving any trace in the rock itself. Said no-one ever.

  • keith isakson
    keith isakson Month ago

    that thumbnail pic looks like a mud fossil lung..without watching the video yet...

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +1

    Not even 3 minutes in "now we have crop circles forming around the sites" as if saying that he believes they aren't done by people with planks. Discrediting your whole video that quickly, next!

  • TheRealBaxterslider

    the two staffs represent flight, gained through torsion fields using sound or oscillation, like a bee, or scarab beetle, they where probably air fields or generator sites.

  • foot bru
    foot bru Month ago

    "rock hard stone"? or "rock hard rock"? maybe "stone hard rock"? "heavy rock"? "rock rock rock"?

  • Mü Sic
    Mü Sic Month ago

    Coral Castle, Florida Ed. L
    He might've been tall & skinny but he wasn't a giant, ‘MODERN’ ancient technology & also N. Tesla’s free electricity, jus imagine what th world ‘COULD’ b like...

  • justin case
    justin case Month ago

    stonehenge was a hor air popcorn machine

  • GMud00
    GMud00 Month ago

    32:01 can someone help me spell that?

  • Carlos blue pony
    Carlos blue pony Month ago

    I'm not sure that your theory is going anywhere, but imu save u a lifetime of questions because I can,ok first the only answer to all this shapes and designs are done thru smart thinking and probably by mistake ,just wait and give my theory a chance because I know I'm right I also know that the only thing they where and I'm talking about this old civilizations, they mastered the art of molding by creating special molding that will hold molten rock and when dry and hardened they will take the shape that we all admire today pleass we use cement to create similarities and building's and different types of structures, it is not hard to believe that back in those days volcanoes were rampant and were exploited into these shapes that we see today ,molten rock is just like cement and could be shaped into anything you desire if you have the right gear and right molding also from a volcano u could make a short cut from lava fissures and use deviations into molds and then before they harden carry them into these shapes and patterns we appreciate today, many of these skillful workers were motivated by their love to their godly beliefs, ok I hope this helps you sleep easy tonight

  • Gareth Butler
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  • Hotshot
    Hotshot Month ago

    They built the structures out of marzipan obviously!

  • Veritas Liberabit Vos

    its funny no one especially hancock will maybe think that this was actually built by European ancestors ... we cant have that no way certainly not

    dETROITfUNK Month ago


  • syiunshi
    syiunshi Month ago +1

    Rock hard stone? what other kind of stone is there

    • syiunshi
      syiunshi Month ago

      @dETROITfUNK it's still rock hard, just not as hard

      dETROITfUNK Month ago


  • John C3333
    John C3333 Month ago

    contact points , rather than fasteners ?

  • Greg Penik
    Greg Penik Month ago

    The Annunaki were described as snakes, unlocking the chakras to obtain higher consciousness is described as two serpents rising through the body, Moses staff turned into a serpent, and Eve was tempted by a serpent. Is this all coincidence?

  • burt panzer
    burt panzer Month ago

    Since nobody would use wood to link large stone blocks together, the pieces of wood were likely used to make the molds and see that the carved slots were uniform in size. The block would require a custom fit of molten metal if made too big.

    CONRAD WILEY Month ago

    Gobekle Tempe ? These Tz N A Circle.. A ZOO.. Imagine Plankz Spanning Tz Animalz B Low Carvings Indicaterz Of Animal Enclosed..*

  • John Karavitis
    John Karavitis Month ago

    He's the only person in that room. LOL! EDIT: The rocks were spherical or oblate, and were ROLLED into place, and only then carved. :discussionclosed:

  • Padge Padgham
    Padge Padgham Month ago

    More Rabbit & NO Facts