Exotic Foods You Should Never Eat!

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • You might consider yourself the adventurous eater and be willing to try some unique combinations of food, like condensed milk on bread with sprinkles, or toast drenched in ketchup, but going abroad and trying exotic foods can sometimes be dangerous and leave you feeling like death, or worse, really dead! If you’re keen to put your taste buds into overdrive, ensure you’re ordering these foods from reputable places and maybe have some antacid tablets on stand-by.
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    8 - Casu Marzu
    Fondly referred to as maggot cheese, is exactly that… cheese with live maggots crawling around inside it. It’s a traditional dish which you can sample on the Italian island of Sardinia and it’s made from sheep’s milk cheese which is then injected with live insect larvae. The cheese is served thinly sliced on fresh bread. Chew carefully, as some larvae can cause serious lesions and even bore through your intestinal wall! Just so you know though, nobody has ever reported experiencing any of this, but it’s a real possibility.
    7 - Ackee
    Yes, it does rhyme a little with Yucky, and it’s a fruit native to Africa. Particularly popular in Jamaica, this fruit has to be picked at the exact right time. Anything picked too early or too late can be poisonous. If eaten at the wrong time, it will bring on the “Jamaican Vomiting Sickness,” which is exactly as the name describes. The only part you can eat when the fruit is ripe and ready, is the yellow flesh.

    5 - Century Eggs
    It takes 100 days to get this Chinese delicacy to its perfect state for consuming. The eggs are preserved in a mixture of salt, lime and ash for 100-days. At one stage, heavy metals were used to speed the process up, and many eggs were being sold with trace amounts of lead in them! Honest manufacturers had to label their eggs as “lead free.” These eggs are very dangerous to consume while pregnant as they can worsen water retention and you’re at risk of getting salmonella.
    4 - Rhubarb
    Granted, it’s not the most exotic food on our list, but if you’ve never been exposed to rhubarb, you might not realize how bad it can be for you. The dangerous part is the leaves as they contain oxalates which can cause respiratory problems and seizures.

    3 - Pacha
    You can get boiled sheep’s head in Africa and the Middle East, and there’s nothing outrightly dangerous about it, as long as its prepared properly. Make sure you trust the source. It’s really enjoyable when eaten in a stew with mashed chickpeas and tahini sauce.
    2 - Giant bullfrog
    Eating frog legs is nothing new, but in parts of Namibia, whole giant bullfrogs are consumed! Locals are aware that the frog contains enough poison to induce kidney failure but eat the frog anyway! Their pots are lined with a local wood which is said to help absorb the poison, but is it worth the risk? You’d need to chat to the locals to find out!

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  • mr pybro 6701
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    You pronounced balut wrong, it is actually pronounced "Balot" not "Balut"

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    but i like eating duck egg

  • Raptorzilla Productions

    Is it me or is this channel going downhill, *badly?*

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    What is wrong with our balot our duck food in Philippines it's not that disgusting and bullfrog are nice and cool than toad.

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    Roses are red
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  • Olaf Severin
    Olaf Severin Month ago

    YaHVeH knew why we r NOT supposed to consume invertebrates, predators and embryos. But many r that stupid that they ignore what YaHVeH has warned us to void.

  • S W
    S W Month ago +1

    Balut makes me gag to even look at.

  • Natasha Semrau
    Natasha Semrau Month ago

    I am sorry but many of the items would cause digestive problems for me. A couple of tummy problems are no mix with exotic foods.💐🍀🎗🌼🌻🍓🍓🍞🍐🍇🍐🍀🎗🌼🍏🍓🍒🐝🏵🏵🍓🍓🍒🍑🍅🌶🍉🌷🌺🌸🐞🍒🍑🍑🕸🌺🏵🌻🍞🍞🍏🍓🍓🐝🍑🍅🌶🍉🌹🌷🌺🌸🌻🏵🐞

  • Xavier O'Leary
    Xavier O'Leary Month ago

    I have eaten rhubarb before

  • Emma Jones
    Emma Jones Month ago

    Thank you for the information, but I find these kinds of food disgusting.. I wouldn't try any of it.. 😫

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    I love larb!!

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    Stupid! Balut is not dangerous

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    Bulimia anyone?

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    More research pls....

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    woah that one fruit looks waaaay to close to star fruit !!!!

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    Who ate the rambutan seed?.. Raise your hand

  • Lily Angel
    Lily Angel Month ago +7

    We have eaten carambola, cassava, n rambutan for generations
    They r like everywhere in Indonesia
    So some of the things u said makes me confused n concern

  • James Harder
    James Harder Month ago +1

    Hey, thanks for sharing these videos.. About #1 Ramatan; I've bought this raw many times thinking they were a different kind of lychee nuts..

  • Ouis Sandy
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    Its more common in south America not Africa

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    Festive music, office voice, food depraved to some. Alrighty, then.

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    Misleading title for most food listed. Paper bag only for author as her limited palate is only accustomed to american burgers and hotdogs.

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    Im Filipino and for me i dont like the fetus. The liquid is good But it isnt dangerous

  • Alexander Daniel
    Alexander Daniel Month ago +1

    Man i ate like three items in this list and they are delicious
    1. carambola (used to grow in my front yard when i was young
    2 rambutan thats one of the popular fruits in my country (Indonesia)
    3.century egg i ate it couple of time in Chinese restaurants (have a weird ich in your throat while swallowing though)

  • Alvien Bugay
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    Talltanic balut is not dangerous food it is healthty

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    I wouldn't eat any of them.

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    talltanic i love your channel and thank you for telling me some foods that exotic It helps my life

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    Wait what’s wrong with bulat

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    I’m gonna eat all of them from the shadiest place I can find

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