The Truth About McDonald's Dollar Value Menu

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • McDonald's Dollar Menu has been nothing short of a monumental success for the fast food chain. Or has it? Here's the real history of this popular fast food marketing campaign - and all the problems it's caused McDonald's​ over the years.
    Remember the Value menu? | 0:12
    Franchisees don't like it | 1:11
    Changing the Dollar Menu failed | 1:50
    McPick 2: Not so successful | 2:44
    Price war! | 3:31
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  • Mashed
    Mashed  5 months ago +52

    What's your usual when it comes to McDonald's?

  • Roxey Sunshine
    Roxey Sunshine Day ago

    McDonald's is the most expensive in Australia now

  • Game Games
    Game Games 17 days ago

    The mcchicken is 1 dollar in my McDonald’s

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 21 day ago

    My usual from McDonald’s is 2 bacon McDoubles, 1 McChicken, 10 nuggets, large fries, large Diet Coke, 1 Oreo McFlurry, and 2 apple pies deal for $1 I only eat 1 apple pie though but my brother loves an apple pie from McDonald’s so I give him the apple pie or my mom the apple pie, whoever is home with me when I get home

  • King of Gamers
    King of Gamers Month ago

    I still buy a Big Mac meal my favorite

  • lothean
    lothean Month ago

    When it comes to my usual at McDonald's, I love the homestyle hamburger. But the 2 for 5 special is good also.

  • Ken Broadway
    Ken Broadway Month ago +1

    Remember the $6 burger at Carl's Jr? It's like $8.99 now and they still call the $6 dollar burger

  • Ken Broadway
    Ken Broadway Month ago

    All the years I went to different Wendy's all over the country...not once did I ever see Dave

  • Steve Yochim
    Steve Yochim Month ago

    How many times do they recycle this video?

  • TBALLZ_973
    TBALLZ_973 2 months ago

    What Dollar Menu?!!!!! Where I’m at they jacked up all the prices!!!!!:/ Never Eating there again!!!!!:/:/:/

  • EastCoast Podcast
    EastCoast Podcast 2 months ago

    I miss getting a McDouble or whatever it was called for a buck with a chicken sandwich also for a buck. I can’t remember cause there was the McDouble and something else, I think double cheese burger. One was a buck the other more. But they were like exactly the same except one had more cheese

  • Frank Grippi
    Frank Grippi 2 months ago

    the dollar menu brings in the customers; its a marketing ploy

  • Frank Grippi
    Frank Grippi 2 months ago

    the fillet of fish is 50 percent bread crumbs.

  • Dave Erhardt
    Dave Erhardt 2 months ago

    The items at Taco Bell are no longer a dollar, but $1.19 still is pretty cheap.

    • Luis Cardenas
      Luis Cardenas 11 days ago

      Dave Erhardt they’re a dollar if you order them from the app! You’re welcome.

  • Studio Caviar
    Studio Caviar 2 months ago

    The Truth

  • Marthy Hall-Cooper
    Marthy Hall-Cooper 2 months ago

    Been seeing things about human meat in hamburger. Anyone see those?

  • I Created An Account For This

    I just realized I don't own a car so I can't go to the drive thru.

  • Kurt Roedel
    Kurt Roedel 3 months ago

    mcdonalds has left the chat

  • Azariah Caffey
    Azariah Caffey 3 months ago


  • angrytacos
    angrytacos 3 months ago

    dollar menu was the shit back in the mid 2000s

  • Mike In Ventura
    Mike In Ventura 3 months ago

    The last time I went to McDonald's the lady handing me the bag dripped sweat onto the bag! And it was a cold day. That was the last time.

  • The Wyvern Ruiner
    The Wyvern Ruiner 3 months ago

    Miss Dave Thomas immediately

  • Daniel Manning
    Daniel Manning 3 months ago

    Wtf is this garbage saying the us was in a recession.look just because the economy performed slowly and was in a recession when Obama was in office doesnt mean any other time the economy wasnt up to par means it's a recession.

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 3 months ago

    Haven't ate fast food in 3 years . I'm lovin it!!

  • lachazaroony
    lachazaroony 3 months ago

    A double quarter combo here is like 12$ now. Such a rippoff for crap food. I`ll never go there again.

  • g00gle minus
    g00gle minus 3 months ago

    Anyone here fight in the Fast Food Price Wars?

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu 3 months ago

    In the UK it's just called the Saver Menu which means food starts at £1 but can be more

  • Richardson Capital
    Richardson Capital 3 months ago

    who won the gold prize in the olympics goes for gold game?

  • Richardson Capital
    Richardson Capital 3 months ago

    in the south mcd has sausage and gravy and a country ham biscuit.
    and trump sucks

    • Phil Fry
      Phil Fry 2 months ago

      You should like Trump. He's saving you fuckin retards down south from the illegal Mexicans flooding in. You dumb fuck. Bet you voted for Hillary LOL

  • dragonmybutt
    dragonmybutt 3 months ago

    What dollar menu? the only thing for a dollar at my mcdonalds is the coffee!!

  • Fion
    Fion 3 months ago

    Wish we had a $1 menu in Singapore, prices start from $2

  • Emile Daenen
    Emile Daenen 3 months ago

    We don't even have a dollar menu in Belgium

    • alex ojideagu
      alex ojideagu 3 months ago

      In the UK it's just called the Saver Menu which means food starts at £1 but can be more. The most basic Burger is under £1.

  • Gschemes
    Gschemes 3 months ago

    I miss McDonald's mozzarella sticks

  • jim bob
    jim bob 4 months ago

    Now it's more like the $5 menu

  • erlycuyler
    erlycuyler 4 months ago

    Disgusting crap at any price.

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother 4 months ago

    So glad I don't eat any of that crap......

  • Dennis Coen
    Dennis Coen 4 months ago

    The truuuth

  • Chris Pacheco
    Chris Pacheco 4 months ago

    "the mc pick didn't have a mc chance," I wish these scripted narratives would spare us the cheese, and corny puns

  • Lou 408
    Lou 408 4 months ago

    How are these always in my recommendation?

  • willem hammersbach
    willem hammersbach 4 months ago +2

    The 2 for 5 (big mac filet o fish) deal is awesome

  • HappyTreeX1
    HappyTreeX1 4 months ago

    I don't care if it's unhealthy it's fucking delicious.

  • Avia
    Avia 4 months ago


  • funhistory
    funhistory 4 months ago +2

    McColon cancer ... Great value!

  • Erle Shottenkirk
    Erle Shottenkirk 4 months ago

    The truth is people live like thay still live in the 90s. But tha fact is the world turns fast but but people dont want to turn with world.people still stand still while the World Turns that is a fact

  • Aland
    Aland 4 months ago

    that's why everyone in America is obese

  • Bradley McCormick
    Bradley McCormick 4 months ago

    Their $1 cheeseburgers are now $2! How pathetic! I work at Burger King and it’s way better quality and cheaper:,)

  • Lanette Fear
    Lanette Fear 4 months ago

    yea except its like fking 219 still for burger or mc chicken

  • Fernando Carrillo
    Fernando Carrillo 4 months ago

    Actually if I was in a homeless idiot without a stove or Refrigeration let's say I had a home I would never eat in any fast food restaurant I doubt I'd even needed any decent restaurant maybe Mountain Mike's Pizza on Hamilton but that's about it I cook better than all these f****** retards out there

  • Fernando Carrillo
    Fernando Carrillo 4 months ago

    Dollar menu at McDonald's for f****** McNuggets and such a shity ass f****** coffee that's your f****** dollar menu so don't tell me they got a dollar menu I've had my dick sucked for a dollar

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson 4 months ago

    No $1 menu and no super size; then what's the point of buying their shit food?

  • im Gemziez
    im Gemziez 4 months ago

    Broke college kids want your location

  • Xroh
    Xroh 4 months ago

    Good ass food but nasty at the same damn time

  • Retro Robbie
    Retro Robbie 4 months ago +4

    I remember in 99/2000 when wednesday had 29 cent hamburgers and sundays had 39 cent cheeseburgers.

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 4 months ago

    Remember in the late 90s mc donalds had their hamburgers for 29 cents and cheeseburgers for 39 cents. It went on like that for a while.

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    2:15 / 2:16 Wow y'all bold

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer


  • Shane Austin
    Shane Austin 4 months ago

    Bought a dollar hamburger the other week, looked at it, got sick to my stomach and threw it out the window. Ate a quarter pounder the other day, legit felt like there was poisonous chemicals inside of me. I’m good on McDonald’s

  • Edward Reese
    Edward Reese 4 months ago

    If any of you patrons ever come to Jackson TN, look up a mom and pop place called The Burger Barn. It's a good 9/10 with decent prices. Real 100% product except for the drinks. They have drink outlets like your average restaurant tho.

  • veerchasm1
    veerchasm1 4 months ago

    This video works as a drinking game, toss it back everytime they say “Dollar” 🍻

  • George I
    George I 4 months ago

    I dont feel safe eating $1 meat. that just cant be good for you.

  • RonanTheNickname
    RonanTheNickname 4 months ago

    Top ten questions scientists still cannot answer

  • ewd76
    ewd76 4 months ago

    At least they're fast, I only spent an hour in the drive-thru the other day.

  • Dylan Bell
    Dylan Bell 4 months ago

    Makes me sad no dollor menu in new New Zealand McDonalds is one of if not the most expensive fast food restaurant nearly 15 dollars for a big mac combo

  • NathanForYou
    NathanForYou 4 months ago

    Yeah now if I buy 4 mc doubles it cost 7 dollars kind of a bummer tbh

  • S
    S 4 months ago

    Wow now I want a McDonald’s one dollar deal tmr.

  • lexzbuddy
    lexzbuddy 4 months ago

    I just want to order the things I like. All this marketing shit fucks me off.

  • Father AxeKeeper
    Father AxeKeeper 4 months ago

    All the McDonalds in my area have removed ALL burgers and sandwiches from the 1 dollar menu. Is it the same everywhere else? I used to get the cheeseburger, mcchicken, or the sausage biscuit for just a dollar, now they are all closer to 2.

  • Doldol D
    Doldol D 4 months ago

    When your country is so poor you only have 1USD to spend on a meal lol

  • Ryan Shidyak
    Ryan Shidyak 4 months ago

    touché taco bell... that’s not the right usage of the word touché. Then again at the end jesus folks. It’s like the writer just learned this word

  • Confederate States of America

    Still better then the school cafeteria food

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky 5 months ago

    WOW! I just went to that shithole and they got rid of the dollar menu! I ordered what I usually got for around six bucks, over twelve with tax now. I always got a plain hamburger for my dog too, he was pissed when I got home, $2.50 for a plain miniature hamburger?!!!! $5 for fries with some nasty cheese on them?!!! I drove away, Last time I went there my filet o fish was hard as a rock with a big thumb print in the bun and the retards put my fries in the bag upside down. Fuck that place, you guys better enjoy your $15 minimum wage while you can because that place is going out of business. .

  • emarskineel
    emarskineel 5 months ago

    Her voice makes me want to die

  • Recentleaf22
    Recentleaf22 5 months ago

    check out my new fire album "busy being famous" it truly is a banger on god no cap fr fr bruh

  • Jose Arizmendi
    Jose Arizmendi 5 months ago +1

    Sponsored by Burger King

  • Demont Bowden
    Demont Bowden 5 months ago

    What I don't understand about McDonald's is why their fish fillet the same size as McChicken and McDouble cost around $3 more. Double fish fillet I can understand.

  • Demont Bowden
    Demont Bowden 5 months ago

    They fail from 1.5 BILLION dollars to 1.4 BILLION dollars. OMG What will they do now. Please give it a rest. Cry me a river. Moving on.

  • G S
    G S 5 months ago

    a dollar menu? Damn American fastfood is cheap. Here you pay almost 8 euros for a big mac menu with a medium drink fries and coke

    • G S
      G S 5 months ago

      We also had "Euroknallers" which were like 1 dollar things like a simple hamburger or 4 chicken nuggets but they are now almost €1,30 which makes the name retarded cause its still called the same

  • Jake
    Jake 5 months ago

    2:13 , they chose her for the advert because her upper lip looks like the golden arches

  • Jacob Neighbors
    Jacob Neighbors 5 months ago +1

    RIP McDonald's mozzarella sticks.

  • Brandon Shirey
    Brandon Shirey 5 months ago

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that their Triple Cheeseburger only has two slices of cheese.

  • Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon 5 months ago

    l get the value double cheese burger, 2 of them plz.....then ask if they could put a little lettuce and Big mac sauce on cost for l have a double Big Mac for 3 bucks....a Big Mac here cost 5.50.....a Double Big Mac is 6.99......look at what l just saved.

  • Daniel Zamora
    Daniel Zamora 5 months ago

    The only truth you should worry about is it’s deliciousness

  • Yellowpole
    Yellowpole 5 months ago

    It's 4:44am and I want to get some McNuggets

  • 7eewilsmi
    7eewilsmi 5 months ago

    I'm hungry

  • jbreeze161
    jbreeze161 5 months ago

    Stop eating baby fetuses, thank u

  • SlimJimmy
    SlimJimmy 5 months ago +1

    Fat asses

  • Julian Barriga
    Julian Barriga 5 months ago

    Buy hamburger meet, mix in onion, beef broth, cover with wax paper, roll it out with rolling pin/ or wine bottle. Then cut out patties, poke hole through center of patties to prevent curling. Freeze and you can make these thin patties in less time it would take you to drive to the store. And you have your own dollar burger but even cheaper.

  • Rechts
    Rechts 5 months ago

    I thought only black people were allowed to order off the dollar menu

  • 93remix
    93remix 5 months ago

    Wendy's & Burger King have the best value meals on lock! Wendy's 4 for $4 is the BEST!

  • the zodiac guru
    the zodiac guru 5 months ago

    This is totally false the dollar menu is a way to make way more money what it is is because of the new kids they bought this whole hipster thing like Chipotle Starbucks and many other hipster joints that pretty much have took in the youth by storm so people are not interested in eating McDonald's anymore especially during the month of October with Monopoly they do once a year they make billions of dollars so the dollar menu does make money they should really be more accurate with their news it's like the Lottery People by the dollar drinks to get the tickets from the Monopoly table I used to play once a year just like millions of other people around the planet

  • Gigi Gasama
    Gigi Gasama 5 months ago +7

    Say what you will, but McDonald's got that customer service, get your burger fast program down to a science. No waiting, burgers ain't that bad. You can still feed your brood of 4 for under 20 bucks!! And the food has less preservatives than that stuff we buy at the grocery and store in our cabinets. I'm loving it!!! Aren't you too?!!!

    • J S
      J S 4 months ago

      You fucking shill

    • slgarcia 47
      slgarcia 47 4 months ago +3

      "And the food has less preservatives than that stuff we buy at the grocery and store in our cabinets." I hope that was a joke...

  • Army truth
    Army truth 5 months ago

    I only eat Burger King and Wendy's

  • Darth Murika
    Darth Murika 5 months ago

    Eeeewwweee mc shit! Nope. I'll just die.

  • PHA 4LiFE
    PHA 4LiFE 5 months ago

    They're really trying to get you to eat at McDonalds bad menu sale.

  • Leroy Lowe
    Leroy Lowe 5 months ago

    McDonald's: I have altered the menu. Pray I do not alter it further.

  • Brian Medrano
    Brian Medrano 5 months ago

    The damn McChicken are 1.50 now

  • Jeremy Ayala
    Jeremy Ayala 5 months ago

    There's no more dollar menu

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk 5 months ago

    The current dollar menu sucks a fat dick tbh.

  • NECRO 666
    NECRO 666 5 months ago

    i'll take a nice flame broiled whopper any day over ANYTHING at any shit hole mickey dee's. they serve chopped up rat meat that smells like sweaty asshole at those joints

  • ☠MrHairyNutz☠
    ☠MrHairyNutz☠ 5 months ago +2

    Americans are too poor for McDonald's.